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Wednesday, 16 May 2007

Live or Die

Hello there,

The topic of today is pretty serious. Why I talk about it, that because I read a report of BBC which was published on Monday, 14 May 2007 .

Firstly, allow me to quote BBC news:

TV star awarded rail crash payout
A top Taiwanese TV presenter has been awarded substantial compensation after being horrifically injured in the Potters Bar Rail crash.
Seven people were killed and a further 76 people were injured when a train left the tracks near Potters Bar station after passing over a faulty set of points in May 2002.
Tanya Liu was left with intellectual and cognitive problems after suffering brain damage in the 2002 disaster.
The 39-year-old, who is now cared for by her family in Hong Kong, was awarded an undisclosed sum by the High Court.

And News in Taiwan reported that it was supposedly over a hundred million New Taiwan dollars of the undisclosed sum of Tanya Liu was awarded. A hundred million NT is equivalent to one and half million ponds. Another thing is about vicyims of death,the families of two Taiwanese victims of seven killed who have not been compensated till now.

In generally, in an accidental case, a GBH (grievous bodily harm) victim would get more amende than a death victim. On the contrary, the perpetrator might pay less money if the victim has died. So that, the perpetrator would have a motive to kill the GBH victim right after an accident in order to save their money. And it happens all the time in the whole world.

It is a case of Live or Die.

Another one is …………….

When people are getting older and older, they will question the question all the time:’ Live or die, which one would be better?’

When I have a bad day, I always think about those victims who have suffered badly. For example, if i have a bad day todaym i would think of:

1) Japan boy 'severs mother's head'
A teenage Japanese boy has been arrested after walking into a police station carrying a severed human head and claiming to have killed his mother.(According BBC reported, Tuesday, 15 May 2007)

2) 2007 Virginia Tech massacre:
On the morning of April 16, 2007, a gunman identified by authorities as Virginia Tech student Seung-hui Cho, a South Korean national and U.S. permanent resident,[3][4] shot and killed thirty-two people and injured at least twenty others on the Virginia Tech campus. Cho then committed suicide, bringing the initial death toll to thirty-three.(According to Wikipedia website)

3) Top Justice official resigns amid attorneys controversy:
WASHINGTON (AP) -- Deputy Attorney General Paul McNulty said Monday he will resign, the highest-ranking Bush administration casualty in the furor over the firing of U.S. attorneys, The Associated Press has learned.(According to CNN reported,)

A reader whose name is CĂ©lio from Brazil asked about my religion. As I know, most people in Taiwan are the polytheist(if I am wrong, correct me please). People worship Buddha, Dao, Ancestors and many other Gods. As myself, I am a man without religion, but, I worship my ancestors and Gods, for I don’t want to offend any Gods.

Finally, teacher Alex’s question:
‘but I’m sure that by next year I will have forgotten again.
(By the way, look at the verb form in that last sentence again – ‘will have forgotten’. Who can tell me which tense that is?).

My answer is that it is a future perfect tense.

I made an example like this: James will have finished his homework by ten o'clock this evening.

Incidentally, I would like to say to you:’It’s easier to do than to think,…… You know what I mean!!’………
well ……I guess not,……..but sooner you’ll get to the point.

Love always,
It’s easier to do teacher Alex’s homework than to think about a serious thing like Live-or--Die.
James Zhih-Cheng Wu


Hahaha, Alex, have you heard what James said? Give him more homework!! :)

Hello,James! The topic is pretty serious indeed. I can't believe.It should be a joke. I mean the paragraph, in which you explained about GBH (grievous bodily harm) victim and death victim amends. Is it truth? Sounds shoking!!! Despite the fact that there is a reason and the situation sounds possible,I can't believe in existing such crime in case of accident.(or maybe I don't accept such terrible acts). Maybe your job gives you such examples often and for you it is not as shocking as for me. Incidentally, I find your posts very interesting. Regards! Diema

Serious indeed..and a bit grim coming so soon after Mother's Day here.. Yes, I have heard of drivers here who have hit pedestrians or cyclists and then backed up to finish the job - the cost of supporting someone in intensive care for an indefinite period of time plus compensation to the family being more than a truck driver could afford in a lifetime. As for me, I will choose life, thank you very much, but I pay through the teeth for life insurance just in case..

Hi James, these are tragedies far beyond our imagination. This is one of the reasons why we are unable to recognize signals that something wrong is going to happen ...

"So that, the perpetrator would have a motive to kill the GBH victim right after an accident in order to save their money. And it happens all the time in the whole world." It sounds so sad that someone would rather have the victims died to have them alive! It get's to be ind of crippy somehow! I would like to thank you James for this topic and for the discussion we could have on it! Keep going as you're doing!

I'd like to see a law that should stimulate the journalists release also good news about other countries because I only read bad news. I find nigh on impossible to believe there isn't any good thing in other countries. What do you think about this, James? Have you heard about a russian law to face racism in which the media avoid giving nationalities in their reports? What do you think about the responsability of the media to bring peace to this world or to use their power for goodness or to help in something rather than destroying and defaming?

Hi James, quite an interesting observation that you have there. i think under some cicumstances, ending one's life is easier to deal with than the continuation of it, and your comment about GBH compensation shows the law-makers' understanding of this bit of human nature. I am curious to know what your opinon on the purpose of laws is.

Thanks for all your contributions. This blog has now closed and can no longer accept new comments.

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