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Thursday, 22 January 2009

The legend of the Pink River Dolphin

Hi everyone!

We had some technical problems last days and some comments could not be published. Now everything is working well. We apologize.

In the last post I wrote about The Amazon Forest. The cultural diversity in the Amazon is enormous. Even to the Brazilians that have not been there is difficult to think about it. For us is like to go to another country. So I choose to talk to you about a legend well known for the people that live there: the legend of the Pink River Dolphin.

Says the legend that especially during the June Festival (or “Festas Juninas” in Portuguese - when are celebrated the days of San Antonio, Saint John, San Peter and San Paul) a Pink Dolphin comes from the river and, with a special power, it becomes man. He uses a white hat to cover his face and disguise his big nose and he dresses white clothes.

The Pink Dolphin, now a talkative and seductive man, likes to go to the celebrations that happened at the communities next the river where he lives. He looks for the most beautiful girl in the party and tries to involve her. In love with him, the girl is invited for a dip in the river. When the girl comes home she is already pregnant by the “Boto” (“Boto Cor-de-Rosa” or just “Boto” is how the riverine people call the Pink River Dolphin). In the next morning the man becomes a Pink Dolphin again.

The legend was a way found to justify a pregnancy of woman that was not married, or pregnacy of a married woman but the father of her children was not her husband.

The indigenous tribes in Amazon believe that the “Boto” is a god protector of the rivers and fishes. They call it as “Uiara”.

Scientists named the Amazon River Dolphin as Inia geoffrensis. It is a species of freshwater dolphin just found in the South America. Some believe that kill an Amazon River Dolphin is sign of bad luck. Despite beliefs, the Amazon River Dolphin is a species threatened with extinction.

I was thinking to stop here, but I couldn’t. Today is 21 January and I have just more ten days as blogger. It has been difficult to me to think about it. I was remebering the day I sent the e-mail to BBC. It was 20 October 2008. In the first reply they said “thank you, but we have many people interested” (or something like this). But soon I received another e-mail telling that I would be a blogger for a month. I was happy. I’m still happy. But the happiness has a date to finish. It has been a great experience for me and I hope that you click at the link on the right (“be our blogger”) and tell to the staff of BBC Learning English why you want to be a blogger. I'm sure it will be an honor for you. It has been an honor for me.

See you.


Dear Marcos, I haven’t ever heard about the existence of River Dolphins! At first I thought you were joking… Thank you for the discovery :) Wish you luck for these ten days. Don’t stop progressing anyway.

This legend is lovely and so are the pink river dolphins. They are so cute.

Hi Marcos! Your blog has just made me remember a Brazilian film about the boto legend. Have you seen it? Apart from that, I´m glad to know your enjoying your time as a blogger. See ya, Ana Paula.

Hi there Marcos, time really flies when we are enjoying ourselves. I myself am experiencing the same thing as my vacation time is coming to an end. It seems it started only yesterday... Well anyway... this story is very interesting. I remember watching a film about it a long time ago. Bruna Lombardi and her husband Ricceli played the leading role. He played the part of the "boto". Thank you for sharing these nice stories with us. Best regards. See you, Mauricio.

Hi Marcos! I like the colouring of South American dolphins. A shocking pink! Would you allow me to state what I’ve learnt about pink dolphins? They are Asian relatives. Length is up to 2.7m and they have good eyesight. They will put their head out of the water to study a passing boat. They eat fish, including catfish and the fierce piranha. In the rainy season these dolphins move into the flooded forests, but they always find their way back to the river when the water retreats in the drier weather. The fable is quite interesting and unusual. What makes me captivating is in the legend it’s a man whose character sounds like a girl who is talkative, sensual, provocative and love to go parties. Its story contrasts sharply with my imagination. I do enjoy it with a great pleasure. Keep up the good work!

Unfortunately,I found out this site only yesterday. I understood that I can find many interesting information and many friends here. I have read some of your stories. They are really great! I`m convinsed that you`re an interesting person. Sorry for my miserliness, but I`m a new person here. I don`t know nobody. So I liked your stories and desided to write you. Be happy.Goodbuy.

Hi thank very much for this intersting storey this my first belog ihope every one can accept me as freiends sory for bad writing iam realy wan to iimprove my writing skill

Mr. Marcos, you told a good folk story related with Pink River Dolphin. I am feeling regret not to believe on him. Thanks

I thought I was good in English. it is not difficult to get five on the English lessons in Russia, but students leaving schools hardly know the language. i want to speake English fluently. I hope it will help me to get my aim

Don't you think the Pink Dolphin is a little bit the dream of each woman in this world, be able to meet a beautifull man, experience with him, and the morning after, they returns to her daily life ... I hope I will could meet one day a siren ... joke !

dear marcos, i like the legend story. thank you so much, hopefully you will tell a lot of legend story a buot your's country. i know a lot of your country! Thank, see you agian!

Dear Marcos! I like your legend of River Dolphin. I like the attitude to life to add a special and kindly story to a hard life situation than having a baby without husband. Sometimes, all we need a positive attitude to life for survival. Have a good weekend!

the legend is interesting!it should be one of the reasons why we shall protect the river dolphins.

Dear Marcos, Thanks for your blog note about River Dolphins. Apart from learning the Language, I got to know how Dolphins are under threatened with extinction? I am still fresh to this blog and this is my first attempt. Anyway I wish you all the very best for your rest of the days for coming up with such vital blogs


Thanks for all your contributions. This blog has now closed and can no longer accept new comments.

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