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Saturday, 08 December 2007

Paella recipe

A promise is a promise….My paella recipe.

Here are the instructions on how to make a traditional valencian Paella. This is my mother’s recipe, and I’ve chosen a typical paella made of meat, because it’s my favourite. However, instead of meat you can choose to cook a paella made of fish, seafood or a mix of meat and seafood.

Paella (serves 6):


- 100 grams rise for each diner
- A liter and ¾ water
- 100 ml of olive oil
- ½ chicken cut up into little chunks
- ½ rabbit cut up into little chunks
- A can crushed tomatoes. Approximately 500 g
- A red bell pepper, sliced
- A head of garlic
- Salt
- 1 teaspoon of yellow food colouring or saffron


1.Cut the red bell pepper into strips. Roast them using a pan; set aside.

2.Fry the head of garlic until it's medium done; set aside.
3.Heat olive oil in a pan over medium-high heat until it begins to smoke. Place chicken and rabbit pieces into oil and fry lightly until golden brown on both sides, about 5 minutes; set aside.
4.Fry crushed tomatoes, adding some salt. Cook for 5 minutes; set aside.
5.Boil water in a saucepan. Stir in the meat and the fried tomatoes. Let the mixture simmer for 15 minutes until it’s well combined and the meat is well done.

6.Heat a bit olive oil in a very large pan with two handles or paella pan over medium-high heat until it begins to smoke. In Spain there’s a burner specifically designed to cook paella. See it in the picture below.

7.Add all rice in one go, stirring to make sure it doesn’t stick.

8.Immediately mix in the meat and tomatoes stew. Stir it again.

9.Add yellow food colouring or saffron.

10.Taste the mixture. Depending on one's liking, add a pinch of salt if necessary.
11.Stir the mixture again to make sure it doesn’t stick.
12.Place rise to have the same thickness all around the paella pan, and put the pieces of meat well spaced (it’s a question of good appearance, because once the water has evaporated, you won’t be able to move any piece). Remember that the bigger a paella pan is, the better, since a good paella mustn't be thick.

13.Let the paella cook at a medium heat for 5 minutes.

14. Put the fried head of garlic in the middle of the paella, but if you don’t like the garlic taste, you can omit this step.
15.Decoratively place the strips of pepper into the paella (drawing a daisy shape is the most common way)

Continue cooking for 15 minutes over medium heat until the rice is done and the water has evaporated. Be careful! It’s advisable that rice isn’t over cooked. Rice, in any good paella, has to be a bit hard, or chewy, but never tender. So, you’ll have to control the water level and the tenderness of the rice. If the rice appears to be getting too dry during the last 10 minutes, add more water. If the rice is too wet at the end of the 10 minutes, uncover and evaporate unwanted liquid.

16.Put out the burner or switched off the plate if you don’t have any paella burner.
17.Cover the paella, and let it settle for 5 minutes.

18.Garnish with lemon wedges to serve.

Cooking a paella is as easy as it seems to be! Your delicious paella will be ready in no more than one and a half hour!

Probably your first paella won’t be a resounding success….but I assure you that after having cooked ten paellas you’ll become an expert Paella cook. There’re no tricks to cook a good one, just practice. So, try it over and over again and you’ll succeed in the end. Good luck!

Today is my dad’s birthday. I and my whole family have eated out to celebrate it. We have ended up in Arenales del Sol and I’ve seized the opportunity to go for a walk along the beach. As Jonathan, I love those walks. They’re so relaxing!.

Arenales del Sol is the town where my family and I spend every Summer. Actually, it’s the place where I grew up, because my granny lives there and I used to be there for the weekends. As I said before, Arenales del Sol is just 15 or 20 minutes away by car. The weather has been extremely nice today, with high temperatures. That’s why a lot of people were on the beach or walking along its promenade. Even, there were people sunbathing and taking a dip. Here are some photos that I’ve taken.

….See you tomorrow!!

Thanks for all your comments. Tomorrow I’ll answer all of them :)…..Now I’m in a hurry!!



Hi Silvia, Thanks for the recipe. It is my preferred one with chicken and rabbit. The only think that differs a little bit in the way I prepare mine is that I add a fine sliced onion at the beginning with the pepper That’s probably why we call it “cazuela de arroz” instead of “paella”. Could I ask you clarify a small detail ? Referring to the point 15, when you say : “If the rice appears to be getting too dry during the last 10 minutes, add more water …” You do not specify if that added water should be hot or cold. Spontaneously I would say hot water, otherwise the contrast of temperature could broke the rhythm of the cook. Maybe you really add cold water for another good reason that I ignore. Nevertheless congratulations for the real professional and visual cooking lesson. Have a nice week-end even if you’ll probably read this message on Monday. Antonio

Dear Silvia, Picture of Paella is nice, nice, nice looking and I’m eager to taste it. I remembered one interesting event which was held in the western part of Nepal. We were there in a survey to find out health consciousness of people and how they are utilising health facilities. One more thing I like to add in this context. In Nepal lower caste people are not allowed to eat milk and milk products produced in higher caste. All of sudden one of lower caste people told that milk product of higher caste tasted very nice. Another person of asked him whether he had tasted milk product. Then lower caste person replied realizing his mistake, he had just seen and listen from us. Similarly, I have seen a beautiful picture of paella in your blog and read procedure to prepare it and I read in Jonathan’s blog that it tastes very nice. Photographs of beaches are very attractive.

hi silvia, Thanks for the Paella recipe, I will try making it soon ;), and i wish your dad a happy birthday and you a nice day, by the way i like those shots of the beach, it looks great. see you tommorow.

Hi Silvia!! Thank you for a such well ilustraded paella recipe :-). Oh Arales del Sol is a wonderful place. Your dad is having a great day indeed. Oh by the way, I wish happy birthday and all the best to him :-). So, see you tomorrow, Ana Paula.

Hi Silvia,I‘m Jurate from Lithuania.I‘ve read all your blogs and I find so interesting everything you write:) You know,I‘m so interested in Spain(I‘ve been to Catalonia for several times),Spanish language(which I learn with a great pleasure) and culture.Thank you for paella‘s recipe.Although I‘m not a good cooker,I‘ll really try to make paella.I‘m looking foward to your next letter.Best wishes,Jurate

I can´t wait to put your paella recipe into practice. In Uruguay whenever we talk about a paella we are mainly thinking in a seafood dish, I see we are wrong, it can be done with a lot of variations. I like the pictures of the beach, is that sea the Mediterranean? My grandparents were from Ibiza and I have a son living in Mallorca but I have never been to Spain....yet.

Hi dear Silvia and all beloved readers , Good job ! It sounds that you have been working hard to give us that detail recipe , Very thanks dear Silvia . The Paella really , made my mouth watering , I must try it . The meat of rabbit is not common in Iran , but I think I do can omit it , innit ? Happy birthday to your father , Did you have a good celebration , What about your walking . Your photo , reminds me , Iran 's tourist island , Kish . I have gone twice there , but it's very far from my province , imagine flying from north of Iran to the north in the Persian golf , so holiday in Kish won’t be a good choice for me at the moment :( Have a nice weekend and byeeeee

Hello Silvia, wish your father a Happy Birthday from us all. I also come fron the city of beaches and that's right, it's so relaxing to walk on the beach. I loved the pictures taken by you and I'm sure you guys must have had a wonderful time eating out. Oh, and how can I forget to say thanks for the recipe? You explained every step so well and that with pictures that the Paella will cook well in first attempt. The only thing is that I can't pick the one out in the pictures and have a go:(. Best wishes, Naheed

Silvia, if we aren´t able to make paella now, it is our own shortcoming. Thank you very much for your detailed recipe. If I am not mistaken, we could see your mum´s hands in some of pictures? The title of your blog reminded me of something I read somewhere a short while ago. It went somewhat like this: “Life is like a snapshot; moments, but no depth, promises are made but they are not meant to be kept.” You Silvia fulfilled your promise with an amazing style. Long live Paella.

Thank you Silvia. Your Photos are so vivids that I can almost smell that splendid paella. I'll try your mother's recipe soon. But I have a question, what do you usually drink when you eat paella? White dry wine seems a good choice for me, isn't it? Greetings and bon appettit.

Silvia, you are showing us all that we follow your blog a very interesting information (geography, history, languages, etc…) about Elx and of course the Comunitat Valenciana, because your writing is easy to read and to understand. I have read your paella recipe and I would like to do a few comments of your typical recipe. Here, in my region, la Ribera del Xuquer, Valencia, we never put garlic, and after the tomatoes are fried then I frie sweet paprika in spice just before adding the water. I only use a paella container and put the rice when the broth has boiled during twenty minutes. But I know that there are some variants to cook it and yours is probably so good as mine.

Silvia, thank you for your recipe. I intend to try it someday. It is so nice to have such a delicious traditional dish. As for my country, maybe an equivalent is Sushi. Do you like Sushi? Sushi is a small portion of rice topped with various seafood. By the way, I checked the history of Japanese christmas cerebration. We have come to know it since 15th century. It was cerebrated only in a Christian church at that time. Now christmas decorations are everywhere in this season. So commercialized. Well, I have to admit I am one of those commercialized chirstmas lovers googling for a smart present for my kids. Santa Clous in my house has decided to present BBC's DVD Box to my eldest kid (Paul, do you hear me??), to my middle one, fortune-teller machine, and my smallest will be given her first shoes in her life (but she can not walk even not stand by herself).

Hi Silvia! Jealous, jealous, jealous. This is the word my present state of mind can best be described. It is -15'c over here... I don't think I need to go into further explaining why my thoughts have been put into such an indecent state. Anyway, I appreciate the effort which have gone into making such a great interactive recipe for paella. THANK YOU. You are right, it doesn't look too complicated to cook, so it is well worth trying to make it sooner than later. My tummy is starting to churn with excitement. :) Talk to you soon, Ana

Dear Silvia, as I was going through the recipe to the paela, my mouth was watering and watering. It must be a delicious dish. I wish I were a good cook to be able to make a dish like that. And it looked delicious too. I hope I can try one some day. I also found the pictures of the place you usually spend vacations with your family very beautiful. I love the seaside. I hope I can spend some time on the seaside this summer. It´s summer here now. Glad to talk to you silvia , see you around.

Dear Silvia, I am happy to see you blogging so frequently and hope that I will also get a chance to blog myself with lot of cuisines which you have missed. Bbye and take care of yourself. Ajay

Dear silvia, Your recipe really sounds delicious, I will try this on coming weekend. Pictures of beaches are really beautiful. As you have mentioned high temperature, is it possible to go around beach ?

Thanks for all your contributions. This blog has now closed and can no longer accept new comments.

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