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Thursday, 31 May 2007


Hello there,

Good………………. All my friends:

Good morning,
( There is only one morning in a day, and there are many mornings in a week)

Good day,
(24 hours a day, 7 days a week.)

Good luck,

And, Good bye…. (Please imagine sad violin music in the background as you read this)…

It’s a happy ending.

I know, it is easy and happy to read the English Teacher Blog, and it is sort of hard and pain to read and understand the English Student Blog. Thanks for all your patience. “All” means each and everyone who have read the English Student Blog of May, no matter you got paycheck or not, my thanks are still the same.

If you want to comment this blog, just say:’take care’. I’ll be grateful.

Love always,
There is always another chance to meet again.
I thank you in grace and gratitude.
Once you got everything, you are nothing.
James Zhih-Cheng Wu

I don’t want to talk about ‘Whether Taiwan is a country or not?’. Because it is a political issue and is not proper to discuss here. (Comment of Jill Huang from Beijing)



Greetings from Romania, James! I have read and enjoyed all your blogs.'There is always another chance to meet again.'You are right, at least you can join the members of BBC Message Boards among a lot of possibilities which BBC LE offer us for improving English language.The very best wishes and take care!

Hi James, I have been away from home for some time, and that is why I have been absent. I want to wish you and your family all the best. It has been interesting to follow your writings.

Hi James, Surely,the words you’ve written above, won’t be the last ones you’ve posted here. I hope to see your generous and dutyful comments on the next blogs from June. It would be interesting to read from you as from a dear old friend. Take care,..

HI James It's my first comment on your last Blog . Thanks for all your grate efforts And thankd for sharing your experience and your life with us . Your English obviously has emproved since your first Blog . Good for you . Well down . I bid you farwell . Kiss your kids for me . All the best bye ps : And don't forget puting your comments on next Blogs

Take care James!!!!

HI! As months are passing by each new farewell is becoming worser. Happy days for you, the family and land!

Good ... James! I had a problem with my internet connection, and I couldn't follow your blog this month. So,right now, I have read all your May Blog. I have to say that it's been a entertaining and beautiful writing. Thanks for all your effort. Take care James!

Hi, Wu :) Well, today is your last blog. Thanks for all of them, Wu. Good luck!

Hi James! Thank you for being such a regular blogger. It was so good to read your everyday entries. Good job! I like your bravery to admit that writing a blog every day is not easy. Take care!

Take care, James... Thank you for your blogs, it helped me to understand your culture a little bit more.

Dear James, I've been following this site for several months, just would like to say that I enjoyed every part of your blog. You did a wonderfull job here and Good Luck!

I'd just like to say thank you for all your effort and I really hope that you enjoyed writing your blog! Surely, we enjoyed reading your entries and you are right, through your (a bit) peculiar style we were able to learn more about the way people in Taiwan live and think! Thanks for it again! Take care, Kriszta

Hi James, I just want you to know that I've read all your blogs and I enjoyed them a lot. I thank you a lot for blogging so regularly, also for shering your experiences and ideas with us... uh guy, I hope to see your comments here on BBC, please keep in touch! all the best!

Hi,James I just want to say that it was a pure and simple mistake to type Taiwan in Tailand.I didn't have the foggiest idea what I was thinking at that time.when I found it I felt terrible. Millians thank you for your hard work again and good luck!!

Hello and Good Bye James!!! I wish all the best for you , your family and Luis, and I hope that you keep visinting and sending your comments on this blog. Good luck and best wishes, Ana Paula.

Hello James. You have reached the other side of the world due to your efforts to communicate more and more. And that you have done whitout a single flaw! I wish you the best.

Hello there . Again this is the last comment from me in MAY as well as the next comment will proceed in a variety of views. Your tasks , fantastic blogs , are second to none .Your forte in keeping on and keeping your eye on learning English are rather right interestingly.Best of luck !! < Wisarut S >

Hey guys, just came across this blog and like the idea of people across the globe regardless of race, creed, and gender sharing this single experience, that is, learning english and most importantly, communicating with each other ! this is globalization on its positive term hehehe :0 XX

Hello James, I want you to know that as a first experience of BBC blogging reading, I was lucky: 1- you were blogging on a daily basis 2-you've been talking about things in an interesting humorous clever way and also with a slight touch of mystery 3- the last but not the least: your English was always reliable and abundant. I hope we'll read you again through the comments of all the next bloggers. Take care and I dare saying see you soon! H.

Take care James)))

Thanks for all your contributions. This blog has now closed and can no longer accept new comments.

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