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Sunday, 03 January 2010

Our Christmas

Hello friends...again

I couldn’t help thinking of you all after reading the last blogs and I’m impressed by the pictures of your sophisticated and idyllic Christmas.

I reckon I owe you approppriate pictures for the season. Maybe I still have time here to show how an ordinary Christmas for homeless children is.

my sister and brother in law in the right side

This is the work my sister (the one whose dog is badly ill) and brother-in-law do every year at home or at streets. They don’t have their own children but are always helpful for the children in need, not only at the end of the year.

May Christmas mood remains in our hearts every day of 2010



Thank you so much for that, Adriana. All the best to you and you dearest ones :)

What an example of good deed! Your sister and bother-in-law have shown their concern for the welfare of needy children. Giving something for others who can't give something back in return will bring manifold blessing in our life.I myself have experienced it by doing intercessory prayers for the oppressed and needy.

Hi dear Adri . Thank you so much for your wishes and happy new year 2010 . I wish a happy , healthy , fruitful and eventful 2010 for you and your family . Hope to be more in touch in 2010 . unluky I don't have your email . If you don't mind please send it for me via facebook .Thank you so much for your wonderful Blogs . you still keep writing when most pepole were busy with holidays ! kisses and hugs for you . see you around and bye

Thank you so much for those photos without snow! (I'm freezing with our snow).

Thanks for all your contributions. This blog has now closed and can no longer accept new comments.

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