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Wednesday, 13 June 2007

I'm back after two days

Hello Jo and Everyone

First of all, I am sorry for coming this late. I hope you won’t mind. I had prepared the post yesterday but due to power shutdown I could not post it.

Thank you Jo! It sounds great that you like tea too and what I say about the ginger tea, this makes a perfect evening tea. To prevent low blood pressure, it is best to drink half glass of water before tea. This controls dehydration in the body.

Jo, I’ve read your post just now and the pictures are lovely and I’ve fallen in love with the first one. It’s beautiful. And these two woodpeckers are so cute. I hope Scratchy and Raffles won’t mind.

I hope I will be better in articles day by day. So far we have learned three things from you: Words coined by Shakespeare, idioms and articles. And I’m sure including me; all the readers are going to be benefited from these. Here are the answers to the options:

1) the 2) the 3) a (this can be any home exhibition) 4) the 5) no article.

Here in Pakistan, it depends upon the location as where one decides to by a home. Like the areas where the riches live, they usually buy bungalows and the initial price begins with 2 crore (£1 equals to Rs 120 Pakistani currency). Apartments are also built around these posh areas and the prices start from 30, 00,000 and go up to 80, 00,000. Whereas in average areas, prices begin from 500,000, and reach up to 50, 00,000. People usually prefer to live in an apartment. I also live in an apartment and my father had bought it for 75,000 when he was not married. Property prices also vary from city to city. In the cities like Islamabad and Lahore, the prices are higher than in Karachi. People also live on rent. Property prices also depend on the budget, like the rise in the prices of cement and iron will also raise the property prices.

Children usually live with their parents and leave homes only when they go abroad or the other city (in Pakistan) for higher studies. When the boys get married, most of them decide to live in a separate home. If they come from a well off family and have a good job, they buy their own homes. Some choose to live in a joint family.

Dear friends thank you very much for your kind comments

Thanks Ana Paula that you liked my drawing. We also make the kind of tea you have described about. You see even living far apart we share the same spices. I also remember that I have to tell you about the writers I like to read.

Maria it will always be a pleasure to read your comments.

Alinor I don’t read poetry very much but I just love to draw and what I say about gardening, I love it since I was younger but I’ve got a chance to do it now.

Wisarut I am glad to read your comments on my work and that you read my posts.

Benka I am going to write about the travel in Pakistan shortly.

A BIG SMILE fro you Hyoshil.

Thanks James, for your keen interest. I really like the way you gather information and explain it. I am going to write more about Pakistan very soon.

Tomo, there is an organization here that offers courses from handicrafts to fashion designing at reasonable fees. I’ve also taken many courses from there because they are not very time consuming and one can take them besides studies. I still have to take an advance course in sketching which I am going to take after my exams. I liked your description of ocha and senbei. Like senbei, we also have some snacks that are made from rice. And it would be a great idea if we talk more about tea times in our countries.

You are right Manas, eyes speak a lot without saying a word. As you asked about my rabbit (baby brother), we used to have it 14 years ago. We only have his sweet memories now. Answering to your question about masala tea and green tea, yes, I do know about them and have also picked the recipe of masala from the website of Tarla Dalal. I like green tea chilled with honey and lemon. Have you tasted Jasmine flavor in green tea? I like its taste very much.

You know Leila, life is incomplete without purpose. Feeding pigeons, drawing sketches and sowing seeds and looking after them like kids make me think that God has made this world really beautiful. But we never happen to see around. Sitting and doing nothing makes one bone lazy and that’s very dangerous.

Pleased to read your comment Salman.

Celio it’s also nice to read your comments thanks.

Hello, a reader without name. Thanks that you liked reading about tea snacks. I will post a link about libraries in my tomorrow’s post.

Thanks Lana for your lovely comments. I like espresso too.

Richard Li, the climate of Pakistan is not very hot but some cities experience hot summers.

Marianna I liked your comments very much and thanks you liked my drawings.

Maru, I’m glad that you like my posts.

Thank you Tejasvi and as a learner of English language I would say that read, write and speak. To learn any language it is important that we practice all the three things together.

Haivan thanks for your nice comments and reading my blogs.

I agree with Minch’s comment that we are not virtual friends we are real friends and I’m happy to have such lovely friends. Thank you All!

Oh! I must post this entry before another power shut down




Hello Naheed. It's been some time since I last posted a comment here. I haven't had much time lately. But I love to follow bbc's blogs. I'm just beginning to know you but I think I'm going to enjoy reading your posts a lot. You are very considerate to our comments which is something that I think will stimulate all of us to write and comunicate with you. It's so good to know about Pakistan. We always see it in the news but now we have a chance to have a closer look at your country through your eyes. Best wishes from Brazil. See you... Bye

Dear Naheed, It´s amazing to know that although we are so far from each other, we can taste the same flavours in a delicated cup of tea. Hmmm... I´m looking forward to knowing about your favourite books and writers. :-) Best wishes, Ana Paula.

I doubt where my comment went? Does any one read my comment? When people talking about Pakistan and said that is very hot place I really doubt wheather you were in Pakistan or not. The where there used to be very nice. Ok it is warm in the summer but not hot.

Hi, Naheed. Of course, I don't mind at all. Take it easy! And, thank you. I got it. There are good offers to those who want to learn something new with only reasonable fees. That's good. I guess many people around you might be good artists, too! You've been busy to study for your exams, so I'd like to cheer you up with a saying. "Where there's a will, there's a way" Hang in there!

Hi Naheed, I haven't tried the Jasmine tea yet, I will give it a try soon and let you know. I didn't know about 'Tarla Dalal' website, I just googled the name, and saw the website, I found it good and lots to learn on that actually. Property prices in Pakistan seem to be pretty high. I liked your description about children leaving the parental home.("Children usually......joint family", para) It is way in my place as well. You managed to put it so exactly. Then I eagarly wait to hear about writers you like to read... and would you like to write about Pakistani singers? Nusarat Feteali Khan and Annie's songs I am all the time listening. I think, they are just superb. Cheers, Manas

Hi Naheed, black-outs remind us how important electricity is to our lives and they can be very expensive event, aswell. A few years ago in Italy there was a big black out, the whole nation was without electricity for nearly 18 hours (some areas for more than a day). It was a big trouble for many industries, hospitals and so on, but it was also a unique opportunity to see the sky and all his stars. Country side, streets, cities without lights are so different. I thought that night could have been similar to the ones there used to be here just 50 , 70 years ago. I wonder if you could tell us more about your city and life in it. For example what do you usually do at weekends? Karachi is on the see and very close to mountains, do you have opportunities to enjoy them? Thank you for your posts. Love, always

Dear Naheed, I've read that in that area there use to be monsoons during the summer. How does this affects on people everyday life? How do you dealt with it? Which are the main problems you have to face? Sorry for the question, which is probably silly, but I've never experienced such a thing. Love, always

Hello there .Please claim down NAHEED !! I don't mind it!! You just pose it in order to entertain me and my virtual friends. That are all enough!! Don't worry. Obviously in Pakistan,your home, I learn many things from you in aspect of artist, culture ,foods and even your life style. Between Pakistan and Thailand , many people,long distance,unique race and especially you and me are live different countries far too much over but we have the same purpose , that is , we love learning English. It is true , isn't it ? I pround of to be virtual friend who share everything whatever you want. And the last one , at this stage I would like to thank you and I hope you may be enjoy with my comments. Better luck next time.

Hello Naheed Today I have seen this website and blog. I am also interesting to learn English. This is very good that I have found this blog, today onwards I will go thourgh all. The information you have posted are very relevant and the hardwork you are doing is fantastic, I like it. In my writing, there are so many mistakes, Plz ignore that and if possible lt me know ..Keep in touch, have a nice day

This is for the very 1st time that i'm reading this blog and found it good but seems like its for women. Anyways i think i must be reading this blog regulary and may be add something also and the people are also good.

Thanks for all your contributions. This blog has now closed and can no longer accept new comments.

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