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Sunday, 10 June 2007


Hello Raffles and everyone else

Gorgeous! Raffles you look like a Hollywood film star, oops! I mean :-) a pet star. Hummm… It seems you like to play Frisbee very much. Thank you for giving this homework but, never say before anyone else that idiom is a mixture between the words idiot and bum, it never means like that at all.

Here are the answers:

1)There’s no smoke without fire means nothing happens without a reason.

Adam says he was fired without knowing what he did. I will only say there is no smoke without fire.

2) Every cloud has a silver lining means there’s always something good to come after bad times.
I was very depressed when I moved to Canada for good and I couldn’t find a job. But you see every cloud has a silver lining, after having hard times for two months long I got a good job and that with an accommodation.

3) You could have knocked me down with a feather! This means something is very shocking and surprising
When I heard that you are getting married. You could have knocked me down with a feather!

4) There’s no such thing as a free lunch. This means we never get things for free, if they appear to be free, we will have to pay in some way.

I thought that the deodorant spray was a free sample that anyone could get it but there’s no such thing as a free lunch. It was only free on the purchase of a pair of jeans.

5) Give someone an inch and they’ll take a mile means if you give someone a little they will ask for more
Never lend Mike any money, he is something of a kind that you give him an inch and he will take a mile.

I’m keeping my fingers crossed.

Let’s talk something about snacks as I had promised Tomo. In Pakistan, there are many things that are taken as teatime snacks such as roasted peanuts, poppadoms (these are round thin crisps made from rice), vermicelli (made from gram flour), samosas, cup cakes, potato crisps, and biscuits. I usually like biscuits, sometimes cupcakes and vermicelli with tea. But anything that’s on the plate is welcome wholeheartedly. A cup of tea without anything is also accepted.

Here’s a quick recipe for the tea which is made here:
Take some water and bring it to boil, add tea and let it boil for 5 minutes or so, put some milk and give one boil. Pour into the teacup and add sugar according to taste. Ginger is also added while the water is put to boil to make it ginger tea.

Best wishes to all and to Raffles and Scratchy the boss



Hi dear Naheed , Thanks for your interesting Blogs .I 've read all of them , Although I 'v not put comment regularly .I 'm very keen for getting more information about your country , your clothes , customs , historical places and sightseeing places, foods and etc .Anyway something about today Blog : Do you boil tea after adding tea to the boiled water !!!!!! After adding tea we put the pot on the soft flame on the oven and don't let to be boil again . If it boles, the smell and flavor will be terrible . Have fun and see you again tomorrow

Hello Naheed, Do u know about 'masala tea'? It is the same you describe, just need to add some 'masala powder' along with ginger. It taste too good. These days I have become fan of 'green tea'. It seems it offers lot of health advantages, besides waking you up. At first, as I am used to of having tea prepared by our style, the way you mentioned, this green tea, didn't appeal me much. But, now i started liking it. If you want to know about it more, type green tea in wikipedia, you will whole story of what I am talking of. This all started with the email I recieved stating the benefits of green tea. I also did home work given by Raffles, but after reading yours, I understood, I made a mistake in using third idiom, anyway we learn by making mistakes, don't we? Bye for now. Cheers Manas

Hello, Naheed. Thank you for answering my question! Poppadoms seem to be like a relatrive of senbei. :-) I've eaten samosa before. It was quite my taste! I wish I could chat with you about each other's culture over tea with all of the snacks you told me in Pakistan! Wouldn't be a nice idea? See you soon.

I started reading your blog today and I think it very interesting, specially the way you answer to all questions from the comments.

Hi Naheed! Humm... The tea sounds delicious! I think I will try to prepare some to me, and moreover I love ginger. I prepare a lemon balm tea with some drops of lemon juice, cinnamon, clove and ginger. Hmmm... it´s delicious and it´s perfect to warm a cold winter night. :-) Good night, see you, Ana Paula.

Hi Naheed, You have done a great homework, very impressed, and nice to learn about Pakistan’s snack of teatime, thank you. Best Regards

Hello there. That is a wonderful blog Naheed!!Your such an energetic woman who eager to know everything all the time and have high self-discipline . I am really looking forward to reading next entries. With warm good wishes.

Hi naheed so happy to hear about pappad in bbc blog.expectiing some more snacks tomarrow. .like others even me wl be looking for your advice to get online libraries.take care.

Hi Naheed, I've red with delight about tea and tea cakes. It seems to be an important moment in your day time. I am not used to take tea, instead I am addicted to coffee (let's say expresso) which could be something that you take as a break during the day but it is usually a very short break and quite always without any cake. Thank you very much for all your efforts to your blog. Love, always

I used to have a lot of friends in Pakistan when I was doing foreign trade. In my opinion Pakistan is not as hot as the above friend said. I know Pakistan exports a large quantity of leather. One of my friends, who was running a leather factory ,sent me one leather case which is very good quality. So leather coats,leather shoes, leather caps are popular in Pakistan. Why the wheather should be that hot?

Hi, you have a very nice writing hand. Bloging is an excellent idea I feel it very much. Hope to continue. Thanks from Bangladesh.

Hello Nahed, Your topicaboutidioms is very nice, but iwanttoaska question about how did y travel to canada?? because i tried several times but i couldn't. so please reply message

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