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Sunday, 09 December 2007

quite a normal day

I’ve been the whole day working on my computer…programming and programming.....what a boring day!!

Today what I’m going to do is trying to answer most of your comments….You are a great support!

First of all, Jonathan, thanks for your corrections and your inspiring post. I've enjoyed your walking story and all what you've told us about the dunes and Leba. I’d be grateful if you could talk about polish traditions and what the main attractions of Poland are.I don't mean to be personal, but after having lived in Poland for so long do you still miss any english tradition or anything special from the UK?

Antonio, Yes! It’s usual to eat churros con chocolate for breakfast. For me it's something usual after long nights out. As you said, churros with hot chocolate are eaten the whole year round. I can’t wait any longer for you gazpacho manchego recipe. I agree with you, I like the manchego gazpacho much more than the andaluz. For all what you’ve said, you’ve to be an excellent cook. To be fair I consider myself as an average cook, and as Anastasia has pointed out, what I most enjoy is cooking for someone else. It’s much funnier and gratifying. If I’m alone at home and I’ve to make something to eat for myself, I get too lazy and I end up eating just a sandwich or a salad.

Ana Paula, I like your Christmas traditions. It’s another way of seeing Christmas. I think that the way one has lived Christmas and its traditions, influence a lot the Christmas feelings one has, and one's Christmas mood. Traditions of Brazil sound pretty exotic for me, even when here in Spain it isn’t by far as cold as in other European Countries. I’d like to experience them. Well, as you know, I’m a sea lover. So, having a dip at midnight and jump seven waves has to be really funny, and coming into contact with nature is one the best choice to start off a new year on the right foot.

Leila, I agree with you. The daVinci code is a good reading to improve the English fluency, but personally the plot was foreseeable, and it recalls me other books. therefore, I found it a bit naïve, too.

Ernesto, yes! I like Mecano, although they don’t belong to my generation. They got extremely famous in the late 80s till and the early 90s. However, they made history in the Spanish pop music. Their songs have never died, and they're as famous as they used to be. In Madrid is running a successful musical of Mecano and all their songs. And guess what? My plan for this New year’s Eve is going to Madrid to see it in an special performance for that night. I’m going to spend four days in Madrid and its surroundings. In fact I’ve been to Madrid for many times and it’s quite familiar for me, because I’ve some relatives living there and I don’t miss the opportunity to go there every time I can.

Habooba, Olive grows in every southern region of Spain. From Castilla La mancha to Andalucia. However, the major olive producer is Andalucia.

Hyoshil, thanks for your comment! You’re so kind.

Naheed, Thanks you so much for your comments and corrections. I’ve to say that I also like those intelligent comedy films, many of them in black and white, but they're timeless.

Mariangela, in spain there’s no typical cake that people usually eat for Christmas. On the other hand, there’re typical regional cakes. For example, in Elche you'll be able to try tarta de elche or tarta de almendras. It’s a sponge cake made of a mixture of almonds, sugar and honey, all cover by meringue. Personally, I prefer a home-made chocolate cake made with layers of biscuits dunked in milk, custard and hot chocolate, of course, after it has been cold down for two or three hours. By the way, I love panettone! It’s delicious….In fact, I’m an Italian food lover!

Christine, thanks for your comment! I didn’t know about St.Nicholas Day festivity. In Spain, St. Nicholas isn’t as traditional as there is.

Anastasia, related to one of the quotes you need someone to love you, while you're searching for somebody to love....I think it’s true that everybody likes to be loved and desired. But, in my opinion, first one must love oneself to find one’s Prince. You have to know, love and respect yourself to be then respected and loved. If not, you could get confused by all those admirers and not know clearly what is what you really want…. That’s from my own experience.

Silwal, it would be nice if you could talk about some of your traditions….As you said referring to Christian culture, I’m not up-to-date on other traditions and I enjoy learning new things, above all related to culture differences. Do you have any special festivity?

That's all for now! I hope you've enjoyed my paella recipe :)

See you tomorrow!




Hello Silvia! So, how was your Saturday? Did your dad have a good time? Well, I hope so. Thanks for your kind answer. I´m busy like a bee this Sunday. Tomorrow I´m having a FCE mock test, so I have lots to study. Well, it´s better bid you farwell and come back to my studies. See you tomorrow, Ana Paula.

Hi Silvia. So you'll be in Madrid for New Year. I was in Madrid once, five years ago. I spent almost a complete day in El Prado Museum, and the next day I tried to go to the Reina Sofía, but it was monday and was closed (¡Ups!), so I just walked around and take a look to the Atocha train station. In that moment I didn't believe it' was very important, but some time later, when the terrorist attack in march 11 happened, I felt in some way connected with the events, and all my friends asked me about the place where the bombs exploded. I was also in the stairs of the Almudena Cathedral, looking for a better wiew point to take a picture of the Royal Palace, but I didn't realize in which temple I was, untill many months later, when I saw on TV the news about the wedding of prince Felipe and princess Letizia. I think Madrid is a very vibrant and cosmopolitan metropoli. A very interesting place to visit, however I wouldn't like to live there. Good Bye.

Hello Silvia. I usually read the blog but write only a little, perhaps one o two comments every month blog. The reason for that is that I never have very much to say. This words that I write, are to say that I'm happy to find one Spanish student bloger at last. I've never been a good cook, but despite that, I'm going to try cooking ten paellas to become an expert, because rice is the meal I like much. By the way, speaking about Mecano, I can remember hearing their song Hawaii Bombay in the year 1984, So they were already famous in the mid eighties (Hope you don't mind this little correction). And that's all I have to say. Keep up the good work. Read you soon.

Dear Silvia, thank you for your reply. I go along with you from the very beginning. Luckily, I belong to the sort of girl that does respect herself and manages to keep herself from the hordes of admirers. I found my Prince four years ago and we are getting married in the spring, how lucky is that? Have a good week. Sincerely, Ana

Hi Silvia, I've recently read this blog and what a nice surprise to see you are from Elche. First, congratulations¡.. For me your english is excellent, and think that everyone agree with me.¡¡I´d like you to tell us how did you learn english and what do you do for improving it. Thanks a lot and have nice day.¡¡¡

Hi Silvia, Did you work on Sunday or were you programming for your own use ? A few years ago, I used to work quite often at home, mainly late in the evening in order not to be distracted I do not make programs anymore but mainly workflows and procedures. Sometimes I people is asking me how can I work at home ? or on a Sunday ? It is work but I do not consider it like that. It is like a sort of challenge. I must solve a problem and it is even fascinating to seek/dig for the solution. Thanks for your compliment, about cooking. I fact to cook is not difficult as long as you pay attention to the ingredients and proportions. One can start with a fried egg, gain little by little self-confidence and dare trying more complicated meals. The worst is when you have to cook for more than ten persons and you do not have the right dimensioned pans. But it is also a challenge to organize the chain or sequence of actions. Read you tomorrow. Antonio

Hello Silvia, Thank you so much for you kind reply! I agree with what you said in your reply to Anastasia. I really liked your thoughts. Naheed

Hello Silvia, thank you for your reply. I hope that you spent a nice weekend! I am proud that you like Italian cooking.... I don't know the Spain, but I m curious and I like to travel, so one day I hope to come to your country..... Also because I have a Spanish descendant, the mother of my grandmother was Spanish.. she called Martinez.... Thank you for Paella if you want I send you a easy cake recipe...I like cooking!!! Back soon Mariangela

Hello Silvia, thank you very much for the paella recipe, I love cooking very much and I will try your recipe. It's very interesting, through the communication in this blog , I think in another way, refering to special thinks: Today I ate an orange and think " this orange comes from Spain, the country, where Silvia lives" that's funny, isn't it. Are there special areas in Spain, where oranges grow? Is it now harvest time for oranges, because we get them now in the supermarket and they taste very good. I remember, when I was a child, we got the first orange in a year at St. Nicholas day, that was great.Nowadays you can buy oranges through the whole year, but in summer they taste not so good, like in winter.Yes, and the almonds come also from Spain. On the Christmas fair in our region, you get sugared almonds, very delicious, but not so good for the teeth. See you soon, bye...

Dear Silvia, According last census, around eighty percent of Nepalese are Hindu. Nepal is land of festivals. Most of the festivals are related to Hindu and Buddhist god and goddess. In this post I am going to give some highlights of two festivals which fall in this month. On 8th of December, this year Hindu festivals Bala Chaturdashi was celebrated throughout country specially in temple of God Shiva which is known as god of destruction. Among temple of Shiva Pashupatinath Temple is the most famous in Nepal which is located in Kathmandu Valley. In this valley, three major cities of Nepal are located by name Kathmandu, Lalitpur and Bhaktapur. The festival of Bala Chaturdashi at Pashupatinath temple celebrates an apocryphal legend of long ago. On the eve of the festival, thousands of people from Katmandu and its surroundings, proceed to Pashupatinath to keep an all night vigil. Small wick lamps are lit after which the worshippers spend the night chanting hymns and dancing. At early morning, everyone makes their way to the holy Baghmati River to bathe; acts of worship are then performed at the temple's many shrines. The festival concludes with all the worshippers scattering "sat biu," seven types of grain along a prescribed route starting and ending at Pashupatinath temple. It takes several hours to complete the task, after which worshippers begin their journey home. On 14th December, people are going to celebrate Bibaha Panchami festival in Janakpur in the eastern Terai. This festival is celebrated in the memory marriage of Rama and Sita, the hero and heroine of the Hindu epic, Ramayana. Several thousands of pilgrims have already started to arrive in the city and a local fair is set up. On the first day of the festival a large procession sets out from Rama temple, carrying an image of Rama and proceeding to the famous Janaki temple. The next day, in an equally colorful ceremony, an idol of Sita is carried to Rama's side thus re-enacting the ancient wedding of the divine couple. In Hindu cultures, there are so many gods and goddess and most of the festivals are based on these gods and goddess. Dates of festivals are fixed by astrologers based on lunar calendar.

Hi Silvia! Your postings are very living, substantial and interesting. After Russian winter I feel like arriving to another planet, with presence effect. :) Thank you very much for that! Sounds like a paradise on Earth. I'm a developer with over 10 year experience, and so would like to ask about technologies and languages you’re learning and using, and what are the most popular ones now among youth in Spain? We mostly use java/j2ee + oracle/mssql and related products like weblogic/websphere app server. Also C# is getting more popular as java alternative. Another point is nature. Do you have extensive wild nature places like forests or mountains somewhere around you? I’m fan of really wild nature, but as I understand it’s quite difficult to find such places in West Europe, isn’t it ?

hi,silvia thak you for your good message

Hi Silvia, I do not have any idea about the taste of paella recipe. Just would like to have a taste of it soon in my own place:). Bye, Ajay

Thanks for all your contributions. This blog has now closed and can no longer accept new comments.

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