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Saturday, 22 August 2009

Two things..

Anticipatory bail :

This post is not so well written.I mean not so arranged.It is not because that I don't value your precious time.But I was not getting anything to write..Hope you will pardon me..

For the last few days I have been thinking of a nice post to write for you.But was not getting anything.Today I asked my friends to tell a nice topic.All the people whom I asked told me to write about India's culture.I think you all know about India's culture very well or you can get it from a lot of sites.So here I will tell you what I like most in my country.Unlike other countries, each state in India is like a small country.There are 28 states and 7 union territories(If i am not wrong :) ).Each state has it's own language.When some states in North are facing drought now, in my state it is heavily raining.People of one state differ from the people of other states in the way of dressing, food, language, celebrations and almost everything.Even though there are a few problems on religion etc. we all live in unity, with a feeling that we are INDIAN.This unity in diversity attracts me a lot.I will write in detail after sometime..


Before starting the post let me ask you two questions

1.Why is ten afraid of nine?
2.What increases the width of a road?

No cheating.Think of the answer and if you failed then you can scroll down and find the answer.

Now two happy news
1.I got through officer's test in a Bank (Federal Bank) here.
2.I got my laptop.

Now coming to the post.India is a country where we give a lot of importance to our culture. Real India is neither what you see in movies like Slum dog millionaire nor what you read in books like The white Tiger.To know the real love and to experience the innocence of people here you must come and live here for sometime.But let me warn you, at first you will have to struggle a little because there will be people who exploit foreigners.So you should be careful too.

Now coming to the point.Today I had a debate with my friends on homosexuality.I am writing this post to get your valuable comments on this.One month before Delhi High Court decriminalized homosexuality.i.e it struck down the provision of Section 377 of the Indian Penal Code which criminalized consensual sexual acts of adults in private, holding that it violated the fundamental right of life and liberty and the right to equality as guaranteed in the Constitution.This landmark judgment was welcomed by gays and some supporters but most of the people are afraid of this.They fear that this will affect our culture.Personally speaking, our culture is something I am proud of.Let me point out some differences..Here we give a lot of importance to family life.Parents are like friends to us but we respect them a lot(i.e., we don't tell anything against them.We are really obedient).We don't earn money doing part time business.We are dependent on our parents till we complete our studies(at the age of above 20).We give importance to married life.And a lot more things.Coming back to the point, when homosexuality is legalized people fear that this will spoil our culture.What I am afraid is, will this increase the number of homosexuals in our community?If it is not legalized people will think that this is wrong and they will try to be normal.But when permission is granted for them, they will go in that way itself.I am not saying that homosexuals are going in the wrong way.But if the whole world is full of homosexuals it will also be not good right?There is a quote which has influenced me a lot.Let me share that with you now. "If the whole world followed you, would it be a nobler world?" Likewise if homosexuals try to answer the above question, I don't think they will be able to give a YES for this question.Because if the whole world followed them, it will be the end of this world right?I don't mean to hurt anyone.Why I am saying all this is, I know a person who is a cross dresser.At nights he dresses like a woman.He struggled to get rid of his habit.He tried a lot.Then he came to know that there is a community for cross dressers in America and in some other countries.After hearing that, he is not even trying to be normal.Like the same case, will legalization of homosexuality results in increased number of homosexuals?I need your opinion on this, to know how is homosexuality viewed in your place.

In my next post I will write about a celebration in my state, Onam. :)

Now the answer for the questions I asked:
1.Why is ten afraid of nine?
Because 7 8 9 (Didn't get??c' it slowly.Seven ate Nine)
2.What increases the width of a road?
ans : b

Now don't come and hit me :) I got this questions from my cousins studying in 5th and 6th standard :)

Thank you all for the comments to my previous post.I will reply soon..


It should be y is 6 afraid of 7. because 7 8 9.............

Asha,don't be afraid and don't worry.Here is some positive quotation from Bible(Mt.6:34) Be,therefore,not anxious about tomorrow;for tomorrow will be anxious for the things of itself.

Dear Asha, I really enjoyed reading your post. Here are some comments about the things you have mentioned: -congratulations! wish you find happiness and success in you new career. -about India, and Indian culture: first of all, I should say that I like Indian art very much, and in my apartment I have some small delicate things that have been made and crafted in India. second, I've been living in Toronto for almost one year. I see many Indians around, and I really feel what you said "our culture is something I am proud of" is completely true. I think this is true for almost all Indians, and you know, this is highly admirable. I have noticed this as an example: Toronto is a truly multicultural city, so you can see people from all around the world. you can see a lot of Indians in their traditional customs -sari if I'm right- unlike people with many other nationalities. I think this is one of the signs that Indians value their culture, traditions and way of living. -about homosexuality: well, on one hand, personally, like you, I don't feel easy thinking about marriage between homosexuals. On the other hand, which is probably the point of your question, I do not think that lifting the ban against the marriage between homosexuals could increase the number of homosexuals in a society. What it can do, is possibly to give them a happier life, and the ability to act and behave normal in their own way. However, I think whether it can really weaken the cultural basis of a nation or not, and how it affects the society, is a matter of time. -thanks for the questions; I liked them :)) best wishes for you

Hi Asha,thanks for your response before,it's cute:) As for the topic you talked about this time,about homosexuality,as far as i'm concerned,it's more like personal choice and how they feel and how they want to live their life. As for the example you've given, maybe that's the normal him and he didn't have a way to be himself before. Coming back to the point,you may will see that behavior more often after the ban,that's probably because people can legally act what they were hidding before. People are homosexual regadless of the law which only affects how much you see in public.:) Hope my thoughts can be helpful:) Have a good time studying.

7 ate 9 ,funny your post,informative! thanks

Hi Asha, Personally I bealieve that "normality" is a relative concept and what someone judges as normal in some places can not aply to everywhere, so depends on cultural context. On the other hand, as I don't think I would change any aspect of my life just because there are so many things allowed by law, I also do not bealive that the number of homosexuals will increase just bucause its decriminalization. I share Soroush opinion that if you see more homosexuals in your state later the approval of this low it would be more connected with the social conditions to express their own way of living. Best regards.

Hi asha, good question! i thing that the increase of homosexuals is normal ,why the possible legalization of the marriage will do that the homosexuals feel more free than before, so part of them will show that are gays for the society! just for this.

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