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Monday, 14 May 2007

The day after yesterday

Hello there,

What is “the day after yesterday”? Is it a correct saying?

Yesterday, we had a family reunion lunch, 14 persons gathered together, and everybody has their mobil (cellphone). In Taiwan, mobil is very popularization, even a 6 years old child who can have a mobil.

Speaking of lunch, we do like to have a feast together. Westerners use rectangle table for eating, but we prefer to use round table to eat together. And our point of view is that we can see each other clearer and easier with using round table.

A couple of friends told me that I could introduce more stuff of Taiwan, yes, I would and have to do it, but I don’t want to do it by deliberate intention. Blog is like an online diary, I talk or chat with you about my life, my interests, my thought, my idea, my notion, and something happened around me. And because I am in Taiwan, for this reason, I would and have to introduce Taiwan, and except for this scenario, I don’t want to introduce Taiwan on purpose, according to my opinion, choreographed introduction of Taiwan that is not the style of BBC student blog.

The reunion lunch of yesterday, everybody talked, chatted, played, laughed and enjoyed, it was so full and so blooming, On the contrary, it feels so quiet today, it’s kind of living in a different world.

Quiet can mean in peace, or it can be empty or lonely, that depends on one’s mood.

I incidentally asked my wife Wendy what should I write on Monday, what is the topic? She knew that I just ask her without expecting answer, unexpectly she repied without thinking that my blog today is ‘the day after yesterday’ or ‘the day after Mother’s Days’…

Love always,
No one knows what words will come out from your mouth?
James Zhih-Cheng Wu

Photos:Round table in Taiwan.

Hi,man, I can see you closely and clearly at round table


Hi James, it's me again. I always learn something from your blog about someting I never think about, like the meaning of a round table. I have almost all my hairs shaved off yesterday and caused a sensation today in my company today. I saw the sentence "Quiet can mean in peace, or it can be empty or lonely, that depends on one’s mood." in your today's blog and just remind me of a song named "Sometimes" whose singer is Gigi Liang come from HK. This song really touched my heart and I happen to heard it today.

Dear all, the blog competition for May has begun. If you would like to be our blogger in June, then please visit the competition and answer the questions that you find there. Thanks Paul

James, round table is good, that is for sure. Actually the topic you haven chosen is very current to me, as we are to have some friends for dinner this weekend. There will eight of us on Saturday night together. A lot of pressure for me as a hostess: luckily my husband is such a good host. I am sure we will survive. Cheers for all.

Hi James! I can`t stop wondering that I can read and learn about all that. Had I not started to learn I would surely have missed this joy. May I ask if you practicing any sport? Which kind of sports are popular in Taiwan? The same I would like to ask Alex, too. He seems spend too much time at books (and I don`t mean computer games)!Nice regards!

Hi James Did you eat any special food yeasterday? Could you write us something about traditional Taiwanese cuisine?

Hi James, hi everyone! James, do you have any favourite book or film? If so, could you tell us a bit about it? Best wishes, Ana Paula.

hello James, nice to meet you! I'm glad to learn we share a point of view: I have a round table to eat. We like to see each other too :) so, you celebrated Mothers Day yesterday? We celebrate it on the 3rd Sunday of October, and I have to say I suppose it is because it is spring here in October, and nature always gives birth in spring. Could it be a reason to celebrate motherhood in spring? have a great week

Hi james, i am the first time to read your blog. My english is no good, so please tolerate my language. I have not thought anything about round table but i know the owner of restaurant like it so much because it can serve more people than a square table can. Isn't it? You also mentioned that you have a wife. Then, how can you write a STUDENT blog. Just kidding and please don't put it in mind. Love to meet and see you again. I like Taiwan. Bye.

Hello James :) I think your expression 'The day after yesterday' is a very interesting, poetic form of 'today', especially when the day is different from the yester day (= the previous day). As for the round and rectangular tables, in Poland we used to have a lot of round tables, but because our flats had become very small, people replaced them with coffe tables, which are rectangular. But up to the present day, we use expressions like 'to spent Christmas in the family circle' or 'yesterday we met in the family circle'. All the best.

Thanks for all your contributions. This blog has now closed and can no longer accept new comments.

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