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Sunday, 14 February 2010

You have to be creative

You are wondering how the chicken that my mum and sister have made was grilled without being burned, it was cooked with a bottle filled with water, and get matured through the steam of this water. It was the first time that we grill the chicken in this manner, and through using our firewood heater, since we usually use the gas oven for cooking.

In this photo you can observe the bottle of the water while being removed from the chicken

Regarding the apricot jam made by my grandma, we all help in making this jam, as after picking the matured apricot and isolating its seeds, my grandma prepare the stove and put the apricot in the coppery pot, then she add the sugar to the apricot, and start cooking with continuous moving through a wood stick, and when it is being cooked my grandma add the peeled nuts of the apricot to the jam, to have a delicious apricot jam.

My grandma is removing the nutshell from the apricot nut.

My grandmother is removing the nutshell from the apricot nut.

This is the jam after adding the nuts of the apricot.
This is the jam after adding the nuts of the apricot.

They are simple and innovative methods in our traditional cooking....


Hi Eman, If only I could fly to Palestine and try that delicious jam......:-) I'm sure its taste is unique because it is made with your grandma with all her love. Send a big hug to her from the other side of the world. Have a nice day. Cris

Hello Eman, I'm very pleased to see you on this blog. I always remember Palestine with tear. When I see the difficult conditions that palestinians are living, I feel embarrassed and responsible. But you showed me another perspective to see the life in Palestine. On the other hand, I saw that we are the same. While I read you, I think my village life. Now I’m living in the country but I desire natural life that I have lived. If I have a chance I want to live not in the country but near. I think we need to be closely the nature. And Kudüs. One of the most wanderful places in the world. I want to see it with my eyes. I want to pray in it. If the God let me to see it, I will be very pleasure. See you…

Wow Eman, What a good idea for making the appricot jam. We make appricot jam as well but never put the nuts inside it. I should try that next time. By the way how do you boil that water in the bottle? I dont get it could you please explain more. Thanks

Hello Eman, This is traditional rural life. it is difficult but real life. Generally the people who live there are very sincelery and hospitable. It is only my opinion ... see you

Thanks for all your contributions. This blog has now closed and can no longer accept new comments.

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