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Saturday, 20 February 2010

Traditional Grape Recipes

“Al-Khabeesah” is one of the most famous Hebron deserts, that is made of a mix of grape juice, with semolina flour and nuts. Where, all members of the family meet together, to share the happy moments of making and eating such a seasonal desert.

My cousins and aunt are moving the mixture, after adding semolina to the grape juice.

My father is adding almond nuts to the mixture.

And here, they are pouring “A-lkhabeesah” into a smaller pot to be poured for eating.

It is ready for eating.

And after cooking “Alkhabeesa”, sometimes it is dried by sunshine, to be what is called “Malban”, as shown in the following photo.

Another traditional grape recipe is grape molasses, that is made in larg quantities by septemper; when grapes are harvested, and consumed during the year.

Molasses is made of grape juice, using these big copper pots.

And here are different types of Raisins, dried using sunshine, it is really mouth watering!


Hi eman !!!!! my name is Jovanni Macias I'm from Mexico but im live in North Carolina. U.S. I sow your resepies and in my contry we use the grapes to make a spesial desert call ARROS CON LECHE ( rais with milk) is so good.

Hi It 's my first commnet on your Blog . Your Blogs are so interesting and full of mouth watering items ;-) please keep going the good job have fun and buy

hi eman: I am happy to see your blog,the grape recepi is very good,in China,it's popular ,I like it.

Hi Eman, All of your grape recipes look so delicious.I wish I could taste them. I also like the way your family members making grapes together. Thanks for sharing

Great,that was everything in a nut shell! Thanks Eman

Hello Eman, I loved to know about such delicious food made of grapes. I'd never imagined there were so much you could do with grapes. It's wonderful. Thank you for sharing this with us. Your family is very nice. They seem pretty close to each other which is a great thing for a family. You must spend some very happy moments with them, don't you? See you more soon, Mauricio.

Hello Eman: I have been reading your blog, and I am trying to imagine the taste of this delicious recipes, all homemade seems tasty,and I think every family have his special moments to prepare something unique, and while doing that they took the time to chat and share feelings and thoughts. I like read your blog because you share a little bit of your live and the same time you gave us new knowledge in things like the types of grapes or the different varieties of raisins (so far are my favorites).I love the pictures and the wonderful time you have there. Have nice week, take care.

Eman I have been reading your publication and it's nice for me to learn new things from your culture. I see that your family is too friendly and that they like to share traditions together, that must be nice to do a "Al-Khabeesahdessert" like that with the family.

Hello Eman! I'm new on this web site and i really liked to read your blog, and learn a new culture using English, it's very helpful, I'm going to show your blog to my students using your daily life as reference. keep in touch hugs Jackie my email:

It looks delicious!

hello i love Raisins

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