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Sunday, 03 June 2007

Jo's homework

Hello All

Thank you Jo, your comments are really encouraging to me. I will also keep those mistakes in mind. Your homework seems to me like a brain teaser! But I still like you and I will try my best to work it. Here, I would like to say something honestly about Shakespeare is that, I haven’t read a lot about him but I have read many of his plays and poems and I like them all very much.

Before handing my homework to you, I would like to give good wishes to your niece, Sophie. May she have happy life and be as brilliant as you are. We all look forward to reading about her christening and yours being a godmother.

Here’s my homework,
. it smells to high heaven; might mean (something sounds strange)
• full circle; :-(
• one fell swoop; :-(
• strange bedfellows; maybe (a group of criminals/bad people) I have read this one somewhere but really can't remember
• the world’s my oyster; might be (it’s easy to deal with things coming one’s way)

As I had promised, I am writing more about the production of mangoes and their varieties. Pakistan is the fifth largest producer and fourth largest exporter of mangoes in the world. It produces over one million tones of mangoes of which 60 to 70 thousand tones are exported. The main importers are Middle East and European countries and the Gulf and Saudi Arabia are traditional import markets.

Europeans get mangoes from many parts of the world such as Pakistan, India, Peru, Kenya, Mexico, South Africa, Puerto Rico, Venezuella, Jamaica, Ivory Coast, Thailand and Australia. UK imports the greatest number than any European nations.

Some of the popular varieties of mangoes are, Langra, Sindhri, Chaunsa, Anwar Ratole, and Dasehri. Chaunsa is considered to be the best variety in Pakistan; I would say it is ‘the king of mangoes’, and it is exported to the Middle East. Export quality Chaunsa is packed in 3 kilogramme boxes, containing a minimum of six mangoes.

Other famous varieties include Neelum, Alfanso, Lal Badshah, Sindoori and Siroli. All these names might sound strange to you all.

Jo, I can understand that the mangoes would be expensive in your country because, we even never get to see those ones here. They are directly exported to the countries demanding them. However, your idea to taste mangoes straight off the tree is excellent.

Bye for now



Hello again, Naheed! Ooooh! I didn´t know that in Pakistan had so many kinds of mangoes, and moreover, all of them seem to be delicious! Here in Brazil the best quality of mangoes is the pink mango( manga rosa) which has a juicy and soft pulp, and it´s very tasty. I´ve read just few Shakespeare plays and I´ve also read some sonnets ( they are really beautiful, aren´t they?). However, I read them five years ago, and in Portuguese. Maybe one day I have the courage and the knowledge to read Shakespeare plays and sonnets in English, but many students say that is a difficult task. Anyway, I think it´s just like the saying: " the proof of the pudding is in the eating". I guess I´ll have to try to read them in English, and only then taking my on conclusions. Have a nice Sunday, Ana Paula.

Hello Naheed, I’d like to tell you how amazing your English is. You’ve already used lots of new words, at least to me, and I needed taking out my notebook and wrtting down everything was necessary. Though, I’ve just read your homework and I felt you had problems with it. That’s why I did a quick search in the Internet and look what I’ve found.( I really hope won’t be too late and you’ll able to work one of these into your next blog): smell/stink to high heaven - to smell very bad; full circle-back to the original starting position; one fell swoop- at a single deadly blow, all at one time, in one complete decisive action; strange bedfellows- a peculiar alliance or combination; a pair sharing the same job/ housing or business but are very different in most ways, for example: I was embarssed to admit that my good old friends are very strange bedfellows, they have nothing in common. the world is one’s oyster- everything is going well, you’re getting everything you want from life. You are the new student blogger on BBC Learning English therefore I think the world’s now truly your oyster. Best wishes.

Hi Naheed, The wikipedia shows that the official languages of Pakistan are Urdu and English, could all your people write in English as well as you? Is English popular in your country? Best Regards

Naheed,your post is very interesting.I like mangoes too.It's very delicious.In the early age,I never saw mangoes,just hearing the word from the book.And now they can be seen in many super-markets,even in the countryside.But I don't know the mango has so many varieties.It's very interesting.I hope some day I can taste them all.

Hi Haheed I would like only to say Hello. I was participated as doctor in Kashmir - Rawala kot after aerthquake in 2OO5. After that we stayed for 3 days in Islamabad. I cross my fingers to you this month. Stef

Hi,Naheed, it is so nice to read your blog, i like Mango very much. Here i have a request, would you please add some pictures about Mango Tree or the different shapes of variety? Thanks in advance.

Hi Naheed :-) I didn't say hello to you on 1 June so I say hello to you now. I've been a regular on teachers' and students' blogs since the beginning of the year. I'd like to join in Cathy' request about putting some pictures of mangos because I don't think I've ever seen them. And even if I saw one, I didn't have the slightest idea what that was. Thanks in advance.

Hi Naheed, the mango is one of my favorite fruit. And obove all, it's ful of vitamine A, which is good for the eyes and skin. I had my first one in Singapore and was so keen of it that they called me Miss Mango.

Hi Naheed, Like you I am also very much fond of Mangoes. Your descriptions about the variety of mangoes are very good. Shall I add few more varieties? “Imam Bahzand”, “Kazak Bhadi” and “Bangan Palli”. You may not aware of these names. “Imam Bazand is one of the best among all other varieties. It is very costly but rich in taste. In each part of India, we can get different variety of mangoes. One particular type of mango may not be available in the other part of region. One kind of mango’s name is different in the other place even though the shape and the taste are same. I bought three Imam bazands yesterday. I removed the skin, cut into pieces and put in the fridge for some time. I enjoyed watching my wife, children to eat the mango with much delightful. I could eat only few because I am diabetic. If I take more than few, my sugar level will be raised.

Hi!! I sometime hate mango .Because there are variety of mangoes in Thailand. You are able to imagine load of mangos in markets not to have another kind of fruits. Frankly I cannot call sorted of mango in all name English . So the mango's description I will miss it. All the best.

Hello, Naheed! I would never know that Pakistan and India produce mangoes if I didn't read your blog. I grew up with Mangoes. There are a lots of mango trees in my elementary school. Students in the school always can have a sweet aromatic tast of mango before their summer vacation. Later when I got older, we could see some imported mangoes in the market,mainly from Philippines. When I settled down in North America, I saw the red, green and yellow colors mangoes, which are lot different from the mangoes I used to(yellow and green colors), and learn these are from South America. Now I am surprised to know that Pakistan and India have mangoes too. I said I am suprised because my Pakistani and Indian friends never include mangoes in their talks about their food. Thank you Naheed, you taught me. Although I grew up with mangoes I can't name even one mango. Poor me. But I do know how to pick a juicy sweet tasty mango. mmmm...Yum.

Hi Naheed, One Fell Swoop means all of a sudden. It is from Shakespears's Macbeth. Have you read it? If not, do so. And ask for a annotated version of macbeth from a good bookseller. Annotated versions are accompanied by study notes and explanations, very good for beginners.

July 16 '07 incidently while eating mangoes and googling about them , i came across your blog.As you see, its July, meaning the season flooding the markets with the king of all fruits , the mangoes.We have been fortunate that the gift of mangoes has been bestowed upon us(i mean literally!!).I love mangoes, they are delightful, yummy and sweet.In one sentence, I adore them.I am 17 years of age and live in New Delhi.The varities you have talked about are avaliable here and i find the indian varities far more better in taste than the inported ones.I wish to inform you that almost all the states in India have their own varities and surprisingly all of them taste different.I find "Dusheri" the best.Hope your english lessons go well. wishing all the best for the future...siddharth

Hello Naheed I also like mangoes.But it is a difficult fruit.Best wishes Mehmood ul Hassan

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