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Thursday, 28 June 2007

June 28th

Hello, Jo and Everyone reading!

It’s still cloudy and windy here. I am having a cuppa and writing this blog entry. I have almost reached the end of blogging month and by the time this blog entry gets published, there will be two more days to go.
Jo, today I would like to ask you that what things I still need to add to my English learning. As a teacher and a native speaker you can suggest me better. How can I make my writing better and impressive? What areas of the language you have found me weak in? Your tips and suggestions will worth a million to me and other learners too.

As for my everyday English learning, I try to keep reading, writing, listening and speaking together for better learning.

Let’s talk something more about a day here. I have already finished the tea and it’s evening right now. My mother has just returned home from shopping, and has brought a beautiful leafy stem of the Tulsi plant with her. You would also like to see some pictures that I have taken.

A close up at tiny flowers

Tulsi is also known as Basil (Ocimum tenuiflorum) or you can also say one of the members of the basil family. It is aromatic and has edible seeds which reside in very small flowers. The one my mother has brought is ‘Thai Basil’, because it smells like aniseed or licorice. I like its aroma because it takes me back to some beautiful memories. Do you know this is one of the ways to relax from a stressful day? If you are tired or gloomy or may be stressed, you can try this out, too.

I like to relax myself by sitting crossed legs in a quiet place with a light perfume of my choice. It can be a scent of cologne, a flower.

What are your preferred ways to relax yourself?

Till then I am off to prepare the soil for tomorrow to sow the seeds of Thai Basil.

Stay cool!



Hi Naheed!!! Well, besides going to Pinacoteca Museum, one of my favourite ways to relax is going to the cinema. When I´m there, I let all the things that upset me behind, and I feel completely involved by the big screen atmosphere. It´s amazing! Another thing that I really like to do is reading Fernando Pessoa poems. I believe that they have the power of calm my soul deep inside, and moreover, they are so beautiful. While I´m reading, I like to listen to soft songs sung by Fortuna or Renato Russo. I also like to look at the sea, and feel its smell, and then I lie down in the sand, and I stay there hearing the sound of waves breaking against the shore. Oh... my goodness! It´s so peaceful! Don´t you think so? Hmm... I miss the sea... Well Naheed, let finish my comment here. We talk a lot about ways to relax, but now, it´s time for me to use one of them! :-) Best wishes, Ana Paula.

very simple but very beautiful english to me . i would like to be able to write like you ! thanks .

hello i am a chinese girl i am a new mumber here this is the first blog i read i like the picture of "Thai Basil" it's very beautiful!!!because i like flower very much i think flower is the most wonderful thing in the world some flower has charming aroma and beautiful secen .....there are many kinds of charming flower in china ,especially,yunnan province famous as "the kingdom of flowers"

Hi Naheed It's my first time to visit your blog. I like the way you relax when you're gloomy. I'll try it :-).

Hi Naheed, tulsi, you are talking about, has lot of medicinal benefits, and special thing about it is, it is workshiped in my place. You will find, tulsi in every home yard, and people pray and lit light every evening near to it... may be this tradition comes from the fact that the tulsi has got lots of health, atmospher advantages, and if they give touch of religion, it is sure that, it can be at everyone's place...! Anways, for relaxing myself, I preper reading a book or playing a n instrument...,later one, relaxes me the most...! Nadeed, as Jo says, you write pretty well. really way to go!.. Cheers, Manas

Hi, one and all !! It is a great idea to rest and relaxation between day off by using aroma therapy. In Thailand we use aroma with massage when we come into spa. So it calls Thai massage. Have you ever heard it before ? I don't know about the Thai massage of a piece of information much more. But once I watched TV or acess the Internet, I get the information from them. It is well-known in the most of Europen countries due to have many business investment in there. I accept that it is second to none. Anyway in the aspect of getting stress out of tasks , I recommend that I have many a large number of ways to cope with the stress. Firstly I ramble near the university campus with friends after I have done my homework. Secondly I sing a song at Karaoke rooms in canteen university.Thirdly I use the gym in order to raising weight . It are called weight training. But it quit using a lot of money to join the sport club. I am attain two per week for using it.Fourth from the time being I wander at herbal garden in the university. In this place have some sort of herbal ,flower ,fish is looked after by gardeners. It is marvellous ,isn't it ? Well...These methods count on each day if I am free. I mess about excellence ways to relax. It makes me recharge the battery and look glamorous appearence if you hard working in the whole day or week. Bye for now..< Wisarut S>

are you hearing me? i really cann't believe myself!is it me who did you mention in your blog? if it is ,i would be so excited!Could you answer me, my friend and all those who are hearing me???

Naheed!I am really pleased that I`ll read a couple of blogs from you and than yet more and more comments because You have got many friends here. By the way when I was reading them before this month I was always curious about a person who had written them.(I wasn`t able to distinguish was that a man or a woman?) They were interesting as all what I could get to know about you and the life in your fascinating country. I`ve spent such a nice month keeping talks with you in my mind! You can`t imagin how much you helped me answering my comments! I have not been able till that time to produce thoughts in this language. But when you addressed me using English was the only way how I could keep a conversation to you. And my parents got to know you too. I`ve informed them as I do each time about the world on the BBC LE site. Very best regards!

Hello, Naheed. I only wish I had the opportunity to share with you the picture of my Basil which I grow in a flowerpot on my balcony. I put its leaves into a bean soup when I cook it. I have to say that its strong scent sometimes puts me off, because I am really a scentless type of a person and strong scent upsets my stomach. Rosemary and Lavender are also practical plants to put to good use in a household. I would like if the month of June can have a few more days than just thirty so that you can keep on blogging and I can keep on reading your interesting blogs.

Naheed, nice to hear from you again. I am in another city to attend my classmate's wedding.The ceremony is on tomorrow, but i came here last evening which took me six hours by train. You can imagin how close we are now :) The wedding here is only lasting one day, actually some guest only stay for half day to attend the ceremony and dinner then will leave. Not as much fun as in your country, but how to say, if really absorbe into the ceremony, it's also quite interesting, especially you have quite close realation with the bride or groom. So glad to see they are happy. Then I will have a short trip in several cities to meet friends,also my university. There is only two days for your blogging, thanks a lot, we enjoy your blog so much. Sure if you have your own other blog or other contact, plz tell us, we expect to meet you and talk you more

Hi Naheed,this is sohail new to this site and blogging,till now i have not blogged in this site but,this is my first comment ever on any blog.In india it's tradition for hindu(its a religion known as hinduism) women to perform pooja moving around Tulsi plant.What ever be the belief around doing so,doctors convey that its a nice practice which boosts expand ur lungs when u move around it and breath.Its aroma is really enjoyable.Though i dont have any tulsi plant in my house i like that smell it really gives a healing tuch.

Hi Amer, when you say "pooja" are you wanting to say "pujá"? I´m a yoga learner and in my practice I do "pujá", is it the same? I´d like to know more about this "pooja" around basil. Well, about the basil I have lot of them in my garden, and all morning when I do my yoga practice I tend to stay a little more close of them. Now, I use them in my diet too. Especially in my pizza ! It´s wonderful !

You have built a good website%

I spent last 2 hours browsing your website, it\'s breathtaking.

Just to say hi. I have problems in learning English and very frustrated. You have a systematic methond to learn it. very good.

hi naheed, i read your blogs they all are very good . i must say your writting skills are superb and the way you express the thing are good.

Thanks for all your contributions. This blog has now closed and can no longer accept new comments.

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