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Monday, 02 April 2007

My first blog!

Hello everyone!

First of all I´d like to thank the BBC staff for this great opportunity. I´m so glad for being the student blog of this month!
Well, here we go, my first blog, so let me introduce myself. My name´s Ana Paula, and I´m from Brazil. I live in São Paulo state, in a city called Mogi das Cruzes, where I live since I was born.
Mogi is well-known in São Paulo as one of the cities that make up "the state green belt", due the city provides the majority of the vegetables to our state. However, don´t fool yourselves my friends. Mogi is not only an agricultural city. Nowadays there are many companies set here, and the city also has its facilities. Mogi is just fifty minutes far to the beach coast ( even though the beach is so near I never go there, you can imagine how pale I am now!). In addition if you take a train in an hour you are arriving at Paulista Avenue ( the São Paulo´s capital heart) enjoying the capital facilities such as exhibitions, theater, great movie theaters showing films from many parts of the world.
And that´s one of the things that I really enjoy living in Mogi.
Ok, I guess is time to say good bye. I have to go work now, but tomorrow I´ll be here and I´ll tell you a little bit more about me.

Best wishes,
Ana Paula.


Hello and WELCOME Ana Paula!I'm looking forward to reading your blog. My best wishes.

Hello Ana! I've discovered this page just few days ago, so I'm also quite new here, but I want to welcome you as a new blog student of the month. During my stay in England I was working with two Brazilians, and they were the most cheereful, warm and friendly men I've ever met. Brazilian people have that something, that make them so great, nice and open. Maybe sun shining for most of the year and maybe something else? Anyway, I'm looking forward to read more news from Brazil. Good luck and have fun.

Hi everyone.... Hi Ana Paula.... Congrats for being the student blog of April... I hope you have a lot to say about your hometown and your life... I´m eager for that.... Bye... Bruno

Hello Ana, Congratulation to you for being the new student blogger. Nice to read your first blog and the wonderful description of Mogi. I am looking forward to hearing from you in your next blogs. Best wishes,

I just to say hello and welcome to this blog. I'm hoping that you will describe us your life and life in general in brazil. bye

Hi, it’s so nice to hear from you again, this time as a student blogger – congratulations!!! I like your brief description of Mogi, very sensible indeed. I can imagine its green surroundings , feel sea breeze and hear tram heading to the Paulista Avenue .... You are really lucky to live in such wonderful place so please give us more taste of Mogi , Sao Paulo and Brazil, and yourself in the middle of it. Best,

Welcome Ana Paula! I'm living in Portugal but I'm brazilian too. It'll be very nice to have someone here writing about places and things that I know so well and also miss a lot.

Ana Paula, it is a pleasure to meet you. First I did not realize we had a new student as Lidia´s photo was still in place. Maybe tomorrow we will see Ana Paula´s picture. Is it so, that your first name is Ana and your family name is Paula. Here in Finland Paula is a girl´s name, very similar for English name Pauline. I look forward to hear more about Brazil. Previously I have met only one Brazilian person, a nice lady from Rio de Janeiro. Also have read two books by a Brazilian writer; Paulo Coelho. Soon we all will know more about the country you live in.

Hey, Ana, nice to see you! You are so lovely! Thanks for your introductions of yourself and your hometown. Please tell us a little more about yourself, for example, your work. Hope we can catch up with you soon. Best wishes!

Hello Ana Paula! Good to see you! I am so happy that you are the next student blogger. It was your heart’s greatest desire. Am I right? I am sure; you will be a regular blogger and we can read your daily entry. So, good luck! I am looking forward to hearing about you. Best wishes,

Hi Ana Paula, This is my congratulation to you! Now you are the student blogger. I wish you spent a great time. I am sure you will enjoy a whole month here. I read you answers to my articles and I think it could be interesting month for us.

A big welcome Ana Paula , what a surprise ? is that you Ana Paula who used to be among us as a commentator, you finally made it and I see you became a student blogger , I am proud to be one of your commetators as I before enjoyed reading your comments , to be honest I pictured you in my mind as an old woman because your writing was intelligent and reasonable but I see you're still young … I know .. saying that doesn't make any sense , and what makes sense that now we can know more about Brazil from you ,don't hesitate to tell us anything , just put your hands on the keyboard and get started, Best wishes ,

I just want to say welcome to you, I hope we will progress together this month. In fact I need progress a lot, because in 1 month I will have to work in english all the day. Consequently it scared me a little bit. I'll try to post each day, so please launch debates! ask us our opinion! talk not only about weather ;) . I hope it will be my turn to blog soon when I be in Vietnam. Bye see you soon

Hello everybody. It's my first comment to this blog, so i'm a bit moved, but interested in Ana's informations of Brazil. On august i'll be in Argentina on Holiday and probabily i'll see iguazù cascades from brazil side. can you advice me somethings? ciao

Hallo Ana Paula! I wish you having a lot of time for blogging and many interesting subjects to write about. All the best

I'm the lucky one here, I've known Ana Paula for a couple of years now, she's been a great friend. By the way, her nickname is Aninha. Congrats my dear!! I hope you enjoy this opportunity to learn and have fun! And I'll be here all the time. Kisses

Hi Ana Paula, this is my first time here, I was born in São Paulo too, but I live in Rio de Janeiro. My English is not very good and writing is my worst skill. So I have to practice and I think this blog is an excellent way. Best wiches!

I am brazilian, too, Ana. I stayed in Mogi das Cruzes some year ago with an adventist friend, from your City. His name is Celso. I am from Alagoas and good luck for you

Dear Ana Paula, Warm welcome to you as a student blogger. You are not new to the web site as far as I know you blog everyday to teacher's blogs. So your name is very familar for me. Congratulations! I know you are very consistent, because you comments everyday to Samantha's blog. Ah! you have pretty good smile which makes me write comments everyday. Could you write about yourself in next blog. Your home town is situated in very pretty place on earth. It is a privilege in lovely place. I am looking forward to see your next interesting blog. kind regards '

Congrats Ana Paula for being the student blogger! I visited a coumple of times Sau Paulo and I really found all brazilians there rushing everywhere (the same syndrome as in the large cities). It's a very attractive city where you can enjoy the traditional CAIPIRINHA drink. Well, I hope hear from you soon.

Hi Ana Paula, beautiful your smile! I am so happy to have you as the student blogger this month. I am so proud of you, Monica, Maurício and others because you all are dedicated english students. I know how is difficult to practice english here. Yesterday I listened Maurício's interview. Very good! He reflects tranquility when he speaks. I hope you enjoy the experience. I know many cities around Brazil. I have been in Rio de Janeiro several times. I have even lived there but do you believe I have never been in São Paulo? Only inside the airport to get a flight to another place. In spite of this, I have some virtual friends from there who are bloggers and love movies like me. One of them has a webblog called Spoiler. We are friends for a couple of years and we have never met personally but we share our preferences in books, movies and so on. Sometimes we send books and cds by post. One has a textile industry and likes to write, another is a IT but he is unemployed now, the owner of Spoiler is an engineer but he wants to work with movies in the future. It's funny to send a message for you in english as I could do that in portuguese so easily. It's the same when I study on line (because I am so far in Espírito Santo sate) with my colleague from Recife. We start talking in english and when we realise we are talking in portuguese. Ok Ana Paula. This is just to wish a good luck to you. Go ahead! Kisses

Hi, Ana, great to here from you as a new bloger. Brazil has many interestng things. Tell us as much as you can especially for your home twon and yourself. see you later.

Welcome and a big warm hug for Ana.thank you for your brief introduction.I would like to know more about the place you live ,work and anything give us a real eye-opener and open my mind broadly.Hope you bring us more coulourful world.

Congratulations on your becoming an April student, Ana Paula! It's good to see your picture and your happy smile. Cannot help smiling back to you. Good luck and make the most of the blogging. Luna Russia

Hello Ana, Nice being a blogger. I like your smile you are looking great. I think you are one from among us, the readers. You have written a very informative blog and your english is als very good . What are you working for? Hope to read in the next blog. Farida

hello Ana Paula, i'm very glad to know we'll learn more abt mogi ! For the moment,I only know brazil 'beaches. so tell us more about your country!!! best wishes

hello Ana,welcome to this great place for learning english language,i have found your first blog very nice and wonderful, hope you a successful bloging,with best wishes

Hi,Ana!Congratulation to you for being the new student blogger this month. I just knew this page a few days ago and found it's very useful for english learner.Hope to hearing from you more about your Country,your job,your life and etc. Best wishes!

Hi,Ana Paula, It's very nice to have a chance to know about your lovely Mogi, a small city in Brazil. Thank you Ana and thanks alot the staff of BBC for our oppotunity. I hope to know more about your country, your family and yourself. See you on your next blog.

Hi, I'm very glad to see your blog.It's my first time to come here and I'm interested in all of this. I'm a Chinese student and I love English from the bottom of my heart. By the way, I love football,too.Some boys in my class treat football as their life. Thank you!

Ana Paula! I also live in São Paulo. I'm glad to hear that I have a friend in this site. I began study English 1 year ago and I think this language very difficult. kisses

Welcome Ana. I'm the one who pursuit bbc blogs since approximately 1-2 months and I have to follow both student and teacher blogs to improve my english quite well. When I check the teacher blog I can see the faults(as grammer) in student blogs and then I can fix my knowledge better. So I prefer that everyone should do that often. If you read only student blog you may learn false grammer because in student blog Ana is learning and improving her english as well. So at the teacher blog you can see the new chief as Alex ! :) Keep sharing english knowledge and friendship of foreign countries. Best wishes from Turqie.

Hi Ana Paula I am very zealous about you for selected as a new student blogger, why you know, i am really waiting for getting a chance to be selected as a student blogger for this month. But you got the chance. Congratulation!!!!. Hey i am astonished to see your blog without any comment on Brazilian star Ronaldo or game Football. May be we will here in the forthcoming blogs, isn't it? Knowing about different places, their cultures, habits, is always more interesting. They is a saying in my language which means that if you spend as much time you are spending to find what others are doing, in finding what you are, you will do wonders in life. Then i am more interested in knowing what are your habits, what you are? what are the hot topics in brazil? how the corruption (hey dont laugh, because this is the major issue in every country, dont you feel that). Ok hope to here soon ... !!!if you do the common things in uncommon way, world will watch you!!! bye, take care Ravi Siluveru

Hi Ana, I like to know about brazilian life style, and i hope to find it in your blog notes.

Hi, Ana Paula You are very pretty, and I think you don't need sunshine to be suntanned. If you were so kind and write us, your blogs readers, about pubs in Brazil I would be very grateful. Being in England I met a group of young people from Brazil and they said that pubs in your country, especially the atmosphere, was much different from that in England. Best wishes.

Hello, Anna. I'm very glad to read your cheerful messages here. I hope to know more about your city, it's so far from me. I don't think I'll ever visit your city, I'm afraid of planes very much,I can't make myself go by plane.You've that it's autumn in Brazil and it' very hot,I envy you because it's spring in Russia,but it's not as warm as I'd like. Could you tell me more about climate in Brazil? Thank you!

Hi, Ana Paula I think you have to tell us all of your country ,ít´s very interesting to learn about other countries,best wishes and i hope you enjoy this entire month as our new blogger. Bye.

Hi Ana Paula, I have a problem to post in the blog: Nice to Meet. So I'll write here and when they fix the problem, I'll post this comment there, ok? I know what you are talking about when you say the weather is completely crazy. I think I am forgeting how is the sensation of cold. I simply don't have clothes for cold. For what? I hope all the countries open their eyes and start to move on. I think it's peculiar to the men's nature to repeat the same errors just acting when it's already late. It's a foolish thing to think you won't be affected wherever you are by the consequences of the global warming. If inundations occur in some countries, for instance, there will be risk of the spread of diseases (leptospirosis, cholera, tetanus, typhoid and so on) from floodwaters. The virus of some diseases can be spread by mosquitos. In this way the mosquitos can go to places where they were not common in the past because the conditions will be favourable with these changes in weather. Mutations can occur and human to human transmition. Who would be safe in a global pandemic? They can think the poor countries will suffer more but at the end, they will see. My family has also chosen two names for me and siblings. But we are thankful because they didn't choose celebrities' names. Guess you...a mother screaming: "CARMEM MIRANDA! ROBERTO CARLOS! TONY BLAIR! COME IN! LUNCH HOUR! Well, bye for now, Ana Paula, I'm looking forward for the next post. Good night!

Hello, Ana Paula. Welcome to be a blogger of this month. I am a brand_new here and I find that this is a wonderfull place to learning English. Thank you for your interesting blog describing about Mogi. In my imaging, Brazil appeares with interminable forests. Hope to get your sharing more about your country, your life and your job. I look forward to reading your next blog. Best wishes.

Ana Paula: A technical problem with your blog in London. So I will write here… Ana Paula is a lovely name, thank you for your clarification about your name. You mentioned global warming in your blog, it is a very serious threat for all of us. Global economy and competition has it´s drawbacks, but international commerce is here to stay. It is also fair to say, that worldwide trade opens enormous opportunities for so many people. The large international trade organizations should take a very stern view saving the globe. The development work should be sustainable. Does the competitive business allow green thinking, is maybe the big question. I will be away for a week so until next time…

i'm quite happy to joint this blog.hope i can make friend with all guy.i'm 20,student and female.

hi, nice to meet you. thanks of the information you had given us. I had engoyed while I read it.

Dear brother & sisters; First of all, i use this time to thank you bbc staff for their blog and helping the people all over the world to learn english and practice usuage in its proper way. I am very recently find this usefull blog and i believe it will help me to improve my english language. i think this blog will usefull to somany students all over the world as they are studying english language in their curriculum, but they are not getting the chances to practice it. if somebody wants to build friedship with me for improving the english language eachother, i welcome them. thanking you rubimol

I am from iran, Ana. and I do love you as a Brazilian. I am interested in its people and football team. I love Kaka, Juninho, Ronaldo,... and all of them.Unfortunatly I have got to go, on Monday I have English exam in the language institue that I go and I have studied nothing yet. I also have math exam on Sunday and must of my works are left. I am so happy that you are chosen. LOVE,HAMZAD FROM IRAN

Ola Ana! Congratulations on being here. I also have a blog, about wildlife and endangered animals. I have a question. Looking at the map, it seems you are far from the rain forest. have you been to the rain forest or the amazon? what wildlife did you see? We read about the decline of the rain forest and environment there. what do you see of think of that?

Hello Ana! I really enjoyed your article, after your description, I am very interested in visit your place, Vila Velha is also nice, we have beautiful beaches here and a very cool place, many green area, mountains, nice place to visit, congratulation for your very good english, keep rowing !!! Nilo Lucas

Congratulation for yourself presentation, it's very kind! I appreciated a lot. I live in Brasilia right now, and also I lived in São Paulo in 2001 and knew Mogi, I liked the town as a calm and comfortable place to live. So, go ahead and have other great posts!

Hi, Ana Paula! My name is Monica, I'm 16 years old and I'm a student of Georgetown Prep in Maryland, USA. Today, our teacher asked us to visit this website, read blogs of a student and write a comment to that person; and I picked you! So let me talk a little about myself: I'm from the Dominican Republic(which is in the Caribbean) and it's know for its beautiful beaches and exciting music. I have two brothers, Laura, who is the oldest and has 23, and Fernando, who has 20; I live in Santo Domingo, the capital, with my parents. I have to say that your blogs are very interesting and fun and I'm looking forward to reading much more about you and your life. Take care, Monica

Good morning! Ana, I'm met this blog today and I'like very much! Your city it's very interesting.I'm learning inglish,but I don't speaking very well,I dont no know why,but I'm try!I hope this blog help me Bye!

Hello dear Ana and all First of all please accept my best wishes and best regards, I thanked from the BBC learn English, and from Ana, it’s my first massage, it’s really interesting web blog it improve our English skill and so it’s really good that find such as good and honest friend from here I’m really appreciate to all thanks I’ll send you good topics and some other readable massage, Best wishes Cheers Lucky from Afghanistan

hi ana nice to met you.i am very happy to read your article

hello Ana Paula, i hope you enjoy your opportunity and have good time. i'm very glad to know we'll learn more about Mogi! so tell us more about your country and your self!!! best wishes

Hello Anna Paula, thenks for all informations about both your towne and contry, with best wishes

Hello Ana I found the site of the bbc long because sought ways to learn English. I would very much like to know more about your city, as also live in a city in the interior, but do Rio Grande do Sul

Nice to meet you Ana Paula my best wishes with your new blog.

Ana Hi, I have 37 years and live in Brazil, I study English alone and use all means available on the Internet, books, music and all sorts of tricks to improve my English. By the way, I have a daughter, your name is Anna that is very intelligent and also likes English. I'm congratulation as the student blog. A big hug from a friend who struggle to learn English ...


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