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Friday, 25 May 2007


Hello there,

I have made many mistakes of English in my student blog of BBC English learning of May, 2007.

I have an idea that, maybe, just maybe, English teachers could use my blog as a negative teaching material to the students who are learning writing skill or others. For example, the teacher can ask the student to explore those mistakes that I had made, and teach them all the corrections afterward. Using the process, students can think twice by themselves (right or wrong, wrong or right), and eventually get the right one by teachers.

Or, the student can rewrite my blog in their own way. The teacher can discuss the mistakes of my blog and correct the new blog of the student. By writing, correcting and comparing the mistakes of my blog and the student’s blog, improvement is expectable.

It’s just my initial thinking, or maybe someone can do it better in any way. Whatsoever, only my blog is a useful stuff, then, it will cheer me up.

So that, I, James Zhih-Cheng Wu, make a statement that I give up all my copyrights of all my student blog of BBC English learning of May, 2007. Everyone can do whatever you want. May it help!

I would like to thanks Luis (from Brazil, living in Taiwan) for telling us his student social experience of culture difference, you are awesome. And thanks Tomo (from Japan), your excellent illustration of Nakasi, karaoke and KTV of Japan fulfilled my blog, you are awesome, too. Jill Huang from Beijing asked ‘Did my blog cost me a long time to collect and edit them?’, Thanks for your comment. my answer is “yes, it is, in generally, 5 hours at night daily on the weekdays, 10 hours daily on the weekend. Not only to collect, to edit, but also to learn, to think.

About the sentence:'In other words, Karaoke means that the orchestra which plays music in the empty box of speaker.’, I'll tell more next time.

Thanks teacher Alex for your corrections.

Love always,
Give a hand in any case.
James Zhih-Cheng Wu


Oh, James! We all are studying! The only man who never makes a mistake is the man who does nothing. (Theodore Roosevelt). I wish you best of luck!

Hi,James Oh,James,Don't give up! We like you a lot because you have made mistakes and learnt English with a great enthusiasm like us.People are supposed to make mistakes even Alex has made some mistakes.I think you are a truely courageous man to suggest teacherS to use your mistakes for other learners.Sometimes I am fed up finding mistakes in my comments and it makes me debase myself,but making errors keep me challenging.we all need to have a thick skin and strong wills to conquer English.have a fab day!

James, I wish I wrote like you. We are all learning and we all make mistakes, but don´t worry, remember there is the "superteacher" Alex to correct them and save us. All the best.

It’s me again. I’m sorry; I’ve just committed a mistake. I would say: “I wish I could write like you”. Bye.

Hey James! You are one of the most dedicate students that I´ve ever met in my life! As I´ve written before, you are an example for us,and please, don´t you forget it what Alex told us: "making mistakes are good", so don´t worry about it. We´re all learning English among friends, and your blogs are really good. By the way, I enjoyed reading your yesterday blog about Karaoke. Wow! What a big round table! Keep doing your good job. Best wishes, Ana Paula.

Hello James and all others, I couldn't help smiling while I was reading your post :) Is it a more or less good joke from you? In the same time, I was exactly wondering if you were talking about one of my own blog entirely written in English... Can you imagine the terrible mass murder I commit every day, twice a day most often towards English language? :-x If you knew my blog, if you read it, you would consider you're - what you are - both goot at speaking English and... thinking. Fortunately nobody knows my blog, I wouldn't be able to post on here afterwards! I would like to express myself with such ease, I mean yours. On the other hand I think you're full of humor and self-effacement; I've picked out that all along your blog activity.At any cas I believe it!! Maybe I do exagerate ;) Well, now it's very late, I lack energy, I've given all of it in this answer in English that I've tried to make as readable as possible. Good night all!

hello I'like to thank you for all the time you take to prepare the blog you share with us. You are very generous I believe. I wanted to tell you that I appreciate very much every statement you write at the end, close to your signature. Have a nice weekend - karaoking may be? can we use "karaoke" as verb?

Hi,James,i am pleasure to read your blog,i deeply feel u are so frankly and self-confidece.U will be excellent!

Hello there . After I read this blog , it recollect me in one saying when I am failure , heart breaking . Obviously whenever I face a lote of problems . I never give up a major hurdle , that is to say EVERY CLOUD HAS A SILVER LINING.Do you like this proverb? I accept I loooove it . Have a fantastic day !!!!!

Thanks for all your contributions. This blog has now closed and can no longer accept new comments.

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