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Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Today, I were going to London

Hello there,

I do deeply appreciate the words which teacher Alex said:’ I don't really think 'Dans le Noir' gave me a deeper understanding of blind people's lives.’

Teacher Alex didn’t exaggerate the feeling of to be a blind for a short time, while many people show their empathy in an exaggerated way.

I haven’t received Friday the cat which is sent from teacher Alex by internet, and then I reread teacher blog on 15 April 2007 which the title was 'Fish and vegetables', teacher Alex taught about Conditional Sentences which are sentences using 'if', 'unless', etc. Therefore, I thought that why I don’t use Condition Sentences to pretend that I were going to London today. Then, I can meet Friday at the street of London. Yes…Help oneself is always better than being help by others.

I were going to London today…

I jump out at Oxford Street from internet, I have a quick check on myself nervously, it’s ok, I am dressed instead of naked ( Arnold Schwazenegger was naked when he has been transported back in time from 2029 to May 12, 1984 in the cinema of THE TERMINATOR , so I have to be careful. )

Meow…Miaow… Here coming is Friday,

I am happy to say hello loudly to Friday in English:’ Hi, Friday’

And Friday purrs like a mockingbird:’ Hi, Fried…Dad

I am delighted to hear Friday speaking to me, even she called me Fried-Dad.

After saying hello to each other, Friday leads Fried-Dad to BBC to attend a 5 days program which is for the reader of BBC Learning English. Thereafter, Fried-Dad and Friday get along with 5 happy days. We have a half day English learning and a half day tourism every day, we meet Mr. Paul Scott (Editor) and his fellows, teacher Alex and other lovely English teacher and other readers from the world, and it’s amazing.


Fried-Dad has been transported back to Taiwan. Of course, he checked himself carefully whether he is dressing or not?! …… well, whatever?

Love always,
Help oneself is always better than being help by others.
James Zhih-Cheng Wu


Hi James! It`s good you travel a lot and write us in that thoughtful witty way. I was swimming in a cool pool after work yesterday, came home, opened the window and many flying swallows turned theit flight off almost strumming to my nose. There are smelling days of May out there! It will soon happen that I only take a towel, go out the flat and will swim in a lake with lot of fish around at late evening`s hours. Till then my notebook is filling with new and lovely words from your superb blogs and a triffle tricky grammar will hopefully train my mind a bit. So long!

So you were also there ... . I can’t imagine .... but wait a moment, actually I met some strange people shuffling through the BBC corridors with their cats, dogs and other creatures, but it didn’t even come across my mind that they could be our readers ... To be honest we got lost in the labyrinth of BBC corridors, but were lucky enough to meet Callum Robertson and say him ‘hello’! It seems to me that it was Friday who send a confidential message to our pets – so we were there. My cat advised me to go through an off-road port and that was a pretty clever idea. Just imagine, bending the space with the speed of light in a 4X4 vehicle equipped with the latest model of winch so as to not get stuck in the milky way ....... see you next time,

James, I've just found a stupid mistake in my comment. The end of the first sentence shoud read 'It didn't cross my mind', Best

Hi, James,it is really a hilarious story about your five happy days in London. I wish the BBC will organise such a activity for their loyal readers some day.

Hi James! Thanks God that on the contrary of Scwazenegger, you haven´t have any problems with your cloths when you have been transported to London. If so, we would have "THE JAMESNATOR" there. ;-) Good night, Ana Paula.

Hi!! To the fullest extent travelling in London is hilarious , isn'it ?? I hope to go there some days . By reason of young , it is far too mucn to plan in any trip. If I have much money , I would go there exactly. With warm good wishes ...

Thanks for all your contributions. This blog has now closed and can no longer accept new comments.

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