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Tuesday, 19 June 2007

Replies to your comments

Hello Jo and Everyone else

I hope you are all keeping well. I am glad to know Jo that you liked my jokes. As you wrote about moaners, the same is with our nation.There are always so many things to learn from your blog posts, from your writing style to vocabulary, use of phrases and expressions and grammar. In your latest blog, you wrote ‘it’s second to none’. Would you explain it as I didn’t get it this one? There is one more of this type ‘it’s next to nothing’, am I correct with the meaning ‘it’s entirely nothing’?
There’s another sentence that you wrote:

This weekend my best friend and her husband are coming down from the north of England to visit.
If the same sentence is written as:
This weekend my best friend and her husband are coming from the north of England to visit. (We as learners often write like this)
What is the difference between the two sentences?

Dear friends, today I thought to reply to your comments. In my previous post, I forgot to mention a point regarding Nikkah. Along with the recitation of the verses, Nikkah is a legal marriage contract between the bride and the groom which also requires acceptance by both. There are some obligatory conditions for a marriage to be recognized as legal and valid in an Islamic law which are: two witnesses, the agreement of mehr (it is an obligatory condition of marriage that the man fix and gift an amount to his wife, according to his means or according to his wife’s demand, at the time of marriage. You can also learn more )and the proposal by the man and acceptance by the bride. These civil and social laws are laid down by God to protect the honor and right of both the parties.

Pary, wearing red colour is not a tradition as such. It’s more to do with choice.

Celio, every country has it own issues and so have we.

Yes, Tomo, I have heard about the book ‘Memories of a Geisha’ but I’ve never had a chance to read it. I had once read on the BBC website about a 17 year old Japanese girl who chose to become a geisha. I’ll find more about Haiku (I like this word) and may be one day, I will write one too. I’ve heard about fireflies but I’ve been longing to see one. Our national poet ‘Sir Allama Iqbal’ has written a poem on it. Tomo, Kimino is a traditional dress for the wedding couple in Japan, am I right? I saw it in the wedding picture of one of the teacher bloggers, Lewis Davies.

Marianna, it was so nice to hear something from you. I imagined myself in your country when you described the castle with its golden hall. You see, we share the same interests; I love birds and love to draw them as well. Yes, there are pelicans in my country, but we hardly get to see them.

How have you been Wisarut? I usually get cross with my studies when I can’t solve a question, and sometimes loads of work make me feel like to bite my fingers. At that time I do nothing and stand by the window to breath in fresh air. I also draw sketches and these little things make me feel fresh to get back to work with new energy.

Julio, when you all write me comments, it gives me confidence to write. And we also have a teacher blogger, Miss Jo Kent, who is always there to guide.

Hi Lana, I haven’t read the book ‘My Feudal Lord’, but I had once read the interview of the writer. She had married to a politician who was already married and had children. The man was a landlord and a part of feudal system where male domination is everything. Her married life didn’t go well with him and she got divorced. She now lives with the man’s first wife who has also been divorced. Her writings are based on the feudal system and often remain in controversy. Tehmina Durrani is a woman of courage at least she raises her voice against something which is unfair.

Manas, thank you for liking my jokes. I really like that you always have something to share with at your end.

Neha, it’s a pleasure to meet you. So you are from Mumbai, on of my favourite cities of India. I still miss that Chopati beach and those coconut trees.

Fulvio, In Pakistan the birth of a baby is celebrated by an Islamic practice called Aqiqa or sacrifice (of a goat), however this is not obligatory in Islam; it is a voluntary deed. A baby boy is circumcised which is deemed obligatory.

Ana Paula I really don’t think your long comment got me bored. I read it with great interest, how poor of me that I haven’t seen the movie “It’s a wonderful life”. The only movie I have ever seen is, ‘Alice in wonderland’, I have seen its both old and new versions. I also used to watch a TV serial called ‘The wizard of oz’, it was similar to Alice in wonderland and I liked it very much. I haven’t read the works of Jane Austen, but I know something about her is that, most of her writings are based on women.

Benka I like to watch movies based on novels and stories, but not the ones that are made on real life characters such as Alexander the great. It’s not easy to portray that way.

Best wishes



Hi Naheed, Initially, I didn¡¦t understand Jo¡¦s sentence ¡¥¡¥it¡¦s second to none¡¦, then I check English-English dictionary with the key word ¡¥second to none¡¦ instead of ¡¥It¡¦s second to none¡¦, and found the meaning, I believe that Jo will tell you the meaning. I am just trying to tell you the process of my checking as a sharing. Secondly, when I go to south from north, on the map, north is above south, which means that I am moving up to top from bottom. On the contrary, if I go to south from north, and if I were on the map, I am moving down to south from north, that why Jo said ¡¥they are coming down from north of English to visit¡¦. At last, allow me to state my searching:{ The best, as in Mom's chocolate cake is second to none. Shakespeare was among the first to use this term in The Comedy of Errors (5:1), when Angelo speaks warmly of Antipholus of Syracuse: "Of credit infinite, highly belov'd, second to none that lives here." } Best Regards

Dear Naheed, I thought that circumcising the babies was just a Jewish tradition. It's so interesting to learn new things. Many many thanks, Fulvio

Sweet Naheed!! Because the previous days in a load of task make me so solemn .According to this at this stage I feel stay claim much more . Moreover instantly after I acess the Internet at BBC site, I suppose that you may be answer all your virtual friend comments. I am guessing rightly !! Despite on occasion no time to pose, I attempt to talk hilarious stories with you. Anyway in this comment blog you have a such self- interest to reply your friends. It is marvellous Naheed!! If you answer all comments again and again, I presume that you may have many virtual friends from around the world exactly. Whenever you need to travel, whatever you need to do, whenever you need to chat, you may be gained an advice or direction from us in aspect of asking some questions,sharing a wonderful stories . It is interesting ,isn't it ? Bye for now.

Hello Naheed! You asked just the questions, on which I wanted to hear the answers. Sometimes it is so difficult for me to distinguish between a verb followed by a plain preposition and a phrasal verb. Sometimes it seems as if a verb is followed by an unnecessary preposition because I am able to understand its meaning perefectly without the prepositon which confuses me. I think this may be a good language point to discuss: Why are some verbs in English followed by the obligatory prepositions, or the prepositons which help with the meaning of the verb in some other way when the verb can stand perfectly on its own, supposing these verbs are not phrasals? While waiting Jo's answer, I will be thinking just abot this!

Hi Naheed! I´m glad to know that you didn´t find my comment boring. Aaaaah! Alice in the wonderland is so cute, I´ve seen the Disney cartoon and I´ve also read the book. Hmmm... I´ve watched the musical film 'The Wizard of Oz', and I haven´t known that existed a TV serial. Have you ever heard about the musical film? Well, this musical film was made in 1939 and Judy Garland played the role of sweet Dorothy. If you have the oppportunty, watched this film, it´s so lovely! In addition 'The Wizard of Oz' has "childhood taste", because it brings, at least for me, all that wonderful childhood memories. Oh, and the song, the song is so beautiful (Somewhere Over the Rainbow). I´m sure you will like it. :-) Best wishes, Ana Paula.

Hi, Naheed. I'm glad you're interested to write haiku. If you should write haiku in next ten days to go before all of your last blog, Please show me yours. Naheed, you're right! kimonos are our traditional clothes which are worn for such occasions as special celemonies and parties. The kimono you saw on his blog was a white traditional kimono which is worn for a wedding celemony like a white western style of a wedding dress. I've worn blue kimono which was drawn some flowers on the skirt and the long sleeves once before some occation. It was quite tight and took time to wear. On the other hand, men' kimonos are not tight as women' are and easy to wear. There are many kinds of colorful kimonos. The heaviest kinds of weddings kimonos are over ten kilo. You would be exhausted! See you soon.

Hi Naheed, one question for you, do you know any english word, where 'q' is not accompanied by 'u'? Cheers, Manas

Hi Naheed :-) I'm feeling ashamed of myself, but I know next to nothing about traditions in your country. You said that a legal marriage is contracted between the bride and the groom and it also requires acceptance of both. In my country it's widely thougth that a marriage in Islamic countries is arranged between the bride's and the groom's parents and that the future husband and wife are often only children when the agreement is made. Is it true or not true?

Thanks for all your contributions. This blog has now closed and can no longer accept new comments.

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