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Tuesday, 26 June 2007


Hello! Jo, and Everyone

I hope you are all fine. Thank you! Jo and everyone for you kind concern.
Jo, it’s really nice to know more about you. And you will like it when you try Pakistani food.

As for my favourite landmark in Pakistan, I like ‘Moen Jo Daro’ and ‘Baltit fort’. I haven’t visited them yet but I have read about them and have seen their beautiful pictures and their documentaries on TV. I like historical places very much. My father has seen Moen Jo Daro, that time he used to live in the interior part of Sindh. He was quite younger then and often used to cycle there as it was at a mile’s distance from his home.

Here are my answers to the quiz:
1) It’s boiling! – It’s very hot
2) Nice weather foe ducks! – The weather is bad and rainy
3) Brrr! It’s a bit parky today! – It’s cold
4) It’s bucketing down. – It’s raining heavily
5) It’s close! – I don’t know exactly maybe it’s warm

Here are some pictures of Halwa Puri

Halwa yum!

chickpeas and puri

Today I'm writing about the festivals celebrated in Pakistan.
We follow the lunar calendar and the religious festival that is celebrated is called Eid. There are two Eids celebrated in a year called Eid-ul-Fitr and Eid-ul-Azha. Eid-ul-Fitr is also called Ramadan Eid.

As I said, we follow the lunar calendar; the new month begins with the sighting of the moon and a month is of 29 or 30 days. Ramadan is the 9th month of the lunar calendar. Muslims observe fasts in this month and celebrate Eid on first day of the 10th month. The fast is kept by having a little food at dawn a while before a call to prayer and broken at the time of sunset with a call to prayer. This means one has to abstain from food till the sunset. People exchange sweets and make delicious food at Eid and it’s a great time to have a meet up with family and friends. The second Eid, Eid-ul-Azha, is celebrated in the month of Zilhajj which is the 12th month of the lunar calendar. Muslims perform Hajj in this month(pilgrimage) to the holy city of Mekkah. This Eid is celebrated by sacrificing animals which is a tradition of Prophet Abraham (Pbuh). A small part of meat is kept at home and the rest is distributed among the orphans, widows and the homeless. Hajj is obligatory and those who are in good health and are financially sound should perform it once in life. Sacrificing animals also depends on one’s financial soundness. The birth anniversary of the Prophet Muhammed (Pbuh) is also celebrated both as a festival and a holy event.

Other religious festivals that are celebrated are Christmas, Holi, Dipawali and Navroz (Zoroastrian New Year). Navroz is also celebrated as spring festival. Basant (kite flying) is considered to be a cultural festival.

Replies to your comments:

How are you Wisarut? First of all, I would like to say that here in Pakistan, people like Thai food very much. If I am not wrong the main ingredients for Thai cooking are coconut milk, fish sauce and noodles, aren’t they? It’s a good idea to save rain water, because it’s a main source of irrigation for seasonal crops.

Manas, can I ask you a question? Are you from Mumbai? I like this city very much especially the Chopati beach and there is one more called Juhu Chopati.

Sayla, thank you for your lovely comments! I would like to say that there was a time when Bangladesh was called East Pakistan. It’s so nice to meet you. And thank you Bappy for reading my blog. I hope to read more from you.

Tomo, you are right, it’s all because of the global warming. However, we can save our environment by changing our lifestyles. As the time passes things are getting modernized.

Hello Ana Paula! It’s so lovely to read your nice comment about rain and the band Legiao Urbana. In answering to your question, I have never been to UK, but I read a lot about it. As you know I’m taking CIMA qualification and its head office is also in London at Chapter Street. Secondly, I read a lot about food, surf on the internet for recipes and watch food channels such the BBC-Food.

Hello Ernesto! It’s great to read someone from Chile. Can I ask you a question? Does it rain in winter in your country? I hope to hear more from you. And thank you Gabriel! It’s great to hear about the winter season in your country. I like winter but I don’t like winter blues.

Teresa, how have you been? I would like to say that I’m good at cooking and you know what? Girls are better at cooking than guys but I really can’t understand why all the world famous chefs are men. I think women are not restricted to work in Pakistan. And men do go abroad for good. The problem of electricity in my country is due to power shortage which is 163MW.

Dear friends I’ll try my best to reply to your comments daily as Saturday would be the last day of my blogging and I want to talk to you all as much as I can.




Hi Naheed!!! Thank you for answering my question. Oh, and I´m happy that you liked to read my comment :-). And moreover, you are right. Reading is one of the best ways to know as much as we can about interesting places that we haven´t had the chance to visit yet. By the way, yummy... the dishes look fabulous Naheed,and I feel hungry looking at them. Oooh! I keen to bake a cake now, hmm... let me see if I have the ingredients to bake one...:-) See you tomorrow, Ana Paula.

Well Naheed, It's my pleasure to read about your life and your country. I enjoyed very much your information about festivals in Pakistan and the photos of the food. I have what could be a stupid question, but I will ask you anyway. Is the flower to eat it or just to make the dish look nice? Now, about your question. Chile is a very long country. In the southern part it rains a lot in winter and a little in fall and spring. But, in the northern extreme, where I live, never rains. Acording with many sources, including the Guinnes Book of World Records, this is the driest part of the planet. If we don't die of thirst, is because we have a long channel that brings us water from de Andes mountains, and also, water in the subsoil. In fact, besides the city we have a small valley that produces lots of tomato, olives, letuces and other vegetables to the local consume an for export. Greetings and keep on touch

Hello Naheed, looking at halwa and chole puri, I am getting hungry, it is damn mouth watering, I just can't wait to have it...! I am not from Mumbai, I studied there, but I am from same state as of Mumbai, so I speak same language as of Mumbai people. So it is quite home for me as I spent four years there and I also like Juhu chopati very much, particularily in the evening while looking at sunset, it is just superb. So, it seems you have visited Mumbai, haven't you?. Cheers, Manas.

Dear Naheed, This is first time I join and write a comment at a blog of BBC. I often write but in my mother language ( Vietnamese )and at my homepage on yahoo. I think that you are very good at cooking and I wish I could eat the food that you cook. I've got married but sometime I don't want to prepare food. I'm tired of cleaning everything after I cook. Here now is rainy season, It is rain almost everyday but the weather still hot. I stay all day in my house with the air conditional on. I'm trying to learn English now but i don't know how to improve quickly my skills. I want to speak with someone in English because now I can't hear exactly what did others say. I wish someday I can earn enough money to travel over the world and can go to your country. Best wishes.

Hi, Naheed. Thank you for the yummy food pictures. I've heard about fasting from a receptionist who had worked at a hotel where I stayed in Singapore before. I hadn't know about fasting very much before I met the receptionist. I've learned about it more from you, Naheed. Is it true you don't swallow your saliva during the fasting? Catch you later.

Hello Naheed, it's nice talking to you again. I read in the news that it's been very hot in your country these days. There was a picture of a girl holding an ice stone in a swimming pool to cool herself. How are you doing with these high temperature. Is it this hot there? Thank you once again for the great blogs you've been writing, telling us all these wonderful things about your country and life there. Bye for now.

Hello, Naheed. I understand now why you think that it is difficult to put on screen a historical figure such as Alexander the Great. Historical places and figures had their own real life and it is best to describe them in documentaries. Are these pictures that you personally took, of the food that you personally cooked? I mean, is this food from your plate? The religious festival that my family celebrate, in April when the spring starts to wake up, is Lazarus' Saturday. We call it 'slava', a Serb custom of celebrating a family saint. The Bible says that Jesus Christ prayed to God, his Father, for Lazarus, who then rose from the dead. We consecrate little green willow branches in the church and put them next to a cresset (a metal cup used for holding an illuminant(as oil) and mounted as a torch or suspended as a lantern) and the picture of a family saint. Children, holding Willow branches and carrying little bells around their necks, all dressed up in white, like lambs following their shepherd, take part in the procession which takes place on the church grounds.

Couldn't be better. Naheed !!In the aspect of Pakistani food , I see your all pictures that you pose on this site . I totally love it. Are you shotting and cooking its by yourself? And I am nice to hear from you that people like Thai food. It is rather similarity test between Thai and Pakistan food .Of course,concerning Thai ingredient,it can apply in variety of foods not to focus on one type .As you say,it is the ingredient of TOM-YUM-KUNG.Have you ever been test it? Moreover the other things is about Pakistani festival sound interesting and amazing. Have you ever been going to Mekkah ? Would it is okey if you talk to me ? Obviously you celebrate festival depending on the moon as in Thailand are also, for instance , Loy-kra-tong festival:forgiving the god mother river,Song-kran festival:splasing water and forgiving the elder,New years : celebrating New years and so forth. I am hungry now . It is time to have lunch. Bye for now...

Thanks for all your contributions. This blog has now closed and can no longer accept new comments.

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