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August 2007

Wednesday, 01 August 2007

Hello, Bonjour, Hola, Konnichiha, Nihao, Hallo, Annyonhaseyo!!!:)

Hello everyone,

It is my great pleasure that I am now blogging for all of you. Mr. Paul and Ms. Caroline, thank you so much for choosing me. I will also appreciate all of the readers who would support me!

Let me introduce myself. I am Yumiko Iwamoto from Japan. Please call me Yumi. I am 25 years old, working for Japanese company, doing accounting, having 2 younger sisters and living with my parents and sisters. I know it sounds a bit odd for some people, but I could say it is usual to live with parents in some part of Asia. (Well, I will talk about it some other time.)
I am now blogging from my room, relaxing after I finished working and got home when I was suffereing crammed train! It is now 11 pm in Japan.

Before talking about myself more, I would like to talk about what I did today! I woke up about 5:30, went to the office, worked till 18:30pm. I was feeling pretty good because I still had time to go shopping. Now it is summer sales season here, and it's going to be 70% off in some shops. That's why I am a shopping queen these days-;) But I ended up not buying anything, haha. I tried some clothes on but did not really like them. sigh... well, I hope to find nice one next time.

I would like to finish my first blog with this word: 'There is always one more chance to learn English.' This is the word from James of the blogger in May, and I was really impressed to this word.
I hope I can learn English from kind teachers and readers, please enjoy my blog:)
Talk to you tommorrow and sweet dreams.

Best regards,
Yumi x

Manoj: Thank you for your kind message. Could you please call me Yumi? Most friends call me Yumi and Yu makes me feel like something is lacked with my name; I have been to India once and will talk about it someday! Please check this out! - Regards, Yumi

Thursday, 02 August 2007

Home & Work place

Good evening (in Japan time) everyone,

THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the kind messages. I love to read them! It's great to have you guys on board!-:) But sorry, I don't have enough time to reply you so let me get back to you in the weekends. Thanks again:)

Dear Catherine,
Thank you for the blog for me! Yes, I did find a mistake with my previous blog. I wrote 'I am 25 years old, working for Japanese company, doing accounting, having 2 younger sisters and living with my parents and sisters.' I should have said ' I have 2 younger sisters.'
I remembered I learnt this from my junior high school teacher but am not sure why I should avoid 'having 2 younger sisters'. Anyway it's been 10 years since the last time I paid attention to this phrase!
Talking about clothes, I love all kinds of clothes so it always depends on my mood. However I need the clotes for work so I'd better choose smart one. I always wish I would be the eclectic person - but it is sad that I tend to wear similar kinds. I mean I chose clothes which look to suit me automatically.

I forgot to tell you where I live and work;. I live in Saitama, the city next to Tokyo, but my workplace is in Tokyo. Can you imagine how long I have to travel everyday?

It takes me 1 hour to get to the office. It is not short, but not too long for me, as I already got used to it.
Some readers said it is great to wake up at 5:30. Thanks! Actually I used to wake up at 6:30 and (*1) managed to make it to work on time. However, as I wrote yesterday, train was very crowded and it was too much for me!!! So recently I have tried to go to the office earlier. To be honest with you, I was very bad at waking up early in winter. It is too cold to (*2) get out from the bed! One thing I could not change is, I have been bad at going to the bed early. I tend to stay up till about 12 or 1 am; Would anyone please tell me what time you sleep and how you do?

Tommorrow is friday, which means it is the last working day in the week:) Wish you luck for tommorow! Sweet dreams:)

*1 : Is this 'duplication' to use 'manage to do' and 'make it to do'? I would like to mean it is difficult but I made it.
*2 : Does 'get out' sound exaggerated or rude? I would like to mean 'wake up' but thought I should use different expression.
I would appreciate if you kindly teach me the right expression.

Best regards,

Friday, 03 August 2007

What motivates me and you to learn English?

Good evening again,

It is finally weekend here! How are you doing? I am good and appreciate all the kind comments, which encourages me to blog here. THANKS!!

I would like to talk about my motivation to learn English...
First of all, my experience of exchange study in Singapore has motivated myself for English. It was already 2 years ago when I was there. When I applied to the program, I had just finished the junior of my university and was very interested in being a student in a different country. I actually had two reasons - *my real intention and stated reason: I wanted to have the experience of living abroad and studied Southeast Asian studies. I was really worried before the exchange, because most of my friends would start working at that time, but I would not.

However, I am confident that the life there for a year deserved me spending time. All the things I experienced were new to me, and I got chances to travel in that area. One more thing, I got friends from many countries, which was beyond my expectations. It was such a nice experience for me and I wish I could get the chance like this someday! I would like to say this is my first motivation.

At the same time, I had so many difficulties with communicating people. I had never used English in a daily life so I could not speak well! Thanks to friends and Singapore, they were very open for foreigners. And sometimes I spoke Japanese with friends and shared complaints, enjoyment, and thoughts so I was fine:)

Do you have any motivations? It would be great if you kindly post yours!
Good night and sweet dreams for everyone:)

one's real intention and stated reason : We Japanese sometimes say this is our culture - when you talk about serious things, we go for 'appearence' first. Then go fo the real thoughts. Readers, do you agree for this?

Best regards,

Saturday, 04 August 2007


I am replying you for the kind and lovely comments:)

Sara, Ernesto, Penguin, Benka, Toshiro, Carina, Sossa m s, Ewa, Jan, Gabriel, Yojiro, Hye Young Woo, Pei Pei, Rui, Thi Nguyen, Yeoung Seok Kim, Mai Lan, Quinh Anh, Jona, Yuan, Antonio, Nazneen, Linmi, Mihae Hwang, Zahid, Manoj, Mellisa, Moe Moe Kyaw, Naresh, Ali, Peter, Hassan, Nour, David, Waheed, Karol, Zanda, Jill Huang, Walmir, Charles, Elias, Ying, Jianna, Elena, Nicole, Stievieboy, Adek, Ibrahim>>> THANK YOU for the warm welcome!!! I hope you enjoy the blog:)

Ana Paula> No, I am definitely not a shopaholic, I hope! lol. I am amazed to see you comment to every blogger. You are very kind and I admire you!

Ilona>I will put some photos soon. Please check out the new entries:)

Adriana>Yes, I will discuss this topic as I believe it varies for every country and culture.

Dear M.Nassar>I appreciate your kind message. I have explored this website and found it very interactive. Please help us learn more about English. Thanks again.

Vincent & Sue>You are year 11 and 12, so are you guys high school students? I am so gealous that you are young lol! I used to swim in Singapore, and it was much fun, as it is always summer there. Now I do dance in weekends. I will give you the tips about the travel in Japan in this blog. See you there:)

Fuyuko>It is so nice that you are exchange high school student. Please enjoy the life and I promise it will be your great experience. Take care x

Hai> I am sure people in China are also hard working. Actually I usually start working at 8am, so it is not bad!

Naheed>Nice seeing you again! I really liked your blog, esp 'Mangoes'. Thanks for telling me about Pakistan too.

Juan Antonio> I've never been to Spain, but would love to visit there someday. I heard the islamic place in 16C (we call it 'Aruhanbura Palace') is VERY beautiful!

Allesandro> Girls always love shopping and hope you are generous for it!:) I did not know the traffic about Italy very much, and was surprised to hear the train was also crammed.

Pervaiz> Working hours in Japan is 8hrs every day officially, but it always depends on the company's culture, I could say. People in Japan used to work so much soon after WW2, but it is changing these days.

Sherzod> Thanks for the kind comments. I did not know you have Origami in Tajikistan!!! I would like to show you the traditional origami, which has the nice pattern.

Liao, Linmi>Worked or working for Japanese companies? You must have some Japanese cultural experience, I guess? Anyway I am glad to hear that cz my company also has the branch in Shanghai, Dalian, Shenzhen, or other places. Hope we share our work experience:)

Paulaj> Actually most clothes of mine are from sales! B/c if sales starts, we get discount! Qualities of them are quite good. Give it a try on shopping in sales someday!

Tiwat>Yes, i've been to Phuket, Krabi and Bankok:) I love Krabi, as well as Pat thai noodle I had there! it was soooo yummy!

Marina> Yes, the room here is tiny, but we Japanese are also small so it is better than everyone expects ( I think). Or if you go to suburb, you can see many family have their own houses. Although it is not as big as those in the US. I once visited there and was surprised to see big houses!

Sandra>I like Nausika too! All the movie producers and writers you mentioned are very famous and popular in Japan. I also like them. I did not know they are that famous in Europe as well. Thanks for your information.

Benka>That's my big probelem that I easily start sleeping everywhere! haha. I will talk about interesting sleeping habit here so please read this later.

Yojiro-san>it is nice to hear about you! It is rare that you have 3 children, isn't it?
I also wake up early for the same reason. I wanna have my own time before I got too tired for work. Take care.

Now I feel I did great thing, Haha. Sorry if I missed someone's name. See ya x

Monday, 06 August 2007

Today is...

Dear Catherine,
Thank you so much for your blogs. I am very pleased to have you here as my teacher. You taught me many expressions and vacabulary and I gained lots of things about English. Please keep reading after you are back to your work as a BBC staff. I hope everything works best for you! - Best regards, Yumi.

Dear Amy,
It is my great pleasure that you are my teacher now. I am a lucky girl (*1) that I could meet 2 teachers here! Yes, I have been to Delhi once and was fascinated by her culture and architecture. I hope we exchange blogs and share our experience.

Now I'm talking about what was happened in Japan before 62 years.
Have you heard of Hiroshima? There had the atomic bomb explosion and about one hundred snd thousand(*2) people were dead. Today there(*3) had the ceremony at 8 am and prayed for the people who passed away.I visited there for my school trip in high school.
Hiroshima is very popular for shool trip because it is historical, such as atomic bomb museum or the dome which was burnt by the bomb. At the same time there has the famous shrine called 'Miyajima', which was built in the surface of the wave(*4). I mean this architecture was on the seashore.
It takes about 3 hours from Tokyo by express train called 'Shinkansen'. I think this is well-known to its shape, and it is really funny because you can see many people relaxing over alcohol or sleeping deeply in the confortable seats. It is very 'Japanese', I think! If you are a traveler from overseas, you can buy the discount ticket! It is worth visiting there :)

*1: I often heard the phrase 'Lucky girl!'. Can you also use 'Lucky woman'? Also, how can I express it with full sentence?
*2: I would like to mention 100,000 people. Should I use 'one hundred and thousand of people'?
*3: Should I use 'it' to mention Hiroshima city?
*4: Could you please teach me the right and sophisticated expression??
Sorry that I ask you so many questions....

Good night everyone!

Tuesday, 07 August 2007

Fireworks Festival

Hello everyone,

On Saturday, I went to the Fireworks' festival with my Singaporean friend and sister. In summer here, we have fireworks festival on every weekend in a different place. I had been to Fireworks on every weekend when I was a student. Now I am busier but would have loved to go there as it makes people including me feel like 'Summer has just come!'.

I was struggling to get the picture on this blog, but the size of the photos are too large and I had NO idea how I could get fixed. So sorry there's no photos here;; I will figure it out when I have time.

The reason I would like to show the photos is, it is very popular for yougsters to wear Yukata, Japanese traditional clothes for summer, which is more casual than 'Kimono'. The people wearing it are all pretty! As 'Yukata' has the thick fabrick and long sleeve, it really is hot. But still very popular. It looks so traditional and we can enjoy the feeling of being old but authentic(*1) Japanese.

My friend from Singapore asked me interesting question, which is ' who hold this festival and how much does it cost?' She asked me because she heard the disneyland in Florida has fireworks which cost a million USD for every night!

Fireworks festivals are usually held by the local governments. Actually my city also has fireworks festival, but not all the local governments have. For the question how much it costs - I do not know and haven't thought about it. However people can watch all the festivals for free.

It is rare that the street got full of the food shops(*2) and this attracts all the people!!! We had the Japanese-style-pancake including noodle, Gyoza (it originated from China, I think. it is boiled poak covered with skin), and 'Takoyaki' (it is small and round shaped pancake within the octpus.) It took so long to describe, but they were all yummy and tasty!!! I LOVE THEM:)

I really would like to show the photos there. Please have a look again after I manage to upload the pictures!!! I know I am bad at handling with degital camera and laptop!

Good night everyone:)

I am grateful for BBC staff maintaining the blog.Thanks to you, I always feel safe when I am blogging here.

1 : Can I use 'authentic' for people? I saw this word expressing some food stuff. I wanted to express the word in a different way, as I was taught that English tend to hate the same expressions.
2 : Can everyone understand what I would like to mention here? Usually it is prohibited to have the food shops in the outside, but if it is in a special occasion like this, we can have the outside food shops and there are so many shops there.

James> Thank you so much for the kind comment. I respect you as you have the great motivation to study English. Please keep reading the blogs. - regards, Yumi

Wednesday, 08 August 2007

an organizer!

Good evening everyone,

Tonight I had a dinner out with my coworkers and bosses. As I am the youngest in my department, I have an important role to organize the dinner with them. Now I'd like to tell you how I organize the dinner tonight.

It was the high time that we should have had a welcome dinner for the woman who had just joined us(*1). I asked coworkers when they were free and fixed the date. Then I made a reservation for Japanese pub and asked if they could offer us a private room. Most Japanese pubs have some private rooms so that customers can enjoy themselves over nice food and some alcohol. I chose one pub which offered the course menu and all-you-can-drink for 2 hours.

After we came in the room in the pub, I asked the head of my department to say 'Cheers' for us. I was expected to take care what they would like to drink. I should have asked colleagues what they would like to drink BEFORE they finished the drink. However, it was not successful; It was too difficult to handle with 12 people of us!

I asked vice head of my division to say something to the end of our dinner. Most Japanese always clap hands just one time to finish this party. He said 'please help me to finish the party and clap hands together! Yo----------Clap!'. We all clapped our hands just for one time with making big sound! Then finally we finished tha party and I felt very relieved that we made this party finished!!!!

I'd like to tell you what we had tonight.
-taro with wasabi and soy sauce, bakon for starter
-green salad with 'goya' (Okinawan cucumber. popular in summer time)
-pumpkin and fish Tempura
-Small chicken grilled with skewer
-Boilled scallop and potato with wasabi-mayonnaise
-Rice with egg and broiled eel
-mango pudding
Also I had plum wine, sake with oolong tea, beer and oolong tea. My boss liked Sake and Japanese liquer called 'Shochu' from potato! I like plum wine so much, which tastes sweet and a bit heavy. (I strongly need to erase it later as it shows how much I could take alcohol! lol)
By the way, my lovely dictionary said 'clap' meant to make sound with hands. Not 'crap'. I did not know that!

Now it is time for me to go to bed. Good night everyone. Hope you had a good day:)

Best wishes,

*1: I'd love to ask you if you use this phrase and what occasions you use. Because it is VERY popular sentence for English exam in Japan. When I was in high school, I saw this sentense so many times but doubted if it is used by native speakers. I am sorry that I asked you so many times.

Hang Le>You can buy Yukata with 4000yen including the belt, bag and slippers. (It is the cheapest. The more expensive, The nicer it would be.) I saw many foreigners buying those Yukatas in some shops. Hope you'll have nice one soon:)

Thursday, 09 August 2007

Fireworks, I finally made it:)


This is me in the reverbank. Can you see people? It is always crowded.

This is the food we had. I always describe it like this : Japanese pancake with cabbage and noodle. The man pushed it to make it combined with using egg! Hope you understand my explanation:)

This is the belt which I tied it up by myself. Also, this yukata is my mom's one. She tailored it in order to match her size. I could say this pattern look a bit old but traditional!

At last I could get the pictures on. Let me give you some descriptions... Can you see the riverbank which was full of people? Usually fireworks festivals are very crowded like this! However fireworks is on the sky so it does not really matter and people have to try not getting annoyed with the crowded people. haha, I am joking! Please enjoy the photos and fireworks!
I tied up this belt by myself. You can get the manmade one, but I believe this is nicer:) My sister advised me that I should have wore the pink or red belt. Oh yes, that is true - I think red one would be nicer than yellow one! haha-)

Dear Amy,

Thanks for the kind comment. However I have one quesition - Do you live with your husband and lovely child in Delhi? or Do they live in UK and you visit them when you take leave? Were you already back in Delhi now? Please take care of yourself and have a safe trip back in India.

Now it is almost 6am on Friday. Can you imagine what I did last night? --Yes, I was blogging and thinking of (*1) what to write. I was a bit tired and very sleepy so I lay(*2) down and slept in! It took time to understant what was happened to me when I woke up!!! Luckily my alarm of mobile phone rung and I made it to wake up as usual.
Amy, I am sorry that I didn't work for homework... I wrote why I couldn't do in the blog above. I will do that tonight. Sweet dreams for the people at night & Have a nice day for the people in the morning:)

1: Would anyone please let me know of the difference between 'think' and 'think of'? I thought 'think of' meant 'think deeper'. Not really sure though..
2: Is 'lay' correct in this situation? It is VERY popular again in Japanese school to answer the difference between 'lie', 'lay' and 'lain'.
I appreciate everyone's support!

Best regards,
Yumi x

Alessandro> Hello. Thanks for kind comment everytime. I think, believe and hope the dinner on Wed was successful. However If I have behaved nicer, it would have been nicer as usual! well, it is difficiult to explain but I think everyone enjoyed it. I sometimes have more personal chat about work with my colleagues:) Anyway, enjoy the holiday!

Elnesto> Thanks for the comment everytime and telling me about your country. It is interesting. Usually the person who are new were treated. We paid for her and it goes like this : the head paid most, the vice head paid second most, and people followed. It is interesting that women always pay least. Women are treated nicely in those occasions.

Saturday, 11 August 2007

Homework -:)

Hello everyone!

I am sorry I missed to blog yesterday as I had a dinner with my friend at 9 pm and I came back home at 12:30!!!! Forgive me as it was Friday and we met up since 4 months. One more thing, I uploaded the bigger pictures of fireworks! Please look at them:)

Dear Amy,
Thanks for the previous blog. It was all interesting! First I am doing homework now which you gave us. I made circles in following paragraph.

*The*(1) man I met is called Mr Warren. He told me that he is one of *the*(2) richest men in the world. At *the*(3) moment, he is living in *the*(4) Seagull Hotel in Polperro. Everyday, he goes downstairs to *the*(5) lobby, smiles at *the*(6) American tourists, and goes and sits on a bench near *the*(7) English Channel. He always sits on *the*(8) same bench and stares at *the*(9) sky. This is where I met him. We had an interesting conversation about all sorts of things including whether *the*(10) rich are happier than *the*(11) poor. It was an interesting chat.

The reason why definite articles are used :
*1 : This is the man who is specified as the name are given soon after the noun.
*2 : This is the superlative degree so we have to use 'the'. However you can omit 'the' before 'best' and 'most'. (Is this true? I learnt it in school.)
*3 : Moment is countable? I don't think so.... I think this is 'idiomatic'.
*4 : This mentioned the specified hotel and it has name. So we'd better use 'the'.
*5 : This is the lobby in the Seagull Hotell. 'The' means 'the Seagull Hotel''s lobby.
*6 : In this sentence, I think we can omit 'the' as the word 'tourists' is the plural form. 'the' is used in order to specify 'American'.
*7 : This is the name of the channel so we have to use the definite noun.
*8 : 'same' needs the definite noun when it is combined with nouns. i.g: 'it is the same clothes I bought!'.
*9 : 'sky' is countable. (I did not know that.)
*10 & *11 : Adjective can be used to show the people when it is used with the definite noun. i.g: The young should study hard. I learnt it in school!:)

Amy, these are all my answers. Please give me feedbacks and I will learn lots of things. I have NEVER thought about those reason seriously!

That's it for now. I need to get dressed to go to Karaoke with my sister!
One more thing, thanks for all the kind comments. Some readers asked interesting questions so I will reply you later. Have a good day everyone:)

Best regards,

Monday, 13 August 2007

Yumiko-Yumi, Not 'Yummy-Yam'!

Hello everyone!

James from Taiwan asked me if I have an Enligsh name 'Yummy' and I found the blog on 16th May, which he wrote about English names in Taiwan. I have to tell you the story of my English name which I end up not to name for my self !!!!! As he wrote, many asian peple have their English names as second name or nickname. However here in Japan, we do not usually have English names. My name is pronounced as follows : 'Yu' for 'you' but you do not extend the sound, just 'yu'. 'Mi' for 'me' but again, please do not extend, and 'Ko' for 'co'.

My name is written in 由美子. I was named after my father's name so we shared the same 'Kanji' character (由) for the first letter. It's a shame to tell you 'MI=美' means beauty. The last letter 'ko' means 'children'. This is how I was named! Usually Japanese people have their own story as the parents give their name with some wish like me. Please do not care if it is true or! I'd have to tell you my family's name as well : My mother is Fumiko, I am Yumiko, my sister is Yuriko, and my youngest siter is Yukari!!!! Isn't it confusing??

It was 3 years ago when I first heard the word 'yummy'. When I had lunch with Chinese Canadian guy, he said 'yummy!'. I asked the spelling and found it was very similar to my name. Later I went to Singapore, and met many people who both had the English & Chinese names. So I wanted to have an English name and thought 'Yummy' was the best!:)! This meant delicious, sounded cute and spelled almost same as me! I asked friends how you think if my name were 'Yummy'. Well,,, first they laughed a bit at the idea, told me 'Yummy' did not sound like name and it did not have nice meaning for the name. Also I found 'Yam' was the name of potato!!! I did not want to have the potato's name for myself!!!!!!!! Finally I decided not to have the English name. haha!

Do you have the story of your name? It is interesting to know how the people are named in your cultrue. I would appreciate if you kindly post your origin of the name.

Dear Amy, I am sorry that I did not realize you gave me the choices for the previous question. I realized it after I posted my blog.. Thank you for the kind answers. It helps me a lot to understand how they work. I checked the weather forecast and it said ' 33C, sunny for Tokyo, 28C, rainy for Delhi'! I am surprised to know Tokyo is hotter than Delhi. Please take care.

Have a nice day for everyone!:)

Best regards,
Yumi x

Message from BBC Learning English

Dear all,
a quick note about comments on the blog pages. Over the weekend we had over a thousand comments on the blogs :-0

Sadly, most of the comments seem to be spam :-(.

Please don't worry if you posted a comment over the weekend and you haven't seen it yet. We are working our way through them and publishing all the non-spam comments but it will take a while to finish.

Best wishes


Tuesday, 14 August 2007

English Education

Hello everyone! It's a furnace too here in Tokyo. This weather makes me SO lazy, Sigh.... Now I decided to use my loaf and I am writing a blog in English! haha :P

I would like to write about English Education in Japan. Jill asked me if I have learnt English for 10 years -- Yes, I started(*) learning it when I was 12 years and had just entered the Junior High School. In Japan, English is mandatory for Junior high school and high school. Usually we study for the entrance examinations of high school and university. Because these exams are paper tests, we learn much of grammar, reading and writing skills, not as much conversation and listening skills.

Answering the question from Ernesto, we first studied Japanese before English. We practise so many 'kanji' characters and about three thousands of Kanji characters will be taught by the end of university education.Though I learnt alphabet in elementary school. It is like Ping Ying in Chinese - This only shows how to pronounce words for foreigners. Does it make sense?

In university, English is not mandatory for students but I took 2 classes. In the 3rd year, I attended the discussion session with Korean students and met people who can speak English as a 2nd language. I was surprised to see the Korean and Japanese students who were in same age, very motivated and socialized. After that, I started learning conversation skills as well :D Also, I am very happy that I still keep in touch with some frineds there! It really is fun!!:)

I am very impressed to the comment from Yosuke san, who is the teacher in Junior high. I still remember the teacher who first taught me Enligsh! He was very nice and influenced me so much. Now I do not really need to speak English in my daily life. Usually I check some English websites, listen to English songs, sing them in Karaoke(:P), and writing Emails to my friends.

I wrote so much! Last thing, I would like to ask readers. How do you use BBC website to learn English? Shall we share the ideas? It would help us learn more about your way of learning and exploring this website! I usually check some articles, especially about Japan, and see how they cover us and how we look from foreign countries. Also I like the episode of 'flatmates' from learning English websites. This always teachs me many expressions.
Please let me know of your ideas!

Best regards,
Yumi x

Dear Amy, could you please teach me the difference of 'begin' and 'start'? I looked up the dictionary but they seem to have the same meanings. I would like to ask if these words have the formal or informal meanings. Thank you so much for your kindness in advance.

Dear Sandra, you asked us what 'san' is. We use 'san' in formal or business scenes when we call someone. It works like 'Mr/Ms', but we use 'san' regardless of sex. I am sure you will be called Sandra-san when you come to Japan! :)

Korean Palace

These days Korean food is very popular in Japan too! Doesn't it look yummy? Jen, I hope this motivates you to travel in Korea:)

This was the HangGang river at night with friends! loads of fun!!!

Wednesday, 15 August 2007

Idiom 'you have made your bed and you must lie in it'

Good evening!

Dear Amy, Thank you so much for correcting my answers. Some of the sentences you mentioned were exactly what I was wondering...Here are my answers. Please have a look.
PS: I like your name too. I thought people in English speaking countries named after the sound or pronunciation. Yes, we also have the name book and it also refers the number of the lines in Kanji character. Some people think the number of the lines matters fortune or luck. Please take care Amy.

1*I asked friends how you think if my name were 'Yummy'.
`think` should be replaced by `thought'.

2*I did not want to have the potato's name for myself!!!!!!!!
'the potato's name' should be replaced by 'the name of the potato'. Otherwise I'd better change 'for myself' but I have no idea about preposition.

3*Have a nice day for everyone!:)
I should avoid 'for'.

4*When I was 12 years
I should say '12 years old'.

5*We learn much of grammar, reading and writing skills
I should say 'much more about grammer, reading and writing skills'.

6*Though I learnt alphabet in elementary school
'I should say 'however' instead of ' though'.

7*I am very impressed to the comment from Yosuke san, who is the teacher in Junior high. (2 mistakes)
'the teacher' should be replaced by 'a teacher', 'Junior high' should be 'a junior high'.

8*Usually I check some English websites, listen to English songs, sing them in Karaoke(:P), and writing Emails to my friends.
I should say 'write'! sorry, it was 'careless-mistake';

9*How do you use BBC website to learn English?
I have no idea about this sentence. Should I use different verb?

Last thing, I would like to write about the verb 'lay', which Amy mentioned yesterday.
Have you heard of the song 'Irreplaceable'? In the last part of this song, there is a sentence as follows :
'you can pack all your stuff we finished
cause you made your bed now lay in it'

I though the last sentence would be idiom and looked it up in the dictionary. It said 'you've made your bed and you must lie in it'. Is this the difference you mentioned between UK and US?

Thank you for the comments everyone. I will reply you soon.

Good night and have a nice day!

Yumi x

Thursday, 16 August 2007

Vegitarian in Japan

Good morning everyone,

How are you today? I am good:) But yesterday I slept before blogging!! That's why I am writing now...In the morning, I wish it were saturday but it's still friday ;;
Just one more day to go for weekend, so now I have to cheer up myself!

Dear Amy, I thought I would answer the vocabulary which you gave me yesterday, but I will try it next time... There's no dictionary now and I thought it was not good to write wrong meanings here. Thank you for the photo of Ed in India gate!!! I also went there 3 years ago so it looked very familiar with me! Please tell my best regards to your family.

Back to my blog today, I would like to write about vegitarians in Japan.. I found it very difficult to be a vegitarian here, as we do not have any religious restriction. I have no Japanese friends who are vegitarian. Just some people do not like meat so they avoid eating it, but usually most of our main dish are fish or meat.

Yesterday I had a dinner with my work friends and thought about vegitarian here. I have never seen vegitarian menu in Japan, which I sometimes found in foreign countries, so it must be difficult to be vegitarian here. We have the areas that many people from overseas live, and I think you can get the vegitarian foods. I think you can get Haral foods in Tokyo as well, but honestly I am not sure where it is. Given the people from overseas are increasing nowadays, I think there are some shops or restaurants have the vegitarian foods. However, for Japanese, it is not popular.

I heard the news in the morning that tells the earthquake in Peru. I hope everything there is okay... That's it for now. Have a good day:)


Friday, 17 August 2007

Tokyo photos

Dear Amy, All the readers,

Good evening! I am finally done for this week and weekend has come! :) woo!
Amy, I am sorry that I will do the homework tommorrow as I have to wake up early. I did find so many mistakes AFTER I posted. Sometimes I had no time to correct so I just left(*1) them! I apologize to you for it.. Could you do me a favor(*2)? I would like to ask 3 questions for this time.
*1 Is 'left' correct in this sentence? I'm always confused by 'leave'.
*2 Can I say 'Could you do me some favors?' ?? Also, could you tell me other expressions when I would like to ask something to the people?
*3 Is 'distribute' correct? I thought I should have chosen another word, but I had no idea.
Thank you so much for your kindness. If you find mistakes, please let me know.

Dear Readers, thank you for the kind comment to me! I will reply in this weekend so that we can communicate again-:)

As I do not have much time now, I would like to show my photos I took recently. Please have a look!!

This is Akihabara, which is famous for its Anime/Manga culture. I went there last week as I needed to go to the branch here.

Have you heard of 'Maid Cafe'? There are quite a few coffee shops and the girls who wear the maid clothes will serve you. She is distributing(*2) the ads of the 'Maid Cafe'.

I found small shrine near the branch in Akihabara. On the street, you might find these small shrine, which enshrine local god. I felt as if I were in the different place. Akihabara is really unique for its Anime culture and electricity shops which usually offer the cheapest price in Japan. I could say it is scordid. However I found this small shrine and felt very opposite.

Lastly, let me show my sisters. Yukari, Yuriko, and Yumiko!:)

Sunday, 19 August 2007

Homework 2

Dear Amy and readers,

I am sorry that I still did not reply you. I was busy in this weekend and I have a work tommorrow. In Japan we call it Sazae-san syndrome, which means, every sunday everyone get nervous thinking of monday morning!
Do you have this kind of word?
So i will just go for homework. I will reply you as soon as possible, when i have time!!! Thank you for the kind comment again!


Over here we’ve just had *1* *the* nice relaxing day off work to celebrate India’s 60th Independence Day. In Delhi it is celebrated every year by *2* *an* event at *3**the* Red Fort which is *4**the* huge old fort in *5**the* north of the city. *6**The* new president *7* (*a* woman – hurrah!) did *8**na* speech although I haven’t yet heard what she said because we don’t have *9**a* TV. There is also usually *10**the* commemoration at *11**the* monument called ‘India Gate’ near *12**the* eternal flame which burns all day and all night to remember *13**the* soldiers who have died while fighting for *14**na* India. All *15**the* shops and markets all over *16**the* city are closed, which is very rare. There is also *17**a* big tradition of *18**the* kite-flying on independence day – people fly *19**na* kites while standing on their (flat!) roofs and try to knock each other’s kites out of *20**the* sky! It’s all very good-natured though.

When I write something, I always get confused with 'a/an' and 'the'. I tend to use 'the' more often than 'a/an', because I always feel the thing/word is already specified. Thanks for your care, Amy!

Good night everyone. Talk to you tommorrow.


Monday, 20 August 2007

Beyonce again!

Good evening everyone,

First of all, I am so sorry that I could not reply to you in the past weekend. I was busy organizing birthday & farewell party for my friend, going for dance, and having reunion dinner with friends. It was really fun but I was so tired in the Monday morning :-( I will be very careful not to blink my eyes when I'm working!

Amy, thank you so much for all the kind answers. I would like to reply you about the word 'distribute'. I wanted to disbribe the girl, wearing maid clothes, trying to pass the ads of her maid cafe. That's why she was reaching her hands to someone. Should I say ' She tries to give a piece of advertisement of her cafe.' ? Or can I use other verbs, which could express this 'move' with one word??
One more thing, I would like to ask one thing about beyonce lylics. I would appreciate it if you kindly answer to me.


Yes, Beyonce comes again in my mind, bringing good & interesting question from Sevinc from Turkey. Thanks Sevinc, I realized my mistake (or maybe her mistake?) of English.

On the Friday blog, I said ' Now I'm done for this week! '. And Sevinc ( sorry, actually i'm not sure if you are guy or girl! could you please let me know?) told wrote the comment and asked why I was using 'am in this sentence.
'I am done' is passive sentence so it should not work.

I learnt this expression from the song 'Listen' and Beyonce sang the lyric as follows : 'Now I'm done believeing you'.
At first I thought 'I've done beliebing you', but the lyric showed 'I'm done'. I listened to the music, and heard she was singing ' I'm'.
Now I think 'I'm done ' should be replaced by 'I've done'. !!!!!

Back to what I did tonight....
Today I booked a flight to Korea for holiday!!! whooooooo! It's been a year since the last time I got out of my motherland, Japan just for holiday! I once flew for my job, but it was never ever fun at all, because I had to work even if(*1) I was in a foreign city and sightseeing tempted me so much during my work!!!! haha! Anyway, it was first time for me to book a flight using with my flyer miles. It was so convenient to book so I was positively surprised! well,,, I wish I became really rich somday and flew everywhere using with my flyer miles, which I got from shopping. --- This sounds like shoppaholic or some advertisements! Obviously I should NOT do!

(*1) : Should I avoid 'if' in that sentense? Because I actually did this thing so it was not the right situation to use 'if'.
Could you do me a favor, Amy? Please teach me to use 'even' in a samrt way, if we have chance.

Tuesday, 21 August 2007

My neighborhood

Good evening everyone!

First of all, dear Amy, thank you so much for your comments on my homework. It was very interesting to read your comments explaining why you use indifinite words. I have never thought them in that way - you think there are lots of nice days so you use indifinite word. I got the point where I made a mistake. Usually I think something is special / specified so I should use definite word.
For example, in the sentence *1, I thought it was the only one nice working day off celebrating India's 60th independence day. 'India's 60th independece day' is the factor which specifed the day, so I used 'the'. Now I think I'd better learn from the case and memorize the way of use. Thank you!

Here are the homework for today. Please kindly have a look.

I was very impressed **by** him.
It looked very familiar **to** me.
I am quite familiar **with** his work.
It varies **from** country to country.
It varies **between** countries.
I think you should speak **to** him about it.

I found 'familiar' difficult because both of them from the quiz had the same meanings.It depends on the subjects, doesn't it?

Amy, could you do me a favor again? Our customers from the States will come to visit us tommorrow and we will have dinner on Friday. It's a shame but I am better in speaking Enliglish than anyone else from my team. So I am again organizing the dinner with 3 customers and 4 of us. So would you please teach me the formal expressions or those which I can use in that situation?
Today, I made a (*1) reservation for the restaurant on the 42nd floor, which I hope we can enjoy the view at night!. I hope they like it. However I am a bit nervous again! It is so difficult to entertain guests(*2)!

Talking about my neighborhood, I live in Saitama, not Tokyo. It is the residential area and there are many houses instead of apartment ones. My house is facing the railroad, so it is a bit loud. When I first lived here 12 years ago, I was very surprised that it was so loud, and sometimes the land shook like earthqueake(!) because many trains were passing by. Thanks god, 12 years here made me get used to it.
There is the river near from our place, I seriously forgot the name though. It is not really clean becasue of the many houses around, but it's stll nice to see the river and some small flowers along it.
Compared to Tokyo, I could say more young kids live here and it is very typical in a residential area. No wonder, usually dads go for work and childrean stay here and go to the school.
Well,,,, obviously your area sounds much nicer! It's nice to hear Deligh is much clearer than I thought.

That's the end of my blog today. I almost sleep in front of my laptop, trying to keep my fingers typing! Now I decide its time to sleep! Have a good night & sweet dreams everyone.

Ciiiiiiiiao x


Wednesday, 22 August 2007

Business English, which annoyed me so much..........

Hi everyone & Amy!

Dear Amy, thank you for your kind answers as always. Well, I'd have to talk about my story in the states at work. I went to business trip with my boss in February. I did not know 'business Enlish' very much. However I thought I should had been more friendly rather than formal. So I always said 'hi / hello' instead of formal words to the people in the US branch. After the trip, my boss told me very seriously that 'You should not use 'Hi/Hello' to other people in business. You are not a studnet any more!'. I got angry VERY MUCH, because I did not think he could speak English better than me. I was snobbish at that time after the trip for 2 weeks. It was too long for me.

Now I think he was right. (haha. I hope I did grow up!!!) The way he said might have been mean, but I admit being in the wrong at that time. I should have stopped talking like a student....><

Here in Japan, we always have formal use of Japanese in a business scene. However we Japanese sometimes say that English does not have that kind of formal expression like Japanese, so it is easy to speak if you have enough command of English. I believed it before......

But now I do think English also has the right expression in a business / formal scene. Here goes the expression I know so please have a look ,but I am not sure if it is correct or not. Dear Amy, could you please let me know?

-You can say 'How do you do?', when you ask him/her condition in business scene. It can be replaced by 'How are you?'.
-You can say ' What do you do?' in a business scene, when you would like to ask him/her job.

Are they all correct?? These conversation remeinds me of what I was taught in the first year in the junior high school. I mean it really is simple!

Secondly, I have the impression that peple who are native speakers use 'would' or 'could' with one verb. I have second example for it.
- I would like to do dance.
- You could have dinner there.
Are these more formal than to use 'will/can'? How do you think?

Amy, I would appreciate it if you have spare time for me. I will keep on learning from you.:)

Have you heard of 'onigiri', which is the counterpart of Kim Bap in Korea? I am surprised that Amy, you liked it that much. For me, these are nice and tasty but sometimes it is too simple! Maybe I already had it too much-:( I feel like it is just some rice with lever and always same lol! However, I love this kind of rice with some stuff, for example, a one with plum, soba, tempura or meat inside. There are so many around the clock shops in Japan, esp Tokyo, so you can pick whenever & whatever you want! I could say the most popular one here would be salmon or tuna with mayyonaise.

It is sad that I did not have much time to explain it to you. However, I hope we will have a talk someday over nice meal!!:)

Yumi x

Thursday, 23 August 2007

random replies

Dear Amy and everyone,

Good evening! How was the day today? Today,,,, I actually instructed the stuff to the people in the other dept. which our department is now doing and I should have been able to talk and taught them in a better way. As today was first time to do that for me, my boss kindly allowed my all the mistakes and he gave me help in perfect timing. I really appreciated him today and was ashamed of myself - I can not do anything about work by myself and I should work much harder to understand all the stuff related to me. It will be a long way to achieve, but hopefully, one day I will.

Dear Amy, you should come visit Japan and Korea at the same time! It must be interesting to see differences and resemblance. No need to say, you can enjoy the food as well! Here has a very traditional vegitarian for buddhists, which is made from Soy bean.
Answering your first task, I think 'hand out' would be replaced by 'distribute'.

I have one sentence which I would like to ask. I would appreiciate it if you kindly answer as always....Thank you in advance.

-I tend to use 'the' more often than 'a/an'.
-I prefer using 'the' to 'a/an'"

Should I use the word 'prefer'? To be honest, I am not very good at using the word 'prefer' - it was the word which I got in the quiz in high school, and I always made a mistake. let me ask one more....

-I prefer to drink orange juice rather than have orange itself.
-I prefer drinking orange juice to having orange itself.

In the senteces above, the reason I should use 'rather than' is, I said 'prefer to drink' so that 'to + verb' will cause repetition of 'to'?

Last thing, could you please give me the advice how I could pick the way of speaking / writing in a formal way? Do you think I should read difficult books or magazines to brush up my English for business scene?
Amy, thank you again!

Here are some replies to you. Let's communicate :)

Sevinc>Honestly I thought you are a guy. I am sorry but it is always difficult to tell someone's gender only by name. Japanese also have grammatical jender but never had the idea to use words which makes the sentence equal - like s/he, or it instead of him. Apparently it is because we are more concervative than English.

Ana paula>Thank you for your kind comments as always. I read your blog which was about Caqui, and found very interesting. I never thought you had. Have you ever tried dried-caqui before? It is the goody in winter in Japan. I love it so much! Hope you will come to Japan someday--- would love to have you here.

Tony>I am not sure b/c I am not a native English speaker. Actually the reason I chose 'tend' was the direct translation from Japanese to English. So it might be the reason it sounded odd to you... How do you think?

Silwar Kishor> Thank you for your advice. Yes, I also realize my task for improving my English. Would you please tell me what kind of book you read usually? and would you give me any advice for me? I would appreciate it if you kindly answer.

Good night everyone:)

Saturday, 25 August 2007

business dinner

Good eveing everyone,

Now sunday is coming here. How do you do? I am relaxing with listening to music and blogging.

As I told you before, I had business dinner yesterday to entertain the visitors from US branch. I read the previous entries of mine, and felt embarrassed because I was so nervous; Anyway, let me talk about it!

In the morning, my boss told me that he would not go to the dinner because he had a stomachache. Honestly I thought he should have not. He invited them for dinner and they spared time for him! well, I would say that after I got promotion!

After work I went to the hotel by train to pick up the visitors, and we went to the restaurant by taxi! haha. It's always nice to visit someone for business, not to host! Our taxi crawled through the jammed traffic because it was friday night.
Other people from my dept. already sat in the seats in the restaurant when we arrived. We let the visitors have seats in which they could show the beautiful view!:) The visitors were all excited to see the view from the 46th floor! I wish I had had a same seat.

As I was the organizer, I did everything, and it was 'well done' from self evaluation. I asked them what they would like to have, ordered drink, and served food to them. We could see Tokyo tower, Tokyo bay, high-ways which run through tall buildings. If it is the lunch time and clear day, you can see Mt. Fuji! Luckily they'd been to Tokyo tower for sightseeing before our meeting, so they reminded Tokyo tower and talked about it to us:)

Food was very nice. There's no denying that beautiful view decorated the good food as well. Here I would like to show the menu..

-Vegitables seasoned with Dashi soup
-Cold Tofu with dried bonito flakes (love it!)
-Japanese pancake with Kimchi(Korean pickles) and Octpus
-Sashimi (squid, tuna, and snapper)
-Grilled Chicken with Nagoya style
-Shabushabu (boiled pork and cabbage)
-Jyuwari Soba noodle (means Soba made from 100% soba flour)
-Japanese citrus icecream!(yam)

I wanted to have snapper but the other boss took the rest!!!! ahhh! I could say 'Having a spite because of the food will last for some time' quoted from a saying in Japan. I am just kidding though. Snapper is my favorite but I will wait for next time.

One of the visitors from US liked Sake very much. I ordered it 3 times for him, and we asked the label to take it back. The waiter put the label to the paper like a page of an album! We were very pleased to have that:) It was nice memory.

They said thank you to us many times, and liked the view and food so much! I am sure the dinner was very successful. Dear Amy, thank you for telling me some expressions. I will write back to you again in the weekend:)

I will talk to you later! See you and have a nice weekend:)

Sunday, 26 August 2007


Good evening everybody!

A new week will start soon and this means my blog will end soon too. So I would like to reply as many readers as possible.

Dear Amy & Ana Paula> My favourite Onigiri / KimPab is salmon frake, plum, or kelp flavoured with Soy sauce and sweet Sake for seasoning! However, the best seller in Japan would be Tuna with mayonaise, I guess. I like noodle too! Soba is always my favourite!:)

Captineconomist> Thanks for the comment. I also thought he exaggerated what I said. However, he was really conservative, so he said it by heart. well, he is my boss so I do not want to have an unnecessary fight!

Wencan> Thanks for shooting a comment to me. nice to meet you!

Trang>Oh, were you sad before you read the blog? I would like to say the word which my grandma told me : 'The dawn is always breaking. You can't go against but you can do your best.' I did not wanna make this comment too serious though. Anyway let's brush up English for both of us!

Mauricio> I agree with you! I like to live in a big city but hate noise and many people! Today I went to Shibuya, where it is alwasy crowded with many school kids, and totaly fed up! It is nice you live in a place you can hear the voice of birds. Good place for living.

Wisarut>You live in Northeast? I only know Chennai for the name of the northern part of Thailand; I've been to Thailand and loved the beautiful sea & nature. It's also interesting to see how lively Bankok is. Take care x

Pilar> Thanks for the wish for my trip:D) Actually,,,, I still did not talk anything about it with my boss. But I already booked! hehe, I think it is the best way to
ask days away from the company and achieve my holiday! haha.

Tony> Here is the quick reply for me. Apologies for short sentense. *1: my English-English dictionay has the sample sentense : She is busy practising for the school concert. *2:This is conversational word. Please look the dictionary by yourself. *3:Please look my previous entry and you can find 'get out of'. I intended to emphasize the phrase. *4: I did not find 'foreignal' in my dictionary. 'foreign' is adjective so it was correct.

Ahmed> Thanks, now I understood how the sentense works. Your explanation is certainly correct and it is same as Amy told me. Thank you so much.

Ernesto> Thanks for the comment. Many people said I was in between Yukari and Yuriko. Nowadays, yes, three children here are really rare. Average birth rate, which shows how many childeren a woman in Japan have, is 1.3!! Scary.... How about the situation in Chile? Does your country also have Japanese-Chile people? Regards.

Zerdor> Thanks for the comment!

Adriana>Would you like me to explain Manga culture? or Do you have any specific question? In the blog, I wanted to say, I sometimes found people who like manga so much were a bit odd and crazy. Because I cannot imagine people over 20 years old like manga so much, do not care about their appearance, and buy figures or dolls of the characters! Can you understand what I am saying?? Anyway, thanks for the comment!

Sevinas> Answering your questions, these days we are good in relationship but when we were young, we sometimes had a fight like usual children. Having two sisters is nice, and I appreciate it to my parents,, BUT! I wanted to be younger one, not eledest child. I am not gealous of anything..We just wanna be taller than how tall we are now! I am 152 cm and think too small!!! Regards.

trantrungkien>Vegetarian means the people who avoid eating any meat. I do not think it is popular in Viet Nam though.

Sherzod>It does! Please help us studying how we can fortell disasters here. ig: Earthquake, Tsunami, or Eruptions....hehe! What do you precisely study/work for?

Adek>To be honest with you, I was not in a good mood last week, as I was busy and got stressed by work. Now I am good -- totally ready for new week! hehehe---. It will be Monday so Cheer up for both of us!

Tu Anh>Thanks for the comment. Well,,, I am not sure if our customs of the food are healthy. Because these days we eat lots of meet and, I think, Japanese like alcohol so much! I also heard the Vietnamese foods are healthy, using many kinds of vegetables. Regards

Liza> Thanks for the comment. Russia is located in cold area so I think there's no wonder that Russians eat meets very much especially for nutrition. I like the russian tea-- tea with jam!

Monday, 27 August 2007

It's even 25 degree, but still furnace here!

Good evening everybody!

Dear Amy, I am doing homework now. How do you think about this title? I hope it is correct! Because my room is facing west, it is even hot after it gets dark. Ah, I really wanna move somewhere cool! :P

Well, here goes my answers. Please kindly have a look...

1) Even if / though
-Even though the flowers are more expensive than if we bought them from a big market we still buy them
-even if it’s raining cats and dogs.

This means almost same as 'Although / though'. 'if' is conjunction and 'even' will emphasize 'if'.

2) even + verb
- Sometimes they even polish the vegetables and fruit to make them look more appealing.
-They even deliver it at the end of the day!
-they even pay you for it!!!
- He doesn’t even let you glance at the monkeys without asking you for some money!

In those sentences, 'even' emphasize the meaning of verbs.

3) even so
-Even so, I sometimes sneakily watch from my terrace

This is also conjunction. I think, in this sentence, 'even' itself works for conjunction. 'so' here means 'I don't really agree with making animals perform'.


Today, the guy in my dept. brought the souvenir from Fuji!!! You've heard Mt.Fuji? At the foot of Mt. Fuji, there is a factory which my company has and he worked there before. It sounds really nice that he could live there for 3 years, but he said it was very shocked. Because, at the time he joined the company, he did not know where he worked, and suddenly the company assgined him to work there. It is really usual for many Japanese companies though.
Anyway, what he brought to us was 'Monaka'. Luckily I've found the description in my Japanese-English dictionary:) Monaka is : a wafer cake filled with red or white bean jam. I made a cup of green tea in the office and had that for break. It was yummy!! I definitely prefer the red bean one with maron! :)

Amy, thanks for your kindness. I hope my answers are correct. Honestly I believe I have some mistakes, because I only manged to find 3 ways of using 'even'. I am looking forward to reading your reply.

Good night everyone!

the photo from internet

This is monaka. Can you guess how much calorie it has? It has only 80 kcal per monaka! I found it healthy... I will have it tommorrow if it is still left. hehe!

Best regards,

Tuesday, 28 August 2007


Dear everybody!

Good evening. Here you can already feel the autum, as the temperature got much cooler than before. We Japanese say fall is the season for study, food, sports or everything you would like to try :D

You might guess what yoneko is? Yoneko is my grandma's name, who already passed away 3 years ago. Around 10th to 15th is the season for praying the ancestors in Japan and that's why I always remember her recently. I learnt so much from her so let me have a talk.

She was born in Tokyo in 1925 and graduated women's school in 1941. After graduation she started work as an administrative staff in a company. I heard she wanted to work more, but the situation of the time did not allow her to do so. At the time before WW2, women usually got married before 18 years old. So her parents - grand grandparents of mine - made her married with my grandfather. A funny thing was, my grandaunt told me she was so angry at the wedding ceremony! My grandma, yoneko, wore the white Kimono for wedding, and walked there with big and rude footsteps and angry face! Even so she could not resist it, because children must not lose face of their parents. The other reason was -as you imagined, it was war time in Japan so she could not say that.

When I was a child, I sometimes asked her about the WW2. After I got into university, I traveled in China with my grandma and asked about it. But she always said she did not wanna talk about it, even not remember so I could not ask more. Still it was interesting to hear her life after WW2 - because I got to understand how Japan grew and developed as well.
In the end of the war, she was in Yokohama to avoid the bomb, and she was alone with her expecting baby and was even 19 years old! I was surprised by how strong and mature she was. She said all the people in Japan were very poor in the end of WW2. However she worked so hard for housework and rasing 4 children. She even told me that she slept only 4 hours every day to finish every daily work!
She told me one thing and I can not forget this word. 'the dawn is always breaking. You can not resist it but should try your best.' Everytime I remember this word, I feel I can understand her effort, hardship or everything she did. I am so grateful to her for telling me this story.

I am sorry that this blog is so serious. However it is one thing I would like to tell, and think it is interesting to know of older generation. It is almost history.

Dear Amy, would you be so kind to point my usage of 'even'? Or if you already finished blogging, it is okay. Thanks for your kindness as always.

Good night everybody!

Silwal> Thank you so much for your comment. Yes I briefly had a look at episodes of Manchester, I should go over though. The story of your childeren are very interesting. I will try more listening, which I am too lazy to do everyday. I hope you best wish for your family. I am sure your work attitude already made your english better. Regards,

Ana Paula> Glad to hear you are finally on vacation! I really wanna go to beaaaach tooo! It must be great to swim and play there, and see pretty-beautiful fishes. We might have caqui pie here but need to go to the fancy cake shop. ah, I'm getting hungry again, hehe! Hope you enjoy your vacation xxx

Adek> Thanks for the comment. I think you are very true. How to behave in line with that culture is even more important. I agree. Yes, I sometimes cover my mouth with hand, when I am laughing at something, or when I feel ashamed. Would you please let me know more about the behavior which you noticed? Thank you again for your helpful comment!

Sevinc> As far as I know, Korean also has the gramattical gender. I learnt Korean for 3 years so I wish it is right. happy week ahead for you!

Adriana> Well, I've worked just for a year and that's why it is difficult for me! I miss being a student but need to get used to my real life. Regards x

Annette> Thanks for the comment and nice to meet you! I am a bit relieved as I was not totally wrong. This BBC website has so many tips for English learners, so try exploring here. Best regards, yumi x

Pilar> I know how you felt when you found the email from your boss!!!! I also sent wrong emails sometimes. Apparently email is so convenient but dangerous as you can not make up when you have mistake! Don't worry so much, your boss will understand your situation. What is more, she would be also Spanish, who has the generous character. I hope your luck for new work environement:)

Wednesday, 29 August 2007

sleep sleep...

Dear Amy, and all the readers!

Good evening. I am surprised that I only have 3 days left including today! Now I am thinking what I have missed in this blog... However it is too late to think about, as it is almost 1am here! Give me sometime.

Amy, thanks for the kind comment. I agree that I did not really understand the word 'even'. I am embarrased;:;

1st sentence..
But she always said she did not wanna talk about it, even not remember so I could not ask more.
My answer:
But she always said she did not wanna talk about it. She did not even wanna remember So I could not really ask anymore to her.

2nd sentence
She even told me that she slept only 4 hours every day to finish every daily work!

First of all I wanted to highlight the fact that she managed to sleep only 4 hours! So I think this should have been as follows.
Here's an answer :
She told me that she even slept only 4 hours every day to finish all the daily work.

Sorry I am too sleepy to think over and answer. I will write to you again if I have chance and figure it out.
Instead of writing blog, I will get a photo on and make my blog *finish/finished tonight.

Dear Amy, please let me ask the last question... In the above sentense, should I use 'finish' or 'finished'? Honestly I think both work for this sentense. Still I am wondering if 'bare verb' could only go after the person. Because 'my blog' can not finish by itself, and 'my blog' can be 'finished' by someone, I think I'd better use finished. Thank you so much for all the kind answers.

By the way, I like your photo so much!!! They all look very nice! I really wanna have my family:) Here in Japan, the average age of getting married is 28 years old for woman (I think). Is it too old or not? How do you think? I would appreciate if someone let me know the situation in your country and leave a comment on it!

I was so random today, sorry. Thanks for reading:)

good night x

I loved this place. I did feel great culture, method, way of thinking or everything. I was glad to have chance to visit there and grateful to my friends who took me there.

Thursday, 30 August 2007

once upon a time when I was a student!

Dear everybody!

First of all, Dear Amy. I read my yesterday's blog and surprised there was no consistence.... I honestly wrote a blog with sleeping... haha, that's so funny.
I will change a little about my answer to use 'even'. Please kindly have a look. Thank you in advance. I hope you had a good day today and enjoy the dinner with your family!:)

It's already 30th and I only have 2 days for my blog life!!! I noticed I did not write about myself, esp, the time when I was in school. So decided to write about it.

When I was a student, it's a shame but I was always 'Last minute person'. In my high school, all the scores was decided by the marks in the paper examinations. Performances or participations in the class did not even matter to it at all. So I always tried studying hard right before examinations. Then, I sometimes slept with opening my note book and trying to write something. You know what happens next? I found bad hand writing but slept again after 10 miniutes! I went over my note book and found it was not even hand writing. It looked like some old characters. haha. Did anyone have an experience like this?

I could say entrance exams to the university was toughest for the students ( when I was in school though... The situation might be different nowadays.)
So after I graduated high school, I felt like I enjoyed my student life SO MUCH! I belonged to the dance activities club and had stages with frinends. I also joined the discussion forum with Korean students, and the friends made me motivate for exchange study. I enjoyed the univ-student life:)

After the graduation of univ, I sometimes talk about the life nowadays with friends from Univ. We always say 'Real life finally came! We felt we can not even remember the student life, although it was just a year ago!'. I just would like to say, I sometimes miss being a student so badly but so suddenly.

If you are still a student, please do not worry about work life! Yes, I do think it is a real life and student life was VERY special! However you will learn many things from people or your work itself, and new things will always be happened. It really is different from student life so that's why I miss that time! hehe!!

I'm off to my bed now. Did you notice I tried using 'even' in the blog? It was not really successful though. 'Even' is always difficult for me>