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Friday, 14 September 2007

Love is in the air is in the air...

A kiss

Hello Amy, BBC team and friends,

Amy, I loved your love story and your dress is simply marvellous. You are absolutely beautiful in your picture.

There is no better title for this blog than the same teacher Stephen had used when he was the teacher blogger. By the way, I loved Ana Paula’s idea of making a virtual birthday for him:

"Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday to you
Happy birthday, teacher Stephen
Happy birthday to you"

Stephen, end to end, I was sure your sign were virgin due to your perfectionism as a teacher.

And so is my older sister. Coincidentally, today is her birthday. My older sister is a very caring and devotated nurse while my younger sister is a physiotherapist. I don’t know why but our family has been divided in three parts. Women are healthworkers, my older and younger brothers are in the computing area while another brother is a triathlon’s athlete. We call ‘ironman’ here but there isn’t this word in my dictionary.

My sister lives in the countryside in a city called Alegre (or Happy) in Espírito Santo state. It’s not so close to here but she is my closest relative. We are always together. I get on well with her more than with my younger sister. I hope she doesn't read this! I’ve bought a pink shirt for her (my older sister, I mean) but I cannot give it to her today, so that my gift will be a virtual gift.

Believe or not, in this video she and her friends are in a work meeting while having feijoada, a typical Brazilian dish. I love everything from Brazil but, sorry to say that, I can’t stand feijoada although everybody here like it and assure me it is the best dish to have.


1- zillions of them don’t know...
2- all the money is on the politician...
3- most part of the population don’t know...
4-who have sold all their belongings...
5- I’ve started another activity...
6- everybody wanted our sandwiches...
7- one training was at the company...

Quick note:

Keep on writing, my friends. I promisse I'll answer all your comments on the weekend. Even if they are not appearing because your comments are mixed to zillions of spams, according to Paul. But they will appear little by little.

Sorry for yesterday night. I couldn’t blog and for this reason I got up very early today before going to work to post the blog.

I’m having a challenging month at work since I have returned from my holidays in July.
For quite awhile my assistant was having health problems, more precisely depression, since his son has been born and so I was helping her to hide this at the company. I was doing my tasks and a few of her tasks. But it was worthless. What happened is that I went to my holidays and they didn’t know that and filled her with work and she got worse. So, she had to leave us at the company yesterday. I’m devastated because we work together for a long time. We are like a family there.
Then another dentist, an excellent dentist, left us to go to another company. And finally my friend, another dentist had posture problems and had to leave us for awhile. We were in 4 in the morning at the company. Now we are in 3 until they replace both dentists.
Phew (Amy, I loved your ‘phew’!)...what a month!
So yesterday I went to have an anti-stress massage and guess what, when I arrived at home, I swear that I tried to do that but I couldn’t keep my eyes opened. I hope you forgive me, Amy, if there is any mistake here because I can’t revise my writing now. Sorry for that.

A truckloads of kisses


Hi Adri! Very romantic picture I must say. I did not comment on one thing which I should have done it in the beginning,that's,you have a wonderful smile:). There's a question I would like to ask you about the video,it's,which one is your sister among the ladies (only if you feel like it convenient to tell ok:)).I liked the song playing in background although I understood not a word,but it sounded lovely to my ears.Naheed x

Hi!I understand well your troubles at work and yet you are able to work hard preparing blogs for us! You are only human being, don´t worry too much and relax! You have got all my support. The proffesion itself is demanding enough, that is clear!(You see, my sister could not make the planned treatment for me yesterday because of hurting arm. Even so she did enough useful checks on my teeth!) Good luck for you!

Dear Adriana! I'm surprised everyday with your blog. I fell about laughing, when I've seen your sister birthday's video. Difficulties at work? Well, I know you will be able to deal with them. Tell your assistant that people from all over the world (Spain, Brazil, India, UK, Belgium...) are waiting her/his (I don't know whether is a woman or a man because you wrote: "his" son has been born and so I was helping "her" to hide this at the company) soon recovery. PS: "Happy birthday to you Happy birthday to you Happy birthday, teacher Stephen Happy birthday to you" Best wishes

Hi Adriana, you do have a big falily don't you? It's nice to have a lot of brothers and sisters. When the family gets together in special ocasions such as Christmas, it's a big party. As for me, my family is very small. I had two brothers, but now I have only one. I've heard of Alegre before. They have a big musical festival there, don't they? People from the area I live regularly go to this festival and they like it a lot. There's an english teacher here that was born there too. Well Adriana, have a nice day. And be careful not to overwork. Best wishes. Mauricio.

Dear Adri, Conversation between mom and some certainly flash back everyone to their past but everyone is not successful to portrayed this simple looking matter in interesting and simple way. On 11th of this month my 5 years daughter brought some type of paperwork and a piece of chocolate from her school to present me as a gift for father’s day. She waited long time in that morning to give her present because I was busy with my daily work and when I finished, she presented the gift and asked me to return chocolate because in her opinion only small children should eat chocolate. Like your son, my children want to copy what they have seen on TV and start to demand dress used by Superman, Spiderman, and other characters shown in TV. As you gave background of your siblings in today’s blog, all of you are well settled professionally. Though you have tight work schedule, you are continuously writing very interesting blog from which we can learn something about Brazil. I am fond of reading it but I am not able to visit website you mentioned in you blog.

Hi Adri!!! I´m trying to send my comments on your blog at night, but I fall asleep in front of my computer while I´m waiting for you wonderful blog :-). Sorry Adri. My work schedule has changed, so I have to wake earlier than I used to wake up to go to work. Anyway, my comments will be here, a bit late, but they will be here, ok? :-) Ah! By the way Adri, could you post the website address of your friend Marfil in one of your blogs please? I didn´t find it and I´m really curious about it. Oh, just one more thing, please say happy birthday to your sister for me. Have a nice weekend, Ana Paula.

Dear Adriana, Reading your words are very funny and expect your next blog.

Hello Adriana, how are you and your beloved-ones? I am fine. I read your love-blog and I have to say I am living as single. So it seems to be poor life without love - but it is not! I enjoy it as I feel free and independent. Maybe one day "Mr. Right" will get into my life, but now it´s great living single. Wow, you seem to have very hard days, because most time you stand up early and at night you´re working in blog for us - thank you! Keep an eye on yourself. Your posts are evrytime catching sympathy - well done! Looking forward to reading next bolg. Yvonne

Hello Adriana! I'm a newcomer here. I congratulate your sister with her belated birthday. Wish her well-beiing, success, lucky. You mentioned a typical Brazial dish called feijoada. Could you please tell me about what it is? It's so sad when your colligue became your the best friend and suddenly he/she leave the company. It's a very familar to me too. Some months ago my collegue left our company. She was the only one with whom I could talk about everything. I know I can trust on her. Now I communicate with others but mostly it related to work. Despite of having very good relations with many of my coleguesI feel a bit alone

I am very happy to learn this blog. My English is poor. I am trying to improve my English but i have no English environment. Now i have find an English environment by this BLOG. Now i can will be able to express my idas.

Adri, your today’s post feels like spring again ... Anyway, it’s so good to be reminded that love is in air – that’s like having wings ... Best,

Hi Adri! Oh my goodness! I was rereading my comments to you and I´ve found lots of mistakes. Sorry. I´m a bit tired. But I´ll double check my comments before send them. Bye, bye, Ana Paula.

hi it was my first time to visit BBC and blog ...but I really enjoy it and decided to visit it at last every week!!!!!!!!!!!!!!(don't laugh ..I don't want to be a couch potato ) one can I send my diary (If I had some)

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