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Saturday, 11 August 2007

Homework -:)

Hello everyone!

I am sorry I missed to blog yesterday as I had a dinner with my friend at 9 pm and I came back home at 12:30!!!! Forgive me as it was Friday and we met up since 4 months. One more thing, I uploaded the bigger pictures of fireworks! Please look at them:)

Dear Amy,
Thanks for the previous blog. It was all interesting! First I am doing homework now which you gave us. I made circles in following paragraph.

*The*(1) man I met is called Mr Warren. He told me that he is one of *the*(2) richest men in the world. At *the*(3) moment, he is living in *the*(4) Seagull Hotel in Polperro. Everyday, he goes downstairs to *the*(5) lobby, smiles at *the*(6) American tourists, and goes and sits on a bench near *the*(7) English Channel. He always sits on *the*(8) same bench and stares at *the*(9) sky. This is where I met him. We had an interesting conversation about all sorts of things including whether *the*(10) rich are happier than *the*(11) poor. It was an interesting chat.

The reason why definite articles are used :
*1 : This is the man who is specified as the name are given soon after the noun.
*2 : This is the superlative degree so we have to use 'the'. However you can omit 'the' before 'best' and 'most'. (Is this true? I learnt it in school.)
*3 : Moment is countable? I don't think so.... I think this is 'idiomatic'.
*4 : This mentioned the specified hotel and it has name. So we'd better use 'the'.
*5 : This is the lobby in the Seagull Hotell. 'The' means 'the Seagull Hotel''s lobby.
*6 : In this sentence, I think we can omit 'the' as the word 'tourists' is the plural form. 'the' is used in order to specify 'American'.
*7 : This is the name of the channel so we have to use the definite noun.
*8 : 'same' needs the definite noun when it is combined with nouns. i.g: 'it is the same clothes I bought!'.
*9 : 'sky' is countable. (I did not know that.)
*10 & *11 : Adjective can be used to show the people when it is used with the definite noun. i.g: The young should study hard. I learnt it in school!:)

Amy, these are all my answers. Please give me feedbacks and I will learn lots of things. I have NEVER thought about those reason seriously!

That's it for now. I need to get dressed to go to Karaoke with my sister!
One more thing, thanks for all the kind comments. Some readers asked interesting questions so I will reply you later. Have a good day everyone:)

Best regards,


Hi Yumi!The photos look better now. The weekend is here and I can see that you have started to enjoy it yet. Do you usually go to karaoke? Are there any others thing that you do at nights? Have a night weekend!

Hello Yumi! As I could see, you are having lots of fan in this weekend :-). Hmm... Yumi, do you go often to the Karaoke? What kind of music do you like to sing? Keep enjoying your weekend, Ana Paula.

How have you been up to ? It is mother day . The mother day come again and yesterday I planed to come back home and paid respect to my mother. At this stage I am now at home. I say big kiss to mother and my mother hug me as well. We have a small dinner and talk a little bit story to each other. Hmm... When the mother day in Japan will come ? Keep me pose.. // See you around.. //

Dear Yumi, You look very nice in your Yukata. It seems to me a dress that you can not wear by your own. I mean that you need someone else help to make the belt bow. Also the food looks very attractive to me. It is really nice to see so many people out side eating, drinking and having a good time. I have the impression that in Japan you are not use to eat many sweet food. Is this correct? I think these is really good for one's health. It is nice to hear that you are enjoying your free time. Well done. By for now

Dear Yumi, It really glad to see all those lovely photos. I was not able to write you immediately when I saw photos. When I remain busy, I could only read but could not reply. I used to write from my office which is night shift. If you are able attached small movie clip in yo9u blog it will be vry nice. It is similar to photo attachment.

Hi Yumi, you looked great in those pictures. Have a nice day, although here is night.

hello, I'm new here. This is my first stay here in "Student Blog". And I hope my english good enough for understanding my comment. I stay in the office, but in the big holliday now the work very less. So I decide me to learn and to communicate with other people who want to learn engish, too. My working place is ab big newspaper in germany and i coordinate the IT-Service there. The job is not bad, but i have no opportunities to speak or write in english. Today english is very important for the job, communication with other one or in the holiday. The problem ist to find a way to get fit for the next work. Because in the profiles in the job-search you read "englisch very good in speak and word". So you must learn english permanent. best regards Tom

Thanks for all your contributions. This blog has now closed and can no longer accept new comments.

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