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Wednesday, 01 October 2008

A smile from Czech Republic :-)

Hi Simon and everyone all over the world !! Hi my friends !!

Time goes by so fast,It's the first of October,the day I am starting something special!!!I yeah ,being a blogger on BBC.It's the first time of mine posting a blog here so I am really really nervous right now especially when Ana and all the other bloggers before me did a great job.How interesting they have talked about !!

First of all I would like to thank to Dima and all the BBC stuff to give me this amazing opportunity to share my feelings and opinions about this world by talking about my daily activities.I have never dreamed of this day when I heard about BBC website of learning English from a friend of mine and then I decided to send a message to the stuff of BBC a few months ago.It attracted me from the first time exploring this website.

Well,let me tell you something about myself :-)
My name is Linda,I have another name It's Linh.They call me both and I am happy with using both of those names.Maybe someone would say It's pretty weird when anyone here has two names at once.Well,I am actually Vietnamese living in Czech Republic.That nice and small country next to Germany.Czech is known with the name Czechoslovakia in the past but the official name of this country is just only Czech Republic.I'll tell you in detail later :-)

19 years ago I was born in Hanoi,that beautiful city of Vietnam.Time flies It was 8 years when I moved to Czech,the sweet memories of Vietnam are still clear in my heart.I love both countries.
I live in Pilsen with parents and a younger brother.We are a happy family,my parents have to work hard to give us the best life,me and my brother appreciate it a lot of them.So for that I chose medicine to study.My mum and dad have never told me to choose this profession but I know they want me to be a doctor.Though I have a lot of years to "fight" ,I'll try my best to take the happiness for my family and the others who needs my help in the future.

I am finishing this introduction of mine It was a little bit about me and my life.I hope all of you enjoy my next posting.Thanks a lot for your time reading my first entry.

At the end I have something to tell those who is reading my blog and want to be a new blogger of BBC don't hesitate to write to BBC ,one day you can do something like what I am doing right now.Good luck to all of you !!


P/s:I think I should post a picture of mine,just to get you an idea how I look like
.The photo has been taken a few minutes ago :D


Hello linda, welcome among us. I believe you'll be an interesting blogger. I'm waiting to read your next entry. Greetings from Italy.

Your way of writting is very nice.Its great ,you are choosing medician and trying to keep up your parents interest.

Hi Linda. Thanks for your nice smile. I was wondering who is Linda, and where is she from. But I never imagine such a fantastic combination, a vietnamese girl living in Czech Republic. I'v heard Praga is a marvellous city, but Pilsen is very famous too, if not because it's architecture or history, the pilsener beer is a world heritage (or at least it should be). I have a little doubt. You said you choose Medicine because your parents wants you to be a doctor. But, is that your vocation?

Hi Linda! I´ve heard that Czech Republic is a beautiful country :-). Moroeover, I hope you can succeed in your studies in order to become a doctor. Best wishes, Ana Paula.

Hi Linda: a warm welcome to the blog. I usually visit this fantastic blog and it's very very nice to discover all the times that the world is so small. It's one of the best oportunities that I have found to improve my English, and no less important, of course, make lots and lots of friends around the world. I live in Spain, and I want to say you that two years ago I visited Praga with my husband and daughter. I was very impressed by this beautiful city. Unfortunately I couldn't visit other places in Czech Republic. I hope to do it some day. Praga was for me a place for dreaming. I wold like to know more from the country where you live and, of course, something about you, your life, your family, etc. I wish you lots and lots of lucky with your studies as a doctor in medicine. I repeat: Welcome!!!!!! I'm looking forward to hearing from you again. Best wishes!!!!!

Welcome Linda. I wish good luck and enjoy your stay here. May I send a final comment to Ana and everyone who is going to take the FCE test? Please replace "explendid" for "splendid" in my last comment. :-O Bye

First, I know sth about you, that makes me happy^^ Frankly, I dont know exactly what this BBC blog can help us? Juz type ur English here and everybody reads it? Nice day!

Hello Linda... Linh... hehehe I'd like to have two names too. Maybe I can change as my mood! :) I'll go to Prague by the end of the year. I want to see the capital during the winter, it said me that's a incredible atmosphere. Is it true? all the best

Hi, Linda nice to meet You. Although I live in Poland quite near to Czech Republic I've never been there, so I am waiting to hear about it and of course about your origin country. I am sure that will be interesting. All the best

Hi Linda,it is so nice to read this your entry. I am from Czech Republic, too and your entry makes me really happy. I thought that only few people know our little country but now I am very surprised that people (even from another continent) know it. I am very looking forward to your next entry. Bye Bye

Hello Linda and welcome! It would be interesting to learn about Czech from you. Best wishes, Naheed

Hi Linda ; You're welcome among us . The combinaison between vitnamese and Czech is wonderfull . I'm from Morocco , i lived in the past with my family in Europe in France . It's very intersting to discover other culturs . Best Regards ans good luck . Redouane

Hey Linda, Hello and welcome to the Student's Blogger! :) Lucky you're! Hope you benefit from us and we from you. I am also a newbie here, just discovered this wonderful place a month back, since then I was a silent lurker, lol, now I intend to write daily here. Its really an amazing place to be!! Many thanks to BBC LE team and of course, their dedicated students : ) I hope I'll be one of them :p Okay now enough of my ramblings.. Linda you must be feeling great to have this opportunity. Good to know that you are studying medicine, I'd like to know more about medical colleges and their studies in Czech. How long does it take for an undergraduate degree? In which year you are? Here, in Pakistan, it takes 5 years to complete an undergraduate degree for medicine, but I think its quite less as compared to other countries? In what field, you intend to specialize further? Wish you all the best for your studies. Take care. Regards. Amy

Hi Linda welcome to the website. The country you live is wonderful. I am looking forward to your writings. Good luck! I am sure you will do your best. :))

Welcome Linda. Thank you for your nice introduction. Indeed the Czech Republic is a very interesting place. It comes more and more in my mind. Though I am a neighbour, we do not know very much of each other. Of course I know our past, and I have been in Praha, but I do not know about the daily life in this country. I am very excited to learn more of your way of life. Bye René

Hello Linda! A hearty welcome from a medic's mum. Indeed our son chose these studies as well some years ago. In France the first year is really very hard with this awful contest at its end where you must be amongst the best. It was also stressful for us, his parents because he had given so much of himself. Now he has to study a lot but there is only (if I can say that) an exam every year.There, he needs to reach the average to move up. He targets more to keep a good rate of work because in three years, he has to sit another contest which is more than difficult and important. According to your results, you can choose such or such speciality. Is there your first year given you're young? Can you tell me how these studies unfold in your country. Have you got an English exam? He has. He is really happy with his choice. As your parents, we make some sacrifices to secure all these long years. But it's worth it isn't it? You're mentionning a fight, I think it is. Good luck and bear up! Bye for now.

Hello Linda ,your history its very interesting and your country too,the both. I'll try read the blog every day, for me know more details about how is your life in Czech Republic. Bye and good luck!!

Hi,Linda, my name's Alma,I've some months visiting this blog,but it's my first time,that i write in it.Because I'm a little shy. I hope improve my writting english. It will be nice, to start with you.Bye

Welcome Linda!! I realized we have something big in common: I'm also a foreigner in the country where I live. I'm from Peru but from 2006 I've been living in Argentina. I totally understand how does it feel to fall in love with a country that it's not yours and that eventually you call it 'home'. It's funny 'cause I feel I belong to both places. I just coudn't choose between Peru and Argentina. Thank you for telling us about your life and nice photo! we're really looking forward to your next post. Have a nice day ! Liz

Hi Linda, congratualtion for being a student blogger for this month. I rember you from my blog. You used to send comments on my post. I found your first blog interesting and flow on writing. In Nepal, we have a big festival called "Dashain" so I will not be able to comment on your post till 12. But I will read your blogs after that also. Wish you good luck !

HI Linda Please accept my warm welcome to this month Blog ! OH my God , Your writing is too fluent and it 's clear you have tried hard , well done . I 'm waiting to read your next entry . see you and bye

Hi Linda! Nice to meet you here. As you said Czech Republic is next to Germany I thought, gosh that's right - and I've never been there. What a shame! So, I'm looking forward to reading more about you and the place you're living in. BTW I'm wondering which of both countries, Vietnam and Czech Rep., do you feel as your real home? The place where you were born and spent your childhood or the place where you've been living right now? So, have a great time here at the bbc le blog area! Carmen

Hi Linda, This is Karoun with a warm welcome.Congratulation for being the blogger of month.A girl from Vietnam living in Czech is interesting and it would be great to hear about Czech repoblic's people.Thanks for your first blog (A smile). It was great as a bigining and it seems that we will have a talent blogger else after Ana Paula the blogger that I really enjoyed her blogs and I learnd a lot from her in the past.Any way, it's a pleasure to meet you here and I hope to have a chance hearing from you, and learn more through your blogs.

Hi Linda! Nice to meet you! I've always admired doctors, I think they are extraordinary people! By the way, I and my husband were in Czech 3 years ago in our honeymoon. But we weren't in Pilsen, so it would be very interesting to read about your city. Best wishes!

Hey Linda^^ It's quite nice to hear about someone living almost next to me =), so I'd like to give a warm welcome to you. What you should know is that I already got someone to know who is from Czech Republik. I met this likeable girl, called Kamila, during my stay in Denmark where I took part in a international workcamp. I reckon you won't know her^^. At any rate, I'm glad I'm about to get to know another one from Czech^^. Hence, I hope you will have a whale of a time while being a blogger. Take care Yours André

Hi Linda : WELCOME to the blog,nice smile you have thanks for that. I am from India, I am appriciating you for choosing medicine because of your parents, thats great. Best of luck.I don't know much about Czech Republic. I'm looking forward to hearing more about Vietnam and Czech Republic from you in next entry. Take care -Jana from india

Hello Linda congratulations and welcome. I'm sure that your life is plenty of great experiences and full of happy moments. Your family must be proud of you, for your word you seem very mature and you have good goals. Please go on with your entries. See you, Toni.

Hi, Linda! I think your blog is going to be very interesting, as Ana Paula's was (by the way: I'm definetely not a G.. supporter. Even writing down this name is difficult to me). I guess medicine is a very hard course. You must go in for it a lot. But if you like it, all efforts are worth. Something I would like to know is who chose your second name, and if you know what is the meaning of "Linda" (in Portuguese it means beautiful, and I suppose it is the same in other Romance Languages). Best wishes.

hi, vietnamese girl .(Vietnamese words : Nguoi viet ne ). I do believe that you will show to all of us one exciting mounth.

Hi Linh. It's nice to meet you.I haven't lived abroad yet, but I thinhk it's so hard. Since the day you moved to Czech, have you come back to Viet Nam anytime? I'm looking forward to hearing your story. Best wishes

Hi, Dear Linh. Congratulations!You have become a member of BBC. after i read finished your entry i have known you're a woman of a firm stuff and so energetic. I admire you. With this nice smile, i'm sure that you're going to bring new things for BBC about Vietnam and Czech Republic.Making great effort, i always support you.i'm looking forward to hearing from u again. Have a nice times. Take care.

Hi Linda, it's nice to meet you and to be able to read your entries during this month. I'm sure you'll have a lot of good things to tell us during your stay as a blogger. Be welcome and be also sure we'll be very interested to know everything about you and your country. Have a nice stay. Bye, bye.

Hi Linda, It's really nice meeting with you.This is the first time iam going through the blog and feel like ,i can also improve my writing & communication skills.Have a nice day .bye bye

hi linda,it's nice to meet you, i got a better understanding on Czech and Vietname from your entries, i always back you up, and looking forward to hearing from you. wish your everything will be going right and your dream will come true.

hi linda,I am from turkey.this is first time my write.I am working english. nice to meet you

I liked your foto. You are an attractive lady! The blog you're writtig interests me very much. I like the way you're express your ideas end learn so much from your blog. I wish you lucky end happy!

i wish good like and all thje best do your all rest of you live you are so beauty lettal girl. i have see your artical real its real story and enjoy to read it

Your article is great.

Thanks for all your contributions. This blog has now closed and can no longer accept new comments.

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