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Monday, 10 July 2006

We are the Champions!

What exciting moments! After the match I went in the street with my friends and we took part in the biggest party I’ve ever seen. It is the first time I can see Italy wins such an important competition. I enjoyed the party all the night and I came back home this morning…after I had had a good breakfast!

The final match was played much better by France. Anyway, looking at the whole World Cup tournament, Italian team has been fantastic and probably the best one.

What can I say about Zidane? He is one of the biggest footballers in the World and I’ve ever liked him. However I don’t agree with FIFA about naming him ‘best player’. Everything Materazzi said to him can’t justify his very violent reaction. Fair play should ever win in an important competition… and so, after such bad behaviour, I don’t think to give him a price was the best thing to do!

It was a very sad way to end his glorious career and I hope he will apologize to Materazzi instead of blaming him.


See you tomorrow…



Italia Campione!!Antonio!!! I watched the whole match on Sunday.And today I watched the welcome at the airport the football players had when they landed to Rome. It is the 1st time I watch the finals of a worldcup match and honestly,I had no favorites. I thought that if both teams reached that far, is because of their great capacity at football. I imagine you celebrating and drinking birra hahaha(beer). About Zidane, I completely agree with you. Such a good player and that rude attitude towards Materazzi surprised everybody...I supposed his reputation changed a bit. Keep celebrating Anto! Forza Azzurri !!!


I am also amazed by the FIFA's decicision to name Z.Z. the best player. An undisciplined player rather deserves the punishment. And I am wondering about the role of FIFA's disciplinary committe.

I think the Golden Ball should have been given to Fabio Cannavaro. FIFA is sometimes mysterious. However, I had felt so happy to watch Zidane playing so well until he headbutted Materazzi. After he was sent off, it seemed as if the game was being played in a vacuum.

I would like to congratulate António and Italy for wining the World Cup. I think it was the best team on this championship and it deserved the title. Anyway I was hoping Italy beat France after Portugal had lost with France. Now it is time to move on and think on other things, since the World Cup took a great deal on our daily lives.

Oh!!! come on. Italy the best team...??? It is just the champion and not always the champion is the best, I mean, the best playing, and of course the best because they´re the champion... It is hard to say if there was one...!!! Italy has a good players, usually just goalkeepers y defenses... Remember all the way of Italy to the championship...Rep. checa (good) E.U.A (bad very bad, it was sad..did you guys play that match..? Ghana(good enough) Australia(thanks referee, ...!!!) Ucrania(where Ucrania is, Do they play soccer)Germany..(until now,this is the only real match... and Italy play excellent..We saw Del Piero, Totti, Pirlo..Toguether...that is soccer and that is why we love it..)French(first half: French vs Italy. The rest of the match: who is playing against French...? I´m just realistic..Im not fighting or trying to do so... I have always believed that in that kind of competions you go to be a champion and it doesn´t matter what you have to win... Then Zidane...the greatest..He made a mistake..ok..but What about all the other...? He was the only who play soccer..He was the best, even doing what he did...I think nobody denied that...Right now he is the soccer...Even, with that mistake...!!!

We've won!!! I completely agree with Massa, Cannavaro is a force of the nature!!!


Concratulations to Italy! As I saw the match I supported Italy and on the other side I also supported Zidane - because it should be the last championship for him. But he really disappointed me with his attack. I don't know what Materazzi said - and he shouldn't have insulted him - but to respond with any violence is against the idea of any competition in sport. I hope you all enjoyed the worlcup as much as I did!

I disagree with you Eugene. Zidanne's headbutt was a bad example for all, specially for our kids. My son plays football (he's 10 years old) and I taught this action as a wicked attitude. He reacted to a Materazzi comment/insult but his action couldn't be forgiven. We need loyalty examples in football matches instead of aggressive behaviour.

Congratulation....I am really happy about the winner of world cup(Italy)...i like so much the country(italy) and the players of soccer team(Gatuso,Zambrota,Bufon,Canavaro,Del pierro,Totti,Pirlo.....)..and for me ,Italy and Brazil are the best teams of the world, but my team in this world cup played so bad and didnt show a good futebol Bye thanks...friend

Congratulation for Italy, for Italy's fan. i waited this moment for a long time, and now, i'm very happy when they win. But, i don't agree with Fifa when they choose Z.Z the best footballer after his rude reaction. whatever Materazzi said, Z.Z couldn't do that. Almost people in the world were eager to watch this match, and he ruined it.

Direct action - the only way to deal with racists

well ZIZOU did absolutely right ..........i will not agree to some of the comments here because if i abuse as any one even if i am playing or fighting so i think the reaction will be same ........;no doubt ZIDANE is best of all FIFA declared him az best because he is best this is game if italia win so what does'nt makes difference but we are PROUD of ZIDANE

I watched the game. I agree with you in your opinion.

italy did not deserve to win it was luck that was on their side and i think z z deserves more than te best player award.

overall both teams were great.It juz a matter of lucks only to Italy.When It came to penalty shoots out...anything could happen

Materazzi is not a footballer but a silly looser who cannot control his mouth. ZZ had to react this way, he recieved the worst of unsult on his last match, very unfair for him and he was sorry for the young peoples to see that!

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