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Sunday, 27 May 2007

From Japan to the world--- Karaoke

Hello there,

Today, I would like to tell you the sentence which I wrote in my blog that teacher Alex simply could not understand. This is:
’ In other words, Karaoke means that the orchestra which plays music in the empty box of speaker.’

Once upon a time, there was Japanese who invented a machine which it pre-recorded accompaniment music without the voice of the original singer, and an amateur singer can sing along with it. One say, the inventor asked his friends:’ What do we call this machine?’ while they were singing to a Karaoke accompaniment, and the wonderful melody came out from the loudspeakers.

Friend A said:’ It’s wonderful, let’s call it WONDERFUL.’
Friend B said:’ ‘Let’s name it as the inventor’s name.’
Then, a totally bald friend who called himself the monk jumped out and said:’’ I heard an orchestra is playing in the loudspeaker which is an empty box. It’s funny. I like it. ”

Suddenly, the inventor got an idea to name the machine ‘The virtual orchestra plays in the empty box which is the loudspeaker ’, therefore , the inventor combined two words ‘empty’ and ‘ orchestra’ as the name of machine ‘ empty-orchestra’, it interprets into Japanese, empty is ‘Kara’, orchestra is ‘okesutora’, empty-orchestra ‘ in Japanese is ‘Kara-okesutora’, make it shorter is ‘Kara-oke’.

I would like to try rewriting the following sentence which I wrote before:
’ In other words, Karaoke means that the orchestra which plays music in the empty box of speaker.’

As a new one:

‘The machine name ‘Karaoke’ means that a virtual orchestra plays in the empty box which is the loudspeaker.’

I wish teacher Alex could understand it.

Another saying of Karaoke is that the machine is like a virtual orchestra playing. The word ‘virtual’ was not easy to understand by public in that time, and ‘virtual’ is like ‘empty thing’, so ‘virtual orchestra’ replaced by ‘empty orchestra’. In Japanese, ‘empty’ is ‘kara’ and ‘orchestra’ is ‘okesutora’, the name of the machine came up to ‘karaoke’.

Love always,
Sometimes, simple thing (sing) makes the best.
James Zhih-Cheng Wu


Hello there .. In the recent days the whole universities in Thailand are opened . I am afraid that I am busy to a great extent in term of learning . From time to time after classes are good opportunities to talk and share hilarious comments with us . Exactly the hardest interacting from own lanuage to English language , from word to word , it is sometime hard to bear . And we should keep practice to reverse interpeting language like posing comment at BBC site. Chin up !!!!!

Hello again.. If I have a free time in my day off , I usually sing a song at Karaoke room near university with fraternity . I take a great delight in to be there . All the best...

Hello I am Manuel from Argentina. Congratulations for the web site.

Thanks for all your contributions. This blog has now closed and can no longer accept new comments.

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