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June 2006

Monday, 05 June 2006

From BBC Learning English

We are pleased to announce that Nader El Sayed, the Egyptian national team goalkeeper, will be joining us for a fortnight. Look out for his first blog later today.

Hello from Nader

Hello every body

I would like to welcome you all to my first blog, it seems so much fun to share my every day life for two weeks with my fans. I have always been thinking about an idea which would keep me in touch with the football supporters and I could not find a better chance than the BBC World Service.

I am proud to be the first blogger. I want you all to know that it was not easy for me to learn English … it took a lot of hard work, lots of reading, lots of listening, and above all lots of interactions with native speakers. I know this might not be available for everybody but now the BBC World Service is trying to make it easy and available for any one who is willing to learn. I cannot say my English is perfect I am still working on it as much as I can. .

First I would like to introduce my self to you from the side which you don’t know, the family side. I am married 'happily of course’ … lol … with three wonderful kids, Judy, she is five, Ahmad, three, and finally Tamara, and she is almost two.

I met my wife 8 years ago, when I was doing a TV commercial and she was working in the advertising agency responsible for the event. It took us a couple of years to find out that we love each other. Once we reached that point we got married in a month … nine months later Judy was there.

Being with my family is the most enjoyable time I spend after football. I am trying my best to act like a good dad. I compensate my kids for not being home most of the time with lots of hugs and kisses and candy, I never miss a school party if I can, I try to drop my daughter to school as much as possible, I play football with my son and I take them out almost every week.

I would love to post some family photos next time.

If I am not with my family, I am in the club, as simple as that. Now I am in a camp getting ready for the match tomorrow with AL ITAHAD club. We won the league, we still have the cup to go for.

I did not play much this season, I cannot say I am not sad but I still think it was the correct decision to join Ahly. At that time of my career I can not refuse the chance of ending it in Ahly club.

I am trying to set an example of a professional player, who thinks of football as his job and not just his hobby, it is my job to wait for my turn - this has always been my attitude since I started playing, although I have never spent so much time out of the field in my life. I still think I might have the chance latter.

Now I got to go get dressed for the training, we will start in half an hour, it is so hot outside. I guess it is 35C or something but it is good for me as I have one kilogram that I got to sweat it out.

I would also be happy to respond to people - I have a great idea. If one of my fans send me his name or any note he likes, I would print it and take a photo of myself holding it and post it the next day… it will be so much fun.

Buy for now talk tomorrow.

Tuesday, 06 June 2006

Hello again

Hello again

I must say I am so impressed with every bodies response, I did not expect people from all over the world writing to me, normally my fans are Arab or European, it is nice to see people sending from countries like Pakistan or Vietnam.

Ok , today was not a very busy day for me, as I am not playing the match , just a light training in the morning, lunch in the club then directly to home. I picked judy from school … after noon I will go to watch the match in the stadium, this is something I am used to do since the beginning of the season. If not in the field I am on the seats watching.

I noticed that some of you have no idea whatsoever about me … for this reason let me help you little bit.

My name is Nader el Sayed, I am the Egyptian national team goal keeper, I am 33 and I currently play in Egypt no one team AL-Ahly club. I won a lot of titles some of: best African goal keeper, best Arabic, joined fifa century club (playing more than 100 official matches), nominated best goal keeper of the century, and so on.

I started when I was 15 in a city called Mansoura in Egypt then I was picked by Zamalek scouts ( famous club in Cairo). I spend there almost ten years then I moved to Belgium in club brugge, then to Greece, then to Egypt again. Inside Egypt I moved between three or four clubs, ending in ahly now.

I promised you some photos, but unfortunately I don’t have my pc with me right now, but I will give you a new promise to do it tomorrow.

Now I will go to the match. I hope we win, I am sure we will…

Salam ..(bye in Arabic language )

Wednesday, 07 June 2006

Some answers to your questions


Today I got to go early to club, my training is at 5 pm , I should go at 3pm because the club is holding a press conference celebrating a sponsorship contract, and all the players should show up.

We won yesterday and qualified for the quarter final. It is nice to join a winning team, now we are getting ready for the Friday match.

One of the comments was from Kashif of Pakistan - I would advise you to listen as much as possible to what your boss says, this will help.

Naser of Iran: I have been to Iran in 2001. I played this match and we won by penalty kicks, I stopped 3 balls. It was Egypt vs Iran … anyway good luck in Germany.

Quyen of Vietnam: any work begins with hobby and talent, then the career follows, football is a big business now.

Moises of Mexico: Mexico is a big team, I played against it about three times, I was there in the intercontinental cup 99 Mexico. Louis Hernandez, the famous Mexican player, is my friend.

Paul of China: thanks, I guess England might do something big 2006.

I think the best way to learn English is to be with native speakers, whether reading what they write or listening to them. The biggest tip I can give you is to be brave and speak, don’t be afraid of making mistakes and do not be too proud to learn from those who know better ... I was never shy to ask my wife who could speak good English any question, I ask her about everything and I never forget her answers.

I tried to up load the photos but they wont start, I guess the files are too big. I will zip them and try again tomorrow.

By the way, some one was commenting on my devotion to my family - in our Egyptian culture family comes first. If you want to be successful start with your family then career will come.

See tomorrow

Friday, 09 June 2006


Hello again from Nader!
Salam everybody

First, sorry for not being here yesterday, I had no access to a pc, I was out the house all day..

Second, you know what ? I missed my blog!

I really not in a good mood today.. it is so hot in Cairo, it makes you just want to sit in the air condition drinking cold drinks, so imagine having to train out in the sun in such weather.. terrible..but what can I do, it is my job..

It is nice to see you interacting with me. Although sometimes I am very busy I do my best to write every day..

Today I have a meeting with one of the club sponsors about a commercial I am planning to do ..hope it turns out to be successful. My agenda today is not too busy so I might have sometime to go with my wife to the doctor, she has to vaccinate my youngest daughter Tamara..

Next time I am going to tell u about a match where I got a hit on my head that made me lose memory for a while..

Talk to you again

Sunday, 11 June 2006

Football memories and experiences


I want to tell u a funny story. Two years ago I was playing in Greece, while I was trying to catch a ball between so many feet … one of the other team players hit my head from behind, right above my neck, exactly in the bottom of my skull. It was so strong that I lost consciousness for a few minutes … the funny thing is that I stood up, no problem, but I totally lost the memory starting that moment … later my friends told me that I went on playing till the match was finished I even stopped a few balls as if nothing has happened, then when we went to the changing room I sat down for a while and suddenly regained my memory.

I mean the memory for the moment, I asked them what happened, is the game finished, did we win or lose, what happened after I got hit? I totally lost memory of every thing for 20 mins …

Well I guess I am having my share of fun playing football …

Today, and for two weeks, I will be on air on the Egyptian tv, for two hours, I am commenting on the matches of the World Cup. It is a career I might be considering later on when I retire … not commenting on matches, but working in the media field.

Then finally I will have Sunday off … excuse me for not writing on that day, i will be out with my family all day.

I think football is the best sport ever, it teaches you lots of things, specially the goal keeper. It makes you very sharp in your decisions, as well as fast in taking them, you have to have full control over your body and your nerves. Sometimes one hundred thousand people shout my name when I am getting ready for penalty shots - I control my ears, I stop them from listening, literarily, I stop hearing them and I focus on the ball and the foot behind it … I also use my control over my ears when they are greeting me when I enter the field, and I whisper “allahom aoza beka men al goroor” which means, god help me against my self , don’t let me get too proud..

But after all it is a wonderful feeling

Salam every body , meet u monday

Tuesday, 13 June 2006

Vacations Over

Hi again

I am back after my vacation is finished…it was nice but too much sun….

Now we only got one match to play and if we win we will play the final next Friday .i guess we will, we are the best team in Egypt and in Africa …

I remember when I was young, just starting football, I used to be soooo sad if we lose any match and sooooooooo happy if we win, now I don’t know if it is getting older and more mature or if it’s getting more professional, I just don’t get too exited about anything. I am off course happy when we win, but not that sad when we lose.

I read today in a computer specialized magazine about blogs, it seems to be getting stronger and stronger. I totally understand … it gives a very comforting feeling to write every day about yourself without worrying about anything or any one getting annoyed. I think it will be the next trend after chatting …

I have been watching the world cup. I think there will be no surprises this year, I mean I don’t think that small teams might win, the competition is between England, Argentina, Germany, any way may the best team win…

See u all tomorrow.

Thursday, 15 June 2006

European football

Hello every body

I know I am skipping some days, but this is the maximum free time I could get..

I am trying as much as possible to write every day, but sometimes it is impossible.. I want to apologize to anyone who is interested in my blog.

Now things are getting very busy as the season is almost finished, we only got the final match Friday, then my once a year vacation will start. It will only be for ten days, too bad I am committed to the TV program, other wise I would have gone to Belgium, as I am a Belgian citizen as well as Egyptian..

Let me tell you about this Belgian nationality.. I was playing in Belgium in club Brugge, I stayed there for five years, the law their allows any person who lived legally in the country for more than three years to apply for Belgian citizen ship… I did not say that any one who spends this time in Belgium can get it, a person has to be paying really high taxes, staying out of trouble, no traffic fines, no jail, no problems of any type..

So I got the nationality and so did my wife and kids.. normally this should help me if i want to play in Europe because clubs there are only allowed to use a limited number of non European players the Belgian passport excludes me from this number, meaning I should have more chances to play..

I now have two years more in my contract with AHLY club, so I don’t know if I will be able to go back to Europe .

Wish me luck

Saturday, 17 June 2006

World Cup

We won as usual, now it is the cup after the league, as I said it is nice to be in a winning team. Now it is only ten days off before we start the preparation period. We will probably go to a closed camp in Austria for two weeks, then we will start the African champs league.

I am trying to skip a few days from the TV program to go to sharm el sheikh with my family, it is a wonderful resorting city on the red sea with wonderful sunny weather and beautiful atmosphere.

World cup is not taking a lot of my attention, I wish I had more time to watch, I hardly catch the highlights in the evening news.

There is something I want to say about the English language, it is a very expression full language. I mean sometimes it easier for me to express my feeling in english than doing it in Arabic. I don’t know if it is because something is wrong with Arabic. Another tip that’s makes English easy to learn is watching American movies, yeah and alooooot of them, talk shows also helps, or opera for example

See u tomorrow

Sunday, 18 June 2006

Goodbye from Nader

Hello every body,

In Egypt there is a saying 'it passed like a rocket', I would really say so about the two weeks of blogging on the bbc blogger, it was so fast that I hardly noticed.

It was so much fun and I was so honored to be the first blogger.

Now that we are finished , I want to thank every body for being so interactive and extra nice. I would also want to thank Mr. Paul Scott , the person who introduced me to the blogger, he was very friendly and helpful during the whole two weeks, although he is British but he seemed to be Egyptian warm.. no offence to the British people..

It is funny that the last day of blogging comes when I just began my vacation, as I wont have a lot of access to my pc.. my wife wont let me.. she says that this is her only time of the year and she has the power to decide on everything that I do on that period.. and she has all the right. My children are getting ready for the swimming pool that they wear their bathing suites in the house.

I still cannot stop my diet, cus if I do I will gain weight before the preparation period, when I should be ready. Actually me family got used to dieting all the year around. Judy my oldest, only five, she refuses eating anything that contains fat !!!!!!!!!!!!

Now that we are the end, I will always be a reader of this page and will always see what every body wants to say about him self..

Thanks to all and best of luck learning English.


Monday, 19 June 2006

From BBC Learning English

Nader, a big thank you from all at BBC Learning English for your varied and interesting blogs over the last fortnight. It was great that you were able to find the time amongst all your football duties and arrangements. Good luck with the future and please feel free to drop by and add your comments at any time.

And as Nader leaves us for a well deserved ten day holiday we're pleased to annouce the winner of our first blog competition. His name is Antonio Tanzola and he is from Italy. Antonio will be blogging on our site until the end of July.

Antonio's first blog will appear here very soon.

Tuesday, 20 June 2006

My first Blog!


Hello everybody,

I am very pleased to be the first student blogger and I want to thank the whole staff of BBC Learning English for this opportunity. I hope all the student readers will be able to enjoy my blogs and I'll be waiting for a lot of daily comments.

Firstly, I'd like to introduce myself. My name is Antonio Tanzola, I'm 22 years old and I'm an Italian student. I come from Sant'Arsenio, a little village of 3000 people in the South of Italy, but I've been living in Turin since I begun my university course three years ago. I'm going to be an engineer, but a strange one.. in fact my course name is 'Cinema and Media Engineering'. This course takes after Computer Engineering but in addiction there are some subjects about sociology, communication, new and old media. Don't worry if you don’t understand who this kind of engineer is, I've been asking to me that for years but I haven't still found an answer!

However I adore cinema and I dream of becoming a film director.. my favourite ones are Alfred Hitchcock and Stanley Kubrick. Yesterday I saw Kubrick's Barry Lyndon in original language (in English) and I understood everything! Do you think that's because of my excellent English knowledge or because I had already seen it in Italian more then one hundred times? Eheheh!!!

Last week I did the FCE (First Certificate in English) and after this exam I left Turin for a one week holyday in Sant'Arsenio with my family. I'm still there but I have to come back in Turin on next week because of another exam.. after that I will be free for about two months during which I hope I will be able to go on holyday in London.

Finally, I would like to welcome Ms Wicaksono whose first blog I've just read. Five years ago I went in London on holyday for two weeks and I remember that all my friends complained about English food and English weather. I think Italian people are used to complain about foreign food! However I make exception because my perfect breakfast consists of bacon and eggs, an orange juice and a cup of tea (sometimes with a little milk). And about the weather.. I hate the hot one! I miss the soft London rain which you could walk under just wearing a kway.

See you tomorrow..

Ciao ('bye' or 'hello' in Italian)


Wednesday, 21 June 2006

Fantastic J Cole

Hello again

I really enjoyed England vs Sweden yesterday evening and for the moment I think it was the best match of the World Cup, wasn’t it? Joe Cole struck a fantastic goal for England hitting a magical lob (I’ve just learnt the word “lob” reading BBC news… in Italian is “pallonetto”) from a great distance! I’ve also read that Owen will be ruled out because of his knee injury. I’m very sad for him and for all of us who won’t be able to see such a big footballer in the next matches.

I would like to thank Ms Wicaksono for her comments and her suggestions. About the rain in Italian we use the adjective ‘battente’ to mean ‘heavy’ and so ‘heavy rain’ is ‘pioggia battente’. We use a diminutive of the Italian word ‘pioggia’ (rain) to say ‘drizzle’ and so ‘pioggia’ becomes ‘pioggerella’ (a little rain). I didn’t know the phrase ‘it’s raining cats and dogs’ and I think it sounds really funny. To say ‘good luck’ in Italy we often use the phrase ‘in bocca al lupo’ which means ‘in the mouth of the wolf’. If someone tells you that you will answer, instead of thanks, ‘crepi il lupo’ which means ‘the wolf must die’!

I love lasagne! My mother always cooks them for me when I come back from Turin and I’m really happy because I adore this food. However my favourite one is pizza and I like ‘margherita’ as the best; in fact instead of pizzas with too many ingredients I prefer the original margherita from Naples with only mozzarella, tomato, and a leaf of basil. I’ve never eaten chicken satay but I’m very curious about it because I like very much kebab (it’s my favourite meal when I’m alone in Turin).

When I visited London I was able to go in a lot of fantastic and famous places. Some of them were The National Gallery, Westminster Abbey, St Paul’s Cathedral, the Camden Town Markets, the Speaker’s Corner in Hide Park. I was very lucky because during my holiday Buckingham Palace was open to public and so I was also able to visit it. However the thing I particularly liked in London was not a specific place but the atmosphere you can breathe just walking around the city. Different people, different cultures, different religions cohabit in London which is the city of tolerance, love and peace. That is why I would live there… and I hope I’ll do in my future!

Now I would like to answer Cindy about Barry Lyndon… What you said is the truth! Kubrick didn’t use artificial light for Barry Lyndon, and so the internal scenes were lighted only using candles. To be able to photograph these sequences he used particular lenses which had been developed by NASA for the Apollo program. The lenses were the Zeiss 50 mm and 36.5 mm. About Visconti and Pasolini… I adore their films and I’ll be pleased to talk about them in next posts!

Thank you all the readers for your comments… you’re very kind! I hope we’ll continue to improve our English together during next days.

See you soon!



Friday, 23 June 2006

At the moment… Japan 1-0 Brazil

I’ve just heard about the Tamada’s goal for Japan team. Probably the situation will be different when I finish to write this post, but for the moment I can enjoy this unexpected result! Nothing against Brazil team but I like surprises which, in my opinion, are the funniest part of a sport competition. Maybe that’s less true when your own team is playing! In fact today I watched Italy vs Czech Republic with some friends of mine and, although the match wasn’t so spectacular, we really enjoyed our victory and our qualification!

Thank you, Rachel, for your tips and your comments; when I send my post I look forward to reading your answer. I don’t have an usual strategy to learn new words. Sometimes I meet a word that I don’t know but whose meaning is totally understandable from the context. In this case, if I’m absolutely certain of what the word means, I don’t use my dictionary (also because I’m quite lazy… eheh). Seeing a film I adore to memorize dialogs which I really like. For example I learnt the phrasal verb “to drop out” seeing Eyes Wide Shut… Kidman: ’He plays really good for a doctor’ Cruise: ‘He’s not a doctor, he dropped out!”. Maybe this passion will drive me mad!!!! However I’ve been reading ‘The Broker’ by John Grisham for three weeks. For the first five chapters I searched every new word in my dictionary but now the plot has become so much interesting that I prefer to read fast then understand all the words! My first English dictionary was bilingual but I used it only for few weeks. In fact I think it’s the worst way to learn new words.

Has your Father enjoyed his secondary school reunion? I think it’s fantastic to be able to see some friends who you aren’t been meeting for so many time (maybe 50 years… am I right?). I have to say that I don’t know much about my family history but I would like to find out more about it…

I’ve just heard about the final result: Japan 1-4 Brazil. What can I say… things change!

I’ve just read your new post, Rachel, I’m really in late today!!!! Although I always see the Entertainment part of BBC Learning English website I haven’t still seen the last one. I’m going to do that.

See you tomorrow!

Good night…


Monday, 26 June 2006


I would like to dedicate this post to Anna (the girl in the photo), a big friend of mine who’s just finished her University course and will be graduated next Thursday. I’m very proud of her and I’m really happy for her success. The photo on the right was taken last summer at ‘Principessa Costanza’ (Princess Costanza), a medieval manifestation in which I take part every year. The character I always play is Giacomo Carrano, who was a local lawyer of that historical period. I really enjoy wearing this fascinating costumes although it’s quite tiring because of the hot summer weather. The event’s location is Teggano, a very beautiful medieval village in the South of Italy…

I’m very happy, Rachel, that England is in the quarter-finals. I hope Italy will be able to do the same today! ‘Italy vs England’ is only possible as final match and so, until then, I’m going to support England as my second favourite team. Next matches will be very hard for both England and Italy!

I haven’t been reading novels in English for so long, in fact ‘The Broker’ is just my third one. However I recommend this activity because, as you said, it’s really enjoyable and at the same time it’s a very good way to learn new words and phrases. As soon as I finish my exams I’ll spend more time in this wonderful activity.

I always dislike censorship because I think that freedom of expression is one of the most important things in a democratic country. However every democracy has a lot of rules which all the citizens have to respect to be able to live together in peace. BBC Learning English has also established some house rules which we have to respect when we write a post. So although I agree with your daughter (I adore talking about people who I don’t like :) ) maybe you have done the right thing! I’m interested in what your daughter thinks about your requests… eheh!!! Is she angry for them or does she happily accept your ‘censorial’ tips?

I look forward to hearing from you this evening

See you tomorrow


Tuesday, 27 June 2006

Chris Moyles… in Germany!

When I watch a film or a TV program in English, although I don’t understand every word which I hear, I’m normally able to understand the general meaning of a dialog or a voice-over description. However when I made my first listening exercises for the FCE I learnt how much important are the images to help you in understanding. So, I thought that to improve my listening skills I had to listen to some radio programs in English… as always I went to (I’m really a big fun!). At the beginning I downloaded the BBC News Podcast and then I found out ‘The Chris Moyles Show’. Since then I’ve been downloading the ‘The best of Moyles podcast’ every Friday and I really like it… Chris and his friends are so nice that although I have some understanding problems I always laugh a lot!!! For the World Cup they are live from Germany and I really enjoy the ‘useful’ German phrases which Albert teaches to them.

The medial event in Teggiano, Rachel, consists of a series of plays and a traditional running match. The show is made in the main Teggiano’s square, around which the audience can see the show from different positions. In the evening the audience is able to eat some traditional foods in ‘Taverne’ (traditional restaurants) that, during the event, are opened and managed by local people. The characters, still wearing their costumes, have also diner in ‘Taverne’, so that you can sit close to Princess Costanza! The event in fact is called ‘Alla tavola della Principessa Costanza’, which means ‘At Princess Costanza’s table’. I don’t have lines to learn because, as lawyer, my play consists of reading an official document (I’m lucky!!!). A funny thing: the major is always played by the real Teggiano’s major. In Teggiano there are a lot of wonderful Churches built in that historical period which are opened to public during the event. In addiction there is an interesting Museum about herbs and plants used in the past for medical reasons.

Anna is very happy to be graduating on Thursday!!! She’s going to continue her studies because she really likes her subject (biotechnology) and she wants to be a researcher for the University. I’m sure she’ll be able to do that.

I’m very interested in the York’s medieval event you talked about. If I’ve finished my exams I’ll be there in November!

See you tomorrow

Good night


Wednesday, 28 June 2006

40 °C

Today in Sant’Arsenio it has been extremely hot (40 °C)! I drove to my grandmother’s house in the morning by my air conditioned car and when I opened the door I didn’t feel well for a moment. I hate this hot weather, I wish I was in Greenland!

I’ve just read that the English referee Graham Poll sent home from World Cup. Booking a player three times is a very funny mistake, isn’t it? However I would like to defend him in relation to my experience as referee. Most people think that only the players can make mistakes, and when a mistake is made by a referee the losing team often blames him for the bad result. If a referee is allowed to take part in World cup it means that it’s really good. So an error like the Poll’s one is just a very unlucky event, don’t you think so?

I’m going to prepare my luggage because tomorrow morning I’ll come back in Turin. I’ll set off at six a.m. from Salerno and I need more then ten hours to arrive there by train. I would travel by airplane but my mother doesn’t like it because she’s really frightened of everything which is able to fly! Anyway I agree with her and I catch a train just because Italian national airlines are quite expensive. It’s chipper to go from Naples to London then from Naples to Turin… mysteries of global market!!!

So I guess I’ll write my next post on train, like a travel diary… then I’ll send it in the evening when I arrive at home.

See you tomorrow (from Turin…)

Good bye


Thursday, 29 June 2006


11:30 a.m. Rome

I’ve just gotten up! Watching through the window I immediately realize that I’m already in ‘Termini’… which is the Rome main railway station. I’ve been travelling since 6:30 a.m. and I think I’ve slept all the time. Last night I couldn’t close my eyes before 3 a.m. because of the hot weather, so I woke up so tired that when the train departed I was already sleeping.
I left Sant’Arsenio at 5:15 a.m. to be able to catch my train in Salerno on time. Salerno is a very nice town close to the sea. I know it very well but I’ve never been there so early in the morning: with few cars and a delicious silence in the streets I was able to breathe the smell of the sea just opening the train window. The lights of dawn, reflecting on the water, painted an extraordinary picture… What a shame I didn’t have a camera!
Since then, I’ve dreamt of rain…

16:00 p.m. Genova

I met two English girls on holiday in Italy. They had a reservation for two places which were already busy and so I helped them to understand what happened questioning the train manager.
The two guys who busied their places were doing the same travel (from Rome to Genova) and had the same wagon number and place numbers. The reservations were identical except for a detail… the date! Those guys had reserved places for tomorrow train instead of today one. What a silly mistake! However the train manager was so kind and found two places also for them.
They’ve all finished her travel now… On the contrary I need another two hours to arrive in Turin because of a very boring delay.

18:00 p.m. Turin (at home)

I’ve just arrived at home… As always my travel has been really tiring but at the same time more interesting then usually.
However more then one hour of delay cannot be acceptable. In my opinion our railway network needs a lots of serious improvements!

See you tomorrow (hopefully, more relaxed)

Have a nice evening


Friday, 30 June 2006

Film Translations!

The first time I saw Coppola’s ‘The Godfather’ I found a scene dialog quite strange and unreal. I’m talking about one of the scenes filmed in Sicilia. Mike (Al Pacino) is talking to her future wife’s father and after each sentence one of his two guards repeats, using different words, what he’s just said. For example… Mike: ‘I am Vito Corleone’s son’ - Guard: ’His father is Don Vito Corleone’ and so on. I though that was quite strange but I couldn’t find out an answer. When last year I saw the film in original language I understood the ‘mystery’! In that scene Mike is talking in English and his guard translates in Italian what he’s saying. Obviously when the whole film was translated in Italian they found a funny problem to solve. I don’t know what they could do but I only can say that their solution wasn’t the best one. Many people fond of cinema don’t like translation and prefer to watch subtitled (in their own language) films. I agree that a film should be seen in the original version but the subtitles are also a boring obstacle for a properly screening. So, what to do? Obviously the best solution is to learn the language in which the film is realized and then to watch it in original language… ehehe

Rachel, has Clara enjoyed her school trip? What has she visited with her classmates? Thank you for all travel language suggestions. I’m curious about the word ‘voyage’, is it borrowed from the French language or is the French ‘voyage’ which is borrowed from English? Is the pronunciation different from the French one?

Gooooooollllllll! Zambrotta has just put us ahead with an incredible strike! Italy 1-0 Ukraine… I say ‘in bocca al lupo’ to Italy hoping that the wolf won’t eat us…

I say goodbye with this photo which I took this afternoon in my Turin apartment with my webcam. Behind me the mythical Robert De Niro in Taxi Driver. I bought this poster in Camden Town during my London holiday which I talked about some posts ago. It is a shot from the famous scene in which De Niro, aiming his gun against the wall, says ‘you talkin’ to me?’

Good luck for tomorrow, Rachel. I’ll be a great English fun…

See you soon


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