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Sunday, 24 June 2007

It's pouring down

Hello Jo and Everyone else reading!

I hope all of you are fine and enjoying the weekend and thank you so much for your comments! I never give a miss to read them all.

It was very hot yesterday, so hot as if the sun had come down upon our heads. But God had to send down best for us. At around 4.30 p.m. when I was watering my plants, there was a thunderstorm and it was very strong. Just after that it rained heavily and lasted nearly for 3 hours. It also affected the electricity, which came at around 2.00a.m.

Karachi sizzled on Friday as the mercury touched 42 C. Such temperatures are rarely experienced in a coastal city as Karachi in June. It’s expected that an approaching monsoon weather system will cause heavy rainfall.

I also read in yesterday’s newspaper that Southeastern Europe experienced the hottest day on Friday with nearly 30 deaths in recent days across the region. The Island of Rhodes recorded 45 C, which, according to the met department, could be the warmest June in 90 years.

I’ve been observing since I was a child that the weather is getting warmer and warmer. The past year is said to better than the present year. Don’t know what will happen in coming years?

After such a serious talk I should also tell you as what do we do on a rainy day? That’s a very usual thing to tell that people come out their homes to enjoy the rain. I should tell you something about snacks that are made. All the mums put the kettle on as first thing. Then to accompany the cuppa, everyone’s favourite pakora is made. Pakora( it is like falafal in the Middle East) is made from gram flour, few green chilies, sliced onions, a teaspoon of cumin seeds and a little water. All the ingredients are mixed and fried in a form of balls and are served with chutney or ketchup.

We did not make pakora but I had baked raisin sponge cake. My mother doesn’t like so much fuss when it rains. She says one can make snacks for one, two or four days. What if it rains for a fortnight? The budget for the oil will be out!

I would like to know that do you experience heat wave in your countries and what is the maximum temperature? and How do enjoy a rainy day?

Replies to your comments

Tomo thank you so much for liking my haikus! This is the way through which I will always remember you. I will continue writing haikus in future also. It’s so lovely to know that you used to make little dolls when you were a child in hope of a good weather. I still remember when I was a child, I and my younger sister used to stand by the window and sing a song for rain. Childhood memories are beautiful, even when we grow older, they always remain with us.

How are you Teresa? Your name reminds of Mother Teresa. I’m glad that you like reading my blogs. I would be pleased to hear more from you.

Hello Ahmed! I had said the second idiom jokingly, there’s no idiom of such kind. ‘Where there’s a will there’s a way’ is an idiom. For the second point in your comment, the sentence can be written by both ways. And for your third point I would say we sometimes eat words while writing.

Fulvio, ‘One thousand and one nights’ is also known as ‘Arabian nights’. I haven’t read it and I also don’t know much I’m afraid. I have only read the story of ‘Alladin’ and I don’t know whether it’s one of the stories of ‘Arabian nights’.

Seomon, Thank you for your comments and I hope I’ll hear from you again.

It will rain anytime.

Best Wishes



Hi Naheed. I felt a little envy when i read your last entry, because y live in Arica, in the northern extreme of Chile, in the border with Perú. This city is used to be called "of the eternal spring", because always have warm days, even in the middle of the winter. Well, that was untill now. In te last weeks we are suffering the coldest days in decades an we havn't see the sun in a week. Of course 13 celsius degrees is not to became frozen, but for our standars is very cold, specially in a place where most of the houses are made not to keep heat, on the contrary, to lost it. I can't tell nothing about rainy days, because I'm in the Atacama Desert, de driest in the world.

Hi Naheed!!! Well, in Brazil is winter now, but the sun is shining and the temperature is reaching 28°! Moreover, the air is dramatically dry, which give you the sensation of 'eyes and nose dry'. Anyway, the weather forcast says that it will rain this week, we all hope so. Ah! Talking about rain, I also like to bake cakes when it´s raining. Then, my sister prepare the tea and we all get around the table, sipping tea( sometimes coffee),eating a piece of cake and enjoying a joyful conversation. Generally, in those days, one subject that we always like to mention is the last Legião Urbana(one of the most famous and loved Brazilian rock bands) concert in Sao Paolo, which my elder sister had the luck to watch. So, me and my other sister begin to ask how the concert was and what Renato Russo said, even though we already know ever single word that she going to tell us. And believe me, we hear everything just like the first time, eager for each word that she will say and we even blink our eyes while she´s talking. Meanwhile, the rain falls heavily outside. It´s our raining day ritual, we must talk about this concert, if we don´t, it´s like something is missing.:-) Best wishes, Ana Paula.

Hi Naheed, I read BBC’s report said” Karachi had 228 people death after torrential rains and gale force winds”, it’s a tragedy, hopefully you and your family are all right. It’s really harder than before this year in Taiwan. It’s not only warmer but hotter, 2℃ or 3℃ (Celsius) hotter than before, and constantly hotter than average of 34℃ of summer. Worse thing is that indoors is cold with air-condition while it is hot outdoors, people switch to stay indoors and outdoors, body experience sudden cold and sudden hot many times a day. Best Regards,

Hi Naheed. Almería, the town where I live is the most desert area in Spain, it hardly rains in summer and the hot is damp because we are by the Mediterranean sea. The awful thing about the weather here is the wind and mainly the west wind. Thanks God, today is sunny and still. It is very luck of you that you have beautiful memories of your childhood. Unlike you, I have few. I used to be a very loney child without friends. I hardly remember any. As time goes by I learnt to live that way and accepting it. This doesn't mean that I'm a sad person. In fact I am a very happy person but with a problem of communication. I've always been trying to overcome it, and learning English is for me a good means to do it. I hope the time in your country improve. It's always a pleasure to read your blog. Have a nice day

Hi. Naheed... It’s my first comment to your blog. Really you’re writing look me to very interesting, not only that it’s feel me that I’m visiting Pakistan now & you’re describing with me about that. Thanks for your good writing. I’m waiting to hear more about Pakistan & your life style. -Bappy

Hello Naheed! I love the raining days. I suppose that this is because, in my city, It doesn't rain too much. (The north of Spain is a rainy place, but It isn't the same in the centre and the South). I remember those rainy afternoons in winter, when my mother prepared a cup of hot chololate and we spent a beautiful time making biscuits. Thanks a lot for your blogs.:)

Hi Naheed! There were some very heavy onsets of rainfall in my area last days too. On thursday 21st it was the same time as you described and I have`t seen such a massive downpour yet. On Saturday I vent along my path in the wood when a big fir tree was lying on my way suddenly. It was maybe the highest one broken in about 5-6 m hight. When I came home it came the strong wind again from the blue sky but the same time with the rain it occured the rainbow opposit the valley where the river is running. The spectacle lasted almost one hour as the sun was playing on the sky the rainbow made the full arch, trippled and even the second of it appeared. We have summer days again. Best regards!

Hello, Naheed! When it is so hot that the thunderstorm starts, I have to listen to the people complaining about the hot humid weather, and I have allergies to this weather, but I am thinking to myself that this is better than the icy snow on which I can't walk.

Hi Naheed >>>> Physically in Thailand lies on equator . It is indicate that this location definitely hot climate. So people in Thailand and around many countries will get used to the tropical climate namely Loas . Resulting from the land of hot weather , the unique weather is comparatively well-known from the virtual world. Basically the hot weather estimate between 27-40 c in each days. It is very hot!! On the other hand occasionally in some days the rain is falling after the hot climate cool down . Thus I am hilarious with load of rains. In general,outskirts in my home country prefer containing the water in tanks in order to drink in daily life. If we does not contain some waters , we does not have enough water for drinking the whole year. Most of forebears have contained some of water for ages.So I am drink rain-water before drinking I am boil it for pure water. In addition the rainy season I love to rest and relaxation in my house in day off or maybe in day to study it is hard to go to anywhere else . I am wet and feel under the weather if I forget umbrella. See you next time!

Hi Naheed, so lucky you are in such a hot day to get a heavy rain. Nowdays in China also the hottest time,but our city Dalian, a seaport city locating in North China, not too much hot, daytime the temperature could reach 28 degreen centigrade, while it's pretty cool in the early morning or late evening, that when we go out long time have to prepare a coat with us, which could be 15 degreen centigrade. When it rains, most people would like to have a sleep especialy when it rains in the daytime, i've heard about this so many times, hah! And I would like to go for a walk if it's not too big, or watch the rain outside of the window with music on.Enjoyable! By the way, why there is always problem with your electricity when it rains? What's the mater? Best regards. Your teresa p.s. My name really comes from Mother Teresa, when i saw some passage written by her, i thought it's a great thinking, so just named myself the writer's name Teresa.Share with you: Spread love everywhere you go: first of all in your own house.Give love to your children, to your wife or husband, to a next door neighbor--- Let no one ever come to you without leaving better and happier. Be the living experession of God's kindness;kindness in your face,kindness in your eyes, kindness in your smile, kindness in your warm greeting.Mother Teresa

yes may be this is global warm

Hi, Naheed. I'll remember you when I write haikus, too! It's been the rainy season in Japan since this month, but there hasn't much rain in my place. It's been too soggy. The most hotest day in the past in Japan is 40.8 degrees in 1933. You know, but sensory temperature is much more hotter than the actual temperature. It's been getting hotter and hotter. Global warming causes abnormal weather situations in the whole world. We should prepare against disasters. I don't like rainy days very much. How do I enjoy myself on a rainy day? Well, watching a movie or reading a book, go shopping or go bowling. I'm not good at playing it but fun! See you.

Hi Naheed!, well, here in South America it's very cold!!! as a matter of fact, last night I hardly slept due to the lowest temperatures we've ever had!!! I just want the summer to come and forget about this frozen air!!!! = P I really like rainy days, when it rains, the air and the environment get cleaned. Last friday was a rainy day here in Valparaíso, and when it started to rain, I was just getting out from the University, so I had to walk back home without an umbrella!, so you can imagine how wet I was when I get home!!! well, your notes are very interesting, I'm really glad to know you even though we live so far!! kisses Gabriel.

Dear Naheed, I've just heard from the news what happened in Pakistan on the last few days...and what is happening in England right now... I hope that you, your family and all of your friends are good and safe! Unfortunately, the global warming is becoming a more and more serious problem...and I don't understand why the most powerful nations in the world don't want to deal with it! Here in Naples the weather is so hot in these days (40°C) that people can hardly breathe! As you said, some elderly people also died! Fulvio

Hello all friends I just find this blog for learning English more.I would like to practice and learn more so I think it could work so good to join to this blog. I am very happy that thie enterance is on 07/07/07. May it has a message!!! Thank you again. I hope to see you more. Saeid

Hi Naheed and everyone else. While looking for a local weather forecast I came across your blog. What a delight to read your blog and everyone else's comments. There are obviously some lovely people in this world and it gave me a lovely 'feel good factor'.

Thanks for all your contributions. This blog has now closed and can no longer accept new comments.

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