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September 2008

Thursday, 04 September 2008

4th September 2008 (1st blog entry)

Hi Simon,
I'm sorry for being late!
I got a surprise visit from an old friend of mine and his wife. Entertaining my guests seemed more important than blogging at that time.
But I'm all set and ready now.
Maybe I should start with introducing myself. I'm male (obvious), 39 and from Germany. At school I hated English and was one of the worse students. I really started to learn English while travelling and working abroad. I lived three years in Canada and a half year in Scotland. I consider myself a fluent English speaker. But my handicap is my written English. After obtaining my MA in Psychology I applied for doctoral studies at the Fraser University in Vancouver. For doing so, I had to send in an essay. Writing this essay was very hard for me and I finally decided to give up my plans to continue my studies in Canada. I continue to teach psychology at the same university I graduated from. But I was not happy in doing so.
Years later I found myself working for an organisation which tries to help people in long time unemployment to re-enter the job market. There were many Russian speaking Germans (there are more than 3 million Russian speaking Germans living in Germany). I realised that their lack of language proficiency was the main barrier to find employment. So I started to teach German to those Russian speaking Germans. I loved that very much!
I decided that I want to go abroad to teach German or English (if possible). But for doing that I needed some kind of qualification. I applied for a four week CELT (Certificate of English Language Teaching) in Ireland and got accepted. I'm very excited because that course is going to start next Monday.
I tried to improve my written English during the last four months but I'm afraid it is still not very good.
Simone - please help me to "polish up" my writing skills, so I can become a language teacher in Japan.

Well - so much to my introduction!
Since a blog is a kind of diary, I'm going to tell you now what's going on in my daily life. First things first: The fair (Volksfest) is in town!
For most people this is great news. But not for me!
I live right on the edge to the fairground which means I hear the loud music from the fair and the noise of the drives (those machines which are suppose to entertain people) all night.
I made some pictures from my balcony:

And the same at night:

Yesterday I "braved" myself to join the crowd (if you can't beat them - join them!):

To escape all this turmoil, I decided to go camping about one mile down the river:

At a very exclusive and hidden place:

Well - I hope my blog entry was a little bit entertaining and I'm looking forward to your reply!
So long!

Sunday, 07 September 2008

7th September (2nd blog)

Hi everyone!
Once a tourist saw a Bedouin sitting under a palm tree. He asked the Bedouin, "What are you doing?"
"I'm waiting," answered the Bedouin.
"What are you waiting for?"
"I travelled three days at a neck-breaking speed. I'm waiting now that my soul is catching up."
Well - many of you may know this story. It describes exactly how I feel now!
Yesterday I spent all day sitting in trains, hopping from one train into another, sitting in airports and in a plane. Finally I tried to find my way from the Dublin airport to Dun Laoghaire, where I've rented a small room for the next four weeks.
It was eight o'clock p.m., when I finally got there and I felt too worn out to write a blog (I was also a bit shy asking my landlord whether I can use his computer).
The room is far from a five star accommodation, but the people are very sweet and are trying very hard to make myself feel at home at there place.

But unfortunately I've also a few bad news to report: The day before I was leaving I had a "computer-meltdown". Suddenly the monitor went blank and I was in a state of panic. I found out that the monitor was working just fine, so I figured the graphic-card died on me.
Well - "no use crying about spilled milk", I won't be able to use my computer during the next four weeks anyway.
The more severe thing is, I lost my digital camera on one of those trains. It wasn't an expensive one, but I planed to take a lot of picture while I'm in Ireland.
I went out to look for replacement today, but the digital cameras seem much more expensive in Ireland than in Germany. The cheapest I saw still costs 119,00 EUR (I bought mine for 59,00 EUR).

Tomorrow will be my first day at school (at this particular language school, of course;-)). I'm pretty excited about that. How are the other attendants going to be like? Will I am/be the only non-native student? (which one is correct?)
What will the syllabus/curriculum be like? (which one is correct?)
I just know that we're going to conduced six lessons and have to deliver three papers about English language teaching.
Simon - since CELTA and CELT are pretty equivalent, can you tell me please what you experienced during your teacher training was like? That would be most valuable for me!
What is your life in Turkey like?
And what was it working as a Harbour Master on Lake Constance (one of the most beautiful sceneries I've seen so far... one have to put up with a lot of tourists though)?

Simon - your (tactful) comments are most appreciated!
Thank you so much for you encouragement!
(Sometimes I doubt whether my English is good enough to become an English teacher.)
Please, continue to correct me!
(I think my self-confidence can even handle a more direct approach.)

I hope that you people out there will witness my English improving during those remaining three weeks.
I also hope that I'll be able to blog at a daily bases (as it supposed to be).
That will depend pretty much on the level of social life I'll or won't have here in Dun Laoghaire.
Sorry - for being unable to upload more picture on this blog. I might order a digital camera online, but that depends from the price and the legal conditions, of course (can I order a camera from Germany and let it send to Ireland?)

So, folks - thats all for today!
To everyone my very best wishes!

Monday, 08 September 2008

8th September (3rd blog entry)

Hi everyone!
Now Simon seems to be "missing in action" but I continue my blog anyway.
Today was my first day in the CELT-course. The course started at 9:30 a.m. which seems a bit late, because I prefer an earlier start.
But anyway "When in Rome, do as the Romans do".
I met a few familiar faces from the day, when we were at the school for the interview. That was nice, because I had someone to chat with, which came handy because when our teacher came in, he asked us to introduce our neighbour instead of ourself!
During the first 90 minutes we got general information about the course, our curriculum and the requirements (especially those concerning the written reports, there are six of them - not three as I said last time).
After coffee break our teacher surprised all of us by talking Spanish to us. Suddenly we found ourself not as teachers but as language students.
He taught us some basic phrases like "S'Quin es?" (Who is he/she?), "De dondees?" (Where is he/she from) or "Me gusta...!" (I like...)
We also listened to the song "La Bamba" and with the help of our teacher we figured out the meaning of the lyrics (it's about a captain - not a sailor - who flirts with a small, but graceful dancer).
After the lunch break we made a kind of brain-storm about the tools of the teacher. By that he didn't just mean the technical tools like blackboard and overhead projector. But also "tools" in a wider sense of the word like: voice, body, personality, questions, classroom, plan, materials, eyes & ears, timing, knowledge, activities, evaluation ,and incentives.
In our last session we had to draw out our own teaching plan. I've to teach an intermediate class, how to ask about and describe things.
I decided to design my lesson like a cooking class; to bring foot items and kitchen utensils into the class. I would pretend I'm an alien from another planet and ask them to describe those objects to me. I plan to draw a grid on the white board. At the right side I'm going to list the answers. At the very left side I'm going to write the categories, like size,shape, material, purpose and origin. Then I would ask them to formulate questions to ask for those category, like: How big is it? What shape is it? etc
In the next stage I would introduce a guessing game: I group the students in pairs and one of them gets a bag with an item inside. The other student has to use those questions she or he has just learned to find out what kind of object is in the bag. I like to introduce a competitive element, like the team who guesses the most items will win!

Most of the fellow students are in their early twenties. A few around thirty and me and another fellow are in their late thirties. I'm not the only non-native speaker in the course. There is one gentleman from India as well. But the rest are Irish.

Well - as a homework I have to write a short paper about the difference between "objective" and "outcome" in a class plan. The technical definitions are pretty straightforward: "objective" is what the TEACHER wants to achieve during the lesson. "Outcome" is what the STUDENT actually learns during the lesson.
But I think in practice those borderlines are getting pretty blurry! At the end of the day, it isn't the teacher's job to present himself as a brilliant teacher, but to help the student to learn. Ideally - what a good teacher should want is what the student learns (effective and in a fun way)!
I'm not sure I get good grates on this paper...
Enough of this "wanna-be teacher" talk - I probably bored everyone to death!?
But that's what on the agenda - folks ("You get what you see!")

Good wishes to all of you!

Tuesday, 09 September 2008

9th of September (4th blog entry)

Hi everyone!
My apologies - this is going to be a rather short blog entry!
(my landlord need his computer in 30 minutes)
I feel very demoralised!
I had my first session of micro teaching today. Micro teaching means basically teaching to your own fellow students and be supervised by one of the teacher trainers.
I was terrible nervous and made many really stupid mistakes. Watching me, no one could have believed that I ever stood in front of a classroom before.
Well - it's a long time since my teaching got evaluated and I felt very self-conscious. Teaching in a foreign language is of course a challenge, especially when this language is subject of your teaching.
All my fellow students (in that group) did a wonderful job, although most of them were real "greenhorns" to teaching; and I the old veteran behaves like an absolute yokel (an uneducated and unsophisticated person).
I feel I have failed myself, but there is no use of/in pitting yourself!
Tomorrow is another day!
And I will try to do better the next time!
"The art of living is - to get always back on your horse, after you have been thrown off!" (I don't remember who said that, but I try to live by this maxim.)

Simon - you are right, this course IS very demanding!
We have sessions until 5:30 (and barely any breaks between). I come "home" and cook myself a dinner and go in my room to make homework for another 2-3 hours. The weekends a reserved for writing reports and more homework and additional reading.
I hope I can keep up that pace (and I hope they don't increase the strain they put on us already).
I consider myself a diligent student but even I have limits somewhere!

Simon - can you please explain me the difference between syllabus and curriculum? You are not the first one I asked, but no one could give me a satisfying answer so far.

My main objective during the next days is to deal with my increasing doubts, whether I'll succeed to pass all requirements to obtain the CELT (Certificate of English Language Teaching).

Bye for now!
(next time hopefully in higher spirit!)
Your Marvin

Sunday, 14 September 2008

14th of September (5th blog entry)

Hi everyone!
I have to apologise again for not keeping up my blog!
I feel especially sorry for you - Simon, who is forced to the role of an "one-man-band".
It's nobodies fault really, I suppose, because I applied for this blog as early as April and hoped to use it as a preparation tool for the course I'm attending now.
It's pretty much half time and looking ahead I must say, I doubt that my course will allow me enough extra time for other obligations like writing this blog.
So, it would be sensible to take me off and give the person next in line a chance!

Well - let's me report how my course is going!?
My first teaching practice was on Thursday and it went better than the micro teaching session (teaching to your fellow trainees).
I was actually less nervous, which isn't really surprising because I was in a situation were my students knew less English than me (their teacher) while in the micro teaching session the teacher (me) knew less English than the "students" (my fellow trainees).

I think I was able to build a rapport to the students, to engage them in the task (a role play) and respond to their needs. My planning was flexible enough to allow me a good time-management.

I still have to improve on my voice (to speak clearer and slower) and I also made some mistake how I used the English language.

That is actually my main concern: Am I a confident enough English speaker to teach English to foreign students?
Back in Germany I thought my English is pretty good! But I compared myself with other Germans, of course!
Now the bar is much higher - I compare myself to native speaker and think my English is actually pretty lousy!
Then I ask myself - why did they accept me to this course in the first place?
Wouldn't it be fairer to say - sorry your English is not good enough to teach it to foreign students.
I would have been disappointed at first, of course! But now I've to find it out the hard way, which is even tougher!

Simon - that's exactly the point where your metaphor error=learning opportunity doesn't work!
One can argue that four weeks aren't long enough to become an English teacher. But they are certainly NOT long enough to become a perfect English speaker.

To boil it down to one sentence: I can't concentrate on good teaching and good English at the same time yet!
So, I'll continue to use incorrect English in the classroom. I feel sorry for my students but, however, I hope I can help them somehow to improve their English.

My second concern is my level of energy. I don't think that's a specific problem of mine. By Thursday morning everyone in my class had black rings around their eyes and talking to my fellow-trainees confirmed that observation.
On Friday I was so tired even a long cold shower was unable to make me feel awake. Yesterday (on Saturday) I just walked around like a brain dead zombie and I was suppose to come up with creative ideas for my next teaching practice which is tomorrow (on Monday).

I just wrote an email to my course director telling him, how I feel about the physical limits of my mental energy (being 39 certainly doesn't help). I had to write my report within three hours on Friday evening, at the end of a very exhausting week.

I don't see that the coming weeks will be less demanding - quite the opposite!
Instead of just one teaching practice, there will be two per week and the number of reports also continues to increase.

Funny enough - I don't want to be the one who is declaring defeat (that's a matter of self-respect). I would rather them telling me "Sorry we made a mistake in accepting you to this course - you are simple not good enough!".

Well - maybe I worry to much... but this is certainly no holidays!

Best wishes for everyone!

Monday, 15 September 2008

From BBC Learning English

Hi everyone,

It's a shame Marvin has to leave the blog early - but, of course, he had to prioritise. I am sure you will join me in wishing him all the best for his course!

Until the end of the month we will have another blogger whom many of you will know as a previous blogger and one of the most regular commentators. Come back to this page later to find out who it is!

BBC Learning English team

Hello Simon and Friends!

Once more I have the fantastic opportunity to be here with you. Many thanks again to Dima and all the BBC LE staff. This Blogland has been helping to brush up on my English everyday. Therefore, I´m really glad to be part of it :-).

Well, I´d like to wish Marvin all the best in his CELT training. I know that it isn´t easy to deal with the toughness of an exam preparation and also with our feelings of frustation. I´m preparing for the FCE exam, and sometimes I feel a bit disappointed with my performance in the mock tests. However, I think we have to bear in mind our goal in order to go ahead. Marvin, don´t worry you´ll succeed in getting your certificate :-).

Oh, I think I have to introduce myself properly. My name is Ana Paula and I´m from São Paulo, Brazil. I was a student blog last year ( April/2007) and I´m a regular commentator here in this blog. Actually, this blog area is a kind of additiction to me ( oh, a good one!). I´ve met wonderful people here and some of them have become very close friends.
At the moment I´m trying hard not to tear my hair out because of the FCE exam. Simon I hope you can help me, please. My weak points are Use of English ( structural cloze and key word transformation) and lack of attention. Anyway, I´m doing my best to fix up these important gaps :-).

Hey friends! Is there anyone who is preparing or has already taken an International English exam?

Well Simon, I listened to your program last Saturday and I found fab :-). Gosh! I couldn´t identify your voice. Anyway, I´ll listen to it again next weekend.

All the best and see you tomorrow,

This is me at Pinacoteca Museum.

Ana Paula.

Tuesday, 16 September 2008

What a warm reception!

Hi Simon and friends!

How are you doing? I´m really glad to hear from you all again :-).

Well Simon, thanks a lot for the lovely but weird compliment. Don´t worry, no offense was taken, ok? Ha Ha ;-).

Although I really fond of music, I don´t know what are the newest sounds in São Paulo. The city is so effevercesnt and everything happens so fast. Hmm... let´s see, I think Ana Carolina is a name that you might hear a lot here. Her songs are really great with a very good vibe. Nowadays I´m listening to an album of a Brazilian singer called Vander Lee. He uses strange objects such as pipes as musical instruments. The result is really amazing. Moroever, you´re absolutely right. Brazil is well-known for the music and dance. By the way Simon and friends, do you know that this year we´re celebrating 50 years of Bossa Nova? So it´s always good to listen to João Gilberto, Tom Jobin, Vinicius de Moraes and Toquinho :-).

Anyway, after 9 hours of a nearly soul destroying day of work ( believe me, you wouldn´t like to see me in the end of the day. I look like a little zombie, hihi), I enjoy reading, watching films or organising my beloved film collection ( I´m a big fan of the seventh art). During the weekends, I love to go to exhibitions and to go to the cinema. Besides that, it´s also on the weekends that I have a whale of a time practising English with my friends at/on (which one is correct Simon? Could you talk a bit about prepositions, please?) Skype.

How about you Simon? I know you´re very into music, but do you like watching films too? How about you friends?

By the way, my sister has taken that picture. She was in one of the bridges which links the rooms at Pinacoteca museum. Pinacoteca is my dearest place in São Paulo. Here are some pictures of the Pinacoteca facade and the bridges in its interior. I´ve also posted a picture of a sculpture:

Pinacoteca Facade

Pinacoteca Museum

Friends, thank you very much for sending your comments on my blogs :-).

Adri, Cris, Carmen, James and Niddo, you are all great! Thanks for poping up here :-). I know that some of you have a very hectic life and you can´t be here very often.

Hey Carmen! Maybe now you can follow the blogs more closely ;-).

Hi Leila! How are you doing?

Dino thanks for your kind wishes. I hope you pass in your exam. My fingers are crossed for you :-).

Hi Mercé! I´m glad to be in touch again. If there´s anything you want to know feel free to ask, ok?

Hi Bïa! How are you? I haven´t heard from you for a long time. I suppose you´re quite busy with the IELTS preparation.

Aaah Marianna, thanks for remembering me :-). Oh I know you have a tough routine, however it´ll be great to hear from you on Facebook too. Who knows? Maybe one day you change your mind :-).

Hey Hyoshil! How are you and your cheeky monkey? I always remember the remarkably funny comments that your boy has made on my blogs :-). Ah, thanks for the tips for the FCE! Nice to know you´ve also taken this exam.

Ewa, Hanhdu, Rianto and Robert, nice to meet you.

Hi Antonio, FCE is an acronym for First Certificate in English. It´s an exam set by Cambridge. Take a look at this site if you want to know a bit more about it:

Pilar, I happy to know you like the way I write. You have a very good English and write very well :-).

Hi Antonio from Belgium! I´ve realised you´re absent. I´m looking forward to hearing form you again :-).

Ok guys, I have to go now. It´s dinner time for me :-).

Have a nice Tuesday and keep in touch,

Ana Paula.

PS- Simon, I loved the pictures! Nehir is a lovely little gal :-). Hey! How was to grow up at the Bard´s city?

Wednesday, 17 September 2008


Hi Simon and friends!

Actually, I don´t live in São Paulo city. I live in a city 50 km far from there called Mogi das Cruzes.

Itapety Mountain and one of the Mogi universities

So, it doesn´t take me much time to go to São Paulo. As a matter of fact, it depends on the place where you go. For instance, if you want to go to Pinacoteca, it takes you 30 minutes to get there by train.

Luz Station.

Although we´re near São Paulo, my city still manages to keep its countyside characteristcs. The religion traditions are very strong around here. One of the most important events of the city is a 300 years party before Pentecost. Apart form that, the air is fresher and you´re able to see the stars during the night. A real balsam for those who spend the whole day working at the chaotic but extremelly charming city of São Paulo.

Holly Ghost Empire.

Well, if on one hand Mogi has been seeing the growth of the industry, on the other hand the agricultural market is still strong as ever. The city is responsible for the distribution of vegetables and green leaves for all the state. Which by the way it´s wonderful for us here, because we can buy vegetables and fruits for a very good price :-).

Anyway, Simon, I´ve just remembered of another good Brazilian musician, Marcelo D2. He does a mixture of rythms, like rap and samba. I´ve sent to a friend of mine, Carmen ( I´m glad you´ve like D2 :-) ) a video of one of his song "Gueto" ( Ghetto). If you have the opportunity to browse on the YouTube you won´t regret. It´s pretty cool :-)

Friends, I love reading your comments. Thanks a lot for sending them :-).

Amy, it´s so nice to see your comment here :-)! Well, I´ll sit for the exam in the beginning of December. This month I have to go to the English centre in order to do my enrollment.

Marco, nice to see you here too :-). Ooh... I think you would be a good blogger. Why don´t you have a go?

Maurício, it´s nice to see you on the blogs again :-). I´t was really interesting to read about your CAE experience. This exam is my go, but as I don´t have English enough to take it I´m starting with the FCE. By the way, you live in Rio de Janeiro state, don´t you?

Hi Monica, I´ve come to know the FCE exam has changed. Therefore, we´re facing some difficults in finding mock tests to practise because of the changes of the test. Do you know something? My teacher says the same to me and my classmate. Reading is the best way to improve :-). Anyway, I´d just like to say that I really look up to you. I was always stunned when I read your comments on teacher Stephen blogs. Your English is fabulous. I wish one day I colud have a bit of your knowledge :-).

Hey Niddo! I´m glad you´ve become a Vander Lee fan :-).

Welcome Wagner! I hope you become a regular in this blog area too :-).

Paco, when you decide to take a preparation course to the FCE let us know please! :-)

Hello Jeronimo! Congratulate your daughter for me! :-)

Nice to meet you, Sora, Josette and Jorge :-).

Hi Liz! You´re right. We´re neighblours :-). Do you live in Buenos Aires just like Cris?

Ernesto, I haven´t seen The Life Of The Others yet. But I will. Have you liked?

Dino, I´ve also watched Forest Gump several times. The soundtracks are so amazing!

Oooh Leila, are you learning Greek, aren´t you? How fantastic! How are you going so far?

Nidhin, thanks for sending a comment :-).

You´re welcome Pilar! You´re a good English student :-).

Mercé and Bïa, I promise soon I´ll write about my favourite books and writers, ok? By the way Mercé, I´m glad to know you´re a bookworm too :-).

Hi Christine! I haven´t heard about Finnisher Tango. What´s the plot about?

Well guys, I have to dash for the bus station. It´s almost time for my FCE classes.

All the best,

Ana Paula.

Thursday, 18 September 2008

Art House Cinema, Frank Capra and Hitchcock.

Dear Simon and friends,

How are you doing? I reckon you´re all anxious waiting for the weekend :-).

Simon, you´re welcome! I´m so glad you´ve appreciated my recommendations :-). If you really get a show of Brazilian music, please tell us. Moreover, I hope you like Vander Lee (male). His songs are wonderful. Ah! Don´t forget to check Marcelo D2 out too, ok?

Well, I´ve just listened 'God Save The Queen' by Nouvelle Vague. Wow! I must say that in the very beginning the song has sounded a bit strange to my ears because I had in my mind the Sex Pistols version. But then, after a while I´ve got used to it. You know, the soft Bossa Nova rhythm just won me over :-).

I´m also into art house cinema. I think in these kind of films the directors have more freedom to expose thoughts and show human condition. Brazilian cinema has good examples of this way of making films. Some directors such as Walter Salles gives focus to human being and their inner conflicts. Apart from that Simon, I´m a big fan of the classic films. My favourite directors are Frank Capra and Alfred Hitchcock. Although Capra films have some fantasy elements, the social issues are quite evident in many of them. I particularly like 'It´s a Wonderful Life'. My computer wall paper is a scene of this film and I also have a T-shirt :-). Another one of my favourites directors is Hitchcock. His thrillers are so amazing . I have no words to describe them!
Oh, by the way, the seventh art is indeed a term for film :-). Oooh... shame on me! I have seen just one David Lynch film, Dune. However, these psychological and emotional states sounds very interesting to me. I´m going to look for some of his films. Ah Simon! What´s little Nehir favourite films? I love Hayo Miyazaki animations :-).

Thanks very much for answering my question about prepositions. Well, I always do my best to keep my notebook updated and I try to write down the prepositions which come along with a verb or noun. Actually, I really love to sitck my nose in dictionaries. Gosh! I love the big ones ( especially the English dictionaries ). I´m looking for a new one. Mine is a bit out of date.
Anyway Simon, I´m not such a good speaker ( but I´ll be!!!). I´ve been seeing some improvements since I´ve started to attend the meetings on ( :-) ) Skype. Despite making some mistakes with concord, verb tenses and in the pronouciation of some words, my confidence while I´m speaking English has increased a lot. Nowadays, I only read books in English and I listen to BBC podcasts. This is helping me to store information in my head and notebook.

Hey Simon, what lovely shots! Your girls are adorable :-)

Hmm... I have some homework for doing here.

1) The verbs are: intrigue( intrigued by), make ( made a note of ), get ( get hold of), surprise ( surprised by), to be ( to be into), move ( moved by), nestle ( nestled in), surround ( surrounded by), connect ( connected to), pick ( picked up on) and stick ( stiking your nose in). The noun are reference ( reference to) and information ( information about).

2) 1- made a note of, 2- get hold of, 3- to be into, 4- picked up on and 5- sticking your nose in.

Now that I have my homework done I´m going to chat a bit with my friends :-).

Ming, Natasha, Naweed and Sunny, nice to meet you. It´s really nice to see your comments here :-).

Darío and Juli! Hey guys thanks for your comments. I´m also learning a lot from you :-).

Mahjabeen, I think you´ll like Marcelo D2 :-).

Hi Ernesto, thanks for your little review about the film :-). Actually it´s not a sinagogue. It´s an altar in the Holly Ghost honour. By the way, you´re right. The song is a bit acid and has a strong social appeal.

Hi Liz! I´ve heard about Medonza and the wonderful wine made there :-). Well, I think the exam isn´t more difficult than before. Some parts of the exam was removed ( error correction and one of the readings if I´m not mistaking). However, key word ( nightmare) transformation it´s still there. Now we have also an option to write an e-mail, but we have to deal with less hours to take the exam. I´m a bit worried about my timing...

Hey Cris! Living in Mogi is really nice indeed. I´m glad you´ve liked the pictures :-).

Hi Niddo! How the Ramadan is going on? Oh yes, D2 is really great :-).

Carmen, the first picture is a view of Itapety Mountain and one of Mogi universities ( but it´s not the one that I intend to study). The second picture is a picture of Luz station in São Paulo and the third picture it´s the Holly Ghost altar in the traditional city festival .

Josette, Mogi has almost 400,000 inhabitants.

Hi Kiran! Nice to see you here :-)

Oh Adri, it´ll be wonderful if I could be your teacher´s son. Maybe one day :-).

Robert, I hope you take the FCE exam. It´s a wonderful experience :-).

Here is another picture of Mogi :

Mogi das Cruzes

And this is one of the roses from my house´s garden:

A rose from my house´s garden.

I´m off to bed now. See you soon,

Ana Paula.

Saturday, 20 September 2008


Hello Simon and friends!

I hope you´re all enjoying your weekend.

Well, I was counting the days for the ending of the week. This Monday I´ll be officially on holiday. Yippee! I was eager for the arriving of this moment. I´m going to stay at home resting and I will also take the opportunity to study, read, organise some of my things, go to the cinema and of course keep writing in this blog :-).

By the way friends, I´m still working at the galvanization company as a chemestry technician. I´ve been working there for ten years and nowadays I more involved in all the chemical analyses of the company processs. I used to work before at the quality control too. However, the company has been passing through some changes and now I spend my time at the lab. It´s a quite interesting job but it´s also very demanding. Well friends, that´s the way I earn my keep :-).

Hey Simon! Tomorrow evening ( Brazil) I´m going to tune in to World Groove Radio :-).

Hi Michiko. Yes, I do live in a nice place. Do you know something? Many Japanese immigrants has helped the city growth. Mogi has a very strong bond with Japan. We can hear Japanese language in every single market that we go. Anyway, Michiko I hope to keep seeing your blogs here :-).

Silwal, I´m glad to see you´re back :-).

Ooh Adri, I know that we´re reference in dental treatment, but I didn´t know about Legal Dentistry. That´s really wonderful. Aaah... the mysterious case of the flying shoe at the subway station is a legend in our family, ha ha :-).

Hey Marco, you´ll all be welcome around here! Oh by the way, some cupfuls of coffee help me to keep up with my routine ;-).

Hi Beatriz! Nice to meet you. Thanks for your comment :-).

Niddo here´s another rose from my house´s garden:

Roses from my house´s garden.

Have a wonderful weekend,

Ana Paula.

Thank you very much for the song Simon!

Hi Simon and friends,

I hope you´re all enjoying your weekend.

Simon I´ve just loved the song. Many thanks. The programme is absolutely fab!
I like the way you and your friend present the show.

I´ll be back later to do the homework. Meanwhile, I´m going to enjoy the World Groove Radio :-).

Best wishes,

Ana Paula.

Sunday, 21 September 2008

Catching my breath.

Hi everybody!

Wow Simon! I´m still catching my breath after the last set of songs of your programme. It´s been ages since I´ve tried unsuccessfully to dance. However, today I could at least to go to stage number one ( Yes! A huge step for me I must say) : to put my hands up and shake my head at the same time! Ooh I´m so proud of me, ha ha! I really had a ball listening to your programme today :-).
By the way, the song you´ve dedicated to us was one of the Nouvelle Vague songs, wasn´t it? Apart from that, I liked very much the African grooves( is that the correct name?). They are funky :-).

Anyway Simon, I reckon you´re a night owl just like my friend Naheed. But I guess after taking a little nap you could recharge your batteries for the night ( Nap is soneca in Portuguese. However, we do use the word siesta just to pretend that we can speak Spanish ;-) ).
Well Simon, could you tell me how you and your friend select the set of songs for the show please? Do you do any kind of research during the week or the selection just comes like an epiphany? Hmm... I´m quite curious about it.
Ah! Just one more thing. Do you use a nickname during the show, don´t you?

Oh you must be sure that I´m going to check out David Lynch films soon. As regarding to Capra, besides It´s a Wonderful Life, I recommend Mr Smith Goes to Washington and Mr Deeds Goes to the Town. These films are absolutely fantastic :-).

Simon I was also wondering where everybody else is. As you said they might have been caught in the Blogland time delay. Apart from that, I´d like to thank you for the advice. For now on I´ll write down the phrases just like you showed me today. Well, I´d be very happy if we could Skype some time :-)!

Ok, here´s the phrases you´ve highligthed:

- I´ll be heading to my studio to practice playing bass ( Oh you play bass! That´s really nice.)
- I´ll be sure to play something for you tonight.
- I love the weekends but as you can see they are pretty busy too!

Now the ones that I´ve found:

- After I was taking a little nap.
- I´ve got back from the organic market for our weekly shop!

Hey Simon! Nice shot at the Ecological Organic Shop. Here´s a picture of a fruit market in Mogi:

Keep enjoying your weekend,

Ana Paula.

Monday, 22 September 2008

To dance or not to dance that´s the question!

Dear Simon and friends,

Oh no Simon, I don´t have any reluctance to dance, at least in the bathroom :-). Well, I look like a rusty robot when I´m dacing, which it isn´t that bad because it´s like a kind of dance. Anyway, once I´ve tried to take some belly dancing classes with my cousin ( Ooh I know... I have no idea what I had in my mind by that time. Oh please! You can call the shrink now ;-)) But it hasn´t worked out at all. You know all that soft movements weren´t really for me. My cousin turned to me and said: 'Move your arm like this'. And then I moved my arm like Kong Fu Panda. Oh I was a disaster indeed!
Nowadays I prefer to follow the song rhythm, and then I try to improvise some steps which are a very demanding task. By the way, there are just three stages. First thing you should know is how to move your hands and head at the same time. Second one are the feet. And the last but the most difficult of all ( it took me ages to do it right) is trying to do everything together :-D. But Simon I reckon you must be a wonderful dancer. Well, Catherine has given me this impression. What a pity we can see you in action here ;-).

Oh thanks for telling me how is you and mark choose the set of songs. So the show it´s pretty much like a little box of surprises for both of you. You just turn up in the studio and do the show. Oh it´s great to hear that, because you do give us the sense that anything could happen. I didn´t know what set of songs I could expect to listen to after another. You know one thing that I found very interesting was that your friend has chosen a Gorillaz song whereas you have come with a totally different rhythm after Mark´s choices. You both have a such good timing. One can see you´re really doing something that you love. Oh for sure I´m going to tune in again next Saturday. This Blogland is so fantastic! Apart from brushing up on my English I´m also learning about music :-).
Ah! So you have a record collection. That´s interesting...

Simon I don´t play any instrument. Imagine the most awful guitarist that you´ve ever heard to play. Ok, I´m pretty much like he or she :-).

Well, I´m not so sure if the Brazilian songs follow the golden rules though. Maybe some Paula Lima are groove. However, as you said the word groove has a very broad meaning :-).

Aah... this is not an easy question. But if I could do something just for the love of it I´d go in all cinema festivals that exist ( at least I´d try to go). Depend on the mood what I would be in I would choose which festival I would attend. Oh in this festivals there are a range of films from all over the world and I just love to know what´s going on in the international film scenery. Besides, this kind of festival is not only for these Hollywood blockbusters, and that´s what makes this kind of festival so appealing to me :-). Of course if I could do this with friends it´d be much better. I think I can´t recommend watching films with friends enough. It´s always nice to have a friend to share your film´s impressions. Am I right?

Now Simon wait a minute. Wow! Woody Allen! I´m curious to hear how you came to take a picture of Woody Allen and your lovely wife! Wow! I do like his films. My favourite one is The Purple Rose Of Cairo. Apart from that, I´m also curious to hear as to why you didn´t have the opportunity to take a picture by his side too. Well, maybe you had it and you´ll show us later :-).

Simon, I´m also building a better picture of you. You seem to be a very easy-going person who loves music immensely. Moreover, I have the impression that you´re a very caring father and husband :-).

Hey friends! Thanks for all your comments. I´m enjoying chinwag with you all very much indeed :-).

Hey Mahjabeen! I´m glad to know you´ve liked D2 :-). Sex Pistols are an Englsih punk rock band Mahjabeen. Take a look at YouTube and you could see there the original version of the song God Save The Queen :-).

Hey Carmen! I do listen to you. Haven´t I watched Pulp Fiction recently? ( Oh by the way, I liked the film very much. Gosh! The soundtracks are amazing :-)). Ok, ok it took almost 3 months to watch it but now as you know it´s part of my DVD collection :-D. Oh I´ve looked for Frau contra Bass but I haven´t found them. I´m really curious to hear their version for Billy Jean.

Hi dear Cris, I´m glad you liked the films I´ve recommended to you :-). Thank for your kind compliments. You also have a lovely English.

Hello Maurício, the Skype is quite new for me. I´ve found people to chat with on the BBC LE Facebook group. It was there that I came to know about this software. We´re a group of nine people from Argentina, Colombia,Germany, France, Italy, Pakistan and Taiwan. Actually, we´re good friends now. Maybe you can join us some day :-). You know how to find us :-).

Paula, it´d be very nice to have you on our Skype meetings. We usually meet on the weekends at 14:30 GMT. We use the Facebook board to decide the topic for the weekend.

Hi Nini, it´s nice to hear from you hear :-).

Hey Ernesto! I´ll do my best to enjoy my holidays :-).

Hi dear Anita! Oh please don´t feel said about the rain. The raining days has also its lovely side. Well, I haven´t bought the bike yet. I´m almost convincing my mum Anita. I almost there :-). I hope it stops to rain soon in Slovakia.

Leila, I do had a great time. You´ll see when you tune in next Saturday :-).

Deepak, Mohamed and Karoun nice to meet you:-).

Hey Catherine! Thanks for sending me a comment :-). Oooh... don´t worry I´ll be very kind with Simon ;-).

Hi Toni, this blog will be delivered to you quite late, or maybe quite early :-). I´m learning how to be a night owl with my dear friend Naheed.

Natasha, nice to know we´re colleagues :-).

Hi Olga! The work is very interesting but sometimes is quite stressing. I´m glad you´ve liked the roses :-).

Hi Darío, I´m fine. thanks for asking. Oh yes, I´m enjoying my holidays to study a bit more for my exam :-).

Oh Silwal, I´ve never had the opprtunity to watch Hindi Or Nepalese films. They must be very interesting.

Beatriz, we have a cloudy day here too.

Bia and Josete, you´re right. Im feeling full of beans recently :-).

Niddo, you´re right. There are some mangoes on the shot. I love mangoes too.

Adri! I´m glad to see your comment again here :-).

Christine, I´ve remembered that Leila told us something about the tango in Finland. I haven´t watched Once yet. But certainly I will :-).

Hi Concetta! How nice to know your daughter is called Paula :-). Oh I haven´t watched Waking Ned. Could you please tell me what the plot is about?

Hi Tomoko, the World Groove Radio is a radio programme presented by teacher Simon and his friend. Take a look at the teacher blog area and you´ll have more information about it. Nice to read your comment hee :-).

Well friends, I´ll bid farewell now. I´ts 1:25 am here and it´s more than time to go to bed.

Here´s a picture of me and my older sister at São paulo International Book Fair.

See you tomorrow,

Ana Paula.

Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Film Festivals and John Travolta.

Dear Simon Travolta and dear everyone,

How are you doing? I hope your week is going on well.

Simon thank you very much for the link. Wow! I´ve just visited the site and I´ve found this festival fabulous! I´ve already written down the films that I want to watch. I´ve particularly liked the plot of The Lemon Tree. Moreover, the Film Ekimi will show the new Hayao Miyazaki animation! Are you going to go to Film Ekimi Simon? There´s a co-production Brazil-Canada called Blindness which will be part of this festival. This film is directed by Fernando Meirelles ( City Of God and The Constant Garderner) and is based on the José Saramago novel ( a very good book). I haven´t watched this film yet, but I´m looking forward to watching it :-). Well, you can be sure that Istanbul will be in my list of festivals and of course I´ll look you and your lovely family up :-).

Anyway, in October we have a film festival in São Paulo too. This festival shows many art house films from all over the world. Some films has subtitles only in English. Threfeore the São Paulo film festival is a good way to practice my English skills.

Well Simon in comparison with my dance skills you´re a kind of John Travolta indeed. I´m still learning how to strut my stuff without burst into laugh :-). Oh gosh! Now I can´t get Stay N´Alive out of my mind. Ha Ha.

Well, I´ve come to know Catherine here on BBC LE. I had no idea that she has worked for a while here. That´s really interesting :-). Catherine, do you speak Portuguese?

I can imagine how happy your wife was when she saw Woody Allen. I think no body guard would stop me too :-).

By the way, Aya Sofia must be a dazzling view. I´ve read about it and I´ve seen some pictures too.

Ok, now I´m going to try to correct the mistakes you´ve spotted:

1) Anyway, once I´ve tried to do/take ( which is the correct verb? ) some belly dance classes
2) which is a very demanding task
3) by the time
4) The first thing you should know is
5) thanks for telling me how you and Mark

Ok the three phrases:

1) My cousin is a wonderful dancer. She really knows how to strut her stuff on the dacing floor.
2) I go ape everytime I go to my favourite bookstore.
3) I never know when my sister´s comments are a bit tongue in cheek.

Before I go let me just chat a bit with some friends:

Hey Naheed! I can´t believe that I´m a member of the night owl club :-).

Hello dear Lucy! Of course I remember you :-). By the way, congratulations! May your baby be very healthy. Lucy, is your baby a boy or a girl?

All the best,

Ana ( Kung Fu Panda) Paula ;-).

Wednesday, 24 September 2008

My mum´s roses.

Hi Simon and everyone!

Well, as some of you may know, I live with my mum and two sisters older than me. Here in Brazil is quite common grow up children live with their parents. This happens because the cost of living here is very expensive. Even though we live with my mum, we´re pretty much like housemates. Each of us has responsibilities and we share the house´s budget as well. By the way Simon, do you have siblings?
Anyway, we live at a small and cosy white house which has a lovely garden in front of it ( Simon, I´m not sure if this sentence is properly built. What I´d like to say here is that the house is in the back and in front of it there´s the garden.).
My mum is the one who has green fingers in our family. She loves spending part of her time taking care of her flowers. Besides, she´s very fond of her roses :-).

Here´s some pictures of our roses:

Friends, thanks for all your comments. I do love reading all of them :-).

Lucy, ah boy! Oh how cute! Congratulations again. Well, I think you´re totally right. The most important thing is health :-). I´ll be glad to see your comments here, but don´t forget to rest, ok? ;-)

Hey Hyoshil! I´m happy to know my blogs make you feel good :-). Ooh I also like light-hearted films. Have you ever watched The Fabulous Destiny Of Amélie Poulain? If not, watch it. It´s a very uplifting film perfect to see in any occasion. Moreover, I took a look at the plot of Owls Do Cry and I found very interesting Hyoshil. By the way, give a big hug in your lovely boy to me, ok?

Hey Niddo! I think you had a great idea! We could talk about films again on Skype :-).

Leslie, cinema tickets is quite expensive in Brazil. During the festival the organisers sell some tickets with a special price and some films are showing to the audience for free ( I love it that!). Apart from that, every year Chinese films are shown in the São Paulo festival.

Oi Tomoko! So have you lived in São Paulo, haven´t you? How fantastic! I live in a city 50 km far from the São Paulo capital called Mogi das Cruzes. Have you ever heard about it? There are many Japanese descendants in my city. As a matter of fact, I work at a Japanese company. However, I haven´t learnt the language. It´s quite difficult! :-)

Hi Olesya! Oh I love Hayo Miyazaki animations. My favourite one is Howl´s Moving Castle. Have you seen it? Besides, I´ve also liked Spirited Away, it´s so lovely :-). Well, as you said Japanase anime is very diverse. But, I´ve seen and liked Akira. Would you recommend me any other animation Olesya?

Hey Vladmir! Don´t worry. I was lucky because I´ve seen Woody Allen films. Therefore, I was able to recognise him :-).

Toni, I´ve heard about Vicky Cristina Barcelona. It seems a very interesting film. Well, if the film shows Barcelona as a postcard I think it´s very worth seeing it, isn´t it? By the way, I´ve read an article and seen some pictures of Barcelona. Toni your city is really beautiful :-).

Hi Natasha! What a pity. There isn´t a film club like you´ve described here. However, I´ve found the idea very interesting and I´d love to participate of a film session followed by a round-table meeting :-).

Hey Maurício! It´s always nice to talk to you too :-). Moreover, you´re right. My sisters and I get on very well. I hope we can Skype some day :-).

Haliza, nice to meet you too :-).

Hien are you a belly dancer? Well, I´ve come to know recently that there are different kinds of belly dance. There is the gypsy kind, the tribal kind and so on. Hey how about the music? I love the music because it´s so lively and happy :-).

Silwal thanks for telling me about Kalliwood :-). I hope one day I can see these films here in Brazil.

Well friends, I have to go now. See you all tomorrow.

All the best,

Ana Paula.

Thursday, 25 September 2008

Somebody help me... Somebody help me yeah!

Hey up Simon and friends!

I´m glad to know you´re going on holiday Simon :-). I hope you and your family have a great time on the south coast.
Oh by the way, thanks for the picture of your elder brother and his son. I must say that your little nephew is very cute :-).
Simon, I´m a very fortunate student because I have such a tough teacher helping me to improve my English ;-). Ok sir, let´s get down business:

“The first thing you should know is that you have to move your hands and head at the same time."

1) I should have used the past form because " once" is an adverb related to past form.

2) However, I found the idea very interesting and I´d love to participate of a film session followed by a round-table meeting :-).
Oh gosh this one is though :-). Well, I think in this case I should have used the past form because I was expressing an opinion (a statement).

3) “we live in a small and cosy white house which has a lovely garden in front of it”.

Ah Simon this last task is so unfair! I can´t type and strut my stuff like John Travolta at the same time :-D. You know the arm thing demands lots of concentration!

She´s has been kicking around since she came back from Malaysia.

Ok, this Saturday I´ll tune in to find out whether or not you´re doing the show :-).

Nice to meet you Paulo! It´s nice to know I have a FCE fellow here :-). Have you heard about the flo-joe website? This website has a very good free resource to help you in your preparation. Here´s the link .

Thanks Concetta! I´ve just seen the trailler of Waking Ned and I liked it very much indeed. I´m going to look for this film in my rent store :-).

Hey Beatriz! I´ve come to know that some scenes were shot in São Paulo too. Once I heard that Montevideo is a very charming city. I guess it´s because of this the city is so frequently chosen as location for films and advertisements :-).

Hi Maurício! Your comments are very kind :-). My sister Roseli isn´t into English like me. I think I´m the only one at home who really likes English. Maurício, on the right side of this page there´s a link to the Facebook. Can you see it? It´s below “Find us”.
Once you signed up, join the BBC LE group. There you can find people to exchange messages and also to talk on Skype. Let me know if you sign up ok?

Hey Vladmir, I´ve never tried the Skype Me. However, if you want to find people interesting in brushing up on their English take a look at the BBC LE group on the Facebook.

Hey up Niddo! Yes, my mum has a special care with her roses :-). Although we´re so far from each other our countries have some similarities. That´s so nice :-).

Hi Nurzhan! What a pity. I haven´t had the opportunity to watch Kazhak´s films yet. Hey! I´d never criticise you! You have a very good English :-).

Hi Carmen! Oh we used to have dahlias here, but not anymore. I can imagine that your granny´s dahlias were fantastic :-).

Oh thanks Ernesto :-). Well, I do all the house the cleaning (Yes, I know. But what can I do? It´s a necessary evil :-) ) and I´m the one who goes to the supermarket too. Well, my tasks aren´t a big deal though.

Hi Naweed! Brazilian educational system is divided in: pre-school ( childern over 3 years old); primary school ( 6 to 14 years old); secondary school ( 15 to 18 years old) or technician secondary school (15 to 19 years old) and then university. The majority of the students are enrolled at public schools ( free schools). Moreover, our educational system has been passing through some changes and nowadays the biggest challenge that the Brazilian government is facinng is offering an educational system with better quality to everyone.

Hi James! How are you doing? I guess you´re still busy as a bee because I haven´t heard from you recently :-). Oh thanks for having spotted my mistake. In fact, I should have written ‘I´m looking forward to watching it’. I´m glad to know you´re enjoying my blogs :-).

Hi Lucy! How nice you´ve liked the pics :-). I like gardening but I haven´t inherit my mother´s green fingers! Well, maybe she can teach both of us the tricks of the trade ;-).

Hey up Marianna! Yippee! How nice you´ve found a time to chat a bit with me :-). Oh I´m just picturing your windowsill. I remember you´ve mentioned you have a lovely view from it. Well, I reckon your drawning in china ink and water colours must be very beautiful. Anyway, you´re right. My mum used to paint but she had to stop because of health problems. Now that she´s feeling better she´s considering taking up painting again :-).

Good bye friends. I see you soon.

Ana Paula.

Saturday, 27 September 2008


Hello Simon and friends,

Mercé and Bïa have asked me to write about books. Well besides films, books are another thing that I´m really into. Wherever I go I carry a book with me.
My favourite novels are the ones which explore the anguish and conflicts of human being mind. Therefore, I really enjoying reading Dostoyevsky books. His novels are very thought-provoking with an intense and gripping narrative. Consequently is quite difficult to put his books down . Moreover, Dostoyesky presents us a range of characters with an unique insight into their personalities. Hideous fathers, naive philosophers, desparete gamblers and tormented souls are just an example of some of Dostoeysky´s characters. Anyway I can´t recommend reading Dostoyesky novels enough. If you haven´t read any of his books yet, just have a go. You won´t regret :-). Simon and friends, could you tell me which are your favourite authors or books please?

My books and my kitschy little angel.

Well one of my favourite English writers is Jane Austen. I´ve read almost all her books. Her heroines are so reasonable and they are always trying to not reveal their feelings. This gives me the impression that Jane Austin was a bit like that.
Anyway, I guess I fond of her novels because they were the first books that I read in an unbridged English version :-).

Oh friends! I think we´re going to have a rainy weekend in Mogi. I was planning on going to an English workshop with some friends on Sunday. Let´s hope the weather gets better :-).

Hi Carrie! What a great news! I´ve already sent a comment on the Staff Blog. I reckon the BBC LE 2009 calendar will make our mouths watering :-).

Hi Silwal! I´m glad you´ve liked my mum´s roses. Moreover, it was very interesting to know a bit about family customs in your country :-).

Hello Cris! Our countries have so many similarities. Nice to see your comment here my friend :-).

Hi Robert! Well, I hope one day I could be as good in gardening as my mum :-).

Hi Haliza! How nice you could find time to drop some lines here when you´re in the middle of Eid preparations. Thank you :-).

Hey Hyoshil! Thank you very much for your kind comment :-). I think you´re totally right. Here on the blogs apart from learning English, we learn about other cultures and make lots of friends. It´s a fantastic experience indeed :-).

Dear Marianna! My mum is saying thank you and she´s also sending a kiss to you :-).

Hello Olesya! I´ve just seen a video of Haibane Renmei on the YouTube. Oh the colours are beautiful and I like the song played in the backgroung, so soft. By the way, is this anime about an angels school? Everybody there has wings and an aureola over their heads. Anyway, I also like to watch anime or any other film whithout dubbing. It seems that you miss something when films are dubbed. Thanks for your reccomendations :-).

Hi Liz! Could you please tell me what´s your major at university? Oh I hope we can meet on Facebook too :-).

Hey up Viviane! I´m so happy to know that my blog is being helpful to other English students too :-). Maybe some day I´ll be the one posting comments on the blog of one of your students. Oh don´t worry about authorization. This is Blogland. We´re here to learn from each other ;-). Oh please, say hello to your students for me.

You´re welcome Paulo! The Flo-Joe has been helping me a lot in my studies. By the way Paulo, do you have problems with key word transformation? This exercise and the open cloze in Use of English are the most difficult for me. I have to work a bit more in this area.

Hi Maurício! I´m glad you found my tip useful. I hope we can meet on the Facebook too :-).

Hi dear Niddo! Oooh my mum has tried to teach me something. However, I was a terrible pupil and after a while she gave up to teach me how to draw :-).

Enjoy your holidays Christine! It´s a pleasure to exchange messages with you here. Thank you very much for your comments :-).

Have a wonderful weekend,

Ana Paula.

Hey Simon!

I reckon someone has been doing some research into Brazilian rhythms ;-). Thank you very much indeed for the song. I loved it! The show is amazing.
By the way, I hope till the end of the programme I can figure out your nickname ... Dubville? Double Ville? Oh please could you bring some light to this enigma?

Best wishes and have a nice weekend,

Ana Paula.

Monday, 29 September 2008

Star Wars.

Hi Simon and friends,

How was your weekend? Did you all have a great time? Well, I hope so :-).

São Paulo is a place where you can see many interesting exhibitions. In June I went to one which celebrated 30 years of Star Wars. This film was a milestone in the cinema history. The film had revolucionary special effects, very good actors in the cast and an extremely gripping story, which are the essential elements to a good sci-fi film.
Anyway, althouth Star Wars celebrated its 30 years last year, the exhibition only came to Brazil in 2008. I´m a big fan of the Jedi´s saga. I´m very fond of the classic trilogy. As a matter of fact, I really wanted to be a Jedi knight when I was a child :-O. Well, you know, the Jedi honour code, the lightsaber, master Yoda, Ben Kenobi and Darth Vader were very appealing to me. I guess they still are :-).

Here are some pictures of the exhibition:

Hello Ernesto! I haven´t heard about the writers you´ve mentioned. However, I´m going to google them soon :-).

Hey Carmen! I also loved the film based on High Fidelity. Besides, you´re right. John Cusack is really great :-).

Hi Toni! Thanks for your book recommendantions :-). You can be sure I´m going to look for them soon. By the way, three months ago I read a Paul Auster´s book called The New York Trilogy. It was a recommendation of a friend of mine, Carmen. The book was a delightful surprise, apart from being very thrilling. I guess you´ve already read it. Anyway, there´s a book, which was recommended by a former teacher blogger, Stephen Keller, called “ The Curious Incident Of The Dog In The Night by Mark Haddon. Well, this book is great because it´s funny, clever and the language used isn´t difficult to understand. Anyway, I hope we can hear in the future your opinion about the book of our friend Woody ;-).

Nice to meet you Daniele! You´re learning English by yourself, aren´t you? Wow! Congratulations! You have a very good Englsih indeed :-).

Hey Karoum! I guess the greedy spam has been in action these days.

Hi Ewa! Nice to see you again too :-). Oooh… Anne Of The Green Gables was my first book when I was a beginner in English :-).

Hi Liz! So you´re going to be a business woman :-). Well, Lady Susan is the Jane Austen book that I haven´t read yet. Moreover, Persuasion is my favourite of her books. This book is really adorable. Have a go when you could, ok? :-)

Hello dear Bïa! You´re welcome :-). I agree with you. When you read you learn a lot from different cultures and you can discover so many nice and interesting things :-).

Hi Haliza! There´s a discussion board about Skype on BBC LE group on Facebook.

Hey Maurício! I reckon you´re talking about Crime and Punishment. This book is great indeed. It´s very interesting to see how the main character personality changes while you´re reading the story. After commited a crime, his conscience mortifies him and he can´t get rid of the blame and shame that haunted him. Well, I hope you can take up Crime and Punishment again Maurício :-).

Hi Paulo! Oh I´m not the only one who cracks the brain trying to solve the open cloze exercises :-). My teacher always says that reading is a good way to have some improvements in this exercise. But I´m a bit worried. Anyway, Machado is one of my fauvorite Brazilian writers. By the way do you know that the Língua Portuguesa museum has organised an exhibition in celebration of Machado de Assis death centenary? I haven´t visited this exhibition yet. Bu I´m planning on going there soon :-).

Hey Marianna! Ah, when the show starts it´s 7:00 pm here in Brazil. So the time is prefect to me :-).

Hello Nidhin! I´m glad you´re enjoying my blogs :-). Nice to here from you again.

Hi Adri! I guess you´re still very busy with the ‘final touches’ in your new home :-).I´m looking forward to talking to you too.

Hello Tiasha! My last blog was just a little message to our teacher know that I liked the song.Thanks for your kind and supportive words. I´m very happy to hear that and these words give me the strenght to keep going :-).

Well, that´s all for today friends. Tomorrow I´ll be back in order to write my last blog and bid you farewell.

All the best,

Ana Paula.

Tuesday, 30 September 2008

From BBC Learning English

Well, Ana Paula definitely wins a few prizes here: one, for most published entries over a period of just two weeks and two, for most received comments! Thank you for your good work Ana Paula and - come back here again: I am sure others would love to see your comments on their postings.

To see if our next blogger, Linda, can beat Ana Paula's achievement - and to find out more about her - visit this page from tomorrow onwards. And to Linda, welcome and enjoy blogging!

BBC Learning English team

See You All Around!

Dear Simon,

I´m happy to know you had a great time in Cirala :-). My gosh Simon! The place is so amazing! Oooh and the sea is so blue...
Well, I haven´t read any of Toni Morrison books. However, I´m going to fix this soon. I´m going to look for Beloved on my virtual bookstore. Once I tried unsuccessfully to read Ulisses but I couldn´t go on in the reading. This book is quite complex and I couldn´t understand very welI. I guess one day I take up Ulisses reading again. Oh I know shame on me :-).
Anyway, Notes From The Underground is a good book. Moreover, I hope you can read Crime and Punishment. I´d like to recommend you another of Dostoyesky books, The Brothers Karamazov. This is my favourite Dostoyevsky novel and it´s about a parricide. It´s very thrilling and absolutely fantastic!

Hey Simon! You´re welcome! Your show is really good and it´s a pleasure to listen to it. I´ve been learning a lot about music and besides your programme is helping me to practice my listening. You see. Even when you aren´t teaching English you´re helping your students to keep up with their studies :-).

Oh really! That soldier is your dad´s friend! Wow! How nice Simon :-). Well, I reckon that in Stratford On Avon there are many actors schools as the city is the Bard´s homeland :-).

By the way Simon, I´m really glad to know you´re going to be with us next month. For sure, I´ll be here sending my comments on your blog and on Linda´s blog too ( I´m an addicted, remember?). Even though you´re going to be here, I will miss you too. Apart from that, I also have the feeling I´ve gained a good friend in you Simon and I hope we can keep in touch through Facebook and Skype. I just want to say that I had a whale of a time with and I´m very thankful for everything. Your a very kind and helpful teacher. Take care my friend and see you tomorrow :-)!!!

I´d like to share a video with you. It´s a cute video animation of a Nouvelle Vague song called Waves.

Once more I´d like to thank you Dima and all the BBC LE staff for this second opportunity to blog. This website is really important to my English studies. Moreover, I´m very happy for being part of such a wonderful international ( virtual)classroom :-).

Hey Linda! Welcome to the blogs!!! I wish you all the best in your month as a student blog. I´m looking forward to hearing about you, your country, likes and deslikes and so on :-).

Dear friends, thanks very much for all your comments. I loved it reading and answering all of them. I hope we can keep in touch :-).

Oh my gosh Olesya!!!! I´ve looked for Pride and Prejudice BBC version like a crazy. However this film it´s not available here in Brazil. What a pity. I´ve seen some episodes on the YouTube. Aaah...Colin Firth is the perfect Mr Darcy :-)! Thanks for the information about the anime. See you around :-).

Hi Mahjabeen! I´ve watched Matrix but I´ve just liked the first one. Thanks for your kind wishes :-).

Hi Liz! Next weekend I´m planning on going on the cinema with my sister. I want to see Blindness. Anyway, I hope you can enjoy your next weekend a lot. I bet you´re going to strut your stuff the whole night :-).

Dear Niddo, you´re right. I was in cloud nine that day :-). Thank very much for all your comments.

Dear Leila, I´ve heard about what happened in your country and I´m really sorry. I hope you can recover soon from this shock. I wish you all the best and thank you very much indeed for sending comments on my blogs :-).

Hi Marianna! I´m always glad to hear from you :-). Thanks for your supportive comments. Moreover, I hope one day to see you as a student blog. I know I´ve already told that but I´m telling you again. I think everybody would love to see your paintings and hear your stories :-).

Hi André! What an interesting thought! But do you know something? I guess some books are very cinematic. Sometimes I read a book and think: 'Gosh! This book would give a great film!' :-)

Hey Carmen! I´ve also had this feeling when Darth Vader gave his first breath. Ooh... so spooky :-D.

Hi Hyoshil! Thank you for telling me about your weekend. It´s very nice to catch up with you again. Kisses for you and for your little son :-).

Hi Cris! I´m so happy you liked my blogs :-). Thanks my dear :-).

Hi Paulo! I´m glad your team won yesterday :-). Are you a Grêmio supporter? By the way, I´m sure you´ll do very well on the FCE exam. My fingers are crossed for you :-).

All the best and good bye,

Ana Paula.

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