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Sunday, 18 January 2009


Hi friends!

I´ve been working hard and I did not write everything that I wanted to say to you. Now I’m a little less busy, so I will try to post new texts every day.

I want to start with a question to Teacher Helen: could you talk about “direct” and “indirect” speech? I think it is an important subject and I think I need to improve my knowledge about this theme.

Now I will reply to some of the comments you made before. I'd like to remeber that the BBC don´t publish all the comments. But even so, try to leave your message!

Naheed (from Pakistan), Ana Paula (my compatriot) and Ewa (from Poland): thank you for your comments and suggestions. It´s good to hear you. By the way, Naheed, I read “The Kite Runner”. Did you read this book? What do you think about it?

Ewa (from Poland): I think you should go to India. After it, you come to Brazil. :-)

Mercè (from Spain): I’d like to visit your country. Some friends of mine told me a lot of interesting things about Spain.

Cristina (from Argentina): I´ve heard about Buenos Aires and, soon, I´ll be there in your country.

Toni (from Spain): Write this blog is an unique experience. Unfortunately, I´ve been busy. But now I want to write all day from today until January 31. The month is almost in the end and I want to work hard with your help.

Wisarut (from Thailand): I hope that the number 9 help all of us to have a great year. Some people are living a terrible time because they are losing their jobs (effect of the financial crisis). Other people are being deprived of food and health because they living in an insane war. I hope that at the end of this year we can celebrate 2009 as a great year. We have a hard work to do, but "Yes, we can" build a better world.

Kiran Gautam (from Nepal): I´m thinking to write a post about Renewable Energy. What do you think?

Adriana (from Brazil): I studied economics and transportation engineering, but I´m not good cooking. I prefer to eat. Why don´t you visit us and learn how to prepare our typical foods? We are waiting for you!

Tiasha (from Sri Lanka): I´m trying to study hard, but I’ve been busy. I like to read the teacher blog… But I think I could do more. What do you suggest?

Guzin (from Turkey): We have beautiful beaches here in Fortaleza. However, Brazil is a large country… There are many beautiful beaches and other places here. I will write about some of them soon.

Paulo Roberto dos Santos (from Brazil): I´m waiting you, Cassia and Ayrton soon. You have a lot of things to see here.

Maurício (from Brazil), Kosal (from Cambodia), James Wu (from Taiwan), Karoun (from Iran), Tanya (from Russia), Deepak (from India), Simone (from Brazil), Anjana (from Nepal), Rabail (from UK), Sara (from Tunisia), and Shanmugam (from India), Hyoshil (from UK), Waldek (from Poland), Beatriz (from Uruguay), Vito (from Italy), Thienloi (from Vietnam), Christhine (from Germany), (Filippo, from Italy), Anita (from Slovakia), Dandrea (from Brazil), Varun (from India), Bruna (from Italy), Kriszta (from Hungary), Bismarck (from Benin), Hai Van Nguyen (from Vietnam) : Thank you for your comments. I hope you continue to visit this blog. And I want to hear more about you.

If you want to know me better, you can find me at:



Thank you for all comments!


How was your day? Marcos. I would like to thank you for reply me. I am quite a little bit tired and grummpy today. I don't know why I feel that in this day, but I try to be relax and to find something delicious to eat.Next, I just quickly read a couple of your blog that these blog are rather good describtion; I will know more about your blackground. The last but not least, I would like to know more about your idol, please answer me and give the specific information why you choose that person. Well, I am looking forward to read your next blogs. Thank you. With warm good wishes.

Hi everyone - and especially Marcos. We seem to have a problem with the spam manager eating comments again! We have posted about 12 comments, but they haven't appeared! If you sent a comment to Marcos or Helen over the weekend and it hasn't appeared, please could you try again? Thanks

Hi Marcos. Thanks for your reply and also for the invite. You are welcome here too.

Dear Marcos, As your are a consultant,it is diificult to commit time to write blog every day. I know sometimes I need atleast one hour to write a comment. In order to write a blog you need more time. Writing a blog is not like writing a comment. It is a lot work. You have used a lot of vacabularies in the last blogs. Now you are a risk taker to write blogs. Motivate yourself to learn every day.Try your best. Good luck.

Hello Marcos! How are you doing? I went to Fortaleza in 2007 amd tje skycrapers around the coast really impressed me. I´m glad that Northeast of Brazil is so developed and I believe that Fortaleza is a great place to live. As you, the beaches I liked most are: Fontes, Futuro and Canoa Quebrada, where a famous brazilian soap opera was shot. Is there a humor show in Futuro´s beach on Thursdays nights yet? What about the shows into that entertainment house in front of Ponte dos Ingleses? I know it is open on Mondays, isn´t? Also, my husband and I went to Dragão do Mar Cultural Center every day. It´s amazing! He loved the Planetarium and in a weekend I watch a stunning accordion´s show. Later, somebody told me Ceará is known for its great musicians, specially with that type of instrument. It´s comedians are well-known as well. They have great success in brazilian TV shows. Changing the subject, I saw your book mention, The Kite Runner. I saw the movie and I think the story is a bit sad. Well, that´s all for now. See you in the next post.

If someone is thinking to come here in Brazil the best moment is definitely right now. The carnival is just begining in cities like Rio, Salvador, Olinda and Recife.

Thanks for all your contributions. This blog has now closed and can no longer accept new comments.

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