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Tuesday, 29 May 2007

My Report

Hello there,

Today is my last third day of BBC English learning student blogger of May, the day after tomorrow is a farewell blog which I would like to make it shorter and post it earlier. And, hereupon, the new student blogger of June can get into his position ASAP. So, today, I would like to post a little long and tell you about my life of May, 2007. Tomorrow, I hope I don’t have to say much.

You may forget my name, especially Chinese name, but you might remember the process of what I have done of this month.

Firstly, I would like to say:

Thank you Teacher Alex, you are really awesome and who have something yourself.
And Mr. Paul Scott and your whole team, thank you, you have been doing a great job, on and on please.
And all readers (friends), no matter you have commented or not, I thank you in grace and gratitude.

I don’t like to make flattering remarks, but I do like to compliment on the well-done of people.

(PS: A number of readers said that their comments, especially on the weekend, seemed to have a little problem which it can not be published right away. According BBC’s announcement, BBC publish the reader’s comments at least once a day, Monday to Friday. Usually comments will be published the morning after readers have been written. And allow me to remind you, there is time difference in the world, the Time zone of UK is GMT+0, and the summer (DST) is GMT + 1.)

What is the student blog?
BBC said: A blog is like an online diary.

I checked the dictionary which defines the word ‘diary’ as:
A diary is a book which has a separate space for each day of the year. You use a diary to write down things you plan to do, or to record what happens in your life day by day.
And for the reason of definition of ‘diary’, I made my mind that I would write my student blog every day.

Initially, I was thinking about what do or should I blog? My private stuff? No, it would be better to blog something which is common. Then I decided that my first blog was to talk about ‘there is always one more chance to learn English’.

It’s not easy for me to blog in English. But to be the May student blogger is my great opportunity. Thus, I had to and want to study hard. I spent more than 5 hours a day in the evening on the weekdays, and spent 10 hours a day on the weekend. It is my English learning month in May.

Before I wrote my blog, I decided a topic first. And think over the whole structure. After I had published a few blog, I found the copyright is very important that I need to take notice of it. I should avoid copying any paragraph of someone. And the most important thing and easy to ignore is photos, I have learnt that it is better to publish photos which is shot by myself, and don’t include children in it.

Once I surfed on the internet and got some stuff, I would double check it, because there is too much false information over there.

If Teacher Alex had taught something on teacher blog, I would learn and use them on my next blog to practice. I remember one of my high school teachers told me:’ you have to draw as many as other cases from my one instance’. Teacher is good, and if student is good too, then, it will turn into a good consequence. Otherwise, short of either side, the scales will not balance; there are no flowers in full bloom.

BBC website has a question: ‘Are blogs just text?’
The answer is: ‘No, they can have pictures, audio, video and text.’

Originally, I have a thought to publish a audio or video, but I didn’t do it at last, that because if I want to publish a audio or video, I have to email those files to BBC's editor first, I can not publish by my own. Secondary, I don’t know how large a file I can publish.

Every time I wrote the blog, I often wrote a few paragraphs first, then, I took a break, thinking or surfing or reading or doing something else, afterwards, back to computer desk to write again.

My earlier blog’ Today, I were going to London (Tuesday, 22 May 2007)’.

I said on the blog: ‘After saying hello to each other, Friday leads Fried-Dad to BBC to attend a 5 days program’,

I meant that BBC Learning English might have a 5 days program for the student going to London to learning a live English.

The following is the record of my blog:

1) How much time did I spend? at least 195 hrs.
Weekdays= 5 hours daily, Weekend= 10 hours daily, May= (5x23) + (10x8) =195 hrs

2) How many words did I write?
Over 15,000 words.

3) How many blogs did I publish?
There were 32 blogs which I had blogged in May.

4) How many countries do the readers come from to comment?
32 countries (order by alphabet)

Afghanistan、Argentina、 Austria、 Belgium、Brazil、Bulgaria、China、Colombia、Finland、France、Hungary、Hong Kong、India、IRAN、Italy、Japan、Mauritania、Mexico、New Zealand、Pakistan、Poland、Russia、Slovakia、Spain、Syria、Taiwan、Thailand、Turkey、UK、Uganda、USA、Vietnam

Irine Peng asked me:
‘Hi James, quite an interesting observation that you have there. i think under some circumstances, ending one's life is easier to deal with than the continuation of it, and your comment about GBH compensation shows the law-makers' understanding of this bit of human nature. I am curious to know what your opinion on the purpose of laws is.’

My answer is:
1) Firstly, it’s easier to bury than to live.
2) Secondly, no talking (asking), no money.( the death never talk)
3) Incidentally, to believe the law-makers’ wisdom is just like to believe the politicians’ ethics.

Love always,
Opportunity will skip from your fingers if you are not ready for it.
James Zhih-Cheng Wu


I only want to say one thing: Hong Kong and Taiwan are not countries! They belong to China! Please don't make such mistake!

I'm very glad to see your bolg on BBC ,it is a new place for me,beacuse it is my first time to to know it .I mish to see your blog again.

I don't know why my comments have prevented from publishing. Have i broken any regulation in BBC? James, I am sorry you didn't read my yesterday's comment.Because i have got a question to ask you in that comment,but now i forgot the content totally.

Hi James, that’s really an interesting reflection on the law-makers’ wisdom, I have to think it over, but alas I won’t have an opportunity to discuss it with you. So thanks a lot for sharing with us your thoughts and your life. I will miss your sense of humor, warm and a bit childlish. All the best,

Hi James, It has been a pleasure to have had you as month’s student blogger. Your blogs were very interesting and quite complete. You made mistakes as we all make. That’s why we are here, to learn and progress from them. I understand that the subject of the blog must be chosen then documented, at least off line, the comments to previous blogs must be read, to see if any answer has to be foreseen, afterwards the blog, or a draft, must be written, then revised and finally posted. I could imagine that these tasks couldn’t be done in five minutes but FIVE hours a day well … I hope if a day I am that month’s blogger I’ll be able to reduce it to three hours otherwise I do not know where I could find time enough. Best wishes

Hi James, I'm new to this blog and I've red some of your posts, finding them really interesting. Thank you for the huge work you have dealt with. I hope to read some more posts from you in the future. I really wonder how you could have found so many energies, determination, time to keep up writing such good blog, and work and look after your family and so on. How many hours per night do you usually sleep? I would like to share two little things: one is serious the other not indeed. Firstly, how are schools in your countries? I've read about the teachers' day, which is something we do not celebrate in our country and I am sad to say that, probably, it is better for the teachers that we do not celebrate it. Unfortunately there is not much respect for teachers here, neither from students, nor from students' parents, nor from institutions and so on. The second thing, I would be pleased to share, is that I've found on the net a place where you can find everything you have lost. I went there even if I hadn't lost anything, just in case a day I could need it. There were loads of nice things and everything was easy to do. I sow a lovely cat, but as soon as I sow it a man whose appearances left me breathless, picked it up and disappeared at once. I went back to my stuff, you know cooking, cleaning, doing the ironing, but I couldn't stop thinking of him. So I decided to go back to that place and look for what I've lost: that handsome man. Unfortunately I've lost the link to the place where I can find everything I've lost. So can anybody help me? James, please let me borrow your ending sentence. Love, always Lana

Hello!! In my view is that we have to be careful observation in learning English. That mean we have to take time in order to absorb naturally lanuage step by step.We never know learning English how progress in some ways. But we get from responseive answer via my virtual friends and teachers. And the last one , nothing come close, I would like to cheer you up motivation in learning English so far .Loads of love. <Wisarut S> PS I hope to see you again on BBC site .

it is realy nice & comprehensive description ,you've write well organised blog .. I'd like keep goning on this level,& even i can say i realy impressed by your writing..i'd like also to think everyone who responsible on bbc learning

Thanks for all your contributions. This blog has now closed and can no longer accept new comments.

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