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Wednesday, 09 May 2007

Teacher’s Day & My Homework (For May 7 )

Hello there,

First thing is first, my homework is first.

Teacher Alex said:
Your homework is to write two more example sentences for me, on different subjects. One sentence should include the verb ‘to practice’ with the –ing form, and the other sentence should include ‘according to…’.

There you go, below is my homework:

In Taiwan, there is one and half hour of lunch break. According to the weather forecast, Today is a shinny day, and I got to prepare writing my today’s blog, so, during the lunch break, I were out to buy a book which Teacher Nick mentioned, its name is “Angela's Ashes” that written by Frank McCour. I hope the book can inspire my writing. But I can’t find the book in Yilan city with the population of ten hundred thousand, and, according to the clerk of book shop said, there is no Chinese version of this book, therefore, I prepare surfing on the internet to buy one.

After finishing my homework, let me to take a deep break, then to talk about Teachers Day.
Many countries has their Teacher’s Day on different day of the year, some of them are holiday while others are celebrated only. Taiwan, it was holiday in the old time, but, it has been celebrated during working days since a few years ago.

You can travel around the world to have many Teacher’s Day, because, many countries have set different day as their Teacher’s Day (Now I use travel instead trip.),
Day of itinerary is as the following:

January: 1/16(Thailand)
February: 2/28(Oman, Syria, Egypt, Libya, Qatar, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates, Yemen, Tunisia, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, Algeria, Morocco in Islam Country)
March: 3/7(Albania)、3/28(Czech Republic & Slovakia)
April: None
May: 5/2(Iran)、5/15(South Korea)、5/16(Malaysia)、5/15(Mexico)、5/24(Afghanistan)
June: None
July: 7/6(Peru)
August: None
September: 9/1(Singapore)、9/5(India)、9/10(China)、9/11(Argentina)、9/28(Taiwan)
October: 10/5(Russia)、10/11(Brazil)、10/14(Poland) 、the last Friday(Australia)
December: None

5 different day of May is Teacher's Day.

Different saying of Teacher Day in the world are:
Teacher’s Day、Teachers’ Day、Master Day、Education Day

In Taiwan, Teachers will get a gift from Government in Teacher’s Day, and some students, usually they are good students, express their gratitude to their teacher by sending a gratitude card, or by giving flowers to theirteacher. Don't expect other students except good students to say thank you to the teacher.
There are many Temples of teacher in Taiwan, Its formal name is Temple of Confucius. Official ceremony is held in the temple every year in teaxher's Day..

Below is what I have read about teacher in India:
Mother and Teacher is God. And there is a saying in India:’ The teacher or the God, I shall choose the teacher, as he is the one who is instrumental in students knowing the God.’ Another saying is “Teacher is the Creator, the Preserver, and the Destroyer”

I wonder is there a Student’s Day in any Country? Tell me now if you know, please.

Love always,
“To sir with love”
James Zhih-Cheng Wu

Confession of James(2007/5/10):
I made a mistake on my homework, Teacher Alex asked me to write example sentences include the verb ‘ to practice’ with the –ing form, and I turned in my home work with that I wrote a sentence include a verb ‘ to prepare’ with the –ing. It’s a huge mistake, but it’s ok, just let my mistake be there, and I confess here and do the correct homework.

Luis practice using chopsticks to eat rice, and rice is just a kind of food but not the name of the lady.

I put a photo to say sorry.
Photo: Confucius Temple(Teacher Temple) in Taiwan

Oh, teacher can be God,

Footnote: I would like to share the following information which the wonderful readers have provided on their comment on my blog.
1)Ana Paula from Brazil:
The correct Teacher’s Day in Brazil is October 15th.
2) Jill Huang from Beijing:
Hello, James. I checked via the Internet and found out some other teachers’ days: 1/15(Venezuela)、5/2(Indonesia)、5/18(Portugal)、6/5(Hungary)、6/12(Germany)、8/27(United States)、9/6(North Korea). I hope they are helpful and all right.
3) Antonio from Belgium:
It seems that there is no Western Europe Teacher’s day.
4) Mina from Kabul – Afghanistan:
Yes, there is a Student Day in my country (Afghanistan), we celebrate both Teacher’s day and Student day….. but unfortunately on Student Day no one provide or pass gifts to Students ( poor Student) just all students get together and celebrated it.


Hello James! Your blog was very interesting today, and I really enjoyed reading it. However I think there is a little mistake in the day that Brazilians celebrate their "Teachers Day". The correct day is October 15th, and in this day we usually give to our teachers flowers and lots of chocolates, so they kindly complain that in 10/15 they always put some weight on. :-) Although the Student Day is celebrated in Brazil in August 11th, there isn´t a huge celebration here, sometimes the students give some parties, but it isn´t a common habit. Best wishes, Ana Paula.

Hey James, I couldn't believe that you have found out so many teachers' Daya all over the world! How amazing! what would you like to share with us today? I'm looking forward to reading. All the best! Jill.

Hi, James i am glad to meet you. I am Mina from Afghanistan, However I do not have good English but I am only reader of Student Blog , I might be one of student bloggers in future , I mean whenever i felt self-confidence and understand that people can easily understand what I am talking about. However, it is my first time but I would like to point out about James he asked if some knows about Student day. Yes in My country (Afghanistan), As it is 21 century but still Education level walk under zero in my country and people suffer. But we celebrate both Teacher’s day and Student day. On Teacher’s Day students provide gifts and party to their teachers, but unfortunately on Student Day no one provide or pass gifts to Students ( poor Student) just all students get together and celebrated it.

Hello, James. I checked via the Internet and found out some other teachers’ days: 1/15(Venezuela)、5/2(Indonesia)、5/18(Portugal)、6/5(Hungary)、6/12(Germany)、8/27(United States)、9/6(Korea). I hope they are helpful and all right.

Hey, it's me again. I think it should be: 9/6(North Korea)

Hi James and everyone, teacher´s day in not a familiar one to me at all. I can´t remember hearing about in Finland. Of course we have many types of celebrations during the year; mainly at the end of the school semester. Best regards to you all.

Hi James, it is just a quick note to say, that the novel Angela's Ashes is an amazing book! I have read it with great enthusiasm and also the sequel to it entitled 'Tis! The first is a story about a very poor Irish boy and I would recommend it to everybody who is interested in children, history, people's life and a good sense of humour!

Luis practice using chopsticks to eat rice, and rice is just a kind of food but not the name of the lady. --- It's not funny, it's just a lame joke. Very cold. Duh.....

Hi James, It seems that there is no Western Europe Teacher’s day.

Hi there, hope you well. It is ashamed that you can't find the book title 'Angela's Ashes: A Memoir of a Childhood' in Taiwan. I found it on a website. The author is Frank McCourt. This is a book you wouldn't want to miss. Happy reading

Hmmm, Let's play a logic game. Since good students in Taiwan send gifts to their teachers on Teacher's Day. And we all know that James is a good student and Alex is his teacher now. That means..... :)

Hi James, I see as if you're not sure about the Teacher's Day in Vietnam, cause I see the question mark follow it. November 11 is Teacher's Day in Vietnam. This is one of the most important day in year (just my thought). We don't have day-break, because this is not a holiday. We just go to school to take part in celebration.

Hello James. It's really an enjoyment to read your blog, I found BBC blog just today and I finish reading all your articles but not all comments. My mother was also a teacher and she has been retired say about 3 years. It's a little "pain" to have a theacher mother(can I say so ?) when I was young because she always asked me to study harder and harder even I always take the first place in my school, but nowadays I really thank her. She cultivated my good habit to study & work hard. I am now preparing IELTS test through BBC website now and hope to go to study in UK this year. BBC is actually a good place to learn English and also to meet many interesting persons like you. Have a nice day !

Hello there .. For ages all of student in Thailand have normally paid their respected to teacher so as to apologize with loads of problems that students would make mistake . Nowadays we interestingly celebrate teacher ceremony on Thursday/16/2xxx at the beginning of each years. It is call teacher's day. Appearently it is somewhat essential that recollecting teacher's day would remind all students of the bane of behaviour. For instance teacher are who teach an amount of knowledge , who give some of advisement and even who effort to prepare the education multimedia ,to their student no matter what . Evidently something made from banana leave looked like cylinder-shaped that we fondly give to teacher seem to be a spendid symbol on teacher's day apart from Bermuda grass , popped rice , Dokkem flower, Egg plant flower,aroma incense, crown flower, candle . Each component are totally different in meaning as we understand when teacher's day comes . Thus I would like to describe each of flower/ plant that we familar with using adorement all of teacher. First of all, the Bermuda grass represents teachers as patience and preservation. Popped rice represents teachers as self-discipline . Dokkem flower represents teachers as brainy and wisdom. And egg plant flower represents teachers as respect. All of them practically put into banna leave looked like cylinder-shaped is a symbol of saying many thangs from wholehearted all students in Thailand .Unfortunately ,there is the most popular song that we absolutely sing in teacher's day ahead of the beginning ceremony. It is talking between boat and passenger . The song compar boat to the teachers . And the song compar passenger to the students. Among long distance, storm , sunny that boat have to take all passengers to a new land look horrible task .But boat have to do because of function with love . The passenger will not go to the new land or may be died of angry river if harsh river crack the boat to fall apart in the bottom of river. How embarrassing !!! I weep with joy when I listen to this teacher song. The last but not least , I am a student in Khonkaen University now . And I will take my hat off to you and teacher Alex as generous teacher who remind a teacher me of a teacher norm and who open my attitude in learning English much more . Better luck next time !! < Wisarut S >

Thanks for all your contributions. This blog has now closed and can no longer accept new comments.

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