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Tuesday, 05 January 2010

Runner as a tourist

Hi dears friends.
today sunday 3th January 2010 my basic training is near Rome where i often go meeting other runners friends. We are going to visit Sant 'Angelo Romano town . We left Rome at 07:50 a.m.
Yes i wish showing you this landscape in the north of Rome ….Sant'Angelo Romano town is localized(+/- )18 km by my district of Rome along Tiburtina road. This is the driving direction before 12 km by Rome ….
we turn left and ..after 3 km look on the right the little hill town

On the top left the tower and the old castle ..
Straight on for the way ..we are climbing up
and before 6 km after several curves we are arrived.
Below the football camp :
i have just phoned to my runner friend Alberto .he is waiting us
Great landscape front of us ...the city of Rome , image from Santangelo Romano

This photo below is with my runner mate Alberto . Is very could today for us 2 degrees Celsius

Than we went visiting the old castle

The old tower

a little old street inside the castle
Enrico into the old castle

and than with my runners friends Alberto and Angelo.
We are tourists , now... then we'll train together.

OK Italians like eating pizza and we are looking for our tipical food but...what shame is closed now.
is time to go training.
Last photo to the Gennaro mountain
Thank you Santangelo Romano town
thank you to everyone and to the BBC LE staff...are you bored?.


Hi Roberto!Pleased to e-meet you!! You certainly have a strong willpower. Although I like jogging, I would not be able to go running before work. I like pizza too and I completely understand you. It is so good to have a hearty meal after a long run!LoL Happy Epiphany's Day!!

Hi Enrico. I'm a runner too. I run every day about 8 km very early in the morning, but unlike you, I hardly take part in races. The only race I run is the Almería's Half Marathon that take place in the city where I live. This year the race's date is January 31st. So, whish me luck. I hope you'll enjoy the blog experience. By the way, I started running at the age that you are now, 47 years old, now I'm 54 and I and I,m very fond of it. See you soon

Welcome Enrico! I hope you have fun and learn a lot as the student blog of this month. Your blog is very informative and the pictures are beautiful. I´m looking forward to reading your next post. Best wishes, Ana Paula, Brazil.

Hi Enrico, welcome to the blogs. I loved the beautiful pictures in your posts. Actually, I lived near E.U.R. in Rome for 3 years and I used to see many health conscious people jogging along the roads near my home everyday. The photos have revived my memories of Roma. Happy running in a very happy new year!

Enrico, your blog is not only about language , but also on what running is. So excited to see there are so many runners in our world, I am no more lonely while running in HK. In fact, I broke my own record today after 4 months training. Of course you know there is the yearly marathon sponsered by Standard & chartered,usually at the end of February.It is very popular in HK, and international athletes come to join each year. Hope you will join too! Ciao for now.

Welcome to the blog Enrico. I hope you enjoy as the blogger. Doing excercise is very important to be healty like eating habits. Your cuisine is very similar to Turkish cuisine. We have many delicious dishes which is used to be cooked meat, vegatables. In addition that we have got many kinds of pastry like yours. I love pastries but avoid eating, because of being fatty. What do you think about pizza? Is it healthy or not? Anyway, you are very lucky you live one of the most beautiful city in the world. I've been there only for five days. If I have a chance I would like to come again. Greetings from warm Turkiye. The weather is very warm It is unusual.Peace and love! :)))

Hello Enrico, I like doing yoga in the morning and when I can't in the morning then it's always evening time for me to do it. I like the pictures you have shared with us. Ciao, Naheed

Hello Enrico, congratulation on being appointed student blog for the month of January. Well,running isn't my forte especially now that the temperature, here in the north of Italy,has dropped down to below zero. I loved the pics and I noticed there wasn't any snow in your town while here in the north we had had heavy snow fall.I was wondering if would still run in the snow... The medieval castle and its surrounding looked interesting I might be able to visit it one day. Looking forward to reading your blog. Happy learning.

Hello Enrico, I admire your strong will to run early in the morning.How long do you take your traing? Thank you for nice photos.By the way I visited Roma,it is very nice city. I would like to come again there.

Thank you again to everyone...Filippo,Paco,Ana Paula,Tanuja,John. .Do you like train with me ? i'm waiting for my next article. nice day

wait to see your post again


Thanks for all your contributions. This blog has now closed and can no longer accept new comments.

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