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December 2006

Friday, 01 December 2006

Chapter 24. Changes in life.

Hello there.

Today is the 1st of December. The beginning of the new month and the new season. The life is being changed.
The weather is changing. Instead of rain and mud we had month ago when I started my blogging, at the moment we have snow and ice (though sleet has remained :) ) We have to change our wardrobe. From today we have bus tickets price increased. A sad change. Not the only one. The trade center I wrote about three weeks ago is about to be closed.

The surrounding world inevitably varies. How do you mostly treat it, positively or negatively? How do you cope with it? Try to adapt yourself or not? Of course, life without changes is boring. When my life remains still for a significant period I provoke some disturbance of space around me. Instant change of an environment forces organisms to improve itselves. (If you believe the Darvin theory :) ) On the other hand expecting negative changes causes stress and other psychological diseases. Do you suffer this? Sometimes I do. And it's the hardest thing to resist to. I wonder if there is some technics to neutralize negative thoughts.

It seems that common vector of changes throughout the whole human history is positive. A standard of living has improved dramatically since the time when our ancestors depicted mammothes on the walls of their caves. Practically, we now have not to fight for food and for safe life. Most of our time we spend for communication and what is especially wonderfull we can communicate with all over the world. On the other hand science fiction writers predict the technological disaster as a result of the progress. Do you agree with them? I don't. But there is a nuance. For instance, the situation like those described in 'The Matrix' movie, when the vast majority of humans lives in the Matrix, I tend to consider as a positive result of the evolution. If there would be the choice for me I would choose the blue pill. :) What do you think about all this?

And there one more change we are all expecting now. Tomorrow I'm going to write my last blog and the next week we'll see the new portrait at the blog header. I hope this change won't be sad.:)


Saturday, 02 December 2006

Epilogue. Farewell.

Hello there.

Here my time is up. This has been a wonderful challenging month for me of blogging at BBC Learning English. And a real milestone in my life. I hope my writing skill has raised for at least one score point. :) It was useful and interesting for me and I hope for all of you also.

First of all, let me thank BBC Learning English team for such a great possibility of accessing the worldwide service of studying English. And personally Willaim Kremer for contacting me. I'd like to thank Tricia Thorlby, my teacher co-blogger, for her patience in reading and analysing my opuses and for her helpful patterns and pieces of advice . I'd like to thank all the people who weren't shy to write the comments to my posts. And I'd like to thank my family to support me in this uneasy task.

I hope I won't disappear but proceed write here as a commentator, like many other previous bloggers. It is possible that I shall even write another blog somewhere in the vast space of the Internet, so try to google my name after while and there is a chance you'll know anything new. But now I'm looking forward to met the new student and the new teacher bloggers. And at last let me wish all of you the best and to say:

Good-Bye, Arrivederci, Au revoir, aufWiedersehen, Hasta la Vista, Dovizhdane, Do videnia, Do widzenia, Zai jian, Itte kimasu, and specially for runet audience (if any) - "moped ne moi, ia prosto razmestil ob'iavu" :)

Sincerely yours, Alex Mosky. Nizhny Novgorod, Russia.

Monday, 04 December 2006

Goodbye and Hello


Thank you so much for all of your interesting posts in November. As an English learner, you are at an advantage because you have so much to say and are clearly eager to communicate with other learners of the language. I know that our audience has found some of your posts very useful to their own studies. I do hope you follow through on your promise to continue visiting our blog as a 'commentator.' Everyone here at BBC Learning English wishes you the best of luck with your future studies.

And now, it's time to welcome December's student blogger. I'll leave it for Federico to introduce himself, but let me just say that he's from a completely different part of the world...

All the very best

BBC Learning English

Tuesday, 05 December 2006

Chapter 1: Hello!!!

Hello Stephen:

My name is Federico, I am 25, I am from Peru, a country in South America. I live in Lima, which is the capital of Peru but I was born in Talavera, a little town in the south of Peru; where I have lived for eigthteen years.
I am living on Lima the most of my time nonetheless I always travell a lot for work.I am a Mine Engeenier, I have worked in a gold mine for two years and now I am working in another gold project.

I spend the mos of my time travelling and I like reading a lot, specially detective and fiction books, like G. K. Chesterton, Borges, Cortazar and Riveyro`s books. Also I like listening to music, and watching films. In the mornings I always ride my cycle, about 45 minutes, then I prepar my breakfast, some yogurt, toasts and jam and sometimes a healthy soup.

I live near the city center, in a little flat, I live alone, after have a breakfast, I have to go to work so I have to take a bus, I can not stand traffic in Lima, is very awful, I always get stuck for one hour at least. I used to go by bike, but since I have had an accident, I do not do it.

The public transport is very uncomfortable, specially in the mornings, there are a lot of little buses called "combis". These buses are very little, they have 20 siits as maximum but they always carry 30 o 35 people like a can of sardines.

I am in Ayacucho now, one of the oldests and most importants cities of Peru.
I am going to go to a little mine called Castrovirreyna, and I have to take the bus from here tomorrow early in the mornig, I will stay 4900 meters above the sea. Trip will take 4 hours, and I am going to stay two days. then I will come back to Lima.

Well, tomorrow, I will have much more time, so I will write more about me and my country`s life and as you said, December is a important month all over the world, here in Peru there will be particularly ways to celebrate Christmas and New Year so we will have a lot of things to tell us about that.

I am Looking forward to reading and hearing about you.

with best wishes.


Chapter 2: Castrovirreyna

Hello my dears friends:
Something about Mines
I think you are interested to hear more about my work, so I will tell. Working in mines is quite dangerous so you have to be very carefully and safetly. Firstly, you must wear safety clothes, like helmet, belt, gloves, glasses, electric lamp with a big batery included and a special device use to protect you hear from big noises. Every mornig o nigth, depend on wich time you work, you have to wear like an alien. Then a bus take me and workers to the mine. The mine is underground, 600 meters underground, so is very dark and hot.If you do not have lamp you could not see anything, you only would be blind. There is a lot of tunnels like a labyrinth, you are sorrounded by rock, only rocks. You always must be alert and focus on work. If you are carefully, you will never have accidents.
Many people ask me about the gold, of course, Usually, the gold can not see easily because is in very little particles, but sometimes, if you are lucky man, you will see little pieces of natural gold, incrusted on quartz. I have seen natural gold three times since I have worked. It is very beautiful and it has a special brigth in the darkness.
Now as I said in my last post, I am working in another gold project. I working for a explorer Company, so I do not have to go inside the ground, I work on the ground for a while.


I wake up at 4:30 am today, then I went to informal bus station. I ate a soup while I waited for a bus. Stephen, as you climbing up the The Kilimanjaro, I tried to get some tips for avoid altitude sickness called " SOROCHE" in Peru. Of course I used to altitude, but sometimes I need help to keep me well because Lima is in level of sea. One advice get from a eldery woman was, If I wanted avoid Soroche, I would have a delicious head soup. As you have read, " head soup", which is a very popular meal in the mountains. You only need a sheep`s head or maybe a cow´s head, I do not like eat the head but the soup is extremly tasty and full of energy. So I had my head´s soup before start the trip.

At 5:30 I was travelling to Castrovirreyna, the oldest Silver´s Mine of Peru. I tried to sleep, but I could not because the bus was crowded.
Two hours later, we arrived to a little town called Santa Ana. All the passangers go out of the bus, to get some fresh air, but the weather was cloudy and rainny so we had to stay in a house, a little house. This town belong to Huancavelica, the poorest region in Peru. All the houses are made of "ADOBE" wich is a big brick make of mud, clay and vegetal fibres called "ICHU" and dry by the sun. The most of houses have onlly one room, wich is use like living, kitchen, and bedroom.

The bus driver started to call us, we had to continue our trip. the bus started to go up by muddy road, I tried to sleep again but I had felt sick, I had took a pill but it did not work. Three hours later, we finally arrived to castrovirreyna, it was snowing and cold, very cold. I left my rucksack in my bedroom and I went to office.

My boss suggested me that I had to take a rest, because tomorrow will be a hard day. I am feelling a little bit sick now, all around Castrovirreyna is snow and mist, I only can see 20 meters around. I only want safe and war place, so I will go to my bedroom and try to sleep.

Well, tomorrow I am going to continue with the blog, and I hope it will sunny or without mist unless.

the best wishes.


Thursday, 07 December 2006

A hard day

Hello my dears friends:

Today, was a hard day. The day was foggy and cold, I am wearing lots of warm-clothes. Two shirts, a sweater and a thick coat. Well, my job seems dangerous, but it does not it at all. I spend the whole day in front a computer, I had to input work`s data to a Minning Software. I am working with softwares now.
But, when I was working in the gold mine, my day was completely different.
When you are working on tunnels, you have to have lunch at 11.00 in the morning. Then you have to put your " safety clothes" and go to underground.
The workers usually have are divided in couples. A couple works in a special zone, where there is gold. There is another group of workers called "operators" which drives heavy machinery to collect mineral and carry it to a process plant.
I have to try organize this process but I am not alone, there are more engeeniers with me. As Stephen said, there are loud explosions from the blasting but there a more loud sounds inside; when the workers drilling holes on the rock with neumatic drilling machines the sound is very loud, there are also big fans which the machine´s smoke is drive to the surface and they make loudy noises.
And of course, you have not to suffer claustrophobia because you cant stand this work. The work day usually starts at 12 .00 noon and ends at 9 00 pm, and if you are in the second group, your work starts at 11.00 pm and ends at 8.00 am. Luckily I am working only on surface now.

The most of mines are in the mountains and the poorest people live there.
There is a small town called Castrovirreyna around the mine, where the workers live with their family. Women are not allowed to work in the mine so they with their children stay at home, or take sheeps to graze.
At lunch time, I went to the town, there were people playing football in a small ground. I wondered how does they play 4900 meters above the sea? I tried to get some tips for avoid altitude sickness but everything talk about soups, coca leaf anything new for me. But I noticed that the most of people here, do not smoke it would be the secret?

Tomorrow I am going to come back to Lima, home, sweet home, I will have much more time to write and ride my cycle. I love riding cycles whereas is very dangerous riding bikes in Lima. I usually go to a big park where cars are not allowed to entry so it is a quite place to ride.

I glad to read Ana´s comment, Ana you are rigth, you have mentioned the best South American`s writes. Borges is my favourite but Cortazar and Gracía Marquez are very good too. And as she said, Peruvian typicall clothes are often colourful...

Well, I have to continue with my work, as I said lines above, I will have much time in Lima to write. It`s very difficult focus on write when you are working.
Sorry about that, I will do better when I stay at home.

See you soon and have a nice day.

Friday, 08 December 2006

Chapter 4: A normal day

Hello there

I am at home, finally, the day is sunny and hot, the summer is coming to Lima. I am glad to be here, I have just had lunch, grill chicken and vegetables and a ice beer. This is life, isn’t it? I arrived at eleven am. First, I went to my office, left my equipment and then I went to have lunch. This weekend will be very long, it started yesterday and it will finish on Sunday. Why? Because is the Maria Virgin’s Day, the most popular Virgins in Peru. Many people don’t work today, the most of them try to go to the countryside or a weekend get away so the city is empty and it will be a great opportunity to ride cycle trough the city.

Well, I think Stephen you are a football fan, I was a football fan too until my favourite team went to the Amateur league but now it seems that Municipal ( my team) will come back to the Professional league, I am waiting for it because I want to go to matches again. I am sorry Stephen, but my favourite team is Manchester United when I see The Premier League.

Someone ask me about hot underground, I try to explain clearly: The Mines are usually cold inside, because there is a lo of water, they are in the top of mountains o things like that but there are some mines which are hot, very hot inside. Why? Because in these mines exist a mineral called Pyrite, this mineral radiates hot so the environment is hot too. But work in metal mines is much more safely than coal mines, because coal mines produce a dangerous gas which can explode anytime.

I do not like living in Lima but I have to do, Lima is a big city, it has about 8 million of people. It is seated in the central coast of Peru, near the sea. The weather is very humid cloudy and cold the most of year and very hot in summer. In fact we only have three or four sunny months and the most of the year is cloudy and grey. It is quite depressed for me, I like sun. I live near the sea, 30 minutes from the sea, when I have time, I like riding cycle along the shore, it is very relaxing.

I can imagine the celebration in my town. This day, there is a big celebration in Talavera. The park would be full of people; usually there are dances and food in front of church, There are a band of musicians each corner. At 4 00 pm, Maria Virgin, come out of the church, many people carry her, and music is turned off and all people surround the Virgin. Then she is carry around the park and many streets, and crowd follow her, praying, singing and throwing flowers wherever she pass. Then The Virgin come back to the church, and the celebration starts. Usually people drink a lot of beer, there are fireworks everywhere.

But there is a particularly dance which bring my attention: Scissors Dancer, is a typical dance of the south of Peru. This dance is involved a great tradition, and only special people can dance it. Tomorrow I will tell more about this.

Well is a great pleasure read your blog Stephen, and of course the comments are very interesting too. Now I am going to go to my girlfriend house, We are going to see a movie called “ Reservoir Dogs” by Quentin Tarantino, I like watching Tarantino`s films or films like that. My girlfriend hate my Films preferences, She said that Woody Allen or Kubric are boring, but I try to keep her safe from Hollywood films, because they are really boring, superfluous and don’t have the criticism quote about our society which the bests films have.

I am looking for hear and read more about you and ours readers.

With the best wishes.

Monday, 11 December 2006

Chapter 5: Holidays!!!!!!

Hello there:

I did not write on Saturday and Sunday so I feel guilty for it. But it was impossible for me because I went to the beach and there was not access to internet. The best places in Lima are beaches, specially south beaches. I went to Old Port, a quiet beach. It is three hours from Lima. My uncle has a house there so we stayed two days. Now I am red like a lobster despite I used sun blocking and I am feeling uncomfortable too, becasue my shoulders and face are burned. But the weekend was funny and relaxing. I love the sun, sand and of course seafood. I ate ceviche, ceviche and ceviche. I really like this dish. Ceviche is the most popular dish in Peru, everywhere you go, You can eat ceviche. but the best ceviche is make on the coast because you can find fresh fish. You can prepear it easily, you only need fresh fish, very fresh better, lemon, but peruvian lemon of course because is very sour, salt, and "ají" which is called chili but is very different from mexican chili. You only have to mix all ingredients and the dish is ready. The fish is raw and is cooked by the sour lemon. Perhaps you think that is strange food, but you have to tried it.

Scissors Dancers.

When I see Scissors dancers, they hold some nice sentimental memories from my childhood. I admire then a lot, because they were, for me, a kind of heros.
Scissors Dance is a traditional dance from the south of Peru, specially from Apurimac ( my region) and Huacavelica a nearby region.
These dancers danced for Christmas at beginning but now you can see in special events. But the originals dancers, only dance for Christmas. As the custom says, only special men could be a scissors dancer. Few people born with this gift. When they are reconigzed by others dancers, if his parents agree, the boys are trained. They must be strong, healthy and elastic.
One week before 24 th december, dancers go to the mountains, Nobody knows where they go. I have tried to find out, but is imposible, the mountains are so big.
The dancers have a special protector, a kind of minor god, called Apu, which is a special Mountain. The dancers offer his life and his dance to his Apu, then his make a offering, it consists in coca leaves, liqour, korn, potato, wheat, then the dancer make a deal with his Apu. He offering his life and the Apu give him strong and power to dance. Many people thinks which they a kind of Wizards.
On december 24 th, they appear, in front of the church, with a colorful costume: A big hat, with little mirrors and colorful strips and two big scissors, it weight about one kilo each one. And they seem being in a trance, migth possesed
by a special force. Then they start to dance, accompanied by a little band which consists in: a big harp, a violin and a bass drum. The musicians play music and the dancer dance at the same rhythm and he make acrobatic steps, jump, etc. and always the scissors sound at the same rhythm that the music. It is the most difficult dance I have seen. They dance all day, for three days, then dissapear until another celebration.
I tried to find out about the history of this dance. Many books say that the dancers were from the Inka`s age. and they offered his dance to the Inka`s gods , like the sun, the earth, the sky, pumas, etc. but when the Spaniards conquer us, they tried to change his mind and destroy theirs gods to impose the catholic God so now the dancers offer his dance to God, but the dancers make offerings to his ancient gods although they must be do it far and alone to avoid punishment by catholic institutions.

Well, Stephen, I tried to explain as well as I can, I hope which you understand it. In Lima there aren´t threes near, so most of people bought fake plastic trees ( like a song by Radio Head), and if you had money, you would bought a real tree. The trees are very expensive here, because Lima is a big desert and there aren`t enough trees. A tree like yours might cost about 50 or 60 $, it is quiete expensive for here. But in my town, Talavera, There a lot of trees, usually we cut a big branch of Molle ( a native tree) then we filled it with our old fashioned balls and decorations.

I am looking forward to hearing news for you

Best wishes.

Wednesday, 13 December 2006

Chapter 6: Work and more work

Hello Stephen:

Well, it is 9:00 pm here in Lima. I have just arrived home. I am really tired. I woke up at 6:00 am, I prepared my breakfast, eggs and orange juice and some toasts then I went to work. I had lot of work so I had to be early in office. But my boss gave me a great new: I am going to travel on saturday again. I want to make a confession: I prefer travel to work in a office. I going to go to Oyon which is a mountain town near Lima. The travel usually take about 4 hours. I will stay there for 2 or three days, depends on how fast I do my work. And of course I going to go to another mine.

When I was on bus, returned to my home. I was thinkink about your questions about scissors dancers I had read in my work and you are right, they originally only dance at Christmas. But Christmas Celebrations are very long in my hometown. The celebration starts on December 24th in Talavera and it continue for three days. Then there is a second stage ( I do not know if stage is the correct word) and it take place in Andahuaylas, a town near Talavera ( the trip takes 40 minutes) and this celebration start on December 31 fst and finish three days later. Then the last and the most important starts on January 24th and it takes place in Chumbibamba, the countryside of my town, where there are a little chapel where The "Jesus Boy live". This is the most spectacular celebration, because there are differents dances, not only Scissor Dancers, and I tell about them soon. The Scissor Dancers take part all this stages. But there are some comercial dancers, which you can pay them if you want them for some special date, but they are not better than originals.

When the dancers make an offering to his Apus ( Apus because there are many Apus ) they do not drink his offering themselves, they bury his offering near the mountain and ask to Apus for energy to dance.
And of course they dance almost non-stop. and when the day finish, they disappear, they go to the house of the Celebration manager, where dancers and specials guests can eat and drink free, of course you have to have an invitation to go but all dancers can go without invitation.

When the dancers offer their lives it means that they remain Scissor Dancers for te rest of their lives, when they are too old, they become in masters, and give all his secrets to young dancers. The old dancers have the gift to find others.

Sthepen, thanks a lot for your advices and corrections, they will help me a lot, because I going to do an Eilts exam next month, I want to go to Australia because there are many mines where I could work and gain experience and then travell through Europe so your help make me improve my English, specially my writting because I am not good on it. I am very good in spanish grammar an I know how it feel when you read a lot of mistakes, but I will try to make the best.

Sorry if I can not anwser all your questions now, I have lot of work to do now, I hate bring work to my home, but I have to do it, my boss is very strict and if I do not finish my work until Friday, I will not travel. Sorry again.

Stephen, have a nice day thanks again for your help and I am using a lot of after-sun lotion but I am still like a lobster.

bye for now.


Thursday, 14 December 2006

"Jesus Boy"

Hello Stephen:

Firstly I am grateful with you because your help is helping me to improve my english. Well , I was attending a weekly evening class but now it is impossible for me because I always have to travel, so I am studiying by myself.
EILTS is a visa requirement for Australia and I have to have 6 qualification to be able to get my visa. I have made sham tests and I an average of 5.5 so I need a little punch to get my goal: 6.

Well, at the beginning I had troubles with my girlfriend, because I had travelled a lot, but we talked the matter over with her and now she is trying to accostume with.

Stephen, you are no ignorant, and I am very surprisied like you, because there are a lot of costums here in Peru which are not knowing by Peruvians theirselfs. I think it is Globalization and I am against it because many people forget his own culture, his ancient traditions and they trying to copy " The Global Culture". I sometimes think I am very pessimist but if we continue with this We will soon be a monotonous world. Most of people in Peru look outside, I mean look known foreing traditions without known well their own culture, and it is for it which dances, like Scissor Dancers, are not well known even in Peru.

Respect " Jesus boy" I did not find english worf to call to God´s son when he was a boy, here in Peru we call him " Jesus boy" and he is very venerate for the people, specially people who live in the mountains.

I really love reading books, and of course I have read books by Shakespeare like Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet and Macbeth and I saw Macbeth in the teathre too but I think which read Shakespeare in his native language would be more interesting. It occur with " Don Quijote de la Mancha", there are many words and senteces which have not got translation and the spirit of the book change when you translate it.

Now I eat in, I prepared burguers, rice and vegetables because my sister arrived from Colombian, she studied there, she will be a attorney. She brouught me a delicious Colombian Coffee, do you hear of it? . I looled forwar her, I missed her a lot, in fact she is my best friend. She came very thin, she says that she ate a lot but she never gain weight. Poor my little sister.

My day was cut and dried, I work a lot and now I am very exhausted, December is the bussiest month of the year, I have to review a lot fo documents because the Ney Year is comming fastly. But now, before sleep I going to ride my cycle.

Well I will try to do not work hard, but I think it would be impossible, but write this blog relax me a lot.

Stephen, Have a nice day, and thanks again for your valuable help.
Best wishes.

Friday, 15 December 2006


Dear Stephen:

How are you? I am fine, now is 11:00 pm here in Peru, it is a hot day, the afternoon was 25 degrees and I was wearing suit with a tie, I was very uncomfortable. Tomorrow I am going to go to Oyon and as I said, it is a little town in the Central Andean. The journey is quickly, maybe three or four hours. As soon as I will arrive, I am going to go to Yzcaycruz,native word which mean two crossings, a Zinc-Lead mine, I probably stay two or three days, depending on how much work I find.

Here in Peru, there are not many plays, and when there are a good one, it is quite expensive, but I always try to save money to go. The last play I have seen was Fausto by Goethe, and it was set in contemporary Peru. It was quite strange but very interesting.

Of course I know how it is a mini minor, here in Peru, there are someof them, but all are old fashioned. I can imagine you, driving your fast car with the top down and listeninig to music loud. Here in Peru most cars are Japanese, there are many BMW,Mercedes and Volvo too but are expensive cars and there are a lot of " TICOS" which are a very small cars and they are used like Taxies ( cubs?) I dont have car yet, but I am saving money because I want to buy one, but I think in Peru would be more useful 4x4 cars, because the roads are very extremly, there are many superb beaches so far from cities so you only can go to with 4x4 ( do you get the picture?).

I would ask for GK Chesterton which is one of my favourite writers, I found it when I was reading Borges, a famous Argentinian writer. Chesterton had been one of his favourite writer so I tried to find more about him ( Chesterton). I bought three books, two about stories with Mr Pond and one about Father Brown. Since there I started to read Police stories. is Chesterton well know in England? But my favourite book is Don Quixote, I have read four times, and always I found it very different, when I read for first time, I was 14 and it made me laugh a lot, and when I read the last time, I didn´t find funny, it become in a very interesiting book with many philosophicall content. My father gave me special edition of Qixote when I was 12, and it is my treasure now, but of course, I have bought others editions, it is a vice for me. Now I have five Qixote´s books. How pathetic is that?.

Talking about Christmas food, here in Peru, there are a kind of pie or bread, I can´t define it well, called "Paneton" wich is very popular in these days, it is a kind of sweet bread with dried grapes and drieds fruits, it is abiut 30 centimeters in height and 20 centimeters in diameter and it only produce in Christmas, and you can eat it with a big cup of hot chocolate, it is very tasty. I bought 12 for December. I think I have exaggerated but I really love it.
Many people is buying his turk for Christmas evening, on 24th December, my mother told me which he bought an alive turk three months ago, and they had feeded to eated at Christmas night. I have a big house in Talavera so I can have animals there. I would like be there to eat that delicious turk, but it will impossible.

When you said people value foreing things more than we value our traditions you are right, and I think it is for the television, Peru is a "sub-developed" country ( I put " because it is only in the economic way) and many people think which they watch about "developed Countries" is better than his own culture and they try to imited foreing customs and they are forgetting their own. I don´t want to say which others customs are bad, but I think we have to know ourself first to learn to value others cultures. And what we can do? I think we have to turn off TV and start to read, go to theatres, go to watch films ( not Hollywood films), learn more about our own culture, because most of Peruvian people don´t read hardly any, the average is 1.5 books per year, you can imagine how blind people is . I don´t know, it is the reality.

Stephen I don´t want to contagious you my bad vibrates. But almost always I have present that. sorry about that, you can think I am pessimistic, but when you think which your country have beautiful things and his own people don´t value that. It almost impossible be possitive.

Well thank you for hold my complaints. I promise which tomorrow I talk about more of Christmas traditions and our delicious food.

Best wishes.


Tuesday, 19 December 2006

Get stuck in the mountains...

Hello Stephen:

I have just arrived from Oyon, it was a very long journey for me. I called to my boss and he give a free day so now I am free to write a lot. As you can said, I was away from hustle and bustle of the city but I stayed in the midle of hustle and bustle of the mine. I stayed uderground on Saturday and Sunday so I have finish my work fastly. My work consist on input data to a Mining Software. I have to do some tests with rocks to find how much time they can resist without support ( I mean, special stuff to avoid tunnel collapse) and then predict what sort of stuff are more suitable for the the tunnel. All depends on what kind of rock we would find there. Well, But my team worked hard and we had been ready to come back to Lima on Sunday night. There was a four by four car wich it would be empty so we got in and started to travel. It was at midnight when, driver got up us and told us we had been got stuck because there was a "huayco" which means a big piece of mountain had been slipped and blocked the road ( It always happen when it is rainy, special on December, January and February). I could not belived it, we only had to wait until the mornig. but we should find a safe place where we can stay, because if we stayed there, we would cover by another "huayco".
In the Mornig, it was cloudy and foggy. We went to see how we could pass. And we found a large row of cars, in both ways ( to Lima and to Oyon) and of course a crowd waiting pass. Here in Peru most of roads are not asphalted. They are only on ground and when you go to the mountains, the roads are very narrow and beside the narrow road, there is a deep abyss. So when a road is blocked, there is not another way to pass.
We only had to wait until a special machinery came and try to solved the problem. i was spending my free day in a cold and rainy road, inside a car I was very upset, I wanted to cross the big pile of mud and water by foot but it was very dangerous. And of course I was very hungry. at noon, a woman came near my car with a pot, I stood up quikcly and went towards her. She had cooked potatoes, eggs. Suddenly back me there was a big row, perhaps 30 people which were hungry too. I bought ten potatoes, two eggs, a slice of cheese and of course a big portion of Peruvian chili. The women fastly sold out her food but there were people who lived near there, which came toward us with their pots filled with deliocious food.

Well Stephen, It was a very stressful day, I have arrived to Lima today at 8;00 in the morning. My sister made a delicious breakfast, I have got stuck all monday in the mountain away from civilization, but I have a lot of things to tell you. But I want to get a rest so I will sleep for a couple of hours, then I blogging again.
Have a nice day. See you soon


Get stuck in the mountains...

Hello there:
Well, I have just woke up and I feel well now, my sister cooked a delicious meal,
but I am upset with her because her boyfriend is comming to eat. I am a bit jelous but I know it is wrong isn`t it?

About my trip, I told you I got stuck in the road, well, While we were waiting for help, we were playing cards and listening to music. Most people were eating, I think, there were about 50 people on our side, the weather get better. While we were waiting inside the car, the machinery came, and started to clean the road, but there were a big pile of rocks and mud and seemed which they never had finished their work. It was about 6:00 when another "huayco" blocked the road again, I couldn`t belive it, I didn`t want sleep inside the car again. So my friends and me, decided to find another way to cross. My friend, Felipe, asked to a man who was selling hot drinks, if there was another way to cross towards other side. He told us, which he could guide us, if we payed him ten dollars. We agree so we left the car with the driver, and then we followed to us guide. It was dark, but we had had lanterns, there was a footpath, where people walk when they go on foot. So we walk for an hour at least and we finally arrived.

There were not any car to go to Lima, it was about 3:00, when we found a car which it was going to Lima. We catched it and after four hours, we finally arrived.
As I said, I was very stressed, I couldn`t sleep well, and of course I was upset because I was waste my free day on the car. But my boss, give us another free day, so we will spend it sleeping, and of course eating.

Well tomorrow will be a better day, I wanted to be more possitive.

I am looking foward to hearing more about you.

best wishes.


Friday, 22 December 2006

Trips, trips, more trips

Hello Stephen:
Perhaps you are thinking which I took days off for blogging, aren`t you?. Well let me explain you and to our readers. These days are the busiest days of the year in my office, there are many things to do, all our costumers want their annual report, so we are very bussy.
The last Tuesday, at nigth, my boss called me when I was enjoying my day off and he asked me to travel again!!!!, Well I was not very excited, you know, I had arrived, but I had to accept, because is my work, could I do anything else?.
I had to travel to Huaraz, another northern city in Peru, where is the second biggest gold mine of Peru, called Pierina. I went with three engeeniers more, we had to recolect information for our final report. So I spend two days in Huaraz.
Huaraz is a small city in the middle of the highest and most beautiful mountains of Peru. In this city is placed the third most highest mountain all over the world, called Huascaran, the top is 6.746 meters above sea level. but the city is placed only 3800 meters above sea level. The weather is cloudy and rainy now, so is almost impossible to see the mountain, but when the day is sunny, you can see a big mountain covered with snow.

Of course I couldn`t go for a walk or treking by those beautiful places, because I was working. But I always try to enjoy all my trips. As you can see, The Huascaran is a beautiful mountain, but it isn`t the only one in Huaraz, there are many snow-capped mountains and Huaraz is well-konw by mountain climbers all over the world. but, as I said, I only went to Huaraz for work, I can´t belived.
I arrived to Lima, yesterday at 10:00 pm. the journeys is easy and it isn`t long, it takes about five hours, as maximum and the road is asphalted so there are not problems with landslides.

I am pleased for your comments about my stories, but I have never written stories, I think I am better reader than writer. And you make me laugh when you said which I will forget you when I will be a famous and rich writer, you are very funny Stephen. but this blog is helping me in improve my writer skills.

Well, On Christmas time I am going to go to my aunt`s house, we will eat turkey of course, whit pannetone and a cup of hot chocolate. I will miss to my parents, my brother and sister of course, but I am sure which they will be happy at home. I can`t go to Talavera because the trip es very long, it takes about 20 hours by bus, and I only have four days off for Christmas. So is impossible for me travel to being with them, but I will have another chance to be with them soon. I spend Christmas with my friends too, We are going to go to the beach, I am learning surfing, so I will smming the whole day.
I bought gifts one week ago. I bought a book called Kant and the Duck-billed platypus for my father , he likes read philosophical books, so I think he will enjoy with this book for a long time, I tried to read it, but it is very harded to understand it. For my Mam, I bougth a collection of Cuban Music, he likes a lot it and for my brother I get a Scout book, because he is Scout and he likes Scout`s stuffs and finally I give a big Chocolate`s Box to my sister, because she loves eating chocolates, chocolates are her weaknees. I will wait for her presents...
As I can`t give personally my gifts, I sended with my sister which is travelling today to Talavera, she will be there for two weeks, I hope that she wait until Christmas eve to eat her chocolates.

I was reading the news and I found which there are problems with the weather in Europe, and I read weather is frezzing. I think the global weather is changing fastly, here in Peru, now it´s boiling, but is unusual because the hotest month is February.
Here in Peru, there many home medicine to flu or cold, the most popular is a glass of lemmon juice with honey and of course stay in bed. Another way to recover your health is boiling a big pot with Eucalipthus leaves, and breathing the steam.

Well Stephen, I hope you recovered soon, be careful with the cold and snow.

With best wishes


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