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Saturday, 03 January 2009

Thank you for your warm welcome

Hi everyone!

Thank you for your warm welcome, Teacher Helen Mehta! It will be nice to work with you during this month. I read some of your entries last November. When I saw you are from Sri Lanka immediately came on my mind: "the country of the little lion". I will explain. In my childhood my father showed me flags from all countries of the world (in a World Atlas). And I never forgot the flag of your country because the image of the lion with a sword always came in my mind when I heard "Sri Lanka" (or “Ceilão”, the other name of your country in Portuguese). But, to tell you the truth, I don’t know many things about your country.

Well, let me start to answer your questions. At Christmas I went to my parents' house in Pereiro. From Fortaleza (where I live) to Pereiro (where my parents live) is about 340 km. We had a great time there. My parents, my two brothers, my sister, my nephew, my sister-in-law, my girlfriend... Everyone was at my parents' house at Christmas night. It was a special night.

On New Years' eve I went to Iracema Beach here in Fortaleza to watch the fireworks displays at midnight. After that, there was a big party on the beach to celebrate the coming of the New Year! It was amazing!

I saw the pictures from your daughter. She is so cute! And I have to tell you something: we eat ‘milk rice’ here in Ceará. It’s delicious! In some places this kind of food is named “arroz piamontese” (piamontese rice).

In the next post I will tell you more about the city where I live.

Ana Paula, Naheed, and Ewa: thank you for your comments!

Ewa: I think your country is really cold (specially during the winter). What do you think about came to Brazil next year? It will be a pleasure for us.

Naheed: Yes, I knew that the Statue of Christ the Redeemer was elected as one of the 7 new wonders of the world. Thank you for remember. But the picture that was published in the previous post is not from the Statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro. The Statue of Christ the Redeemer in that picture is located in Pereiro, Ceará. The Statue in Rio de Janeiro stands 38 metres (120 ft) tall. The other statue in that picture stands 12 m (39 ft) tall. Many cities here in Brazil have replicas of Statue of Christ the Redeemer.

Ana Paula: I'm telling you more about Fortaleza and my life here soon. And I will publish some pictures too.

Thank you once again to everyone!


Hello Marcos, thank you for your further information about the statue. I only knew that it's in Rio but now from your post I will remember about its replica too. I would like to know how do you pronounce Pereiro and Ceará. Best wishes, Naheed

Hi Marco! I don't understand why you are here as your English is great.(just kidding) Nice to meet you and you are a so lucky guy to have Helen as your teacher.I am expecting lots of interesting stories to hear from you. gook luck!

Hello,BBC LE STAFF,Teachers,Student bloggers,Commentators and Readers.Happy New Year and great start to 2009 to everyone!Now, we have opportunity whole year learn and improve our English again.Well done to BBC. Hello,Honourable Marcos!On your place I also would be happy to be the student blogger at start New Year.But I would like say I have to a lot study my English because it is still enough poor.You are first this year.Congratulations!I think, you know the English language much better than I.You can write some interesting things about Brazil and yourself.I wish you good luck.Your writing is very nice, clear and undrstandable to me.Thank you for very beautiful photo the Statue of Christ closely.Write some history about the Statue of Christ the Redeemer in Rio de Janeiro.When,who and in which way this monument was built.Muchos Gracias!My best wishes to you and everybody. Waldek L. from Poland

Hi Marcos, you seem to have had a good time during the holidays, haven't you? this time of the year is good because we get to spend time with our families and everyone seems to get a little closer. That was a nice picture of the Christ you posted. Apart from the size it's really just like the famous one in Rio. Your part of the country is famous for its beaches too, isn't it? Do you visit them often? Perhaps you can give us some tips in case we one day go visiting them . See you soon, Mauricio.

Welcome to the blog. I visited Brazil but no so north as you live now so it will be interesting to read about your life there, in our gigant neighbour.

Hello Marcos, I can tell that you are serious on this blog, you read and reply teacher's blog entry quickly. Ihave a few questions for you. As you said you are 31 years old and have a regular job, and also have a girl friend. Do you have any plan to get marry. At what is the age People getting marry in Brazil? Hopefully, my questions is not rude. Best wishes, James.

Hi Marcos! This is my fisrt visit on this site and I have to say that it is very interesting such as your post! You can see that my English isn't very rich but I hope that it will improve with the time.. I've just read your last 2 posts and when i've seen the picture with you near the Christ in Rio I've thought that in Italy we have a similar Christ but very less famous, It's is probably that you don't know it. If you want search it, you can write "cristo maratea" on Google will remain been strange..:) I hope haven't made too mistakes.. Bye Marcos!!

Hi Marco, yes I'd love to go to Brazil especially at winter polish time ( today is -10 degrees brr... ). One of friend went to you country last year and he told me a bit about how beautiful your country is and now I have opportunity to know more from somebody who live there. I can't wait for pictures.Maybe some day I will visit Brazil.Bye for :)

Hey Marcos! I´m glad to know you had a blast with your family. When I think about Fortaleza what comes to my mind is worderful beaches with warm water and a very white and soft sand. I hope one day I can go there :-). Best wishes, Ana Paula.

Welcome Marcos! I'll try to read you blog this month. I haven't got too much time, but you life and city seem very interesting. My best regards

Hi , Marcos Keep working hard as you can . You have left the English studying for a long time and now you are coming back . All the readers are encouraging you include me . Your country is famous for the football , with football superstar from past to now . Can you talk a little about the life with full of football of Brazilian ?

I like this side so much but i have no time to come online but today first time i got time i write something, Last 10 year i saw many sides but BBC is Really One of the Best side in the World Regarding any subject Special Side for who want improve his or her English & my Best Wish for BBC to Give more more knowledge Regarding English bcz 2day each & every person want to learn,talk, & write English thank

Hello Marcos, a warm welcome to you and a happy New Year.It's unbelieveable, you celebrate New Years eve at the beach and here in Germany we have snow and deep temperatures and more snow is predicted.We love milk rice too, especially with cinamon and sugar. Have a nice time, see you soon...

Hi Marcos and Happy New Year! Like Naheed, I thought you took that picture in Rio de Janeiro. I did not know there were other replicas. I wish I had celebrated the arrival of the new year on the beach. It is pretty chilly over here and it even snowed on New Year's Eve. A few Italians visit Fortaleza when they are in Brazil. As you are a consultant, do you happen to use SAP(software)? I cannot wait to read your next posts and have a great week ahead!!

Hello Marcos! Welcome to our community! I have read enviously about your New Year’s celebration on the beach. Wow! I wish I could be there. There has been a sudden decrease in temperature over the past few days. The temperature is 8-10 degrees below zero here. Unfortunately, it has not snowed yet. I am looking forward to reading your entries. Take care,

Hello Marcos! It is easy to read and understand your English text. I like to view photos of railways in internet. I remember a movie where a beginning of capitalism in Brazil was shown. There was a railway in this movie, which was build to carry rubber from rubber plantations to Amazon shore. Could you show us some photos of Brazilian railway? Best wishes, Happy New Year! Simple Tanya.

Hello Marcos! It is easy to read and understand your English text. I like to view photos of railways in internet. I remember a movie where a beginning of capitalism in Brazil was shown. There was a railway in this movie, which was build to carry rubber from rubber plantations to Amazon shore. Could you show us some photos of Brazilian railway? Best wishes, Happy New Year! Simple Tanya.

Hello Marcos. I´m glad that there was a party in Iracema beach. I hope the weather was good. Here, in Belo Horizonte (Minas Gerais), where I live, it is pouring and unhappily there were many floodings in the New Year´s Eve. But, these situation is under control right now.

Hello Marcos ! This is my second visit to this blog. I tried to commit myself on writing every day once, but just didnt happen. New year, new resolutions, and here I am. I think it will be a very good re-start as I'm brazilian too and I'd love to know more about Ceará. I have relatives living in Fortaleza, but I`ve never been there. My daugther went to their place last year and took beautiful photos, especially from Jericoacoara. Try to explain to Naheed how to pronuciate this name too :) And tell us a lot about your place. Welcome and have a nice month.

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