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Wednesday, 20 June 2007

The lunar eclipse of Venus

Hello Jo and Everyone,

Thank you Jo! First, I would like to say that, I learn a lot from the way you write. I sometimes can't explain things in detail.This time I've tried to follow in your steps in writing. I will do some more exercises on the grammar points you’ve explained.

It's interesting that tomorrow we are going to experience the longest day of the year. I’m surely going to see the sun rise as I’m up around 4.40 a.m. for prayers, and the best thing is that my room’s window is in the east direction, so I can enjoy every single moment of the sun rise. It might sound quite early but I take half an hour’s sleep after prayers which I will not do for tomorrow. Asia is also in the northern hemisphere except Indonesia which is primarily in the southern hemisphere. As about celebrating the Summer Solstice, there is nothing much about it. It’s just that we get to know about it in the newspaper and on TV. Here it is still a bit light around 8.00 p.m. at night, and at 9.00 p.m. you can say that the sky is dark.

I would also like to share something with you all. It is that, on June 18th we saw the lunar eclipse of Venus. At around 7.40 p.m. or a bit before the planet Venus positioned towards the moon in such a way as “a little ball in the bowl” (just like the moon and the star in the flag of Pakistan). At around 9.00 p.m. it was pointing just below the moon (the round outer lining of the moon) . Both the views were beautiful. Since it was a third day of the new lunar month; the moon was crescent. I must say it was a beautiful evening.




Hi Naheed, it's good to read your blog again. There are always very nice things to learn. I like to know about these astronomical events, even though I don't know much about them. Sometimes I look for information, but they are usually very complicated. It's hard to imagine how things happen from an outside perspective, I mean, for us who are on Earth to imagine the space from outside the Earth is very hard. You mentioned the moon phases. I believe there are different names for them in English. It's a good thing to ask Jo isn't it? I remember seeing something like a star next to the moon a couple of days ago. It probably was Venus, wasn't it? I wish I had observed the eclipse. If you know more about any other event like that, don't forget to tell us so we can try to observe them. Best wishes. Bye

hey naheed, your's is a good sort of write up. i think u could make it more rich in vocabulary if you tried. don't mind dok! after all i loved it to read. i should thank you because i got one information from you last writing which i was about to forget. tomorrow is the biggest day of the year. it was about 13 years when i needed to learn the general knowledge for the purpose of getting admitted into my secondary school. i got by heart lots of general knowledges and eventually forgot everything when the admission test was over. quite funny, isn't it? anyways, i am going to hit the morning tomorrow for sure. i would like to see the sun rise and sun set tomorrow. anyways, i should not make the comment longer. i am going to read your other blogs. i hope to know a lot of things on your country. i have always been pretty curious about the culture and heritage of different countries. so here is a good chance for me to meet up my thirst from your diary. okay naheed. go ahead and good luck bye Sayla

Hello, Naheed! I may have heard about the lunar eclipse of Venus, but I forgot all about it, and it is news to me. I particularly liked this blog of yours. I really enjoyed this story about your mornings and one of your evenings. Small things make life beautiful. In this blog, you made small things big by describing them beautifully. I will be reading you soon.

Hello Naheed! Hmmm... How wonderful experience! I would like to have seen too. See you tomorrow, Ana Paula.

Hi, Naheed. The early bird catches the worm. Getting up early is good. You feel refreshed and have a balmy day. But, too early to get up at 4.40 am for me. When I climbed up the Mt. Fuji (3,776m) which is the highest mountain in Japan I stayed at hut nearly top of the mountain night before for seeing sunrise for a long time ago. I got up 2 am then started climbing again to the top of the mountain. To see sunrise at the top of the mountain than any other mountains in Japan is second to none for me. Naheed, have you seen sunrise at top of a mountain in Pakistan? Catch you later.

Hi Naheed, I spent several hours to finish reading all your posta and the comments. It's really nice. I like your writing, and the way of your thinking hidden inside. Though we never talk with each other, i know who you are now, a observed, caring, patient, highly learning conscious, knowledgeable,kind beautiful and lovely girl! Nice to meet u. Thanks for your nice explanation about your country and culture. Appreciate your efforts. Ok,Stay in touch.Take care. Be happy, no worry, always. ---Teresa

Hi Naheed! Lunar eclipse in a relatively cool and calm evening, followed by an intensive warm day in Gujranwala, was a catchy scene to enjoy while sitting with friends in a lawn. The artificial lights, narrow streets, congested houses, noisy environment and busy schedules; who pays attention to what is happening thousands of miles away, far in the sky. However, thanks to load management of power in Pakistani cities: you have enough time to stare at moon :-)

Hi Naheed! I am still in my office in this hottiest and longiest day almost being suffocated here. I came to work rather late in the morning so in aspect of getting up early I have sorrowly admit that I am not able to follow you. But since now I would look at the midnight darknend sky from my balcony thinking of you and hoping to find the Venus once. Dearest wishes!

How's everything? I hope you will fine and energetic. The topic of today appear to be interesting entries. Bravo !! Due to the article regarding lunar eclipse on June 18th I never saw lunar eclipse before because of not drawing attention on it.When you pick up this topic, I am nice to hear from you at this stage. And Lunar eclipse is the phenomenon of solar system among the Eart,the sun,and the moon,isn't it ? It is usually opposit definition of solar eclipase- I was remembered when I was at high school. I can't give more the information until teacher Kent explain. Obviously people who live in Thailand normally have a hunch in a bad feeling when the lunar eclipse or solar esclip occure. We must do something noisy ,namely, shoot a gun, hit a drum. It sum up that we making so much noise as much as possible. It is out of oridinary habit ,however, this is the best way for coping with situation. We believe that if we do along this way, we will somehow solve a bad luck more or less. God bless you . See you around !!! <Wisarut S>

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