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Thursday, 14 June 2007

Travel in Pakistan

Hello Jo and Everyone

As I had promised to write about travel in Pakistan, here I am with some useful information for you all. Before I begin, here’s a bit about the population of Pakistan which is 164,741,924.

Tourists usually move towards Northern areas because of their enchanting beauty of mountains, lush green valleys, lakes, rivers, tall trees and some of the oldest forts. The areas one must give a visit are Baltistan, Hunza, Gilgit, Chitral. The best places you can go to are Shigar fort, Baltit fort, Baltoro Glacier, K-2 and Koh Murree. Link

Besides Northern areas, tourists also like to visit Islamabad, Lahore and Karachi. Islamabad is famous for its greenery and some places like Shakar Parian and Shah Faisal masjid (mosque) and the hills surrounding it. I have also been to Islamabad and have visited both the places I’ve mentioned. Don’t give a miss to a visit to Lahore because this city is popular for its food streets. The places you can visit there are Red fort and Badshahi Masjid, there are some more places too but these two are said to be the famous ones. And if you are in Karachi, the first thing you will see here are the beaches, people love to see the Clifton beach and the Manora Island. This city is a shoppers’ paradise too because like other cities, things are not very expensive here.

There is a town named Thatta at a drive of some kms from Karachi. This is an all time tourist attraction due to it’s mosque that has 100 domes. On the way to Thatta, do give a visit to the necropolis of Makli.

I really forgot to mention another lovely city called Hyderabad. This is another big city of the Province Sindh. It’s at a drive of around 5hrs from Karachi and is famous for its handicrafts.

What things one must be careful about? There is no such thing as foreigners are welcomed wholeheartedly. But I would like to advise you something. When you shop never buy anything without bargain because, sellers tell prices quite high when they see a foreigner in their shops.

To find more about travel in Pakistan and more about Thatta you can also visit Click

As you all know sometimes due to some politial reasons, Pakistan is under the shadow of violence so you should be careful about this also. The rest goes well here.

Here is th link to read books

Best Wishes



Dear Naheed! I waited impatiently until I can hear something from you about Pakistan. You gave us good links to study about more carefully. Thanks. What you`ve written is great and new for me. To live in such big country and even at sea beaches has to be fantastic! My inland country is almost ridiculously small in contrary to yours, 5 million inhabitants only, but nice too. There are four our climbers and mountain-rescue-workers from our High Tatras area on their way to Baltoro Mustagh since the end of May. So I am delighted to watch occasionaly short spots from their travel on TV. Best wishes to you!

Hello Naheed! You have given me another point of view of your country. I have to accept that I didn't know too much about Pakistan. But now, thanks to you, I are a little more wise. Could you tell us about special traditions and customs in Pakistan? See you

Hi Naheed, Thank for your introduction, I know more about Pakistan now. And as Pilar from Spain said:’ Could you tell us about special traditions and customs in Pakistan?' Something else, what is the difference between ‘masjid’ and ‘mosque’? Best Regards

Dear Naheed, I agree with you that Pakistan has a lot of things for Travelers coming across the world. I have visited almost all Northern Areas of Pakistan and for me most inspiring places are: 1. Kaghan Valley 2. Lake Saif ul Malook 3. Shoogran ( ) Valley Swat is another great place worth visiting along with Malam Jabba ( ). and last but not the least, I was about to forget to mention about Deosai Plains, the world Highest Plateau, is also in Pakistan ( ). In Pakistan, other than Natural Beauty, There are a lot of historic places having traces of Harappan Civilization in MOEN JO DARO(2500 B.C.) in Sindh and then Taxila (N.W.F.P) for Buddhism. Lahore, the heart of Pakistan, as you mentioned, is also very rich in Historic places. In recently years, Pakistan government has done many reforms improving tourism industry and now most of these places are easily approachable than ever. Best wishes to you. Note: This is my first visit to this blog and found it very informative.

It really surprised me the population of Pakistan. I knew you are neighbours of one of the most populated countries in the world but I had no idea so many people were living there. Is there room for everybody? I´m glad to read the sentence "all the rest goes well here". Bye

Hi Naheed! Your country seems to be a great place to visit. Just like Pilar, I keen to know about your customs and traditions and I´m also would like to know about music in Pakistan. Do you like music Naheed? If so, what is your favourite kind of music? Could you please tell me? Best wishes, Ana Paula.

Hello Naheed. I must admit that I knew almost nothing about your beatiful country. Thank you for letting me know that there exists one far-away(from me) country where there are places which carry exotic, imaginative names and that in one of these lives a smart girl who does her best to represent her fatherland in the best possible way. Thank you for everything you wrote and for the links we all were asking for. I wiil be reading you soon.

Hello Naheed, I am impressed with the way you have provided the information, because you know what they say, brevity is the soul of wit. You have given pretty good idea about travel in Pakistan. Now if I want to go there, I know exactly where to go and what to see. Way to go...!! :-)

Hello, Naheed. It's interesting to read the information which you gave us. Yes, Naheed, it is important that we should be very careful in order not to be cheated by someone else when we pay for something. When I traveled around a certain country by myself, I booked a youth hostel on the phone for a next place at which I was staying for a couple of days in advance far from the hostel. Having arrived there, I checked in and asked about how much my room would be. I was about to pay for that I noticed that the amount of charges I needed to pay was higher than I expected. I asked them why? They excused calculating mistakenly. According to them, it had been in season (extra charges needed) when I had booked, but it was out of season when I checked in, so they had calcurated that as in season charges, then they made the mistake. You know, if I hadn't noticed that I would have paid more than I had actually needed. It turned to be a sort of a good lesson for me after that. All the best!

Hello there .At this stage ,on the virtual world especially in Pakistan I instantly click on the link thank to your favourite links. Then I am quickly looking around sites and open my mind to travel along the web pages despite monitoring on computer but I love it. Moreover the interesting books ,linked to BBC site make me wondering to read ,yet I have not time to read. Frankly in this site ,I really enjoy to travel with you !!! Cheers!! <PS. I would like to know more concerning your home style in Pakistan and I wish you are to pose it very soon. >

Hi Naheed, your country seems to be very beautiful, given the way you speak about it so enthusiastically. I wish I had the opportunity to visit it one day. But I'm not much of a traveller. Although I like to visit new places, It's very hard for me to take the first step. Maybe your wonderful descriptions of your country might inspire me. Best wishes. Bye Bye.

Hello, Naheed.Thank you for your description. Pakistan really has a lot of things, and I wish I can visit your wonderful hometown one day. And bargaining is so common here,it's not a problem:) As you said that due to some politial reasons, Pakistan is under the shadow of violence. I hope it can end soon. Even one war is too many. And also welcome to visit China. Best wishes.

Hello Naveed, Pakistan and its people are very beautiful, im from Pakistan, as you know the current situation of the country is pretty miserable. Political uncertanity is always there, all systems are running on temperary basis, alot of people are effected, road and transpotaion systems of the country are not good, Pakistan declared 2007 as a tourism year( you know the condition of northern areas like Swat, How will people come to pakistan for tourism? Im afraid and very sad about the state of my country. good luck

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