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Friday, 09 October 2009

Comments Reply

Thank you for your comments and feedback!

First to dear Nuala:
Thank you so much for the tips! They warn me again of the problems in my writing. There may be an ill-developed custom in Chinese education system, as you understood, but not in my case--my language teachers always told me to write simpler! I will explain later how I feel when I write. But for now I'd better clear those mistakes!

People use two types of calendar in the same time --> at the same time

Mid-Autumn Festival (is) in China the 15th day of the eighth month --> on the 15th day of the eighth month

The latter originated from thousands of years ago --> originated thousands of years ago

You may have known that in China people use two types of calendar --> you may know that...

I believe I had seen it a couple of times --> I believe I have seen it...

Now I would think of my grandmother more --> Now I think of my grandmother...

She lives there with her bunny for many centuries now --> She has lived there...

To dear readers:

Rocio from Mexico: Hallo Rocio! Es geht mir sehr gut! Do you also speak German? My German is actually not very good, especially when it comes to listening and speaking. But I hope one year’s life in a real language environment will be of much help. I will surely write more about my life here and show you more pictures. I study English language and literature in my home university, but here, German will be my priority for this semester.

Israel from Spain: Thank you for reading my blog. I’m very interested in your name. Isn’t that a name of a country too?

Mizan from Dubai: Hello Mizan! Glad that we share similar experiences in our lives. I like your idea that the Air links us in an invisible way….very true indeed. Come back often so we can exchange our ideas and stories with words – rather in a visible way!

Soroush from Toronto: Hi Soroush! I had a brilliant foreign teacher in my home university who comes from Toronto. I would love to visit your city someday since she has told us so much about it… just hope it will not be too cold:)

James from Taiwan: Dear Mr. Wu, from your spelling I suppose your Chinese name Zhih Cheng means aspiration and honesty ? I’m thinking to write about Chinese names later since they seem very confusing and mysterious to foreign eyes. I will stay in Heidelberg for one year. If the readers are not bored, I will be very happy to introduce the places (Nanjing, Beijing, and Heidelberg) ALL!

Little cow from Rotterdam: Hi my dear friend…thank you for your support!

Roberta and Filippo from Italy: Hello! I study English language and literature in my home university, but here at Heidelberg University, I also learn German as a foreign language. You are right: Heidelberg Uni. is one of the oldest universities in Europe, founded in 1386. If you are interested, check out their website: But be careful if you Google it, because there is another Heidelberg University in Ohio, USA!

Thao from Vietnam: Hello Thao! Wow you are only 13 and your English is already good! I started to learn ABC when I was about 12. You are so lucky! Keep up your good work and welcome back!

Beatriz from Uruguay: Thank you Beatriz! There is still a long way for me to go. Please also read the teacher's blog because Nuala has given me many useful language tips and important corrections. I think they are valuable to all too :-)

Vladimir from Ukraine: Hello Vladimir! Well I can't really say I SPEAK German...I read some German but speaking is still not easy for me. I speak Chinese and English, and am still learning German. I can't imagine either the feeling of being a multilingual person. But I hope after one year of studying here, I will have some idea :)

Liu Yang and Lucy from China: Hi! So happy to see you here too. I hope you have enjoyed the National's unusually long this year, isn't it? I really wanted to celebrate the National Day in Beijing with my friends there! I could've been one of the college students in the parade in Tian'an Men Square, if I were not in Germany. I watched the TV broadcast on line and was as proud as you were. It might be more exciting for me, though, because two of my roommates at Tsinghua were actually in the parade and the singing group. I promised them I would try to spot their faces on TV but...well let's just pretend I succeeded :) I think Chinese people are particularly sensitive about our cultural tradition along with the sense of identity that grows out of it. It might be difficult for people from other cultures to relate to, but it is significant that we have a platform here to try to understand each other. Thank you again for visiting me! Best wishes!

Pilar from Spain: Hello and thank you for your suggestion. Though a mysterious novel might scare myself first before it gives goose bumps to its potential readers: p

Ravindra from Colombo: Hello Ravindra! I'm sorry for a spelling mistake I made in my's “Ciao” I meant, not "Chao" (I have corrected it now)...So Chao is not my name--it's Jin Lu. I have studied in Beijing for two years.There are many good memories and also very important ones. Please read on, I hope my posts will to some extent attract you to actually visit there one day:-)

Alexandra from Brazil: Hi Alexandra. I couldn't agree more that history makes a city more charming...and sexy. Sometimes you can't learn history simply from books. It needs our senses-- to see, smell, listen, touch and even taste! I am very lucky to have grown up in a historical city and go to college in another one. Possibly I will write more about them later.

Shirley from Indonesia: I really enjoy your posts Shirley! And I agree with you 200% that blogging here is a GREAT experience! Best wishes to you!

Ramilton from Brazil: Hello Ramilton! Glad that you liked the moon story. It's true that nowadays you can meet Chinese people, both tourists and immigrants, almost everywhere in the world, including here in Heidelberg. I'm always interested in their lives abroad, how they live and think, how they raise their children, or what will be changed/unchanged mentally and physically after they move to a foreign environment. That' why I am so into a Chinese American writer Amy Tan's books, which demonstrate a complicate world of overseas Chinese community. One thing I found interesting is the role of language ability. Immigrants who learn to speak the local language or do not might sometimes be treated differently. I'm still learning German, and trying to learn it well. Speaking a local language will more directly help me understand this country.

Hyoshil from UK: Ah Njong! Nice to see you here Hyoshil! I think Korea is the next country I want to go if possible! I've had many connections with your country. To start with, it's my family name. It writes in Chinese character same as your KIM (it reads JIN in Chinese), so many people thought I was from Korea. I've also known a Korean family living in the US quite well--I stayed in their house for one month at 16. The Korean mom named me Kim Soh Hwuah (which means little flower I guess?) according to her daughter's name. I still use this name sometimes when writing letters to them :) A few years later, I hosted a Korean American girl in my house in Nanjing for three months. We had so much fun teaching Chinese and Korean to each other. Well, shopping and eating was naturally part of it -- I've got to know and taste a lot of Korean food because of her influence, and vice versa. Oh of course we watched many Korean dramas together too. I wish I could continue learning Korean, which I dropped earlier because of a busy study schedule in college. I hope you enjoy your life in UK even far away from Korea. The distance determines nothing. Home is always nearby when you are truly thinking of it. Best wishes!

Olya from Ukraine: Hello Olya! It intrigues me that people in your country sometimes check with the calendar to do certain chores. There's a long history of superstition in Chinese culture which involves doing similar things, such as to check when is a good and lucky time to wed, to travel or to clean one's house. Something like Feng-shui. Maybe the mysterious words from fortune cookies stem from this tradition too...

Concetta from Italy: Thank you for your encouragement. I used to dream of writing for children...Now I guess I should give it a try:)

MOON from Wollongong: Hello :) I would've been very happy to join you eating the dumplings! I miss them a lot...Here my Chinese roommate and I create dishes every day. Mixture of eastern and western styles is common in our menu! Best wishes and always have a good appetite!

Mizan from Dubai again: A lot of myths flow out of my memory now...I don't remember every one of them precisely but will not forget how they nurtured me and tempted me to learn reading before going to school. I do like nature very much, partly because I lived in a small town near the countryside until I was 8. I find it reasonable that people who are affectionate towards nature are more likely to enjoy their think?

Toni from Spain: Warm greetings to you Toni! I think of my beloved grandmother very often. She was the most important person in my life. I regret so much that I did not visit her more in the last couple of years of her life... now that she's gone forever, there's nothing I could do to compensate other than to live my life to the fullest so that she would not be disappointed. So have a great life Toni, your father would be proud!


Hi Jin Lu I am surprised about your dedication about for your post and courage to reply for all the comments on the blog. Its amercing and encouragement to be a reader of your blog. This is very good approach of you for the blog spot. Thank You Ravindra

guten Tag Jin Lu! thanks for replying my message. No I don´t speak German but I try to,since I was a little girl my big desire was to speak in many languages but it was no possible for me to get into a school to study idioms,I´d love to be able to speak french I´m on it!and improve more my English and also start to learn German,Now I´m an adult person (not to old! just 28 haha)and I´ve discovered my facility to learn foreign languages by my own.I support my selfstudy in the bbc language page- you ought to try this too its an excelent source for students like us! Why did you choose literature to study? and why do you like German? Waiting for your pictures and next blog my best wishes to you! Rocio.

Yes, of course.My name is exactly the same as the country.It's funny, isn't it? Although my name is not a typical spanish name,it's not a very unusual name and sometimes I come find people with the same name as I have.BYE !!!

It has been a while since I have taken part in any of these discussions. I missed reading these messages but I have been very busy recently and couldn’t contribute. I will endeavour to comment regularly as writing here help me a lot. From reading your last messages I can tell that your English is fabulous. Your English is very precise and easily understandable. Sometimes people try to use difficult words which make their English very hard to understand. I must also admit that the pictures are fantastic. Every single one of the pictures is beautiful. The sky looks so clear in the pictures. I haven’t followed these messages for a while so I don’t know much about you but hopefully in the near future when I read more of your messages, I will learn more about you. I feel a little tired so couldn’t write more but I am hoping to comment on your next coming up message. Take care Rabail UK

I would be very glad to see you here Jin Lu. Just keep off the winter and it will be fine ;) and even in the winter, there is a whole bunch of things to enjoy. Many students here are from china, so you won't feel homesick. By the way, I am Iranian, studying in Toronto, far away from home, just like you :) best wishes for you

....Hello, Jin Lu ! How are you ? Your careful replies to all will definitely play as inspirations. Thank you for the appreciation of my thinking ! No doubt, we will share our thoughts and perceptions. Right you are when you say, a lover of nature can enjoy his/her life more deeply and with variety. But I miss the greens and the rain here in Dubai. My country is full of greens and rainy season is awesome there (By the way, I am from Bangladesh). I am looking forward to your next post. Be fresh.......

Hello Jin Lu! Although this is the first comment I set you, I´ve been following your blogs since the very beginning. Unfortunatly, I´m up to my neck in work, so I I couldn´t write you before. Anyaway, I´d like to say you have a very descriptive writing and besides that, all the pictures are really amazing :-). Best wishes, Ana Paula.

Thanks for all your contributions. This blog has now closed and can no longer accept new comments.

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