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Sunday, 13 May 2007

Mother’s Day, Mother’s Wish

Hello there,

Wendy is my wife; Kelly and Kitty are our two daughters. Today is Mather’s day in Taiwan, and there is a letter from Wendy to Kelly and Kitty.

Dearest Kelly, and Dearest Kitty,

I am mom.

No matter where you are or go, I wish you would survive well in your whole life.

It’s my simple wish of Mother’s Day.

And, Kitty, thank for your Mother’s Day Card which you made by yourself, you have a talent to do a beautiful and attached card. I would have a sweet dream with your card. Thanks again.

Best Regards,
Mom, Wendy Li-Her Liu

I would like to quote a comment and say a few words.

Essen who is from Taiwan commented:
My mother was also a teacher and she has been retired say about 3 years. It's a little "pain" to have a teacher mother(can I say so ?) when I was young because she always asked me to study harder and harder even I always take the first place in my school, but nowadays I really thank her. She cultivated my good habit to study & work hard. I am now preparing IELTS test through BBC website now and hope to go to study in UK this year.

Hello Essen, no matter where you are or go , your mom just want you survive well. You can tell your mom that you have Alex, and Lottie, and a dog named Friday in London, you could survive anyhow, then your mom would feel very comfortable, and it is the best gift of Mother's Day.

My homework from teacher Alex on May 11 which was the sentence with ‘to practice’
1) James are planing to practice writing everyday on May.
2) When Luis fist came to Taiwan, he practiced using chopsticks all the time, practice makes perfect, he is proficient in it now.
3) Luis practices using chopsticks to eat rice, and rice is just a kind of food but not the name of the lady.
4) James practices cutting down his blog.

Hi Teacher Alex, I had made a mistake of my homework on May 9, and I made a confession on May 10, and then I edited the blog of May 9, and put my confession on the last part of the blog. and I posted a photo to say sorry, and wrote a note in the photo, the context of note is “oh, teacher can be…”

Love always,
Practice makes perfect
James Zhih-Cheng Wu

Photo: Gratitude Card of Mother’s Day, made by Kitty herself.

Hi Mom,love you,Kitty...mmmmm


Hi!! The daughters and sons is the hope of mum and dad . I remember this saying all the time . I find that my patents love me like general parents love their child . I call up to my parents every day and on and off call at my house . <LOVE MUM and DAD...>

James, what a beautiful card your daughter had done. Well done Kitty. It was good to read that “mom” was so happy about the card. I received a mother´s day wishes from my daughter by mobile phone from Dublin, where my daughter is at the moment for a week´s holiday. I also had deep red roses from my husband and a text message (SMS) from my father, who is 84. All the best to everyone…

Hi James Thanks for the comment. I know that I am always a "Child" to my mom no matter how old I am. It's great to have a chance to communicate to someone like this between you and me. My younger brother and I have a dinner in a nice restaurant with our mom last night and we all felt good. It's really a feeling of "Family". Happy Mother's Day to Wendy and all the mothers in the world

Hi James, I like the use of the word « survive » in Wendy’s letter. It is a strong word that means what it means. Life is not easy and the valuation of most simple things can be very different from one point to another point in the world. Somewhere someone’s thoughts could be : “What am I going to eat today ?” when somewhere else, someone else’s thoughts can be one single word less : “Am I going to eat today ?

Hmmm... It seems that your wife has been a great Mother´s Day, just like my mum has. By the way, the card that your daughter made is adorable. I also would like to say that I´m really impressed with your blogs frequency, moreover you are working very hard James, and I think you are an example for all of us, who are learning English. Best wishes, Ana Paula.

Hi,James,from your blogs,i can see a lawyer in you.This is my shortest comment i am afraid.

Posted by is Leila... sorry folks.

I’d prefer reading in my native language, because my knowledge of your languange is no so well. But it was interesting! Look for some my links:

Thanks for all your contributions. This blog has now closed and can no longer accept new comments.

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