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Saturday, 19 May 2007

Say Hello to Taiwanese

Hello there,

Our history had a long period of bad days, people died of starvation during those dark days but not in the dark restaurant.

In the ancient starving time, ‘Are you full up?’ is the very first words to say hello of our ancestors. Taiwanese inherited the way to say hello.

Next time, when you meet Taiwanese, as they say to you:’ Are you full up?’ Do not misunderstand them, that the way they say hello to you with great enthusiasm. In other words, Taiwanese are very concerned about friends’ health. If people don’t have food to eat, they would die.

American has critical influenced Taiwan, it has a history reason. But nowadays, Taiwanese have a little more contact with other countries. Newspaper and TV news of Taiwan have reported more about other countries except US. Do you know what kinds of news that local media of Taiwan reported about British? I would like to tell you, and I am trying to make them as short as possible. I quote 3 pieces news which were published on May 17 (Thursday) by United Daily News of Taiwan:

1) British super-nanny earned as much as average annual salary of 28,786 pounds (roughly NT$ 1.9 million), which is equivalent to a monthly salary of 2,399 pounds, and to a weekly salary of 554 pounds.

2) Many British are more extravagant than before, they spent more money than they had earned.

3) Although the tuition and living expenses are very high in UK, the last ten years, the number of Taiwan students who has studied in England increased by 50 %. It was up to 9,600 last year. There will be one of every four students in England which is next to the number of United States.

My friends, how about your country? Does your media report more or less world news?

When teacher Alex said he was going to an unusual restaurant where the food is served to the diners in absolute pitch darkness. I feel that it’s weird and confused.

Then, after I read Ha_na who is from Paris/France commented ‘what you've been feeling, how it has opened your mind to what disabled people suffer from unadapted structures in the city’ , Suddenly I got to the point. Thank you, Ha_na.

The power of internet is infinite. Teacher Alex just threw a weird ball, someone catches it on the spot. It’s really amazing. I am very impressed.

Incidentally, Friday the cat is so cute and lovely, if teacher Alex can transmit her to me by internet, I’ll deeply appreciate your kindness. Even a couple hours are all right, and I would send her back, I promise.

Love always,
My dear friends, are you full up today?
James Zhih-Cheng Wu


Hi,James.Interestingly,we have the same warm greeting here as in your hometown, which i think it is beacause we are all Chinese.However, now it is only used by the elder.But i still hear a lot every day especially near dinner time.Ok,Let me say a little bit about my cousin's wedding.DO you think it is weird to dine with strangers? Yep, i have been tortured by sitting among strangers,and what's more,to pretend it is a pleasure to get their acquaintances.Whatever, it is traditional that bride's or groom's parents should invite all of their relatives to have lucheon together.Always drinking and i am exhausted by the rituals and fed up with formal etiquette.Is it a must-be i am wondering.Anyway, It is nice to hold a wedding party with your loved ones and stop the ostentation for god's sake.Perhaps nowadays we have enough food and money to consume,which should not be a clue to waste.Now, i feel satisfied and full.Thank you.

Hi James and all others! First, I'd like to answer to your thoughtful question, which comes from the tragic hours of the history of your country: I guess we reply like that "thank you, I'm full up" or in an English simple way: "I am! thank you". And you James, are you full up? It seems you are :) Concerning the news from abroad, you have to know that in France about 80% of the news are devoted to inland news! Mostly since november/december 2006, we are almost close-minded to what happens elsewhere than at home. That's why Internet is very useful. The main news daily followed: our politics, it's been boring and sometimes suffocating. In addition, I'm glad that I "enlightened", for your understanding, the special restaurants for blind people :) (Hope Alex didn't disappear in the pitch darkness) ;)

Are you full up Wu :) A strange way of saying hello. I hope it's not a joke, Wu. I'd like to say a few words about English equivalence of names. In my opinien there is no such thing like a formal English name. If your name is Wu so it's Wu: you are Wu!. There's no need to change someone's name. Years ago in Poland, when translating different text, people also used to translat names. I don't think anybody does it now, maybe only in English lessons for educational purposes. Your name is just your name, it is the same in all languages. If someone asked me what's my English name I would say that I'm Polish and I've got only one Polish name. All the best Wu.

Hello James and all others, It seems I had failed sending you my comment yesterday. Here is my new attempt with new sentences lol, it's a good practise. It was interesting to discover this tragic chapter of the history of your country, and how important events shape the language. You wanted to know if there are much more abroad news in our respective country: in mine, I find medias obsessed by home politic life. Sometimes it's boring, nearly suffocating. (I'm glad to learn I helped you to understand what is "dans le noir?")

James, it was nice to hear from you on Saturday morning. Wasn't it 'Dans le Noir' that made you think about starvation, was it? Actually, it sounds like a refuge for those 'worn out' by the wealth who get bored with celebrating the conventional way of dinning and are looking for something much more challenging. But we'd better wait for our special envoy, Alex, and his report on how he survived in the pitch darkness. Anyway, it's hard not to think that there are starving people all over the world whose problem is quite the opposite. As regards Polish media they are too focused on domestic matters so I prefer to follow BBC news, especially that it allows me to keep distance to what's going on in my country. Teleportation of Friday what a fantastic idea!!! If only she agreed .... Best,

Hi,James Whenever my mother rings me up she always asks me whether I am eating enough or not.It doesn't matter how many times I have told her there are plenty food in England and I am not starving at all.when my mother was a child Korean war had just ended and there was always shortage of food. she saw many people or children starving or died of hunger.she learnt from it hunger is the most scary and dreadful business to deal with.Because she can't be with me she is always worried abour me and asks me if I feed myself enough or not.The most funnist thing is I tend to ask same question to my friends when they pop into my place.That is my greeting which is inherited from my loving mother.

well,i'm fully interested by three news about Britain,James. I suppose it is absolutely not accurate figures regarding the first news. I can't image the the situation that so much money Englishmen earn. You know,the average annual income would be 20,000 RMB (equal to approximate 1300 pounds). Although there are also many billionaires in Shanghai,i can't deny that the poor average income indicates the gap between British. Anyways,I will go to London to do a master degree in July. Hope it would be great!

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