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Monday, 31 July 2006

Welcome to jenny's blog!

I feel so lucky to be the student bloger this month!

I come from China.

Yesterday afternoon I went to King coffee. There is a free English talk every week. This is Chris Kent In the left third. He is our English teacher. He came from UK several months ago , but he knows lots of Chinese culture. The second left is a high school student. Others are university students except me. The most right person is me. I have a day shift in a company. We produce electric products. I am also a housewife. I like cooking.

We talked about today---Chinese Valentine's Day and the story about it.

Long long ago a beautiful fairy loved a farmer on earth. They married secretly and had a son and a daughter. However the fairy's godmother knew it and became angry. She made a big river to separate the couples. So the wife lived on one side and the husband and children lived on the other. They could not live together anymore. Pied magpies, a kind of birds, sympathized them and wanted to help them. Hence they fly from all over the world and make a bridge to let the couples meet every year. This day is the Chinese Valentine's Day.

After class I went to a supermarket and bought some bacon. Because I wanted make quiche. It is a very delicious food made of eggs, flour, bacon and milk. The recipe is given by Chris Kent, our English teacher in the picture.

I took bus to home. It was 10 o'clock when I arrived home. Then I made a quiche. My daughter liked it and ate all the filling. This is the end.

Best wishes!
See you tomorrow!


Hello Jenny. Welcome to the blog and I wish you could tell us many stories about your daily life in China. By the way, I love quiche and eat it whenever I can. The reason I can not eat more is because of the colestherol since it contains egg which is rich in cholestherol and it is bed for our health. Regards.

Welcome Jenny! I've just read your post... I'm looking forward to reading your next posts and learning more about your life and Chinese culture. Have a nice day!

Chinese Valentine's Day is a performance of chinese culture. It's happy to see that chinese youth is tending to remember their original culture back not only enjoy easten holiday. But who initiate this action? i think the sponsor is wise businessman for their purpose as you know. However, all culcure phenomenon was contacted with economy. So that's interesting.

Dear Jenny, I think we have some commonalities. Firstly,I also love learning English and last year I had a teacher who was a native speaker from England. Our English class came to like him and I really miss him. I have been learning English for 3 years, so my English is not as good. Secondly, I like cooking , baking and canning. Although I cook every day, it is still one of my favourite activities. I like trying new meals, so I often cook or tell the truth try to cook Chinese food, too. In addition I have a family. I am a 38 years old mum with 2 children. Take care and I look forward to hearing from you. Anita

Really interesting! I love reading about faraway countries and their culture. And there is a great advantage because it is written by blogger - an ordinary citizen. Dear Jenny, I'm looking forward to your next blog!

Hey!It's so glad to see your blog here.I am also from China.Hope to be feriends. BBC LEARNING ENGLISH ADDS: Please do not give personal contact details - we are not able to publish messages with contact details

hello jenny, nice to meet you!!!!!!!! i like your english name.i have got english name"Sophie", but some of my english friends are trying hard to call my original name which they are struggling all the time and i feel sorry to watch their agonies{ha ha ha} i truly enjoyed the story and i think it is a fabulous story. congratulation to be the blog and i can't wait to see your next post.

hi jenny ,it would be very intresting reading your blog , because i'm a married women like you & i have a three years old son & i work in a comunication company . I hope you teach us a simple chineese food & tell us about attractive places in china to visit .i hope to have a tour in china perhaps next year .

thanks for all comments. thanks for your encourages.

Dear Jenny, What a coincident! You and me are having the same name. Nice to know the second blogger is also of my country. You passage is interesting.Looking forwards to seeing more. P.S. -Chinese Valentine's Day is on 15th January( from Chinese Calendar).The one you mentioned is "qi xi" on 7th July( from Chinese Calendar). In the summer sky, the two brightest star separated by the milkyway are the lovers in the story mentioned.

free discution is good

Hi Jenny I only just discovered this website and the possibilities it offers to improve our english language capacities. Last year I visited China for about a month and I must say it is a fascinating country. From which region are you?

Thanks for all your contributions. This blog has now closed and can no longer accept new comments.

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