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Monday, 24 December 2007

My merry Christmas...

Have a jolly Christmas Season!

Christmas is all about togetherness. I wish you a joyful Christmas. Have a nice Christmas holiday!

If you haven’t gone on holiday, or back home, I’ll see you tomorrow and I’ll tell you how I’ve spent Christmas Eve, and what Santa Claus has brought me.
Tonight I’ll be among family. We are having dinner in granny’s home. The whole family will be there. Actually my family isn’t big at all, since my dad is a single-child. It could be for that reason that traditionally my mum’s relatives (who just are two sisters and four nephews and nieces) have met us, as well. We are a very tightly-knit family, and we get on well with each other. So, I like this time of the year, because I can spend much more time with them.

That is Christmas! Every blessing to you and yours throughout this wondrous season.

See you tomorrow,


Dear Silvia, we all wish you and your family a Merry Christmas! I will be looking forward to reading about how was Christmas eve. I really made a picture of your family sitting together for the dinner and sharing a wonderful time. Wishes, Naheed

I'm glad to hear you almost every day. Your English is quite good and of course yo have many expressions and a large vocabulary. I hope, very soon I can write a lot of things from my country too. Marry Christmas¡

You have a close-knit family!!!Christmas brings everybody joy, happiness, luckiness, and warmness. MERRY CHRISTMAS!!!

Merry Christmas Silvia! All the best for you and all your family :-). I´m going to have dinner with my mum and sisters and tomorrow we´re going to have lunch at my grandmma´s house with all my aunts and cousins. Enjoy your evening, Ana Paula.

And to you, Silvia, a very happy Christmas and festive season!

My best wishes of happyness for you and the readers of the blog. BE HAPPY, LIFE IS VERY SHORT! Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

Hi, Its very nice to see some one enjoying festivals according to their traditions.I being from India have a lot of festivals at least one every month.I do have a lot of friends who celebrated X-mas with a lot of exhilaration.Hope you too enjoyed much more than what u expressed here.Coming to the size of your family, lot of people are not important people with lot of hearts is important like your family.I also hope this year's eve really gave u lot of joy and refreshment to you and your family. Also wish you happy new year in advance.

merry x mass. we should appreciate such a happy and religious time provided by the merciful God. it is almost impossible to gather all the familily to meet. we iranian people have somehow similar holiday at the beginning of spring. it is called Nourooz.

I agree with Pilar from Spane! Life is very short! Happy New Year!

Your Christmas celebration with your family sounded so wonderful, I wished to have a large family like yours and living closer by. Have a very happy New Year to you!

MY dear "virtual" friends, Its really very interisting reading about the customs of Christmas in other countries. Here in brazil,as most of people are ctholics, the Christmas is a special date to comemorate with family, but there is a part of the party here that many foreign friends love that is what we call " Amigo oculto", it means "Secret friend". We have this in our job, in ourschool, in our family. it consists on writing the names on a blank paper of every member who wants to ply. Then we separate each name , fold them and ask each person to take one name. Nobody can read the name of each others. Only each one can read the name. From that, we have to buy a gift for the person you got. Wr select a day for evebody give the gift. At this day , whe everybody is together, we begin giving the gift for that person , but we have first to describe that person.We can talk about something funny, something good that person did for us, or just saying the name. This is really good. What I would like to know is if this is common in others places? Carmen

You produce excellent English and lead a happy life, in my view. I am an English teacher and an English major,and i hope you read more of your writing.

Thanks for all your contributions. This blog has now closed and can no longer accept new comments.

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