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Friday, 29 June 2007


Hello, Jo and all!

I hope you are all well and must have got that Friday feeling.

Jo, I will bear all those points in mind which you pointed out during my blogging. Thank you for being such a wonderful teacher! Your guidance will help me in my future learning too.

It was very interesting to know the superstition about cats. I also told this one to my mother and to my surprise, she said her grandmother used to tell this too. That means we share this one about cats as well.

We talked about so many things and now it’s time to talk about proverbs. I like this one ‘too many cooks spoil the broth’ and that’s also true. Some works are of a kind that it is best to do them alone or they become a mess.

Here are my answers.

1 The grass is always greener on the other side – Things at the far end always appear to be attractive unless they are experienced. For e.g. Garry always wanted to settle into London but the grass is always greener on the other side. Now that he lives in London, but he is sick of the weather there.
2 People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones – Those who are vulnerable should not attack others.
3 A rolling stone gathers no moss - this refers to people who are always moving and don’t form their roots into one place.
4 Don’t look a gift horse in the mouth – we should be thankful when we receive a gift, and not wish for something better.
5 Empty vessels make most noise – people with little knowledge speak the most and make the greatest fuss.

Jo, I must say you have given great words of wisdom. I hope I have explained them correctly.

It’s time to talk to friends. It was really interesting to read your comments about how you relax yourselves.

Ana Paula, how are you? The way you have described to relax at the sea side and used such vivid imagination that I am also visualizing myself at the sea. Lovely!

Thank you Ernesto to write about your country! That’s really surprising to know that it never rains in the part you live. I think your question doesn’t sound stupid. The flower is just to make the food look nice.

Hi Manas, I have been to India and the cities I visited were Mumbai and Ahmedabad. It’s very interesting to read your superstition about the presentation. I agree with you that attitudes give more space to superstition. The Tulsi you are talking about is called the ‘Holy Tulsi’ which is found in most houses in India.

Thu, learn English with fun and you will like it. It is best to practice reading, writing, speaking and listening together in your everyday learning. For listening you can watch English channels.

Hello Tomo, as for fasting, there is no harm to swallow saliva in fast. In fact it’s a natural thing that secretes out from our salivary glands. God is all merciful and He is kind upon His creation.

Mauricio, the weather was very hot until it did not rain but now it has got better. It was 42 C on June 22nd which was recorded as the highest temperature of June. The reason for babies born with teeth is, The 20 baby teeth, or primary teeth, begin forming below the gums before birth. The two lower front teeth (central incisors) are generally the first to erupt. This typically occurs around six months of age, but can vary by a several months from child to child. Most children will have a full set of baby teeth by the time they are three years old.
Some children are actually born with a tooth or teeth. These are called neonatal teeth. They are true baby teeth and not extras.

Benka, it was very interesting to read about the festival you celebrate. As for the pictures of food, I haven’t taken them myself; I have copied them from a website of Pakistani food. I also remember you had asked me about Mohatta Palace and Moen Jo Daro. You will find these links informative. I like Lavender plant very much but the weather of Karachi is not suitable to grow the plant.

Wisarut, I have only tasted Thai soup and it tastes great. There are many restaurants here that serve Thai food. I like to cook my own at home so I always search for the recipes. I have heard about Thai massage, it is said to be the best way to relax mind and body. Your ways to relaxation are good.

Ailing20, I like flowers too and it sounds interesting to read about the Yunnan province being called the ‘Kingdom of flowers’.

Marianna, I am very pleased to read your comment. Pay my regards to your parents. I would also like to say about you that you are wonderful. I have always found you kind and friendly throughout your comments. Yes, you are right I have made so many friends here and I will be popping up on the comments system.

Teresa, you must be enjoying your friend’s wedding and the banquet as well. You all have become my friends. We can talk at the Communicate part of the BBC services. I have also formed a blog on a website but the BBC team will not allow me to write here.




Hello Naheed Proverbs summarize the wisdom and knowledge of the peoples in a few words. My favourite proverb is "Deeds not words". Bye Hisham

Hello Naheed, How are you? I have a question: Why do people who come from Pakistan pronounce (w) like (v)? even when they speak English, can you explain this to me?

Dear Naheed, I´m really fine thanks! Hurray! It´s Friday:-)! Once more, I´m very glad indeed to know that you have liked my comment. You are a sweet and kind person Naheed, and moreover you are doing a great job on this blog. I know, tomorrow you´ll say goodbye for us. However, I hope to see you around. Have a nice weekend, Ana Paula.

Hi Naheed , Thank you for lastly answering . I am great to read feed back from you . You are such a kind and stunning girl in many my point of views. Sorry!! I pose lately comment . So I would to say that BETTER LATE THAN NEVER .<<<<< So long >>>>>

Thanks for all your contributions. This blog has now closed and can no longer accept new comments.

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