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Tuesday, 05 January 2010 passion.what do you do to feel in shape?

Hi to everyone. My name is Enrico i'm 47 i'm a new student . i've ever lived in Rome-Italy where i was born. I've been married since 1990 and we have 2 guys and a baby . This is my family. About me i've a great passion “running” i'm a regular runner and i've known other runners friends and we often training togheter. I like music 70'-80 and when my guys permit me using their pc i try mixing my dance songs . During my spare time i go training. I hope don't annoy you.
Today i want starting to show how is my session training early in the morning .
Yes is common to many runners plaining their sessions training for their next contest. I like training with my mates of the team , we wake up early .
it is me before go out at 7 a.m.

Is it cool but i'm going out with my training bag.
we run into our district and i'm goin to meet my team's mate ,Angelo.
We make stretching before starting .Is the sunrise .

just a stop to take a photo near the Aguzzano park …we have done 5 km but the way is long to arrive to the finish.

Km 7 a short stop again for you

hello , ok just 1 km to finish our training .. this is our last photo . 8 km to finish our work .We are used to taking a coffe after our training we get to the bar than happy about our performance , we go home to have a shower. Tomorrow other session very hard we climb up in countryside to Sant'Angelo Romano town where we are going to meet other runners friends...

bye to everyone and thank you to BBC LE staff . at the moment ciao,see you the next


Hi Enrico ,Please welcome my wecome to this month Blog . I t 's a great expereince . I love running too , although it 's a while I can't run becuase of our new family , member . Hope to hear more about you and your family in up comming , month . Have fun and take it easy

Enrico, you are right a balanced diet and enough exercise is a secret for one´s health. Enjoy your blogging. The start of your blog is nice and practical! I swimm, ski, walk and do other exercises as well.

Hey neighbour! :-) I am a runner too and I know what a pleasure it is to run!! Last October I was on Ljubljana marathon and I achieved my 10 km, so this year I want to achieve a half marathon! Have you ever been on marathon Enrico? Have a nice day, ciao

Hello Enrico, welcome here! You've got a very useful passion :) I mean useful for your health. I dream of those days when I can allow myself to get a run in the morning! Keep running :)

Hey neighbour! :-) I am a runner too and I know what pleasure it is to run!! Last October I was on Ljubljana marathon and I achieved 10 km, so next year I am going to achieve a half marathon! Enrico, have you ever run on marathon? Have a nice day, ciao.

Hello Enrico, welcome to the "blogger-family" and a happy and healthy New Year to you and your family and your friends. We can see you do a lot for your health. This is great. I think you share my meaning that health is the most important thing we need. I'm older than you, just retired but my husband and I try to keep active. We go to the sports centre twice a week and once or twice a week we do Nordic Walking. This is better than running for our old knees! Sometimes I don't feel like doing sports but after I have finished my work out I always feel free, happy and satisfied that I have overcome my weaker self. I suppose you know similar situations, too. It would be nice to read a bit more about your family and your job. What was the reason for you to apply for the "job as a blogger" Warm greetings from a cold old Germany, Felicitas.

It is a very interesting beginning of a blog, we,the blogger and the viewers, started to carry intimate small talks without too many ceremonies. Then, a flavor of commradeship was brought in. I am glad to meet so many runners on line, for I am training myself to be a runner--just started regular running session 4 months ago. I am running, lonely(or alone?) It is not that easy to pick a partner in HK. In fact, that is the reason I have chosen to do running, to play tennis,etc .here you will have difficult to find a pal,unless you pay--but there is no feeling of comradeship then. So I am so happy to meet you all and I will run more regular while reading your practice. Thanks to you,Enrico,for all these. I have been to Rome twice, and feel enchanted by the people and food. Eager to learn more of you,ciao.

Hi dears friends .Thank you for welcome...Pary,Leila,Daria,Matea. i wish all the best for you. yes Matea i ran 3 Marathons and 7 HM . i'm training for next Marathon on March 2010 . i'm waiting for you for my next article. nice evening to everyone. thank you to the BBC LE staff

Ciao Enrico. Welcome to the blog. I have to say that nowadays I am not doing exercise. The only thing I do is to walk and not much. I hope 2010 I will do something more.

Hi Enrico, running is indeed a passion! Did you ever finished a half or a complete marathon? I am a runner too and are looking forward to learn more about your way of living a life with job? family and of course your passion. In my opinion not easy at least sometimes. René

Hi Enrico, You are realy lucky to live in Rome. As you might have heard we've been having snow in England. It is difficult even to walk and could hardly imagine someone to run. Hope to hear from you soon. Ciao Alenka

john: I am glad to see you in here.I am from guangzhou China,I am near to you.haha I am very likt running.

Hi Enrico, I´m 25, and i`m new student and I like to run too, but i prefer to play volleyboll so this activity make me feel in shape, i love this sport, because is a form to liberate stress... bye, i liked your opinio about to run...

Hi munoz volley is a great sport i like playing during my summer holidays on the beach. bye-bye

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