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Saturday, 01 December 2007

Warm Greetings from Spain!!!

What a beautiful day!!

Hi everyone!! Hi Jonathan!!

First of all, I'm grateful for the opportunity and the trust the BBC staff placed in me by choosing me as this month’s student blogger. It’s a pleasure to be here!

Secondly, sorry in advance for all the mistakes I’ll surely make. I’m a non-English speaker, and writing skills have always been my weak points. I hope to improve them with your help ;) So, I appreciate that anyone correct me if I’m wrong, or you don’t understand what I’m talking about.

Now, let me introduce myself a little bit. I’m Silvia López. I’m 24. I come from Elche, a city close to Alicante in the southeast of Spain. I’ve lived in Elche since I was born. I’ve a sister, a sweet niece, and a lot of people who believe in me… family, my boyfriend, my friends, and my colleagues from “el quinto pino” or “ the back of beyond” (It’s the funny way to call the department where I’ve been working).

I’m finishing a degree in Telecommunications Engineering. Actually, I still haven’t finished it because I’ve to defend a final project to be an Engineer. I’ve been working hard on my project for the last year, and I’ll probably defend it about the middle of the next month..... I’m getting nervous about that.

Recently, the company where I was doing my project’s research offered me a job there. I’m really excited about working as a real Engineer, but I need to learn a lot...Sometimes I get the same feeling I got when I first tried to drive a car. At first I thought I’d never been able to achieve it, but in the end it was such an easy thing, that just needed practice and experience.

Well, I’ll give you a brief introduction about my hometown.

Elche is the third largest city in the Comunidad Valenciana region in terms of population size and resources. Elche (or Elx, in the Valencian dialect), as a Mediterranean city, has mild temperatures round the year, and more than 9 kilometers of beach coast. Actually, the beach coast is ten kilometers away from the city center, but in any case it’s just fifteen minutes by car.
The inhabitants of Elx are very proud of their city because Elx has achieved two world heritages status. The first one for its Palm Grove, which is extremely impressive (Palm Grove has over 200,000 palm trees) and ancient (the palm tree has been in Elx since prehistory). The second one has been achieved for The Elche Mystery Play, a lyrical drama dating from the Middles Ages that is the last surviving example of European medieval religious drama and is performed every year during the month of August. Also, Elx is the Spanish footwear capital and produce almost half of the footwear manufactured in Spain today.

Therefore, if someone decides to come to Spain, don’t forget to visit Elx and its surroundings. There are plenty of lovely Mediterranean cities, towns and beaches to discover here, and, of course, a lot of “fiesta”. This area is widely known because of its night life. Probably it’s due to the good climate here. If it was cold out, people wouldn’t hang out ‘til so late at night.

I’m not sure if some of you know something about the Spanish way of living (particularly the Mediterranean), culture, gastronomy (the delicious paella valenciana), etc…..if not, I’ll bring you up to date little by little.... By the way, Christmas is coming! Do you celebrate Christmas in your country? If so, what do you usually do for Christmas?. Do yo have any special plans?

Well, that's all for now! I accept any suggestions for the coming blogs. I’m open to any questions or topics :)

The first picture is an aerial photo of the city center and its Palm Grove. The second one shows a scene of the Elche Mystery Play. The last photo is a picture of my sister, her daughter and me that was taken last Christmas.

Leila: It was nice to get to know more about Finland and about you, as well. Hei!!

See you tomorrow!!

Best Wishes,


Hi Silvia, Nice to read your first entry.Wow, 200,000 palm trees of Palm Grove, the Elche Mystery Play, and the sytle of Mediterranean city, sound interesting to me.And as I checked the information of Spain, I found an interest thing, that is: Why the Internet TLD(country code) of spain is "ËS"? not "SP" or something relates with "S P A I N"? For example: Finland is "FI", Taiwan is "TW", I don't know why Spanish is "ES"? May you have a wonderful December, Best Regards

silvia has given a very vivid description of her home town

Welcome Silvia.

Dear Silvia, Very warm welcome as a student blogger! It is really a good opportunity to learn about cultural, historical and socio-economic background of Spain. I hope, as a team leader of students, you will guide our path of learning very successfully and our learning of English language will reach a new height. I sincerely hope that you will finish your master degree securing good marks. Nepal is basically Hindu country though it is declared secular state and very few people are Christian. Nepali Christians use to celebrate Christmas with joy. Photographs you put up are very nice and I get a glimpse of Spain in you first blog

Hello Silvia and welcome! It's great to be on our way to Spain after Finland. You are a very pretty girl! As for Christmas, it is celebrated in Pakistan,too. This time both Eid and Christmas are approaching in the same month. We celebrtae two eids, one is followed by fasting and the other one with the pilgrimage to the holy city of Makkah and animals are also sacrificed in this eid. And yes, it would be a pleasure to be able to know more about the Spanish way of living. I'm also interested in knwoing more about Telecummunications Engineering.Until then, take care, Naheed

Hi Silvia! It´s really nice to meet you :-)! Your city seems to be wonderful. By the the way, I loved the pictures :-). In answer to your question, I don´t have any plans for Christmas. Gosh! Time past so fast! It´s Christmas time again :-)! I always spend Christmas Eve with my mum and sisters, first my mum goes to the church and after that we have super together. Then we watch old films the rest of the night. Well, I´m off to bed now. Good night, see you tomorrow, Ana Paula.

Hi Silvia I'm keeping my finger crossed for you. But don't worry you will defend your project well. we are all in this blog waiting to hear and discuss about topics you will propose.

Hi,Silvia. It is my honour to be your first reader. After reading your blog, I do really feel the gentle warm wind from Spain, which is a country far,far away from mine, though it is alread cold winter here now. I live in a seaside city of China, which is undergoing the most cold season of the year.From the first picture, I can see that your hometown is very beautiful. You have a beautiful sister and a pretty niece. Congratulations! In this point,we are in common. I have a sister too. We are twins. And last year, she became a mother of a lovey and smart baby. By the way, we can feel the christmas atmosphere now, though it is not originally a festival in China. But nowadays it is more and more popular among young Chinese people, as it is more concerned with romantic things!

Welcome Silvia! Hi everyone! It gives me immense pleasure to see someone from Spain on this blog. Hope we will enjoy your blogs and learn more about Spanish history and culture. I too much like Spanish music, could you give us some links about Spanish music. And I would be very grateful if you write a blog on Arab (Muslims) impact on Spanish culture. Enjoy your time and take care.

Hi dear Silvia , Please Accept a very warm welcome from all beloved Blog readers . It sounds that i will be jealous of those that take holiday in Spain during December, if you speak a lot of holiday snaps in Spain . I usually watch BBC prime channel in satellite and it often shows Spain as a holiday snaps . Who know when I 'll start my around the world trip ( mabey when I'm 80 ) , I take a trip to Spain too ; - ) . By the way I think we are related in each other in that I 've been working in Iran communication company fro about ten years ! But of course I 'm not an engineer , my major in university was Physics . I keep finger crossed for your thesis . Touch the wood , it 's very good that you could find a job before your graduation .So you are a unty , I know how much you are fond of your niece . I have a five years son and my sister really love him . Please tell us how you find out Blog and how was your competition . In Iran we celebrate new year in the start of spring according to our solar calendar , But I do love Christmas and it's celebration . And my son 's birth day is in 23 December , so Christmas remind me my son birthday celebration . At the end keep going and kiss your niece .Xxx

Hello Silvia! It's very nice to meet you! Elx sounds like a great place to explore this month. I'm eager for it. Best wishes, Myen.

Hola Silvia !, This time it wasn’t difficult for me to remember how to say hello in Spanish as it is my mother tongue. Nice too to hear from Elx. I have visited the place several times when I was teenager. In fact I have relatives there that I haven’t seen for years, probably since 1981. Looking forward to reading your blogs. Antonio

Hi Silvia, I wanted to ask you how did you became a student blogger? I would like to be one as well. Thanks for your answer. Jola

Hi, Silvia! Glad to meet you here on BBC blog page. :) As for me it's always pleasantly to read diary posts written in bright colours, vively style. So, after I've read your first entry I'm completely sure you will bring to us positive energy from your blog within the next 30 days. Thanks a lot to you! P.S. As you mentioned of such a nice holiday like Christmas, don't you miss snow? 'cause Santa Claus and snowfall seem to be the main attributes of this holiday nowadays :)

Hei, hei Silvia, a very nice introduction from you, I wish you all the best and hope that your month with these wonderful people is going to be as pleasant and useful as I mine was. About your name; in these parts of the world Sylvia is royal name, the Queen of Sweden is called Silvia. Talk to you soon.

Nice to meet you, it's my first time to view a blog in BBC, I hope I can be the candidate blogger and learning English here, by the way, I would like you introduce you hobbies to me, thanks a lot.

Hi Sylvia G’day and a Hearty welcome. Wish you all the best. The first day effort was Awesome. I am looking forward to read more information’s about Spain. Cheers, Bye Praveen Raj

Hello Silvia and please accept my warmest greetings!! From Finland to Spain in one day :) Let me introduce myself cos I don't want you think of me as a name from Russia. My name is Anastasia, 24, I live in the city of Izhevsk which is in Russia and is situated pretty close to the Ural mountains. I am no longer a student (thank God!) and work as a translator/interpreter for an industrial company. I am also a qualified accountant, but it just isn't my cup of tea, really. So I don't think that sometime in the future I will pursue this other profession of mine. Thanks for the brief introduction to your life and the things that make your home town tick. I am sure there is much more to come. Talk to you soon, Ana

Hi, Silvia! I was studying in University of Radioengineering in Russia. I think, it is close to your specialization. So it would be great to hear about your final project in a few words. PS: By the way, nice photo!

Welcome Silvia! I'm happy to have a Spanish blogger this month. I live in Toledo and I haven't visited Elche, so It would be good to know about it. Good luck!!!!!!!!!!!

Hi, I hope this pops up now. I am here with my doctoral students (again) and they're amazed at how much you can actually learn from BBC blogging service. It's a pity it does not sound American! Cheers

Hi, Dear Engineers and Silvia I hope you doing well. I am a mechanical engineer as well. I am located at Arbil city, northern Iraq. Let me tell you something about your thesis, there was a guy in my university called Idrees currently he studies in UK for his PHD. Idrees said no one knows about your project more than yourself, so just you need to keep your morale high and encourage yourself. Also I recommend you to take your resources with you to the defending session. When I defended my research something strange had happened to me. My research was about Designing shafts with the aid of software programs. In my research I had calculated the effect of shear forces,tork,axial forces, and bending forces. My examiner was not convinced that I should include the shear forces in the design model, at that time my supervisor was there but he didnt help me to solve the situation. I had to do something so I took out my book of Design by MOTT and I showed him that there is an Author who did something similiar to what I did although the shear forces effect on the shaft design is limited but its still there. I recommend you to be very precise, never ignore minor factors you know why ? I believe that working in an academic way will make you be suspicious about everything you do, I mean always ask yourself why you doing this ? and try to do the details. Its all about the details, otherwise it wont be outstanding. I wish you defend well. Regards from Alan the Kurdish BOY

It's the first occasion that i am offering my comments in this Blog section introduced by the B.B.C. Learning English producers. This effort initiated by the organizers is definitely going to be a big source to improve english language. The detailed letter written by Silvia depicting day to day life of Spanish people needs to be appreciated by all of us for writing an informative and accurately in English in spite of having her stated being not familiar with English language. I think her command on English language is far better than many of the English learning students.I wish best of luck and Marry Christmas for her and all of the members and subscribers to this blog and look forward some one to keep an eye in improving my writing skill in English and for that guidance i shall remain thankfull. Shahjee.

Thanks for all your contributions. This blog has now closed and can no longer accept new comments.

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