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Thursday, 17 May 2007

Let me give you ‘101’

Hello there,

My dearest friends, I have written too much on my blog since these days, and teacher Alex has been tortured by a student whose name is James Zhih-Chen Wu who is from somewhere on the earth. So, I decide to write a short one today and to attach a photo ‘Taipei 101’ which is a 101-floor building located in Taipei city, it is currently the tallest skyscraper in the world, and it was completed on October 7,2003.

Speaking of teacher Alex, he could survive well anyhow, and of course, his mom would be happy to hear of it.

‘101’ could be:
1) A prime number.
2) Sum of five series prim number: 13+17+19+23+29, and many meanings to math.
3) The atomic number of Mendelevium.
4) An asteroid which name is 101 Helena.
5) A film which name is ‘One Hundred and One Dalmatians’.

I took the shot of Taipei 101 on May 5 after we went to Taipei city from Yilan County to see an exhibition of travel; it takes 1 hour from Yilan to Taipei by car.

Love always,
You are the tallest, you are also a target, though.
James Zhih-Cheng Wu

Photo: Taipei 101



There is also a word I think, for a number that reads the same forwards and backwards, though I can't recall it. It is an impressive building, I especially like riding the world's fastest elevators up and down. Alas, personally I think the view is not all that great (except for the lights at night), but coming from the islands I am biased against city congestion (and (pollution!), though in all fairness that and the chance of an overcast day probably have a lot to due with the fact that the city is located in a basin. I've heard that before long Taipei 101 will be the third tallest building after one being built in Dubai and another in Shanghai, I think. Still, with the threat of earthquakes in Taiwan it is amazing that they went ahead with such a tall one.

Wow, that’s really impressing!!! I would say a cold beauty vanishing somewhere in the cloudes. Is it romantic? Perhaps yes, perhaps not – but without doubt provocative. As usual, your motto is the clue of your blog. Well done, James! Best,

Hi! Very striking picture! And gorgeous but a bit worrying! There's a particular dark atmosphere... Nick, I know what you mean: it's a palindrome in French, and it seems that in English it's called and spelled the same.

It is a nice picture that reflect Asian Architcture,I ihink it is diffrent from twin of coalalampour, or former WTC in NY.

Hey! this picture is awesome!!

Hi James! Wow! It´s an amazing build indeed! I guess you can have a wonderful view of the town from there. Best wishes, Ana Paula.

Hey ,I think this picture is very fantasic!You might take photo on the top of it!

Thanks give us a such magical picture! I just wondered if people can see anyhing at top of this sky scraper? I would like to have a chance to look out from there, last time, when I go to Taipei.

Thanks for all your contributions. This blog has now closed and can no longer accept new comments.

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