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Friday, 04 May 2007

My Homework (for May 2)

Hi Alex,

Nice to have your homework, and I noticed there are some students answer these questions,
The following is mine:
1. James __________ the student blogger for just a few days. (has been being)(present perfect continuous)
2. Alex ___________ the teacher blogger for a month already. (has been)(the present perfect simple)
3. James __________ two blogs this week. (has been)(the present perfect simple)
4. Alex ___________ has written two blogs as well. (’also’ or ‘ Gooch’)(present perfect simple)

All questions are hard for me, but the hardest one is number four. And I read a comment by Paco from Spain, Paco’s answer is (4. Alex Gooch has written two blogs as well.), such cute a answer it is, and I somewhat agree it. I would like to say it one more time, it is truly cute.

Hello Paco, please take it as my compliment to you. And Paco, as one celebrity said and taught us on “Poetry and Nasty Questions” of BBC blog, I, James Wu, take my hat off on you. Hi Paco, because of you who is a Spaniard, I would like to surf and explore more about Spain on the internet.

Alex, I have lots of questions to ask, but, a couple of mankind who know me had warned me that I have been blogging too many on my blog(present perfect continuous), too many what? I have no idea. The most important thing is, they all had gotten a bad headache, therefore, they would ask me to pay for it if I keep on doing that many.

So, let’s call it a day.

Oops, one question today, could I? I just can’t stop asking questions!
Is the sentence right or wrong:’ Alex is a celebrity teacher, because he is that famous.’ I want to put “English teacher” and “Celebrity” in one clause, but I don't know how? or put un one word.

Best regards
You’ll never know who is a alleged victim?

Rise, Attention, Bow, Sit...................James


Hi, James! How you doing? D'you know something? I agree with Antonio from Belgium, I was a bit confused by the redaction style too, there were many footnotes in your former posts :P; anyway, I want you to know I do enjoy sharing this experience with you and I like your blog very much. All the best!

Poor James, you have to shorten your fantastic entries, but the House rules are House rules and we can just bow to Paul and the BBC team. I still hope, however, that you will manage to 'smuggle in' something more, at least between lines. Thanks for 'golden thoughts' carefully selected for each day - they make us stop for a while during the day to think them over. Have a nice evening.

James, I remember only the leader of students can say "rise, attention, bow and sit" in class when I was a kid. Since you are the leader, I really want to ask for your autograph. If I meet the celebrity teacher, Alex, in Lodon, I will ask for his, too. :)

Hello James! In your previous blogs you mentioned that you wrote them listening to Olivia Newton John songs. Hmmm... It seems that you are her huge fan. I was just wandering if you have ever watched any Olivia┬┤s films, have you? Have you ever watched 'Grease'? Best wishes, Ana Paula.

Dear compatriot.James.when I read The May BBC leaning english blog.I'm deeply touched.because of proud that you being blogger of May,My name is Linda.leaning english by self.same as you.a Taiwan local english learner.too,bue not good as yours.your writing style very differ from the former.I can learn lots from you.and teacher Alex.thanks both of you.I hope one day when I came to Yilan county. I can recognise you and ask for your autograph;just like Alex said,wish your family the best:sincere Linda.Taipei

Hello James. It has been nice to get such a compliment from you, mainly because I'm not used to. Like you, I'm a young man of 51 years old, still a bit scared of life but full of energy. And I have a work which is kind of related with yours. Maybe, you sometimes send other people to jail, and my work is to keep them into custody. I'm a prison officer. Some of my fellow workers don't want that anyone knows what their job is, but for me, I don't mind at all. It's just a work, and how in every work, one have to do (or give) their best. So Ana and hyoshil, dont't be afraid of me. I, unlike James, dont have the power to send anyone to prison. By the way, it's not that I wanted to do this job. When I was more young (because I still am), I went to the university and made my degree in Biology, but not everybody achieve what they want. Never mind, this job give me a lot o free time that allows me, for example, to learn English, to practice sports (I like running very much), and so on. Very thanks for have taken notice of my humble writing, and keep up the good work.

Dear James and Paco, thanks for your generous comments - I won't be afraid of you any more! All the best,

Paco, I totally agree with you. I always hope people like me or hate me just because what kind of people I am, rather than what kind of job I take.

i am leaning more and more gramer in english

my comment as an english learner i thik we need such grametical tests

Thanks for all your contributions. This blog has now closed and can no longer accept new comments.

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