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Saturday, 02 June 2007


Hello everyone

Before I go further with my blogs and write more about myself, it’s time to write about mangoes.

Heat, rain and mangoes – these are what define summer in Pakistan. Though scorching heat of the sun coupled with frequent power outages make life difficult, but, a big, pulpy, juicy and sweet mango makes forget everything.

Mango is known as the ‘king of fruits’ and is rich in vitamins A, B and C. It can be eaten in as many ways as one can count on, sliced, cubed, milk shake, ice-cream, and salad and so on.

I like mangoes very much and I savour their delicacy in my style. You must have mangoes in your countries, then here’s my simple yet delicious recipe to note down. Take a big ripe mango cut into cubes, add a spoonful of honey, one and half spoonful of milk powder, roughly mix them all and, here you go...yummy

Like ripe mangoes, raw mangoes also remain in demand throughout mango season. These are made into pickles, jams, chutneys and last but not least sorbet. The sorbet made from raw mangoes tastes fantastic. First, the mangoes are peeled and roughly cut into slices and are put to boil in water. When the mixture thickens and a bit yellowish, it is cooled down to room temperature. In a mixer blender, it is then blended with sugar, little salt and a pinch of black salt. If it feels sour and thick, then some more sugar and water is added to make it leveled in taste, but it should not feel very sweet. It tastes delicious when it is a bit sweet, a little salty and tangy.

I must stop here or the mango fans could not resist to eat mango right from the fridge.

In my next blog, I will write about the kinds of mangoes and their production in Pakistan.

Jo, do you like mangoes? I’ve been waiting to read your comment on my writing.

Thank you so much Alinor from Brazil, sweet Ana Paula from Brazil and Phu from Netherlands for your warm welcome.

Alinor, I will write more about myself and my country in Monday’s blog and I hope you will like it.

It’s a mile’s distance from S in the word Smile, but it takes a moment to bring it on face. Always keep smiling



Hi,Naheed. It seems difficult to pronounce right for me. Perhaps that's why you envy our teachers' name'Jo'in your virgin blog. I really love mangoes in your country, and you are a mango expert when it comes to how to eat mangoes. You mention that you are a distant learner. Can you explain it more about your study methods that intrigues me . All the best.

Sunny and warm regards from Finland Naheed. I also love mangos. In fact I just made mango chutney some weeks ago, when we had people for a dinner. The recipe was simple enough; first you left raw mangoes in salty water over night and in the following day you cooked the chutney. Sugar, vinegar, sultanas, dates, cinnamon, chili, garlic and ginger were also needed. I served the chutney with roasted lamb, and everyone loved it. I wish you a warm welcome to be our blogger of the month Naheed.

Hello Naheed. I eat my mango dry, like raisins or prunes because there is no fresh mango here. I love eating dry mango with my cereals and milk in the morning. That is a good start to the day. I will be reding you soon. Benka

hello Naheed thank you very much for your delicious blog. just kidding could you tell us about your distance learning project more to us. i really eager to know. in my opinion it is very rewarding for any body who can learn through his screen pc.

Hi!! I really like mangos especially between April and June. Firstly ,I eat raw mangoes with sauce , something like putting suger,chili,salt together in equal portion as I like. Secondly I eat ripe mangoes with sticky rice ,covering on coconut milk and sesame that attracts me watering so much . But this dish contain high of energy like durian. No appropriate dishes are especially women. It is time to take a rest . Bye for now . Cheers !!

Hi Naheed! I love mango too! It's delicious! This fruit is very usual in my country - By the way we have a lot kind of fruits here. I'm surprised cause I had no idea mangoes are used to common in Pakistan too! In fact I don't know anything about Pakistan. I'm learning now and I love it. All good wishes, Etelvina.

Thank you very much for you description of mangos. Your recipe makes my mouth water. But please, what's 'black salt'?

Hi Naheed, I like mangoes very much. This fruit is very popular in Brazil. But I’ve never tried to eat mangoes with honey and milk powder. It sounds delicious and I will try it as soon as possible. Thank you for the recipe. Best wishes!

Hi,Naheed.I've never imagined mangoes are eaten as pickles in Pakistan.How do they taste like? Salty and sour but little bit sweet? Mangoes are not popular fruit as bananas are in Japan,but I think,they have become popular to be seen many supermarkets in recent years.We import almost all of mangoes eaten in Japan from overseas.One day,I might find juicy mangoes from Pakistan at supermarket!

Hi dear Naheed , Welcome to this month Blog . Your start about Mangoes sounds grate . I revised my vocabulary of taste and flavourbecause of your Blog , Thanks. Hey your English is hilarious ! Pleas give us some hint , how is your English is so awesome ? I 'm Pary from your neighbour country Iran . I think you know a bit Persian , Do you ? I love Naheed as a name . It 's my cousins 's name . I 've heard that Naheed is a boy name and a girl name , Is it true ? Have fun See you again

Salam Naheed jan,i am very glad to know that our june's bloger is from our neighbour country Pakistan.i have been in Sialkot for 9 years , and i know that how delicious is mangoes in the heat and rainy(Barsat) summer's days. But now i live in my hometown Kabul, which i can find it easily becouse now is the sesan of mango And mango is my favorite fruit. By the way Please give us some infomation about your self, hometown, and about your job.I look forward to hear something about yourself in the next blog. Best regards,

Hello Naheed, When I see the topic at the top of this web page, first thing that makes me think of is the fruit printed upon the calendor on the wall in my home's living room. There are fruits specifially standing for the specialty of each month and mango is the fruit represents June. If you know Taiwan, I bet you know Taiwan's well-known for its various kinds of fruit, including mango for sure. I like mango very much in the way it's made into dried fruit. Its taste, sweet with a liite bit sour, makes my mouth watering everytime. I am supposed to stop thinking of it or my dest would be flooded. All the best. David

Dear Naheed,As you know Iran is Pakistan’s neighbour country and there are plenty of mangos in summer here too , people can buy it for 2 dollar/kilo and they used to eat it just after peeling without any additive or special recipe, today I will test your advice ,I ‘m sure it would be delicious.

Dear Naheed; Hi and a rather belated but heartfelt welcome, along with best wishes on what you have to do as the student blogger of the month.(My first comment didn't appear anyway.) It was a nice entry elaborating how to fully enjoy what you call "King of Fruits".You know what? In my country "Pear" has been honered with the very same title;"King of fruits", and summer is defined by hot and sunny days, beautiful blue sky and plenty of fruits which will never lose their savor as they actually include quite a wide range in kind and taste. In the end, I wonder how many of our friends here know that your very nice name is in fact the Persian translation for the beautiful, shiny "venus"? All the best, Katy / Iran

Hello Naheed!!! Oh my goodness! I love mangoes... yummy! I like to eat them sliced or in cubes, covered with low-fat yogurt, humm... it´s mouth-watering indeed. Well, it´s 12:05 of a raining Sunday and maybe I can find some mangoes in the supermarket near my home. ;-) By the way, it seems that in Pakistan there is a large production of mangoes, doesn´t it? I´m looking foward to hearing more about mangoes, and of course, about your life style, likes and dislikes and so on! Best wishes, Ana Paula.

hello,Naheed It's so good to meet and read your blogs. They are very easy to follow and enjoyable!Thanks for your wonderful tips for mangoes.I'll certainly try it and tell you later.I am looking forward to your next posts.

Hi Naheed, Like you and many others, I like mangoes. However since I am a boy, it is simply for me a kind of fruit. And I find it difficult to write a lots about mangoes as you did. We are looking forward to hearing about your daily life, your distant study, your country or whatever you're going to tell us. Best! Phu

hi...Naheed! it's great to read about your mangoes but i think that oranges of pakistan is also famous will you please tell about that too and some thing intersting about pakistan too speacially about politics.

Hai salam Naheed!I like mangoes especially pakistani mangoes. It is really sweety. But here (Dubai)it is very expensive.I like long mango(from pakistan). I don't know it's name.we have called pakistani mangoes. has it different names? In our hometown (India-kerala)mangoes have different variety and different names. That names is in malayalam languages. I want to know about your hometown. Our home town is in the end of India

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