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Thursday, 21 June 2007

Fables of Rumi

Hello again everyone

It rained in Karachi today, the first rain of summer. The day was very hot till 5.00 p.m. then gray clouds began to appear and it started to rain around 7.00 p.m. It lasted for two hours. The first thing we had to experience after the rain began was power shutdown. As it is said, 'where there's a will, there's a way' and we say that,'where there's rain, there's power shutdown'. However, the weather has got better now.

Today I have come up with a fable. Have you ever heard about ‘Mawlana Jalal-ad-din Muhammed Rumi’ also known as Rumi? He was a 13th century Persian poet. His work includes odes and quatrains and has been translated into many languages. Children love to read his fables and so do adults. I’m also sharing one of his fables with you all.

It’s a story of a merchant and a parrot. The merchant was excessively fond of his parrot. He kept it in a silver cage and fed it fruits and nuts and anything else it asked for.

The parrot longed for freedom but the merchant always said that it could ask for anything else. One day the parrot said him to give him freedom and it would give him three pieces of advice that could be of great benefit. The merchant loved the parrot but he loved money more. He thought to himself that if the advice helped him become richer, it would be worth it.

He opened the cage and the parrot hopped out onto his hand and said, “Never grieve over loss of wealth”. The merchant thought it was a tame advice.

The parrot then flew to the roof of the merchant’s house and said, “This is my second piece of advice that never believe everything that is told to you.” The merchant got annoyed and said to tell him something else that he didn’t know.

This time the parrot said, “What you don’t know is that I have two priceless gems in my stomach.” Hearing this merchant regretted that it was fool of him to set the bird free. “Don’t you want to hear my third piece of advice?”, Said the parrot. “Tell me”, he said bitterly.

“I advised you never grieve over losses but you are grieving over losing me.” It further said, “I advised you never believe everything that is told to you, but you believed immediately when I said I had two priceless gems in my stomach. Could I have survived if I had two gems in my stomach? My third advice is: Listen; learn to listen with your mind instead of just with your ears.” After giving third advice the parrot flew.

It’s time to talk to friends.

Hi Tomo, It would be great fun to climb a mountain. Unfortunately there are no such big mountains in Karachi, there are only hills. Yesterday I searched on the internet about how to write haiku and have tried to write some of my own.

Colourful wings
Embracing the blooms
Here comes the spring

Tied to my ponytail
The tender touch
Of my mother’s hands

The nightingale is singing
The first summer rain
In my garden tree

Hi! Manas, I’m afraid I don’t know the answer to your question. It’s not a bit tricky but a lot!

Hullo! Mauricio, are you interested in astronomy? I will write about some more events which will occur during 2007.

Thank you Ana Paula! I like it that you never forget to write me comment.

Hello Teresa! I’m really glad that you read my blogs and sent such a lovely comment.

Benka, it’s all your comments that make me write enthusiastically.

James, thank you! Your explanation was absolutely right. There’s something more to write to you. It’s a custom in Pakistan that if a friend visits for the first time he/ she is presented a gift. Frequent friends are offered a cup of tea at first and then lunch or dinner whatever. Actually I didn’t explain well in my blog.

Wisarut, you all send me comments because you take time to read my posts and it would not be nice if I don’t reply. We are all becoming friends.

Adek, in Islam consent of a man and a woman is highly considered in marriage.

Take care



Hi, Naheed After a long time off, I decided to visit bbcleaerningenglish again. I didn´t know this section (the blog) yet. I loved your fable!Sometimes we really have to stop for listening others.We can learn a lot if we doing this. Lucky

Hello Naheed, I read all your blogs.They are meaty and very fascinating. You really helped me learn a lot more about Pakistani's culture.I'd like to tell you that there are many points of similarity between ourcultures. Concerning the blog of the 21th June,I'll try to present some ideas: 1)I don't understand the relation between the idiom "Where there's a will there's a way" and the the "idiom" you gave in the first paragraph of your blog "Where there's rain there's power shut-down". Is it only their form? Is there another meaning which I didn't understand? 2)You said "The merchant got annoyed and said to tell him something else that he didn't know." I'd rather put it like this: "The merchant got annoyed and asked the parrot to tell him something else..." 3)After giving 'the' third advice the parrot flew 'away'. Please check carefully what I have written to make sure that I'm right or wrong. Good luck. Ahmed,Morocco

Hi, Naheed. You're a talented haiku poet now! Your haikus are terrific and impressive. You did it, Naheed! The first one as I read, a lively spring crossed my mind. Everyone is impatient for spring during a cold and freezing winter. The second one is something sentimental for me. I feel love between the mother and the child. Was it one of good memories in your childhood? The third one, the girl is listening to the bird singing with a big smile on her face at the window of her room is YOU, Naheed! I like your haikus very much. To depict something into short three lines of haikus is sort of learning English, isn't it? Here's my haiku. " Rainy season Children make small dolls Hoping for fine weather." The dolls are made of white paper or fabrics hung inside or outside hoping for fine weather. The doll looks like a head with something like a long skirt from its neck. I would make them before the days of preschool excursions in my childhood. Did you do something for hoping fine weather in your childhood? See you.

Dear Naheed, nice to hear from you again. So beautiful haiku, i'm imaging. Well, Tomo is professional, sure he will tell us how it is. Naheed, the fable is so nice,and i love it. In fact, I only read fable when i was a little girl, now i am a big girl, busy with work and no chance to read these beautiful things, yeah, it's only excuse. Recently i find I love them,curisous about the cultural and historical things, especailly from your blog I've got of fun, so I will spend more time on them. Thank u, for your efforts, for your brilliance.

to see so many friends is a real happy to me , and your posts and comments make me get a lot, so thanks you all, thanks the platform.

Hi Naheed, Your tale is great! I'd like to ask a question. When I was at school I read a book called "Le mille e una notte" (I don't know the English title but it should sound like "one-thousand and one nights"). It is one of the most important books in the Arab world. Is it known in your country? Have you ever read it? Thank you, Fulvio

How have you been up to ? Nice to talk to you. I read all them. It is such an informative text. See you around.

Hi Naheed! I enjoy reading very much the Rumi fable. When would be possible, could you please post another one? By the way, I love sending comments on your blogs Naheed, it´s like... it´s like we are really talking to each other, and moreover is an excellent way to improve our English. :-) Best wishes, Ana Paula.

I knew bbclearningenglish many years ago. But I didn't believe in my writting english skill at all.I like fable very much.I also have read "one - thoundsand and one night" but it was translated in my language.Hi Naheed,could you post more fable ?

Thanks Naheed very much for your post. Could you post more ?

Wow! Thank you! I always wanted to write in my blog something like that. Can I take part of your post to my site? Of course, I will add backlink?

I am very interested in this

Thanks for all your contributions. This blog has now closed and can no longer accept new comments.

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