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Friday, 22 June 2007

Breakfast in Pakistan

Hello everybody!

Sounds interesting Jo and opposite to an English breakfast. You are definitely going to have strong bones even when you will be sixty as yogurt is said to be a source of calcium. May I ask since how long have you been a vegetarian? Is it because you love animals or any incident that you don’t eat meat? Or perhaps you don’t like to eat meat.

In Pakistan, the food people usually eat as breakfast is fried eggs, flat bread made of wheat and a cup of tea. A traditional breakfast which is eaten only on Sundays includes halwa, curry made of chickpeas and potatoes and puri. Halwa is a traditional desert which is served on all occasions. It is made of semolina and garnished with almonds and pistachios. Puri is deep fried bread and it can be made both with wheat flour and white flour. These make a delicious Sunday breakfast. And Jo, if you ever want to try it, you can find it on the menu of Indian restaurants in the UK by the name ‘Chana (chick peas) Bhatora (puri)’. In some parts of Pakistan people eat lassi Paratha as breakfast. Lassi is a drink made of yogurt and a little water and Paratha is fried bread.

I prefer to eat flat bread, homemade jam of mangoes and a cup of tea as breakfast. I don’t eat eggs daily, it’s only twice a week. If you ask me the vilest food, I would instantly say sweetened pickle. It‘s made of raw mangoes, sugar and spices and it is eaten with spicy food.

I have tried to find out meanings of the words.
1 bangers - sausages
2 grub - an insect
3 sarnie - sandwich

This time I am also posting some pictures of the places in Pakistan.

This is the picture of Frere hall in Karachi

This is mohatta Palace in Karachi

This is Badshahi mosque (Lahore) built in 1672-74

Moen Jo Daro(ruins of an ancient civilization 2500 B.C.) (Sindh)

Another view of Moen Jo Daro

Have a nice day



How have you been ? Naheed !! Yummy !! In every morning when I am up an early, I feel so fresh. That is because I eat breakfast. People in Thailand including me would rather to eat breakfast. If we miss a big meal in the morning , it can assume that you may loss of energy to manage all tasks for the whole day. In general a big meal , breakfast, people basically eat fried egg, soup rice, milk,bread ,tomato juice,orange juice. It is suitable for rush hours.Exactally I eat bread with milk ahead of lecture or perhape I change menu gradually different day by day. Anyway as you recommend I love Puri like Thai desert . Would I am able to see pictures of those foods? It would be great if I have a chance to see. Moreover I see places where tourist like to drop in especially Moen Jo Daro. What about Moen Jo Daro? Keep me pose !!!See you around.

Hello Naheed, lassi-paratha mention is really mouth watering, I like it very much. Pictures you have posted are awesome and hope some day I get to visit these places. Don't worry of the question I asked, this was asked by my same funny friend, I spent some time, searching without success. Wish you nice weekend. Cheers, Manas

Hello Naheed, how are you today? I hope you are not pooped yet. First of all, I'd like to tell you that I'm learning English on my own and that my level is only intermediate.So please check carefully my questions and particularly my suggestions before using them as the correct ones. And now would you please give me more information about Moen Jo Daro civilisation.I'm really interested in historical monments wherever they are. They tell us a lot about how people were living in the farther past.I'd also like to ask you about the first sentence in the second paragraph of this blog. Do we say : "We eat something as breakfast" or "we eat something for beakfast" or "we eat something at breakfast"? Which one is correct? Because you said "In Pakistan, the food people usually eat as breakfast...". Another question: would you please mind telling me the difference between wheat flour and white flour. Whereas wheat flour is surely made of wheat, white flour is made of what? Thank you very much and good luck. Ahmed, Casablanca - Morocco

I am really amazed to find the similarities in food habit of the people of my country and Pakistan. Well, there is nothing to be astonished. We are from the same sub-continent. So, our culture is supposed to be same as naheed's. In Bangladesh we are often used to eat those puri, halwa, lassi etc. There is no predefined ingredients with which halwa is to be made. But, almost always it sweet to taste. In our country, the spicy potato smash is used in puri which tastes very good. The photos of the beautiful ancient buildings are fabulous. When i read naheed's blog i find the aroma of our culture. We do have lots of old palaces which are standing with many lost histories. Alrigh, time to finish here. Thanks you naheed for you impressive writings. I am always up for reading those. Regards Sayla

Hi Naheed, Firstly thanks about the good history and pics abot Pakistan, it´s really fantastic. I just wanna let you know that I´m learnig a lot with your good English. Kisses

Hello Naheed!!! Yummy! Reading this blog makes me feel a bit hungry. All the dishes that you describe seems to be delicious. Wow! The Pakistan pictures are stunning! Thanks for posting them. Well, you told that in UK, Jo can try one of the dishes that you described to us. Uh, Naheed, have you ever been in UK? If so, could you talk a bit about it? PS- Ahaaa!!! Did you think that I forgot to send my comment on your yesterday blog? No, no... it´s there, ok a bit late, I´m sorry, but it´s there. Have a nice weekend, Ana Paula.

Naheed, when you are talking abouat breakfast, i feel hungry,for after woke up with my empty stomach, i come to read your blog.How delicious the food is.As i told you before, for i've got some parkistan friends, I have had your food several times, it's nice but not delicious as you told us, do you know why? I bet all of those guys don't know cooking,at least not a nice cooker. You know, when they cook, also quite a long time, the vegetalbe won't be fresh any more, and the nutrition all disappear. Aslo they put too much oil.As a result, I think their cooking is not healthy enough. Does your cooking really like this? I'm wondering. In addition, it's said that most of men in your country are doing business abroad when they are young or after marriage,with the money they earn outsaid, they support the whole big family,and only leaving women and old people at home, that's because as your tradition women only do housework taking care of the family,but due to economic systerm problem, poeple can't earn more at home, so they prefer going abroad.Is it ture? Appreciate your patience and efforts. Aslo thank you for the beautiful picture, what i want to say is that Parkistan is really a beautiful county wih historcial buildings after your introduction,and we'd like to go for travl there, Not only us appreciate your efforts, should your goverment also,hah. Take care.See you.

Dear Miss Naheed, your photos are great, nice place of Karachi, I love them.Nice to read your blogs, Wendy.

Hello, Naheed. The pictures are very nice, but could you tell us what Frere hall and Mohatta Palace in Karachi represent and present? What do these buildngs serve for? What or who lives there or is situated in them? I have run out of English words to make myself clear. I hope you did understand me.

Hi Naheed :-) I find it strage how much people, especially women, like writing about food. You can often learn that this or that dish is tasty or just the oposite - it's vile, but I think that the taste depends on who the food is made and served by. If the food in prepared by somebody you love it's always tastier. I have a friend who had never eaten chicken until his wife-to-be, during his first visit at her parents', treated him to a chicken dish. Since then any chicken dish became his favourite. And a very similar story about my brother-in-law; he hadn't taken fish to his mouth until he met his life love - his future wife. Now he can't even imagine not to have fish two or three times a week. P.S. I love the story about a merchant and a parrot. I'm going to tell it to my friends. All the best.

Hi, Naheed. Thank you for the pictures. I learned about the ruins of the ancient city one of geography lessons in my school days. It is spectacular! I can't imagine how people built it up only with human power in those days. When I went to Italy for sightseeing, I visited the ruins of Pompeii. The wisdom of the both ancients is graet, isn't it? I sometimes get lazy to do everything When I'm pooped. I should follow their great examples. Take care.

Hi all, we have just celebrated Midsummer (the longest day of the year) here in Finland and every good Finn would have eaten well. I like coffee bread and fruits for breakfast, much the same as you Naheed. Coffee and fruits are big import items to Finland. Part from coffee we Finns like rye crisps, rye bread, herring, cold-smoked salmon and smoked reindeer meat. Berries are eaten a lot in Finland as well, we have several types of berries that grow wild in the forest, and we collect mushrooms as well in the autumn woodland. The forest gives people meat also; wild game and elk are hunted and a domesticated caribou – reindeer - rambles in Lapland.

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