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Thursday, 03 May 2007

Teacher Alex is coming.........All Rise,Attention,Bow,Seat

Hello Alex,

In Taiwan,
When teacher comes into classroom, the chief of class should yield loudly and clearly;

All Rise!”(all students stand up)
Attention!”(all students stay put)
"Bow!"(All students bow to the teacher, and say 'good morning,teacher')
Seat!”(after teacher reply ‘ good morning students’, then, all students are allowed to sit down)

Many thanks

ps:Homework will be turned in soon.


Hi James, nice to share your experiences, questions and thoughts. I have read your blogs, the first one, just at the very beginning, was quite difficult to read because of the pagination (so don’t worry Marianna it wasn’t your computer) Then a bit confused by the changing of redaction style, compared to Ana Paula’s, but I like it. I also use quite often footnotes. It is very pleasant too, to realize that we share similar doubts and questions. When I read your blog one hour ago, I was wondering how it worked today at school. I will ask to my children. In Spain, when I was young I remember that we stood up when the teacher or another adult came into the class but nobody was shouting in order we did all at the same time. Kind regards and (Happy birthday * 29 - 28)

James is his real name ? Why is your name James ? Tell us more about your job.

Hello James. Do students in Taiwan really call out "all rise" and "attention" when they greet teachers? It seems like a training camp in the army, though. We used to greet teachers with a bow and "good morning" in Hong Kong; while we say "goodbye and thank you" to teachers after lesson ends. (Chinese is the mother tougue of both of us, yet we communicate in English here, see how influential English is in this world; it truely looks as if we cannot survive if we don't know English.)

It's fairly strange ritual, isn't it? In Poland, it's good manners to stand up and say 'good morning' to a teacher that has just come in. It is not that elaborated ;).

Thanks for all your contributions. This blog has now closed and can no longer accept new comments.

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